Volkswagen Golf front door “disease” discussed by owners on the Web

Due to the accumulation of moisture, door corners in the lower part of the Golf are sometimes subjected to paint chips and bending of metal.

Photo: Volkswagen Golf VI, source: Wikipedia

Owning this front door disease Volkswagen Golf car owners complained before, but the problem is still relevant. The driver of the 6th Golf reminded of her, who thought in advance about the not-so-far onset of cold weather and shared experiences on the Pikabu portal.

According to the owner, in the stampings of the threshold of the front door, water accumulateswhich at temperatures below zero on the street freezes. This adversely affects the paintwork on the corner of the door – if you open it unsuccessfully, and the paint is chipped off. The owner notes that with his past fourth-generation Golf, this disaster did not happen. But the doors of the VW Golf 6 have to be tinted for the second time – and hardly the last.

However, not all VW Golf owners would agree with a motorist. So, drivers from the thematic forum Volkswagen Technical Site previously said that due to ice sticking when opening the lower doors, the corner of the door bends at the 5th Golf. Users claim that in the 4th generation of the “German” the same problem remained, except that there were solid doors, and on the “Fifth” – removable linings, so they don’t just chip and the painted corners rust but also bend.

Judging by the comments on the web, many owners are sure that this constructive miscalculation of a car, since with most models of cars, when the doors are opened, the corner goes outside, but at the Golf – inside the opening. “There were not enough complaints,” commented on the VW-Golfclub forum that troubles with door corners migrated from the 4th generation Volkswagen Golf right up to the 6th.

But it is worth noting that not every owner of a VW Golf of 4-6 generations still faces a similar problem. And most importantly, the manufacturer’s dealers offer a solution – perform free warranty repairs.

“They changed the entire door panel + painted the threshold,” says one of the owners of such a Golf on the same resource, who managed to take advantage of the right to warranty repairs.

Feedback from the portal and a photo of the “disease” of the front doors of the VW Golf 6, source: Pikabu
VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

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VW Arteon speed wagon: Independent renders published

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A popular method on the Web for ridding the Golf of this “disease” with your own hands – installation of special polyurethane inserts on the lower part of the doorsprotecting the car from moisture accumulation – on average, one such “corner” costs 500 rubles, according to Drom. Another option is remaking door hinges.

The owner of the original VW Golf 6 with Pikabu himself writes that he is thinking after painting tighten the corners of the doors with foil. However, motorists in the comments are sure: this will save the body elements from paint chips, but will not protect the metal from bending. And in order to avoid problems, it is advised to carefully and accurately use the doors of the “German”, as well as regularly clean the niches where rain and dirt accumulate.


The prosecutor’s office will check the “sausage king” of Tönnis due to the outbreak of COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

About 1.5 thousand people were infected with coronavirus in a meat processing plant owned by Tonnis. After that, the plant was closed. Bloomberg calls it Germany’s largest local COVID-19 outbreak

Klemens Tennis

(1: Maja Hitij / Bongarts / Getty Images)

German politicians and the prosecutor’s office began testing against Clemens Tönnis after 1.5 thousand people became infected with coronavirus at his meat processing plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück (federal state North Westafalia in Germany), reports Bloomberg. The publication WirtschaftsWoche back in 2015 due to the type of activity of Tönnis gave him the nickname “sausage king”.

The agency notes that the majority of cases of COVID-19 are workers from Eastern Europe. After information was received about infected people, the authorities decided to close the plant. Bloomberg calls the situation at the Tonnis facility the largest local outbreak of coronavirus infection in Germany.

The publication also reported that after the outbreak of infection at the plant in German political circles, they discussed the possibility of accelerating legislative changes that improve working conditions and the level of hygiene in enterprises. Some politicians are also considering asking Tennis to take on some of the costs that the country incurs due to the pandemic.

