UC Christus Health Network removed from his duties a professional who held a party at his home

The UC Christus Health Network decided to remove from his duties a professional who held a party on the terrace from her home in Las Condes to celebrate her birthday.

Through social networks, records of the event went viral after the same official shared stories on her Instagram account. In them you could see a DJ and several people gathered without wearing masks and without protecting physical distancing.

Through a statement, the health care network maintained that the official is not hired, but has taken a few shifts occasionally.

In addition, they pointed out that she herself pointed out that the meeting was attended by 15 guests, plus the five people who live in her home, “complying with the meeting regulations of less than 25 people according to phase 3 in which the commune in which you reside is located ”.

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According to a neighbor who spoke with CHV News, the party ended before curfew.

Although the aforementioned is not hired, the institution reported that “while this situation is clarified we have decided to move her away from occasional functions that he carried out at the San Carlos de Apoquindo Clinic ”.

Finally, they highlighted that “the workers of the UC Christus Health Network have been an example of commitment, effort and dedication in serving patients during the COVID pandemic and that, at the same time, our institution has ensured at all times compliance with regulations to provide safe and quality care that our patients know and value “ .


Vivaldi assures that the Government did not report the plan to the COVID-19 Social Table

The rector of the University of Chile, Ennio Vivaldi, maintained that the plan “Fondéate en tu Casa” was not informed by the Government to the COVID-19 Social Table.

In conversation with Cooperative, the rector said that “we would have liked to have listened to the program and been able to give an opinion from the social table, which is its objective (…) but it was not discussed or talked about“.

Instead, he assured that from the table they conveyed their “apprehension about what was being said, and that within responsible public health circles there is tremendous concern“.

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Vivaldi raised the importance of restoring trust between the Government and the population: “The first thing is that there must be a permanent relationship between authority and citizenship, so that citizens understand that what is being said is well founded and has no other meaning than to support it for their own good ”.

Along the same lines, he remembered the comparative theories around the action of the Government and the plebiscite, pointing out that it is a symptom of mistrust.

It has even been speculated that there are people who hopefully there will be a regrowth because that would allow the plebiscite to be postponed. I can’t believe that such a thing is going to be seriously thought by an authority, but it is serious enough that people think about it; It is such a terminal symptom of the degree to which mistrust reaches, that what we have to do is everything and for that we are available, (to make) a great effort to be able to reestablish trust ”, he commented.

The Government’s plan for the National Holidays has been widely criticized from various sectors and has had to be explained and modified by the authorities. In the last of the incidents, the minister spokesman for the Government, Jaime Bellolio, had to go out to explain that the number of guests an out-of-quarantine household can receive is five, regardless of the number of inhabitants.


Experts say food is highly unlikely to be a source of COVID-19 infection

(Cnn in Spanish) – A team of experts in food contamination says that food is highly unlikely to be a source of transmission of COVID-19.

The International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) examined the evidence that coronavirus could be present in food or its packaging and found very little.

Their finding reflects previous reports from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that there is no real risk of contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 from food or food packaging.

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“To date, there has been no evidence that food, food packaging, or food handling are an important source or route of transmission for SARS-CoV-2 resulting in COVID-19The organization said in a statement.

“There are no foods that should be considered a risk or that justify its consideration as a vector of SARS-CoV-2,” he added.

While it is possible for people to eat something contaminated with the virus and become infected that way, never seen to have happenedthey said.

However, it is still prudent to emphasize good food hygiene practicesthe group said.

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Miley Cyrus looks back on her ‘Wrecking Ball’ at the 2020 VMAs

The interpreter left empty-handed.


Among the stars who participated in the VMAs 2020 I do not miss Miley Cyrus.

Lady Gaga surprises with strange masks at MTV VMAs

The singer gave a performance in New York in which, in addition to interpreting his latest single, recalled the iconic Wrecking Ball music video.

The star sang Midnight Sky, a song released on August 14, and recreated the Wrecking Ball clip, although this time traded the wrecking ball for a disco ball.

This performance marks the first time the artist has sung Midnight Sky on television. Cyrus was nominated for three VMAs this year: Best Art Direction, Best Editing for Mother’s Daughter, and Song of the Summer for Midnight Sky.

