Opposition demands public clarification from those involved and an urgent investigation

The chief of staff of the President of the Republic, as reported by the Portuguese television station, received millions of dollars of unknown origin, but with allegedly illicit connections to the company EMFC.

“If it is true, it is a very worrying situation. We hope that the competent authorities urgently make an inquiry to ascertain the veracity of the facts,” UNITA deputy Alcides Sakala told Novo Novo, stressing that the diversion of the purse, corruption and nepotism affects the rulers of the ruling party in a way that must be stopped urgently.

“For greater credibility in the fight against corruption, nepotism and the diversion of the public purse, the Government must accept submitting to inspection actions, submitting to audits and the parliament allowing the creation of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions to gauge the seriousness of this fight “, declared Sakala.

According to the deputy, for this fight to be effective, “there has to be a real separation of powers so that the judiciary does not suffer political pressure from the Executive to avoid subordinating to the interests of the Government and the President of the Republic in particular. “.

“One is left with the impression that there is indeed some promiscuity between the judicial and the Executive, with regard to issues related to the fight against corruption”, he added.

The member of the presidential college of CASA-CE, Manuel Fernandes, explained that in view of these complaints, those involved must make a public clarification for the good of their images.

“The investigation of Portuguese television, TVI 24, revealed Edeltrudes Costa’s business in important public contracts that allegedly earned him millions in euros. It is now up to those involved to make some public statement,” said Manuel Fernandes.

Manuel Fernandes said that corruption and nepotism must be combated in order to “prevent the state from becoming a monarchy”.

“The fight against corruption and nepotism requires judicial intervention and from all social classes, as it is a crime in the Constitution’s suits. It is very complicated to always hear these complaints that involve prominent figures in the country,” he added.

For the political analyst, Gilberto Guilhermino Jamba, “this complaint that the Angolan Government would be favoring the Edeltrudes Costa Office, head of the Office of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services , comes to show that addictions continue “.

“In the former and the current Executive, these vices continue. It is time for the Attorney General’s Office to start taking action now, because Angolans cannot continue to observe these successive scandals in silence”, he pleaded, lamenting that corruption in Angola affects fundamental rights.

For the analyst “the abuse of public office for personal gain ends people’s confidence in the Government and institutions, reduces the effectiveness of justice in public policies and diverts taxpayers’ money”.

Isabel dos Santos, businesswoman and daughter of ex-President José Eduardo dos Santos, also came to the public to comment on Twitter on this subject, writing: “Edeltrudes Costa will have sent money to Panama, using a branch of the then Banco Espírito Santo (BES) in the Madeira free zone. Since João Lourenço took power, Edeltrudes Costa has been his right hand “.

Novo Jornal tried unsuccessfully to hear the MPLA on this matter.

Revelations of TVI 24

A TVI 24 report reported that the Angolan government was favoring Chief of Staff Edeltrudes Costa through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services.

According to TVI 24, among other situations denounced, this is a contract that was signed in early 2019 to modernize Angolan airports. In the documentation presented by the report, President João Lourenço would authorize the hiring of the Portuguese company Roland Berger and the immediate subcontracting of EMFC.

The resource acquired by the contract signed in February 2019 ended up in Portugal and would have been used to purchase luxury properties in several Portuguese locations, such as Sintra and Cascais.

Positions do not match fortune

Edeltrudes Costa was secretary general of José Eduardo dos Santos with the function of minister of state and head of the Civil House. TVI24 reports that it had access to bank statements that show that it would have, in Portuguese banks, the equivalent of 20 million euros, despite never having officially held positions that earned it great fortunes.

The fortune would have been used to buy the house in Cascais worth 2.5 million euros – which is in the name of Costa’s ex-wife and chairman of the Board of Directors of EMFC.

João Lourenço’s chief of staff also bought a 130,000-euro tour boat in Portugal and a luxury apartment on a property owned by US President Donald Trump in Panama.

According to the report, the funds used for this latest acquisition would have passed through Banco Espírito Santo, in the Madeira free zone, which is the element that Isabel dos Santos chose to highlight in her tweet.