WHO warned of a new wave of coronavirus incidence in Europe

Photo: Yara Nardi / Reuters

Der Spiegel talked to one of the factory workers named George. According to him, in the past few weeks, a device for measuring temperature has been installed at the entrance to the enterprise. However, measures to identify cases were taken too late, the man said. In addition, George said that there was no person at the entrance who would service the device, so the workers “just ran past.”


The media learned about the plans of Germany in case of sanctions against the “Nord stream 2” :: Society :: RBC

The administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering a coordinated EU action, if the United States will impose new sanctions against the pipeline, according to Bloomberg. What retaliatory measures will be taken, has not yet been disclosed

Photo: Stefan Sauer / dpa

Germany is preparing retaliatory measures if the US imposes further sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream — 2”, according to Bloomberg.

As reported, referring to the two German officials in the administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel are considering the probability to insist on coordinated action of the European Union in relation to possible sanctions. The Agency, citing the Ministry of economy of Germany, reports that the new sanctions will hit German and European companies, banks and public institutions. What a response considering the German authorities, is not specified.

Last week the Chairman of the Commission of the German Bundestag for economy and energy, Klaus Ernst said the German government should consider their actions if the US sanctions will take effect. In response, he offered to call the American Ambassador in Germany, to impose personal sanctions against senators who prepared the draft law on restrictions against the “Nord stream — 2” and to impose duties on incoming US liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In the Bundestag made the sanctions in response to US measures against Nord Stream 2

Photo: Krisztian Bocsi / Bloomberg

Sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the United States approved in December 2019. Then the Swiss Allseas, which was engaged in pipe-laying of “Nord stream — 2” stopped working. The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that to complete the construction of the pipeline is possible on their own, and to do this, according to Minister of energy Alexander Novak, capable of ship-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” (left to lay 160 km of pipes). In 2016, it was in the operational management of OOO “Gazprom FLOT” (“daughter” company of “Gazprom”, which is also the sole shareholder of the operator of project Nord Stream AG 2).


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

Audi broke the contract with Sobchak for her posts in Instagram

Amid mass protests in the US against police violence against blacks in early June, Ksenia Sobchak published in Instagram video with the caption “Minneapolis, I’m with you. To watch with sound”. Against the black screen there was a song “Killed a Negro” group “Forbidden drummers”.

  • Then, according to Deutsche Welle, the German car company Audi decided to terminate the advertising contract with the presenter. The company said that Audi is “strictly rejects all forms of racism and discrimination”, and publication in Instagram Sobchak is unacceptable.
  • Sobchak did not comment on the breach of contract, but in his Telegram-channel lashed out at Business Insider. “The German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. This is a direct lie,” she said, promising to demand an apology from the publication through the courts.
  • Sobchak said that it did not support the protests, violence, and does not divide people “into black and white, Caucasians and Asians”. “But people are divided into smart and stupid. For those who have an opinion and those who follow the crowd,” she said.

The operators of inspection asked the authorities to revise the rules THAT

About 120 operators of checkup urged the authorities to reexamine last year, the principles of reform, writes “Kommersant”. These rules allow not to pass THE new cars to four years, and cars four to ten years — every two years and only ten years older every year.

  • The letter’s authors point to several shortcomings of the new rules: now insurance companies have the ability to allow cars on the road without the conclusion about the possibility of its safe use; within four to five years of operation, the machines may have a serious malfunction that may lead to fatal accidents because of “optional” THAT reduced the flow of cars coming to the diagnosis that leads to the ruin of the operators.
  • “Operators have to operate at a loss, condemning your business to bankruptcy, the letter said.
  • To change the situation, it is proposed to repeal the law that allows you to get a insurance policy without proof of inspection, but also include the industry THAT the list of victims of the pandemic and to set tax holidays.

To support the Pension Fund will need more than 20% of the Federal budget

According to the project main characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund, seen by RBC, in 2021, nearly 21% of all Federal spending will be directed to the FIU. For comparison: in 2019 the Fund was transferred 18% of budget expenditures.

