Lawyers’ association demands data protection requirements for Corona app

Disclaimer of the Markets Inside Media GmbHWilhelm-Leuschner-Platz 1204107 Leipzig (hereinafter “MIM”) 1. General The information on the portal bö and the connected Internet pages is only intended for people who have their permanent place of residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. They are not intended for recipients in other jurisdictions, especially not for U.S. […]

Hessen’s German finance minister Thomas Schfer is found dead

Hessen’s German finance minister Thomas Schäfer has been found dead on a train near Wiesbaden. According to German television and radio station Deutsche Welle, the minister would have committed suicide and left a note, although details of the investigation have not been transcended. State Prime Minister Volker Bouffier said Schäfer was “under considerable concern and […]

Goodbye to Gabi Delgado, the Cordovan who shook the German post-punk

If one did not know the details, it was a bit shocking to find that a Düsseldorf duo called Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft had as a singer someone with such an un-Germanic name, Gabi Delgado-López. This Cordovan, son of a family that emigrated to Germany when he was 8 years old, became one of the protagonists […]

The explanation of the German success to contain the death of the coronavirus

“If we fail to implement the planned measures and reduce people-to-people contacts in the coming weeks, then we could have 10 million infected in two to three months.” It is the warning of the president of the Robert-Koch Institute (RKI),Lothar H. Wieler, and the message from scientists advising the German federal government since the coronavirus […]

Geden Guardiola tests positive at his German club

Gideón Guardiola, player of the German Rehin Neckar Löwen and of the Spanish handball team, has confirmed to Efe that he has tested positive for the coronavirus and that he is at home, without fever, but isolated. Guardiola, 35, underwent a test on Tuesday along with the rest of his club’s staff. Three tested positive. […]

Merkel: “Up to 70% of the German population can be infected”

The German Chancellor,Angela Merkel, He stressed this Wednesday that scientists point tobetween 60 and 70 percent of Germany’s population will catchwith the newcoronavirus, which is why he has called his compatriots to show solidarity and act with common sense to slow down the spread. “Our solidarity, our common sense and our hearts… they are being […]

Germany agrees to receive 500 refugee children from Lesbos in coordination with the EU

Rosalía SánchezFOLLOW Berlin correspondent Updated:03/09/2020 08: 41h save Related news The announcement appears in a statement that the German Government has issued at three in the morning today, after a seven hour meeting of duration of the great german coalition which, in principle, dealt with a package of measure to combat the spread of the […]

A German of 33 years, possible patient 0 of the coronavirus

The magazine ‘New England Journal’ hastaken a new step on the possible arrival of Covid-19to Europe, since it ensures, in a publication, to have found patient 0 of the coronavirus. According to the published article, it would be aLeman, 33, who became ill on January 24and on January 27 he returned to work. According to […]

At the Berlinale, pearls of plenty

Now that the prize list has fallen, the time has come for a final review of this successful 70e Berlinale, to evoke a few films that have been able to float in the memory of the festival critic exhausted by an overflow of images, German coffee and stuffy pretzels. Mental space Siberia of Abel Ferrara. […]

The lone wolf who wants to lead the German CDU | International

A politician from the past hungry for the future. Friedrich Merz, aspiring to succeed Angela Merkel, exudes ambition and impatience. He has been waiting for this moment for more than 15 years. He returns to the political arena propelled by the rancor of historical defeats half-digested and this time he is willing to win. Merz […]