However, the interpreter left empty-handed. Throughout her career, the protagonist has only won this award on one occasion, when in 2014 she was recognized as the video clip of the year for the aforementioned Wrecking Ball.

Midnight Sky is Cyrus’ first song since 2019, the year she released She Is Coming. At the time, the singer announced that the song would be the first of three six-song EPs, which together would form a new album titled She Is Miley Cyrus.

Unfortunately, the project was unable to go ahead as Cyrus was hospitalized for tonsillitis in October 2019 and subsequently underwent vocal surgery. Since its release, the Midnight Sky video clip has already surpassed 49 million views on YouTube.


Fire is reported in the church of Santa Veracruz in the Historic Center

Cecilia Romo dies after suffering Covid-19

Smokers have twice the risk of getting worse if they contract covid-19

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BancoEstado announces measures to support older adults in the context of the pandemic

This Tuesday, State Bank unveiled a series of measures to support older adults in the midst of the health crisis facing the country due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Among them, the collaborative agreement between the National Service for the Elderly (Senama), the Arbitration and Mediation Center (CAM) and the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), which will allow the delivery One thousand free online mediations for senior citizens of the bank who are facing civil or commercial conflicts.

The initiative is aimed at any person, natural or legal, with a civil or commercial conflict caused during the health crisis, whose amount does not exceed 3,000 UF and will be available to Elderly BancoEstado clients eligible, that is, that they are in a situation of vulnerability according to the standards and registers established by Senama.

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Further, other sizes are available:

  • Payment of State benefits without charge for money order in CajaVecina.
  • Three free transactions per month in BancoEstado channels for clients over 65 years of age who operate with CuentaRUT.
  • possibility of buy medical consultation vouchers through CajaVecina for Fonasa clients.
  • Hours extension in the almost 400 branches that the bank has available today.

The president of BancoEstado, Sebastián Sichel, assured that the Older adults represent one of the main concerns for the bank. “Of the almost three million older adults in Chile, 2.6 million have a RUT Account. In this sense, BancoEstado is a bank for the elderly, dedicated to daily work with them ”, he explained.

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“Eight out of 10 older adults in Chile are BancoEstado clients, so our vocation is not only to support them, but to understand that they are the center of the function that we fulfill every day ”, complemented the former minister.


Only 5% agree with retaking face-to-face classes during the second semester

  • RELATED VIDEO – Interview with Vlado Mirosevic by Frente Amplio and presidential elections of 2021 (10:03)

This Sunday Cadem Public Square released its survey for the third week of August, which included questions regarding lack of refinement in some areas of the country.

With respect to return to face-to-face classes, only the 5% agree that students return during the second semester. While, the majority (56%) choose to continue online and 38% would end the school year.

On the other hand, in response to the question: “Do you agree or disagree with your commune leaving or having come out of total quarantine and start a process of deconfinement?”, 39% indicated that they agree, while 52% were against.

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Refering to management of President Sebastián Piñera, 20% affirmed that they approve it and 71% disapprove, unchanged from the previous week.

The survey also revealed the cabinet’s assessment, where the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, continues as the best evaluated (70%, -2pts), now followed by Alfredo Moreno, from Public Works (54%, + 7pts), Felipe Ward, from Housing (52%, + 8pts), Mario Desbordes, from Defense (51%, + 1pt) and Gloria Hutt, from Transportation ( 51%, + 1pt).

Meanwhile, Andrés Allamand increases approval by 14pts after joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Victor Pérez, from the Interior, opens with 30% approval.

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About him plebiscite, 69% say they are determined to go to the polls, 21pts less than before the pandemic began. At the same time, 50% believe that it should be rtake place on October 25, 15pts more than in April, although still 42% are about to postpone it until the health crisis is over.

Check out the full survey here:


Arica, Antofagasta and Copiapó are the communes with the most active cases

  • RELATED VIDEO – Interview with Pablo Vial, a member of the COVID-19 Table, for possible outbreak (16:00)

He Epidemiological Report No. 43 of the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health reports that until August 16 there were registered in Chile 433,320 total cases of COVID-19, of which 387,502 had laboratory confirmation and 45,818 are probable cases, without laboratory confirmation.

The report also shows that the regions with the highest rates of active cases are Atacama (337.5), Arica and Parinacota (326.8) and Magallanes (223.7).