  • Federal support for FIU next year will increase by almost 1 trillion rubles and amount of 4.12 trillion In 2022 and 2023, this amount will grow even more and will amount to 4.3 trillion annually. The share of Federal transfers in the revenues of the PFR reaches of 42.6% of the maximum from 2017.
  • On the state of the RPF has influenced the anti-crisis government decisions on business support: the only reduce the overall rate of insurance contributions from 30 to 15% of salaries above the minimum wage for small and medium business FIU will miss this year 350 billion rubles, and in the next approximately 387 billion rubles. But there are other initiatives that will affect the status of the Fund.
  • The need to increase budgetary revenues associated with the reduction of the national payroll of coronavirus. In 2020 the salary Fund from which insurance premiums are calculated employers to the pension Fund will be reduced by 1.3 trillion roubles.


The manufacturer of the herbicide Roundup will pay $10 billion to American farmers

The German company Bayer will pay more than $10 billion to residents of the U.S. who filed lawsuits against Monsanto due to the potential Carcinogenicity of means from weeds Roundup, the company said. Bayer will allocate from $8.8 to $9.6 billion for a license is filed, another $1.25 billion will be allocated for possible future cases.

The concern will resolve about 95 000 individual lawsuits from gardeners and farmers, 25 000 claims remain outside the scope of the settlement agreement. Sources The New York Times, people familiar with the negotiations, noted that each of filed with the court will receive from $5000 up to $25,000, depending on the severity of the damage to health. “The statement does not imply recognition [Bayer] of responsibility or guilt”, — stated in the message of the company.

Bayer bought Monsanto in June 2018 at this point, the company had filed hundreds of lawsuits over the use of glyphosphate in the herbicide Roundup and its alleged health effects. Consensus about whether glyphosphate cancer, no. The international Agency for research on cancer calls the substance “probably carcinogenic”. Protection Agency environmental (EPA), the United States believes that glyphosate is safe with careful use.


Sobchak has filed a lawsuit against the German newspaper due to allegations of racism : Society :: RBC

Sobchak considered slander the title of the article Business Insider

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

Ksenia Sobchak in his telegram channel announced the decision to sue the German edition of Business insider for defamation. The reason for this was the article published on 24 June.

“The German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. It is an outright lie. Such words I never said. And I will demand an apology” — she promised.

Sobchak stressed that people “are NOT divided into whites and blacks, Caucasians and Asians”. “But people are divided into smart and stupid. For those who have an opinion and those who follow the crowd. I do not support any protest in any country when it is associated with violence. For me the main value is life, liberty and private property,” she said.

Sobchak said that her views are “right-wing liberal”. “Apparently, in our fast levelset world, such views have been outlawed. But I was never afraid of pressure on himself in the country, not afraid of him, and from the outside,” she said.

In the German version of Business Insider June 24 (screen the title contained in the message Sobchak in Instagram) published an article entitled “another scandal with Volkswagen after the racist ad: the Ambassador of Russian brand Audi calls black people stupid and lazy.”

In this material, Sobchak called “what kind of Russia’s response to Ivanka trump.” Indicates that it is “eight years is a brand Ambassador of Audi in Russia”, appears at events of the German company and publishes photos with cars in his Instagram.

Here are the messages Sobchak in social networks, in which she comments on the protests in the United States. In the online edition of the German Business Insider contains two hyperlinks to Instagram presenter, in which she criticizes the looting of shops “fighters for justice”.

There is a quote from one of the posts: “Those who managed to realize that to be successful you need [вкалывать]have become conditional Naomi Campbell, Obama and Winfrey. The rest will always find an excuse for themselves and their laziness and stupidity.

On the evening of 24 June, the newspaper Deutsche Welle reported that Audi took the decision to break a promotional contract with Ksenia Sobchak. With reference to the representative of the Audi of Werner Neuhold claimed that the incidents of Instagram Sobchak, “unacceptable”.


the German courts have restricted the collection of private data

The highest German court has ordered Facebook Tuesday, June 23, cease to collect, automatically and without the specific agreement of the data of particular applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram. A decision that deals a serious setback to the american giant of the digital.

