People forcibly remove a body suspected of covid-19 from Legal Medicine in Cali

September 18, 2020 – 07:48 pm

Newsroom of El País

A group of people entered the Legal Medicine facilities and removed the body of a young man suspected of covid-19. The event was recorded in the evening hours of this Friday.

The body that was removed from Medicinal Legal was identified as Jhonatan Alexis Cifuentes González, 18 years old, who worked as a hairdresser.

This case was made known through the media and social networks. Apparently, these people would have removed the body of this young man because, according to them, the patient did not have covid-19.

Cifuentes González was the victim of a stray bullet in the Comuneros I sector, east of Cali.

The young man entered the Nuestra Clinic due to a gunshot wound to the head last Tuesday and died the next day in the morning.

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Later it was indicated that Cifuentes could be an organ donor, but this was not the case, since, according to the doctors, the patient would have covid-19. However, Jhonatan’s relatives affirm that this is not the case.

According to a relative of the 18-year-old, minutes after the conversation with the doctor, they were informed that their relative could no longer be a donor because he was a suspect for covid-19.

“If it is true that he had covid, why were the alarms activated? Why weren’t they tested us and they didn’t isolate us? No one has come forward with what is supposed to be done with a covid-19 patient. No one He wants to clarify what is happening, “he said.

According to this person, the family took the body out of the morgue, opened it and verified that it was the murdered young man.

After removing him, these people took him to the Comuneros neighborhood, where the young man lived and there he was watched over by friends and family.


Mohamed was arrested in Serbia, he will soon be extradited to Belgium

We now know a little more about circumstances in which little Zakaria, 3, was returned to his mother, Laura. The child’s father, Mohamed, had been reported wanted to ensure the child was in good health. He was the subject of a European arrest warrant issued by the Liège examining magistrate, Annabelle Pirotte.

The was arrested last Thursday, August 27, in Serbia after having visibly passed through Hungary. It is not known if he was with Zakaria when he was arrested, but the Serbian police managed to get hold of the child who was in good health. 24 hours after this arrest, the child was picked up by the German police at Düsseldorf airport from Serbia.

Detained in Serbia, he will soon be extradited to Belgium.

Laura, Zakaria’s mom, explains how his son saw this complicated situation.


Neither health nor the economy: job destruction grows strongly in the United States and Brazil

Although it decreased from the previous months, In the last week 1.2 million people applied for unemployment insurance in the United States, while in Brazil the unemployment rate increased to 13.3% in the second quarter of the year.

The United States Department of Labor reported that there are already 16.1 million people who receive some help for unemployment. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 46 million have processed unemployment insurance.

With claims still exceeding one million per week, the job market has a long way to go to fully recover.

On Capitol Hill, Democratic and Republican legislators are busy drafting a bill to reinforce the amount of unemployment insurance. With negotiations stalled, President Trump threatened to act unilaterally.

While, in Brazil 12.8 million people are without work, according to data for the second quarter reported by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

According to the official part, the increase in the unemployment rate to 13.3% is directly related to the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to tens of thousands of companies reducing their workforce or directly closing their doors.

IBGE warned that, During the last three months, “all economic sectors in the country have eliminated jobs, which had a greater impact on commerce, which, affected by quarantines and other measures of social isolation, closed 2.1 million places “.

The report also warns that between April and June The country registered a severe drop in the number of employed persons, which fell by 9.6% in relation to the previous quarter and stood at a record low of 83.9 million.

Likewise, a record among the “discouraged”, which is how IBGE considers people who have given up looking for a job and that they were located in 5.7 million for last June.

According to the Bolsonaro government, the labor market in Brazil will only begin to recover to the extent that all economic activities are resumed, although in any case the process will be slow as long as the country does not overcome the health emergency.


very cheap and long-known drugs help save the lungs with coronavirus

Cloving hospital on the basis of the Medical Scientific and Educational Center (ISSC) Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov took the first patients on April 21 and completed his work on June 13. It turned out that it was possible to achieve the best treatment results for COVID-19 in Moscow. Over the entire period, 4 patients died, and among severe patients who got mechanical ventilation, the mortality rate was less than 14% (for comparison, the average for the city and the world was up to 70 – 80%). Eighteen doctors out of 220 employees of the hospital were infected with coronavirus, there were no deaths among the medical staff.