The Portuguese central bank would have investigated the transfers involving Costa’s company, based on “serious failures in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism”, according to TVI 24.

TVI 24 also refers to a provision of services to the National Electoral Commission in the last election held in Angola. The deal earned Costa a million euros to provide material for the ballot won by João Lourenço.


The new BMW M 1000 RR, born to race

Until now, the “M-Motorsport” series at BMW brought together only the most sporty and exclusive cars, laden with success in motor racing and aimed at customers with particularly high demands in terms of performance, exclusivity and personalization. In the motorcycle field the suffix “M” was only used for accessory packages, such as the “M kit” intended for the latest S 1000 RR, which includes white / red / blue livery, carbon rims, sports saddle, swingarm height adjustment kit, lighter battery and dedicated engine map.

Today, however, the exclusivity of the “M” world is also extended to the motorcycle world, where the House exploits the charm of the “M-Motorsport” series to present a new and muscular range of two-wheeled vehicles (what until now were the HP versions). The first motorcycle to become part of this family is the new M 1000 RR, an anabolized version of the super sports car made in Monaco that comes with a respectable business card: 212 HP, 192 kg and suspension and aerodynamics designed for maximum performance on the track.

On the following pages you will find all the details of the new BMW M 1000 RR.


Cause of death of large numbers of elephants found in Botswana and Zimbabwe


September 22, 2020 at 3:52 pm

This cyanobacterium was one of those on the list of probable reasons behind elephant deaths in Botswana, the African country with the largest herds on the continent and worldwide.

How the Novo Jornal reported about two weeks ago, the prolonged drought that the south of the continent goes through has dried up ponds and ponds, forcing animals to drink water that, normally, and instinctively, they refuse because they have accumulated memory of the harmful effects that cause the presence of these bacteria that give off a characteristic odor and are potentially deadly to several species of wildlife.

This discovery resulted from the efforts made by dozens of researchers who sought over the past few months to find the reason for these unusual deaths of hundreds of elephants, having now reached this conclusion through laboratory tests carried out in South Africa and Europe

According to the local press, those responsible for the wildlife department of the Gaborone Government admitted their satisfaction that they finally understood the reason for these deaths, but according to one of those responsible for the Botswana Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Cyril Taolo, now we need to find out why other animals are not being affected.

And it was also known that the deaths reduced to a great extent when the wells and ponds in the most affected region dried up.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 350 elephants have been found dead in Botswana, in the Okavango Delta, with no one yet having explanations for this death and the phenomenon is spreading to Zimbabwe, where dozens of bodies have already been found. of this species also without known causes.

The phenomenon of elephants killed in Botswana, in a number never seen without knowing the reason, began to be noticed last May and after, in 2019, the Gaborone Government created legislation to allow the killing of pachyderms, claiming the need the return of hunting tourism and also because the herds are growing unsustainably due to the long years of protection that this species is subject to due to the risk of extinction on the African continent and because they are beginning to invade plantations in the region due to severe drought.

Among the elephants killed, both in Botswana and Zimbabwe, are juveniles, adults, females and males, without apparent distinction, and this situation has caught scientists off guard.

The phenomenon became even more intriguing because many of the individuals who perished, before falling dead, walked for some time in disconnected circles, eventually fainting and letting their heads fall forward.

Scientists who have analyzed and studied this phenomenon describe the situation as an unparalleled “natural disaster”.

On recent reconnaissance flights, large herds of hundreds of elephants have given way to just a few, scattered, almost always older individuals, which means that thousands have fled the region, so far without knowing very well where, but neighboring countries are a possibility, which includes, in addition to Zimbabwe, Angola, Zambia, Namibia and even South Africa.

Shortly after the first abnormal bodies were discovered, the theories that gained the most credibility were an epidemic of a virus called EMC, with the scientific name of encephalomyocarditis, or a neurotoxin from an algae that grows in pools of water with certain climatic conditions, mostly as a result of climate change that force animals to travel long distances to find water, sometimes consuming contaminated water in despair because of severe thirst.