→ TO READ. Facebook and Google, the giants of the sale of personal data

There is no doubt about the dominant position of Facebook on the social networking market as well as on the use of this dominant position “for, argued the German federal Court to justify its ruling in interim injunction proceedings. The latter was confirmed by a decision of the national competition authority against the american giant of the Internet made last year.

Facebook had then filed an appeal against the Office of the German anti-cartel before a court which had given him reason. The judgment of the highest court, which has yet to be returned at a later date at the bottom, breaks the judgment of the tribunal and defeated the american group.

→ MAINTENANCE. Germany restricted Facebook in its data collection

Facebook does not allow any possibility of choice “has justified the president of the federal Court, Peter Meier-Beck. The decision applies with immediate effect for Facebook, which needs to revise its contractual terms. The German justice accuses Facebook of abusing its dominant position by imposing unfair contract terms to its users on the various platforms.

Facebook must request “explicit consent” to its users

The German authorities require Facebook to solicit” the explicit agreement “of its approximately 30 million users in the country on certain clauses. The competition authority wants, in particular, that the group application prior to its users an agreement before a link to their account Facebook the data obtained via the applications it owns, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, or via the button” I love “inserted on Web pages third-party.

Its president Andreas Mundt welcomed the decision of the highest court of the country. ” The private data are a major instrument of the economic power and the place on the market of the Internet (a large group), he said. When data are collected illegally, an intervention of the competition authority must be possible “.

Facebook challenged so far, the requests from germany, stating that he does not have a dominant position against its competitors such as Twitter or Snapchat.


Presented renderings of the new French hatchback

The car still did not wait for the facelift, as has the coming change of generations.

Photo: the Volkswagen Polo 2022 source: Volkswagen

Volkswagen Polo sixth generation marks the third anniversary since the debut in 2017. As noted by the publication Auto Motor Und Sport, the current Polo is already obsolete and Volkswagen is preparing a successor, due out in 2022.

Photo: the Volkswagen Polo 2022 source: Automobile-Magazine

French publication Automobile-Magazine published online, the independent renderings of the Volkswagen Polo 2022. On images it is visible that new Polo has retained the overall shape, reminiscent of a Volkswagen Golf, but it has changed in width, which increased from 1.75 to 1.80 m At the same time the length of the urban hatchback have not changed, the same 4,05 m.

Independent designers were inspired by Volkswagen Golf 8 to create the exterior — interior Volkswagen Polo 2022 also received a lot of similar traits. The dashboard in the new Polo have become more refined and is made in the form of an impressive touchscreen. Reporters expressed the hope that Volkswagen will consider criticism regarding ergonomics and correct errors.

Dashboard Volkswagen Golf, which will serve as an example for future VW Polo, source: Volkswagen

Development of architecture MQB A0 will allow to offer electrified versions of Volkswagen Polo. But because the platform does not charge from the mains, you will have to settle for a “mild” hybrid with a starter-generator that works with gasoline engine. Diesel engines in the new Polo can not wait — in Europe this type of power units each year becomes less popular.


In the Bundestag, demanded Merkel to curtail the Nord Stream 2 for killing :: Policy :: RBC

Khangoshvili was shot in the Berlin district of Moabit in August 2019. In December, German prosecutors said that the killing was organized by Russian authorities or the structure of the Chechen Republic. As argued by the Agency that Moscow suspected him of involvement in the banned terrorist organization “Caucasus Emirate”.