What approaches were used at the University Hospital of Moscow State University to achieve such results? We continue the conversation with the head. Department of Therapy, Faculty of Fundamental Medicine, Moscow State University, Head of the Department of Age-Associated Diseases, Medical Scientific and Educational Center, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Cardiologist Yana Orlova.


– Most of those who are ill or are afraid to get sick are worried about fibrotic changes in their lungs. They say that you have developed special therapy that can reduce the risk of developing fibrosis. Is it possible?!

– Yes, we launched an appropriate clinical study. There are no final results yet, but we have developed clinical practice.

“What did you do to save the lungs?”

– We used a combination of bromhexine and spironolactone (both are long-known very cheap drugs. – Ed.). Bromhexine is an expectorant that has been prescribed to patients with pneumonia and cough for many years. At the same time, experimental data showed that this drug can block a specific enzyme and impede the penetration of coronavirus into cells. True, it was on this effect that we counted to a lesser extent in inpatients, since such an effect is important mainly in the early stages of the disease. But the expectorant effect of bromhexine really helps patients with COVID. I heard that our colleagues in Peter launched a study of bromhexine for prophylactic purposes. We will wait for the results.

Coronavirus infected 18 doctors from 220 employees of the hospital, there were no deaths among the medical staffPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– The second drug – spironolactone – is traditionally widely used in cardiology for the treatment of heart failure, severe hypertension. It has a small diuretic, magnesium and potassium-preserving effect, continues Yana. Orlova. – It has several mechanisms through which it can be useful in coronavirus infection.

Firstly, a mechanism that prevents the development of fibrosis in general in the body. There are works that, in particular, show that spironolactone reduces fibrosis in the heart. At the same time, it is known that the tendency to fibrosis is not local, but systemic – where there is more inflammation, there will certainly be fibrosis. And we see, of course, fibrotic changes in the “covide” in our patients. Therefore, we prescribed spironolactone as a drug for the prevention of this process.

Secondly, this drug blocks sex hormone receptors, in particular testosterone. Some published studies suggest that “high-testosterone” men suffer from “covid” more often and develop more severe fibrotic changes. Therefore, blocking these receptors for several weeks during COVID treatment may be useful in reducing the severity of complications. We are not talking about a longer intake, since male patients are unlikely to agree with a decrease in testosterone levels in the long term.

And perhaps the most important point. In almost all of our patients, we observed hypokalemia (a decrease in potassium levels. – Ed.). With coronavirus infection, potassium is intensely excreted from the body, and scientific articles even suggest that hypokalemia serves as the trigger for a cytokine storm. So spironolactone has a real chance to reduce the risk of this dangerous complication. But the main thing, in my opinion, is that lowering the level of potassium in the body is extremely harmful to the heart and triggers life-threatening rhythm disturbances, increasing the risk of sudden death. We, like all others, replenished potassium with droppers, but it was more effective to retain it in the body with the help of spironolactone.

Men certainly get worse than women;  the elderly are heavier than the young;  overweight people are heavier than patients without excess weight Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patientsPhoto: Ivan MAKEEV


– Yana Arturovna, how many patients did you have on average?

– About 10 – 14 days. But someone and 50 days.

– Have you noticed signs by which it can be assumed that the disease in the person brought is likely to go the hard way?

– Such studies were carried out in the world, our clinical practice confirmed them. Men certainly get worse than women; the elderly are heavier than the young; overweight people are heavier than overweight patients. Men with a classic male type of baldness, a lot of facial hair, we can say brutal men get sick harder.

– Under what conditions did you discharge patients?

– We acted as close as possible to the recommendations Ministry of Health: so that the temperature for three days was not higher than 37.5 degrees; so that C-reactive protein (an indicator of inflammation) is lower than 10 mg / l, and saturation, that is, the level of oxygen in the blood, is higher than 96%.


– How often do you get sick doctors and nurses?