Politicians ask for dismissal of Minister Eugénio Laborinho

Politicians and human rights organizations ask for the exoneration of the heads of the police corporation, including the interior minister, Eugénio Laborinho, for attributing moral responsibility for the death of citizens to the National Police (PN), with emphasis on the event that involved the pediatrician Silvio Dala.

Sandpiper Ndomba

September 13, 2020 at 11:08 am

Those interviewed by Novo Jornal argue that positioning is one of the measures that can put an end to the murders that have occurred, especially in this period of Disaster Situation, during the approach of the security forces with the citizens.

The UNITA secretary in Luanda, Nelito Ekuikui, is of the opinion that the agents cannot be “sacrificed” without the responsibility of the interior minister and the PN general commander, since they are the figures that determine the implemented guidelines.

(Read this article in its entirety in the weekly edition of Novo Jornal, on newsstands, or by digital signature, available here https://leitor.novavaga.co.ao and payable in Multicaixa)


Covid-19: Government maintains national health fence – Classes resume in October

Adão de Almeida, who was speaking at a press conference, said that the reasons that led to the implementation of these sanitary fences remain valid.

He added that the permission to enter and leave national citizens residing abroad and foreigners residing or with work visas in Angola was extended.

Classes resume in October

The Government determined, on Tuesday, the resumption of classes in the country from the month of October.

Classes in the various teaching subsystems were suspended in March due to the registration of the first case of Covid-19 in Angola.

According to the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, who was speaking at a press conference, educational institutions are, however, subject to the creation of biosafety conditions.

Adão de Almeida pointed out, among the protection measures, the mandatory use of masks, testing of educational agents, social distance and prohibition on the use of public spaces in school institutions.

Motorists can drive without a mask

Under the new period of the State of Public Calamity that Angolans begin to live, starting at 00:00 on Wednesday (September 9, motorists are free to use or not to use the mask to protect against the new coronavirus.

The resolution was presented today, Tuesday, by the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, when projecting, in a press conference, the prevailing news of the continuity of this regime of isolation and social restrictions

Luanda remains in health fence

The province of Luanda will remain in a national fence until the 8th of October, announced on Tuesday, the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida.

Adão de Almeida, who was speaking at a press conference, justified that the epidemiological situation of the country’s capital still requires movement restrictions, despite clarifying that the different sectors of the State may lighten the operation of this same fence.

He made it known that the sanitary fence of the municipality of Cazengo, Cuanza Norte, as of the 9th of this month ceases to exist.

Luanda remains in health fence

The province of Luanda will remain in a national fence until the 8th of October, announced on Tuesday, the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida.

Screening tests required for covid-19 when entering and leaving the country

As of Wednesday, the RT-PCR test will be mandatory for both departures and international entries, carried out up to 72 hours before, while for domestic flights a serological test carried out at airports will be required, at the expense of travelers, said Ricardo Abreu at a press conference in Luanda.

“It will not be free, it will be reimbursed by the passengers themselves”, he added.

The minister stressed that civil aviation in Angola had very significant losses due to the pandemic, around 67%, which was “very significant” for a sector “that is very inductive of other sectors by indirect means, such as tourism and hotels. “.

The Angolan Government announced today the measures that will take effect in the new phase of the calamity situation starting on Wednesday, with the scheduled return of scheduled international flights starting on September 21, with reduced frequencies.

“All countries have established health rules for entry into the territory,” recalled Ricardo Abreu, noting that the European Union established a set of rules that Portugal, which is one of the main links to Angola, translated into its internal regulations.

“It will not be an opening outside the established limits, either by us or by the destination countries. What we propose is greater regularity of flights within the limits of the agreements, but reducing frequencies”, he explained.

Passengers with tickets already issued will have priority to make their trip, “allowing these types of situations to arise that pose challenges from an operational and financial point of view, since most repatriation flights were supported by the State,” he said. still the ruler.