The rate of active cases of the Metropolitan region corresponds to 79,3.

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In the ranking of communes with the highest number of active cases, the first place is Arica (779), followed by Antofagasta (754), Copiapó (735) and Puente Alto (650).

In the Metropolitan Region, Puente Alto is followed Maipú (330) with the highest number of active cases, Renca (301), La Florida (260) and La Pintana (243).

Check out the full report here:


“Almost 10% of lawyers at the Grenoble bar plan to stop”

the– Lawyers

Caroline Thermoz-Liaudy

In office since January 1, the President of the Grenoble Bar, Evelyne Tauleigne, is experiencing an unprecedented and eventful start to his mandate. After two months of strike against the pension reform, it is the Covid-19 crisis which is likely to jeopardize the future of certain lawyers.

What are the different factors that led to a situation that was difficult for lawyers to maintain?

Today, we combine the change in procedures, and two and a half months of strikes, with the sudden cessation of activity due to the Covid-19. Since December, there was already no more hearing at the district court since the merger with the TGI was being prepared there as part of the creation of the court.

Then there were the months of strike related to the reform project of our retirement system and today, a health crisis which led to the closing of the courthouses.

Financially, we are starting to suffer the consequences. We indeed have a time lag between the invoicing of fees and their payment, which leaves us room to maneuver. But this year, the months of January and February were also disrupted. Also, in April many firms did not charge anything at all.

Can you work remotely, despite the closure of the courthouse?

It is more complex than that. In criminal matters, there is a little bit of activity. The courthouse continues to operate for emergencies, and lawyers work on a voluntary basis.

We must salute the good Grenoble agreement between the Palace and the Bar, which made it possible to build a business continuity plan, even a very small one, in criminal matters as well as in civil matters. We are also one of the first jurisdictions to have been able to set up this dematerialized operation. Lawyers are not allowed to enter the Palace, except those who intervene for the emergency defense. However, cases can also be taken care of, without hearings and without oral argument. We have set up a dedicated platform which has taken care of 50% of the non-urgent cases which were heard for the months of March and April.

We must salute the good Grenoble agreement between the Palace and the Bar

Have these solutions been made possible thanks to the reform of modernization and dematerialization of justice?

Not really, no. If the RPVA (virtual private network of the lawyer) allows lawyers to work and transmit documents in a secure manner from any post and place, the equivalent of the magistrates, the RPVJ (virtual private network of justice) , does not work locally. The clerks and magistrates could not therefore read the massages that we sent.

We had to reinvent a solution, and we have created a dedicated platform, where we can file our conclusions and our documents, and which the judges can consult from a distance.

We have a very healthy and very frank dialogue with our magistrates. The first president of the court of appeal recently proposed to set up a physical deposit of files, for cases without hearing or oral argument.

A study was carried out on the Grenoble bar to measure the impact of the months of reduced activity. What are the conclusions?

The CNB launched an investigation, the results of which were very alarmist, citing the figure of 27,000 lawyers who could stop the profession. So I wanted this study to be conducted in Grenoble. Participation was quite large, and there was a big loss of activity in March.

You cannot exactly differentiate between loss of activity from the virus and loss of activity from the strike. However, a good number of respondents reported a complete cessation of activity in April. Volunteers on criminal matters have a little bit billed.

On the answers obtained, we also have many lawyers who tell us that the offices are closed. They do not see their customers, and change little by phone with them. The exchanges are more numerous by emails. Over 70% of respondents also reported that they had no new customers.

The majority of those with salaried staff have resorted to partial unemployment. Some have been able to put their employees to work, but the activity is not sufficient. This will be problematic because the status of collaborator is very specific.

More than 60% of respondents reported a decline of at least 60% in their activity compared to March 2019, and even -70% for the month of April.

Almost 10% of the lawyers of the Grenoble bar plan to stop the profession. 30% plan to prosecute by reducing their staff. And many will expand their field of activity in law.

The cessation of lawyers’ activities is also a risk for access to justice. Because the cabinets that will close will be the smallest, often in the eccentric areas. If the cabinets installed in the small towns cannot survive there, they could regroup in the big cities. The territorial network will be less good.

– 60% activity in March, – 70% in April

What resumption of activity is envisaged?