– In the first month no one got sick at all. We have a very powerful epidemiological service. The head of the sanitary-epidemiological department, a senior researcher, correctly organized the whole process, and for the first two weeks she personally worked in the sanitary inspection room at the exit from the “red zone” and helped doctors and nurses who were exhausted after the shift safely remove protective clothing.

Then both people’s fatigue and viral load accumulated. By the middle of the second month, sick people began to appear. There were no seriously ill patients. We treated part of the staff in our observation, part of it was treated at home. In total, 18 people were infected from the medical staff (less than 10%).

– Doctors take something for prevention? Vitamins C, D, Zinc?

– I saw the recommendations of American nutritionists, they speak out positively about taking zinc, melatonin and vitamin C. There were somewhat conflicting data on vitamin D. But we did not give any such recommendations to our employees. We have all the prevention was associated with minimizing contacts and other measures of epidemiological safety.

Physicians are the heroes of our time.“If you think that you are special and that a pandemic will not affect you, you are deeply mistaken,” listen to what the doctors who are fighting with coronavirus say


“They used a cure for gout against COVID”: How patients were treated in a hospital that showed the best results in Moscow

The results of treatment at the university clinic of Moscow State University were the best in the capital. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” learned the details of how doctors and scientists saved severe patients [Часть 1]

Virologist told whether it is possible to disinfect masks from coronavirus in sunlight

And also why the epidemic is gaining strength in southern countries and whether the sun affects the incidence – all this in an interview with George Vikulova (details)


With the Covid-19, the plastic back in force

(…) Ironically, at a time when the western countries start to legislate on the ban of plastic bags, here is that the same plastic back, under the appearance of gloves, visors, surblouses, food trays, disposable… It will be necessary that the billions of masks do not finish their days in the sea or in the nature… This is a first “negative effect” in which no one had thought to there is still three months. There is a second one. The obsession that borders on neurosis not to enter into contact and, most of all, to deny the face-to-face, open face, disregards, because we absolutely want to go against nature rather than with it, that we are in a world full of germs, viruses, microbes of all kinds, and that they are simply vital for our immunity. The work is exciting on cross-immunity might let us imagine that there is a need for a balance of optimal immune, to get in touch with the maximum amount of virus. (…) Finally, and this is the more serious question. The mask, because it veils the face, becomes a gag, a muzzle. These are not the people of Hong Kong who say otherwise, who alongside almost the Middle empire, of which we know – to be ironic and cynical – the taste for the human rights and freedom. Wear the mask, it is ultimately to lose face, show his fear in front of others, which appears no longer as a brother, in freedom and equality, but as a danger which we should guard. (…)

D. River


The crisis drives Iberia’s takeover of Air Europa, but will force the price revision | Companies

The one that is destined to become one of the great corporate operations of the year despite the crisis, the acquisition of Air Europa by Iberia, is receiving momentum from both, and from the Government itself, while the business is degraded by the effect of the coronavirus.

The Hidalgo family airline, independent of the greats holdings European air, is in check like so many others. It is in this context that the Ministry of Transport has received the request for help, according to different sources consulted, to press as much as possible in favor of urgent supervision of the operation by the EC.

Iberia continues to work on the acquisition, but both the company and its holding company IAG are aware of the deterioration that Air Europa is suffering. The box disappears even with the planes on the ground and, worse still, there are no expectations in sight about when and how the air sector will come out of the paralysis and the serious crisis for tourism.

The EC, which will receive the final exdiente in May, will enter a period of laxity regarding measures to support the air sector, among others

The negotiation of a new appraisal by Air Europa is served, although sources close to the operation affirm that There has not yet been an exchange of views on this matter between the President of Iberia, Luis Gallego, and the CEO of Globalia, Javier Hidalgo., who conduct the operation personally. The same sources consulted explain that the sale contract includes price review clauses in the event of serious deterioration in assets, results or business environment.

Gallego and Hidalgo agreed last October, after an express negotiation, a single payment of 1 billion in cash (ten times the ebit) by Air Europa, a scenario that improved the possible offer in different terms with which air France he had groped Globalia. The contract includes a penalty clause of 40 million in the event that Iberia backs down.