Ricardo Abreu also announced that 150 new buses will be made available to provincial governments in Luanda and another 160 for the rest of the country to improve mobility in public transport.

Commerce extends opening hours

Meanwhile, Lusa reported that Angola’s commerce and restaurants will be able to operate for another hour, transport will no longer have time limitations and Luanda will be able to celebrate religious services in the new phase of the calamity situation.

The changes, which take effect as of Wednesday, were presented today by the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, at a press conference in Luanda.

The trade in goods and services will have its hours extended for another hour, being able to operate from 7 am to 8 pm, with 50% of the workforce in Luanda and 75% in the remaining provinces, while restaurants and similar ones may be open until 10 pm.

The realization of markets and street sales goes from three to five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Religious services can resume, from September 19, in the province of Luanda only two days a week, on Saturday and Sunday, and only for legally accredited religious institutions.

“What is wanted is to take a step forward with the precautions that are deemed necessary”, namely the use of a mask, physical distance and a maximum capacity of 50%, said the minister, admitting that “the evolution of the epidemiological situation may advise a way different “in the future.

Also from September 19th, sports in federated modalities can be resumed, maintaining individual and leisure sports practice in public space from 05:30 to 20:00, and can be done in groups of no more than five people, without obligation to use a face mask.

In the field of cultural and recreational activities, the possibility of operating cinemas in the province of Luanda was also announced, the only one where they remained closed in a period that can go on until 9 pm, with a maximum capacity of 50% of the room.

Public transport and mototaxis are no longer limited by law, and service providers are responsible for this definition, maintaining a 50% capacity in Luanda. As of October 1, it is expected to reach 75%, as in other provinces.

On the other hand, the sanitary fence remains in Luanda for another 30 days, until 8 October 2020, being raised in the municipality of Cazengo, in Cuanza Norte.

Angola currently has 2,981 cases of covid-19, of which 120 deaths, 1,215 recovered and 1,646 active, with four people in critical condition, 19 serious and 48 moderate.


Renato Zocchi and Honda together for the 2020 adventouring events

“The trust that Honda has given me over the years is a great honor for me – says Renato Zocchi -. The definition of the details and the tests to adapt some Honda motorcycles born for a mainly road use to a more off-road use, fascinates me and stimulates me. Even more to complete long raids that put a strain on both the rider and the bike. During this 2020, the pandemic has affected the preparation times of the bike, but now my CB500X finally has a definitive, even aesthetic look; in fact, the painting and graphics are done directly by the Honda events operations department in Atessa, Abruzzo, at the factory that produces the entire range of SH scooters and more. You can see the CB500X “Rally” and me in action at the upcoming Hard Alpi Tour, at the Alps Tourist Trophy International (an event that replaces the Gibraltarrace canceled for Covid this year), and at the Swank Rally di Sardegna as an Adventure Riding team. . The bike was also developed with the advice of the Japanese designer Kenji Morita, who gave us important information on the changes to be made, which turned out to be very useful to our historical partners. The aim of the changes was to improve off-road driving, avoiding complex interventions that would have upset the basic nature, that is, a bike suitable for everyone. Engine and chassis are standard, with high performance full exhaust. The fork is standard with Andreani Group springs and pumping elements, the shock absorber is Ohlins, 1 cm longer and with all external adjustments. We then fitted Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41 tires, designed for long on and off road rides, mounted on Bartubless spoke tubeless rims. The high front mudguard, in carbon, is produced by SC-Project and the aluminum engine guard has been handcrafted, only for this special. All the changes were assembled in the Honda workshop of Moto Macchion, in Legnano, where the technician Stefano Lucenti coordinated all the work, with the care of a real racing department. I also thank OJ for providing me with protective technical clothing, and obviously Honda Motor Europe Ltd. Italy who once again believed in me by entrusting me with an ambitious project with one of their indestructible bikes that always take me to the finish line! ”.

Below are the photos of the production Honda CB500X.


