Multifunctional hall in Frankfurt: Arena-Aus with announcement

Wow does someone feel who has worked for five years on a project that ultimately fails? If you want to find out more, you can contact the Frankfurt sports department Markus Frank (CDU) ask – but also everyone else who has campaigned for a multifunctional arena at the Kaiserlei for years.

The whole thing was supposed to be a beacon of intermunicipal cooperation between Frankfurt and Offenbach. A premium location for medium-sized concerts. And a modern home arena for the often neglected professional sports basketball and ice hockey even more.

The rejection comes with an announcement

Perdu. After the surprising withdrawal of the bidder, who had long been preferred by the city, in mid-May, with whom all points had been negotiated, it is now clear: The second bidder in the award procedure, AEG – Anschutz Entertainment Group, will not build a hall at the Kaiserlei either.

However, this rejection comes with an announcement. Because right from the start, Anschutz saw an arena as an attractant for extensive leisure and shopping opportunities on the city limits. The city of Frankfurt referred to the planning law that opposed this. Offenbach also complained massively because it feared more traffic and strong competition with retailers in its own city center.

Difficult times for the sports clubs affected

Anschutz might have been prepared to forego part of the “shell development”, but the company refused to completely revise it. Understandably. After all, after five years, a new start in such uncertain times for any organizer would again have resulted in high planning costs. Sports director Frank only wanted to approve the construction of the urgently requested hall.

That was not how business could be done. The affected sports clubs in particular are now facing difficult times. You can only hope for a consortium around a Canadian investor who wants to build a huge hall at the airport. In any case, the politicians shouldn’t waste a lot of time again for the further tendering of a just crashing failed multifunctional arena.

No bankruptcy without a bright spot. After the final end at the Kaiserlei, the city can now seriously consider a new location for the European School.


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