“Globalia, focused on the tourism sector, does not solve anything for its survival by charging the break fee, so it is foreseeable that it will open up to a certain transfer in the price that will facilitate Iberia’s investment. It must also be careful with its liquidity during the crisis ”, they point out from the environment of the transaction.


The two candidates for an integration that would be historic in the Spanish air sector are currently going through the pre-notification phase to the European Commission. It will be in May, with the required information already sent to the regulator, when the IAG airline has to send the final file in search of the place to this movement of concentration.

The pre-pandemic timetable set the Brussels decision for later this year, but the urgencies of the crisis could put the project on track ahead of time. Legal sources state that the EC is going to enter a lax period as regards state aid, as long as it is temporary, and concentration operations that could now be seen as defensive.

The Ministry of Transport will play a key role in Brussels in defense of Spain’s air connectivity in the face of the weakening of its airlines

The ministry of José Luis ÁbalosFor its part, it would be showing itself in favor of an operation that, if it did not go ahead, could reduce the connectivity of Spain.

In the airline sector, it is beginning to take for granted that there are many months ahead, even more than a year, for business to return to normal. A situation that will require the existence of an effective vaccine and treatments against Covid-19.

Among the big European airlines, Lufthansa, Air France, Virgin and KLM they are seeking support from their respective governments; Norwegian has debt capitalization on the table; TAP Air aims to be nationalized, as is the case of Alitalia, and Easyjet it is raising extra liquidity in a context where it spends £ 40m a week even with planes parked.

This harsh situation, and the uncertainty weighing on the entire business, would have convinced the Government both of the need to draw up a recovery plan for the air sector and of the need to have a local airline capable of promoting the hub of Madrid-Barajas.


“I broke a command out of sheer frustration with him”



The madrileño Sergio Castro Gisbert and the coruñés Manuel Rozas Castro, better known as Chuty and Force (their names of war in the world of rap), they are two masters of their own: throwing impromptu rhymes at their opponents in the popular “cockfights”. His victories in freestyle competitions organized by Red Bull, the most famous today, so attest. At their young age, 27 and 21 years respectively, they are already a legend of these confrontations with blood and verse. Perhaps that is why it has generated some surprise to know that, from now on, they will take time to shoot rifles instead of stanzas as ambassadors of Team Heretics, the Spanish eSports club – electronic sports – that has the most followers in Spain and the sixth at the level international.

As they explained in statements to ABC, they were also struck by the fact that the team founded by Goorgo will call you to initiate this synergy. Although not because they do not love video games, because both have spent hours in front of the screen enjoying sagas like “Call of Duty” and have broken the odd command because they could not end a “boss” of the sometimes desperate “Dark Souls 3 », but because it seemed to them a dream that, at last, their hobbies would unite. “The games and the freestyle They have always been my two great passions and I never thought they would come together in this way, “says Force. Chuty is of the same opinion and adds that the merger was a natural way for two worlds that have «common followers».

His arrival in eSports represents the union of two universes that are trading on the rise. Last 2019, the International Final of the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, the most massive freestyle event in Spanish speaking, managed to gather in the WiZink Center from Madrid to no less than 15,000 people. And what about electronic sports, which, according to the figures provided by the Spanish Videogames Association (AEVI), they have 5.5 million followers in our country. Although they are also two new fields in the world of culture that still have a long way to go. “Freestyle and eSports are young. In this sense, the world goes with a little “lag”, since, in both cases, social acceptance has only come after many years of doing things well, “says Chuty.

1-Were you surprised that Heretics contacted you to make this proposal?

CHUTY – It caught my attention because, although my circle of trust knows that I adore video games, I don’t usually express my tastes to others, and I thought it was not something known.

FORCE – I was surprised. Games and freestyle have always been my two great passions and I never thought that they would come together in this way. When they proposed this plan, it motivated me a lot. I did not expect.

2-It is curious that you have faced several times in cockfights and that, now, you participate in this project together.