KTM 1290 Super Adventure 2021, the spy photos of the R and S versions

With the imminent entry into force of the Euro 5 anti-pollution regulations, KTM is obliged to put its hand to the flagship of the range, the 1290 Super Adventure. The Austrian colleagues of “Motorcycle magazine”Pinched the“ prototypes ”of the new version of the maxienduro on the road near Mattighofen orange. We put the word prototypes in quotation marks because, judging by the finishes, those photographed on the road would seem to be the definitive versions of the new 1290 Super Adventure. In the plural because there will still be two versions: the S with spoked rims with the 19 ”front and the R with tubeless spoked rims with the 21” front and extended travel suspension.

Looking at the photos, the most obvious novelty is the new fairing, more impressive than in the past and probably even more protective. Below it we find a new tank, larger, divided into two parts and positioned at the bottom; solution similar to that adopted by the House on 790 Adventure. This solution is favorable from the point of view of driving dynamics, both in on-road and off-road use, as it brings with it a lower center of gravity. At the same time, the split tank creates space for newly developed radiators, larger and more divided as on off-road bikes.

The engine will most likely remain the 1,301 cc 75 ° V-twin LC8, but will benefit from some changes necessary to comply with the Euro 5 standard. The most evident is the new exhaust terminal, larger than the current one, studied to lower polluting emissions and at the same time limit the noise produced. This is to be expected too a different internal engine tuning, which could translate into a little more power and bring the 1290 Super Adventure close to the 170hp threshold. If this is the case, the Austrian could come close in terms of power to one of its most anticipated rivals, the Ducati Multistrada V4, which is expected to make its debut this fall. With the Borgo Panigale maxienduro, and with some BMW models, the new Kappa will also share radar-controlled adaptive cruise control (Bosch). Of course, this device will be accompanied by a state-of-the-art electronic system, with inertial platform, cornering ABS, engine maps… and so on.

While the tubular steel frame will be slightly modified and strengthened, the cast aluminum rear subframe and swingarm will be completely new. As for WP’s semi-active brakes and suspension, only minor changes are expected.

We just have to wait for the next few months to find out more.


BMW revolutionizes the electric scooter

BMW is developing a vehicle that combines the advantages of a two-wheeler with those of a car. True, the House of Monaco had already tried it about twenty years ago with the C1, but that vehicle did not have the hoped-for success and was removed from the market only a couple of years after its marketing. The company has learned from that experience and now offers a vehicle similar to the C1, but with very different technical characteristics.

This new vehicle is based on the technical basis of the electric scooter C Evolution and equipped with a “safety cell” very similar to that of the old C1. The most important difference compared to the C1 though is that on this new vehicle the whole upper structure is removable. By removing just a handful of bolts the roof, windshield, seat belts and backrest can be detached and left at home, thus transforming the vehicle into a conventional electric scooter. In this way, you can have a means of dealing with daily transfers in complete safety and at the same time a traditional scooter for weekend trips out of town.

Another problem with the C1 was the weight: at the time there was talk of about 185 kg driven by a 15 HP 125 cc engine … So BMW now aims to solve the weight problem by exchanging the aluminum of the C1 safety cell with carbon. A new carbon structure bolted to the scooter forms the base of the safety cell and roof. This structure is slightly flexible and thus helps to help dissipate the forces of a possible impact. But the roof isn’t the only line of defense in the event of an accident. The BMW patent also shows two seat belts – one on each shoulder – connected to pretensioners that tighten the seat belts in the event of an accident, and side airbags incorporated in the shoulder area. In the event of an accident, these would protect up to the rider’s hips and prevent his arms from coming out of the safety cell. Furthermore, the backrest has bearings designed to absorb shocks and protect the spine.


Samsung Cloud will stop syncing the gallery and files of Galaxy devices in 2021 | Technology

Users who own a phone Galaxy have at their disposal the cloud storage service Samsung Cloud, which allows you to make backup copies, synchronize data between multiple devices and restore information.

However, Samsung announced in August last year the extension of its strategic partnership with Microsoft to “offer unified experiences on all mobile devices”, a decision that drove integration with OneDrive to directly synchronize photos and videos from the mobile there.