Russian Ambassador summoned to German foreign Ministry over the killing of Georgians in Berlin

A suspect in the murder khangoshvili was detained. As reported by the journalists of Bellingcat, The Insider and Spiegel, talking about the citizen of Russia Vadim Krasikov, who was in Germany with a fake passport in the name of Vadim Sokolov. On 18 June the Prosecutor General’s office of Germany advanced against Vadim K. (in documents, also referred to as Vadim S.) charges under two articles “Murder” and “Illegal possession of weapons”.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the allegations speculation. In December, President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the murder khangoshvili, called it “a tough and bloody man”, which was organized by one of the explosions in the Moscow metro.

Nord Stream 2 — “daughter” of “Gazprom”, which deals with the construction of “Nord stream-2”. The capacity of the pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters per year, the cost is estimated at €9.5 billion In the project, in addition to “Gazprom” invested companies from Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands: OMV, Wintershall Dea, Uniper, Shell and Engie.

In December last year, Washington imposed sanctions against companies involved in the construction of “Nord stream-2”. Shortly thereafter, Swiss Allseas, which was engaged in laying pipes, stopped working. At that time, had to lay 160 km of pipeline. “Gazprom” plans to launch the “Nord stream-2” at the end of this year.


A shortage of 1.9 billion euros in the accounts of Wirecard led to the collapse of its value in five times

Auditors EY warned that the accounts of one of the leaders of German Finance ‒ Wirecard is not enough 1.9 billion euros. Shares of intercompany, which is part of the Dax-30, the highest stock index on the Frankfurt stock exchange, collapsed Thursday, June 18, at the auction of more than 60% following these news. In 2018 the company’s market capitalization amounted to 24 billion euros, now it is estimated at less than 5 billion Euro, reports The Financial Times. Bonds for 500 million euros issued in June, on Thursday quoted below 40 cents on the Euro.

The last half of the year the company, which is based in the suburbs of Munich and annually handles tens of billions of euros in credit and debit transactions, have tried to prove the purity of their accounting practices. In 2019, the company commissioned a special audit by KPMG after having doubts about the veracity of her statements. During a six-month special audit experts KPMG are unable to trace the transactions underlying net profit Wirecard between 2016 and 2018, the Results of this audit, the newspaper was published at the end of April 2020, After the auditors EY announced a shortage of funds in the accounts, Wirecard will not be able to publish its audited results 2019 Wirecard three times postponed publication of its results for the 2019 March, stating to investors that it expects the independent auditor’s report. If the company does not publish audited results up to 19 June inclusive, it will violate Treaty obligations in the amount of 1.75 billion Euro revolving line of credit, organized by Commerzbank, ING, ABN Amro and LBBW and the other lenders. Banks will be able to terminate the loan deals of almost 2 billion euros.

Wirecard has always denied any wrongdoing. Wirecard in a statement released on 18 June, says the company is “working intensively together with the auditor in the direction of clarify the situation”. She also announced that chief operating officer were suspended from posts with the possibility to recall him from this post till June 30. CEO Markus Braun said that “previously issued confirmation banks were no longer recognized by the auditor” and added that “at present it is unclear whether there has been fraudulent transactions to the detriment of the Wirecard”. The largest asset Manager of German company DWS, one of the largest shareholders of Wirecard, said that estimates legal steps against the company. Head of sustainable development and corporate management Deka Investment, one of the largest shareholders of Wirecard, Ingo Speich said, “We look at the situation with distrust. More than ever, you need to start a new job in management”. Spic earlier called for the dismissal of brown.

In October, The Financial Times reported that employees of Wirecard, apparently, joined the conspiracy the fraudulent overstatement of sales and profits in the subsidiaries Wirecard in Dubai and Dublin and misled EY, auditor of the group for decades. Then in December, the FT reported that the so-called Deposit accounts, controlled on behalf of Wirecard and some of the Trustees were used to increase cash balances of the group. Wirecard has filed a lawsuit against FT for the publication of his statements, claiming that the newspaper violated a trade secret. At the end of September 2019 at Wirecard was € 1.8 billion of outstanding debt, while the Munich Bank that it controls, holding 1.7 billion euros in deposits of customers.