FORCE – From the type of show we do, it could seem that the relationship between the roosters is bad. The public often thinks that we hate each other. But it’s not like that. My best friends today are related in one way or another to roosters. One of the things I like most about freestyle is sharing the events with them. Chuty, in particular, is one of the people I talk to the most, with whom I play videogames the most, with whom I have the most relationship… Beyond battles he is one of my best friends.

CHUTY – People are shocked that rappers don’t get along because of the things we say to each other on stage. But we simply participate in a competition in which we face the alter ego that we have created. This means that, despite verbal aggressiveness, the person is not hurt. In our case, we also have a great relationship because we go to the same events and play the same video games.

3-Is there a rhyme, despite your good relationship, that has stung you?

FORCE – Between us I don’t remember any. But, if I have to choose one over the years, I’ll keep the one that launched Bnet in the Red Bull final: “Life is a very unfair asshole. I have not fulfilled my dreams but I am fulfilling yours ”. It is not the most complex, but it is the one that has hurt me the most because it was real. At that time I was the most excited about winning the tournament. Although he was winning, he did not care.

CHUTY – I don’t have any in mind, but I remember participants like a Skone or a Bnet. Adversaries who say things with which you think … “how good they are”. But they have never told me anything that has hurt me.

4-What are the similarities between cockfights and eSports?

CHUTY – Both freestyle and eSports are young, but strong. They have people who work hard, who know the good results they are generating and who are evolving favorably. But in this sense the world is going with a little “lag”, since social acceptance has only come after many years of doing things well.

ESports are now reaping the fruits they have sown. In addition, both freestyle and eSports have come out ahead in Spain thanks to talented people who started it as a hobby, but who have strived to make them a profession and a massive social movement. It is being achieved little by little and with a lot of work.

FORCE – Are very similar. To begin with, they are two powerful things in terms of virality (each year the figures of the previous one double). In addition, they are very interesting to young people and they are going to jump at the generational level, since people who are now 20 will follow eSports when they are thirty. They are also fields with a constant and brutal evolution.

The problem is that, until it has been seen that they could be profited from, they have been partly forgotten by the media. It has taken a lot of sacrifice for society to take freestyle and eSports seriously.

“It took a lot of sacrifice for society to take freestyle and eSports seriously”

5-Do you despair of losing in a video game? What frustrates you the most while you are in front of the screen?

FORCE – The typical licks get me out of my boxes. If I can’t play in optimal conditions, I get very frustrated. People who are too good give me a lot of courage too. If I go to play a Fifa and it touches me against a boy who is too good, who is crazy, who scores impossible goals, I am indignant.

CHUTY – I don’t usually get mad about it. When someone surpasses me I am not frustrated. But I get very angry when the other is not better but he beats me for mistakes that I make.

6-What angers you the most, a defeat in video games or in a cockfight?

CHUTY – In battles I have never been angry. I can more or less agree with the result, but it does not go beyond that point. In video games yes. One night, playing “Dark Souls 3”, I did not destroy things in my room for not waking up the people who were in the house [ríe]. It was because of a “boss” that couldn’t happen to me: the “Nameless King”. With video games I get very sick. The “Sekiro” has also once outraged me.

FORCE – In a game. Same in my first street battles if I was stung with the results sometime, but today it doesn’t happen to me. Now that we name it, the truth is that I left “Dark Souls 3” when I had 80% of the story finished because of a “boss” that I could not pass. He frustrated me so much that I abandoned him. I even took a controller for that game … [ríe].


7-What is your favorite game? Which one have you spent more hours with?

FORCE – My favorite has always been the “Call of Duty Warzone”. When he caught me finishing classes I was addicted to “Black Ops 2”. Of sleeping only 4 hours some day for not leaving it.

CHUTY – The one I have put the most hours into is the “Pro Evolution”. The sports ones are the ones I like the most. But a friend introduced me to those in FromSoftware and they have hooked me. I was also with the “Warzone” As a curious case, and now that the hours played can be counted, once I got to play 36 in two days at one of “One Piece”. I became obsessed because they said it was easy and I just stopped to sleep.