YOU CAN SEE: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will have its own exclusive official launch event [VIDEO]

This movement suggested that Microsoft OneDrive would end up replacing the platform Samsung Cloud. Now, several months later, the suspicions have finally been confirmed. The company has reported which will remove the support for gallery syncing with your cloud service.

From June 2021, Samsung Cloud will stop synchronizing the images, videos and storage files of Galaxy devices and will bet on offering users the possibility of migrating all their information to OneDrive.

For this purpose, Samsung has developed a website that will be available from next October 5 and that will allow Galaxy device owners to integrate to the services of Microsoft OneDrive “To securely transfer all your data stored in Samsung Cloud.”

YOU CAN SEE: Samsung launches function to locate the mobile even if it does not have an Internet connection

The company has recommended that users download all the information from their accounts from Samsung Cloud, either in the cloud or in your personal storage, since as of June 30, 2021 this will no longer be possible and, subsequently, all this data will be completely deleted from your servers.

At release, Samsung detailed that the termination of its cloud service “will be carried out with countries divided into two groups and each group is subject to a different completion program.” In the following links you can access the schedule Yet the list of countries.


Cem Küçük – Fatih Portakal incident in Turkish media

Fox TV main news server Fatih Orange bid farewell to his television career. You know, one of my areas of expertise is media history. I haven’t been writing about the media for a long time. Let’s do a media analysis today on the occasion of this Portakal.

Fatih Portakal is undoubtedly a media phenomenon. Recognized by almost all of the society a TV celebrity. Well, was it like this 5-6 years ago? Let me give an example from myself. In January 2014, I received an invitation from FOX TV exactly during the 17-25 December period. In front of me also defending the 17-25 coup Hayko Baghdad would be. I said who is the presenter, they said Fatih Portakal will be. I swear to you, I’ve never heard of a name called Fatih Portakal until then. No name was a person. I was also a columnist for 1.5 years in January 2014. But everyone heard my name in the media.

I immediately called my senior writer and TV fellows to ask what kind of person this Orange is, how it is a presenter. Most of them did not know at all. One of the two people who know “Mehmet Ali Birand’s police-courthouse reporter” said. The other, “When I go to the 32nd day, he greets us at the door, takes us to the studio, I get to know from there” said. So in 2014, Fatih Portakal – let alone recognition by the Turkish nation – was a low profile man who is barely known even in the Turkish media. In addition, he did not have an opposing attitude …

Of course, he always sided with Hayko Baghdad in that broadcast, but he was still low profile. Yet then too Fox TV Prime Newsbut could not get anyone’s attention. It was swarming and wearing among other news releases. So was he new to the media? No, Portakal has been a member of the Turkish media since 1990. He had 24 years of media life at that time. It has been 30 years now and left the media at the age of 53 …

Fatih Portakal became widely known, especially after the 2016-17 season. So, as a media expert, do I find this situation normal? Of course I find it abnormal throughout. Let’s diagnose this anomaly …

Journalism or television broadcasting is just like football. So if you have star electricity, if you have stellar energy, this will be determined directly. The stars show that they are stars from the moment they hit the field. From his first articles to the first appearance on the screen, the star media man shows himself. It begins to be spoken in the world of print and TV …

I count such star names from all fronts in Turkish media history, but now this is not our topic. So there is no example of a low-profile right-back player from 18 to 33 years old, like Messi or Ronaldo after 33. Actually, like the media, politics is like that. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has always been a political superstar even when he was president of the youth branch. This does not happen later, even if it does, it will definitely be short. At that point surely a illusion or abnormal there is a situation. Maradona has always been Maradona …

So how come Fatih Portakal, a low profile name that no one knows until the age of 50, has really been a clear difference in the last 4 years. champion and star happened?

Let’s give an example of this again from football … If Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor and Başakşehir do not participate in the league at the same time, an Anatolian club that did not receive a championship in its life will win the championship, it will be your star team. After all, the champion is the champion, but that team could not be a star team in a perfect competitive environment. So there is a fraudulent situation. This is exactly the case of Fatih Portakal.

In an environment where all media institutions are warped and wobbled one by one Fox TV He filled that gap and became the champion like the Anatolian team, for example I gave above. e.g Mehmet Ali Birand He was a great star in every job he did from the very beginning of his professional career until he died. Like his ideas, don’t like it, he was the star name. Ufuk Guldemir well it was. I’m fighting a lot in this corner Ertugrul Ozkok and Victory Happy From the moment they entered the media scene, they were two very influential and star media people. Now of course they also stepped aside.

Even if I hate their work, I wouldn’t deny their past star identity. For example now Medyascope or T24If he had been one of these four names at the beginning of his name, they would have increased his current effects 10 times. Of course, Portakal has become a real TV phenomenon in the last 4 years, especially by imitating the style of the late Birand, and adding a high dose of Kemalist secular populism that has never been in Birand.

A friend of mine got me jokingly “It’s become so popular with you a little bit of Orange. You scattered all of the man’s rivals, none of them could oppose you by being afraid of you, on the contrary, they ran out of fear and moved to the side of the government. Square is left to Portakal “ said. Well, I laughed at this joke at first, but I would be lying if I said that this determination, which is not clear whether it is praise or swearing, did not keep my head busy. Undoubtedly, I have to make a self-criticism on this subject in another article. After all, Orange and Fox TV achieved this championship unrivaled …

In other words, if we give an example from the history of politics, the 1983 elections were only Turgut Sunalp and Necdet Calp If he had entered, either of them would have been Prime Minister. One of those two low profile names that no one knows now in that conjuncture star It would look like it, but it would be because of fraudulent competition conditions. The real star in your soul The deceased Ozaleven of Demirel, Ecevit, Erbakan and Turkes It is clear that his party lost in 1991, when he got back to the political scene and then, when there was an environment of perfect competition …

The student of Birand like orange Cuneyt OzdemirI also fought a lot with, but I think Özdemir is superior to Portakal in terms of star electricity.

Of course, Cüneyt Özdemir is never a name in the scale of Birand, but he is ahead of Portakal. On the other hand, Özdemir, especially the opposition base finds Özdemir unreliable, since he has never taken a clear political stance and always plays in such a way according to the conjuncture. Recently Kubra Parout to “Both sides beat me” wants to create the illusion, but that’s not true. Of course, it is a reality that the opposition base hates Cüneyt Özdemir, but nobody from our side complains about Cüneyt Özdemir. In fact, it is thought to be more useful for us. Cüneyt Özdemir is already working CNN Turk a media organ very close to the government. No need to fool anyone. We have to be honest …

Let’s go back to analyzing the Fatih Portakal incident … An interesting diagnosis of Portakal that suddenly became famous after the age of 50 was before. Nagehan Alçı He wrote in Habertürk. Plaster had said: “Yes, Fox TV and Fatih Portakal are opponents or even enemies of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family, but they are not opponents of the current Green Kemalist regime. They oppose only the Green part of the regime, that is, the religious people becoming first-class people and occupying important positions in the state. They adopt all the basic policies of the regime in other matters. It is this government that made Fatih Portakal, a television reporter unknown to 99 percent of the society until 4 years ago, to become a TV phenomenon after the age of 50. If the media policies of the regime block were not like that, there wouldn’t be a TV character called Fatih Portakal.

Although he is a name close to the government, Nagehan Alçı criticizes the mechanism he calls the government or regime bloc at this point. I find Nagehan’s analysis too exaggerated, but It is also certain that it is not normal for Portakal to appear in the media and to shine suddenly until the age of 50! I think that orange left it at the top and made it logical for itself. Of course, “Fatih Portakal will be a presidential candidate” I do not take such statements seriously and laugh. Orange must not lose their mental health. If she tried something like that, it is not known whether she lives now or not Levent Gultekin as ridiculous and frustrated …

I wish Orange success in agricultural village life. I believe that after the history of media, it will also go into the history of agriculture and animal husbandry.