8-What will be your work within Heretics? Can we see you on the front lines of battle in any “shooter”?

FORCE – I have already told you that, if you want, you have my weapon at your disposal [ríe]. In the “Call of Duty” I can be on the front line, but in principle the function will be ambassadors. We will unite the two worlds a little. The public is similar and there may be a transfer. But we are not going to compete because, for that, they already have players.

“Freestyle and eSports have grown in Spain thanks to people who started it as a hobby, but who have been determined to make it a profession”

9-Have you already faced the Heretics team in any game?

CHUTY – For everyone’s mental health, I think it is best that we dedicate ourselves to rhymes. I have played cooperatively with them, they have taken me in that regard, but I would not like to meet them in front of me.

FORCE – If they want us to face them, they have to go on stage against us. It has to be round trip …

10-Any game that you recommend for this quarantine?

CHUTY – For recommending shots, the “Warzone” is now free. It has a lot of interaction, everyone is playing and it doesn’t take long to find a game, which is a defect that some games have. My offline options are two: the “Dark Souls 3” and the “Sekiro”. They are games of long hours. The “Dark Souls” also offers many customization possibilities. As the quarantine goes for long they are very good options.

FORCE – The one I recommend is the “Warzone”, which is free. Then I’m going to take the liberty of advising one I haven’t played yet: the remake of “Resident Evil 3”. It has to be very handsome.


Work studies the option of prolonging the ERTE due to force majeure in some sectors

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy,Yolanda Diaz, is studying the possibility of raising a measure to the Council of Ministers tolengthen and prolong the temporary employment regulation files(ERTE) due to force majeure in certain sectors.

This has been indicated by the Ministry in a statement after the telematic meetings that the minister held this Monday with the main organizations of self-employed workers,ATA, UPTA and Uatae, in which this question has been analyzed, among others.

During these meetings there has been a debate on the situation of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus crisis. In addition, the possibility ofstudy new measuresas regards productive ERTEs.

There has also been a joint reflection on changes in self-employment,at remote work, digitization as well as platforms to distribute among retail, among other issues.

Likewise, as in the meeting held by the Minister of Labor last week with union organizations, the two phases of the pandemic in the workplace have been addressed, that of attenuated exceptionality, first, and the subsequent normalization attenuated.

The various meetings have also reported on the creaction of an autonomous work table,where contacts are expected to be maintained weekly to address the next phases of the coronavirus health crisis anda common agenda is drawn upwith the aim of promoting the activity of the self-employed.

The head of the portfolio of work has transferred to organizations that are aware of the situation caused by the current pandemic in this group, “which is going through great difficulties.”


Strength to get ahead | The Basque newspaper

Luis Tosar descends into the hells of revenge

Whoever kills iron ‘does not have much to do with’ Fariña ‘, although he shows in detail the manners of the narcos’ way of doing things: the settling of accounts, their aesthetics, the way of communicating in an ‘operation’ through missed calls to mobiles … Paco Plaza, who already warned with the dazzling ‘Veronica’ that the horror genre was too small, is more interested in the descent into hell of the protagonist, a good guy who is faced with the opportunity to take revenge on the man who destroyed his life.

A millimeter script by Juan Galiñanes and Jorge Guerricaechevarría manages the information: what happened to this nurse in the past so that he became obsessed with his new patient? The last half hour of footage, in which events rush, demonstrates Plaza’s talent as a narrator. We are not facing a mere chronicle of revenge, but rather a complex moral fable that is uncomfortable, shot as if it were one of those Korean thrillers in which you fear outbreaks of unbearable violence.

Luis Tosar endows a character who symbolically embodies an entire Galician town that has suffered and continues to suffer drug trafficking, with vulnerability and pain. Two extraordinary actors stand out in a cast where not a single thing screeches: Xan Cejudo, professor of interpretation of Tosar in real life, who died after playing this impotent narco in a bed while his power decomposes in the hands of his offspring, and Enric Auquer, his son in fiction, a dazzling cross between Sonny Corleone and El Neng de Castefa, the Goya’s most just winner for the revelation actor.


Available on Movistar Plus