I had made the designations of office to prefer volunteering for him. The lawyers who manage immediate appearances, or consultations for police custody, do so if they are voluntary, respecting the usual precautions. I also managed to order masks.

In Grenoble, there are many small firms. I call them the artisans of the law, and many live under emergency defense and legal aid, while the legal aid office is not functioning. So our colleagues work but are not paid.

The CNB met with the Chancellery last week, what solutions came out of it?

A number of measures provided for freelancers were not applicable for lawyers. We have highlighted the importance of maintaining the activity of legal aid, and of paying for this activity. It was planned to make financial advances for legal aid.

We are also trying to obtain a simplification of fee taxation. This would allow the concrete mixer to obtain the executory force of his act, without going through the court. This should make it possible to reduce the payment periods, in the event of non-payment or dispute.

A risk for access to justice

The Grenoble Bar has implemented a number of decentralized actions, including a contact platform for lawyers. Is the results satisfactory?

I think this solution was very well received, especially since it was done very quickly. It may be a solution that we will adopt, even if it means making some modifications.

It may also be the time to develop alternative methods of out-of-court dispute resolution. We are trying to see with the mediation commission how to set up an online mediation system, but everything remains to be done. I wish all the more that my colleagues develop mediation, that it is both a solution to recreate activity for lawyers, and to meet the demand of litigants.

Finally, to meet our training obligation, we wish to set up e-learning training, either in videoconference or via videos.

Interview by Caroline Thermoz-Liaudy


Covid-19: at RC Lens, the ultra mobilized

“No longer going to Bollaert at all, it creates a vacuum … Even a little shock.” But hey, it’s better for the good of everyone, I think! “ Thirty-three years since Fred, a 41-year-old house painter, went to all RC Lens games played in his legendary English stadium. For a few weeks, the enclosure has remained silent, deprived of the songs and the fervor of its usual 25,000 spectators. The pandemic depopulated the stadiums as it emptied the streets.

“It remains incidental, considers Matthew, 40 years old. Football is a passion but it remains a hobby. Currently, it is not necessary for everyday life. “ Member of the Red Tigers, the largest ultra group of Lens supporters, the teacher says that he is much more concerned about the imminent resumption of school than that of the professional championships desired by the governing bodies. (read opposite).

How to end the season brutally stopped by the health crisis? How to prepare the next one? Should the show continue at all costs, with or without an audience? On March 9, the Sang et Or played against Orleans the first professional match behind closed doors imposed by the pandemic in France. Even on a Monday evening, even in Ligue 2, at least 20,000 spectators were expected at Bollaert. If the ardent celebration of the goal of the northern victory by the announcer Cyril Jamet made the turn of the television broadcasts, his voice especially resounded in a sad silence.

“Comet plans”

“In an ideal world, I would like the season to end with 30,000 people at the stadium but it is not in anyone’s hands”, sighs Matthew. The Professional Football League imagines several hypotheses, including that of a resumption of the championships on June 17 and the start of the next season in late August. “They are drawing plans on the comet but nobody knows”, annoyed Arthur, 38, of the Red Tigers. For Matthew, we must not deny the rights of club employees, referees, players, ball pickers … And if you can’t be less than one or two meters away, how do you manage to mark someone who may be sick? ”

While club leaders quarrel in the press, 46 sections of ultras oppose, in a collective forum, an early recovery. “It is urgent to wait, write these groups, sometimes rival in the stands but united in the crisis. It is not conceivable that football will resume prematurely. It is not possible that it will resume in camera. It will resume in due course when the health and social conditions are met. ”

Pierre Révillon, one of the officials of the Red Tigers and president of the National Association of Supporters (ANS), does not envisage either “A resumption of the championship without supporters”: “C It’s like playing a play without spectators. It’s completely stupid. We are players in football just like players and managers. It goes against our mentality and our vision of football. ”

The stands are empty but supporters remain active throughout France. In Lens, the Red Tigers launched, from the start of confinement, a call for donations to equip a microcrèche mounted urgently by Lensois caregivers to keep their children, deprived of school and nannies, within the confines of the ‘hospital. In a few days, the ultras collect changing tables, umbrella beds, or playpens. “New high chairs and bottle warmers even arrived in services that were already lacking before the Covid crisis”, would like to thank Pauline, 31, educator of young children at the hospital. It designates Jérémy, a member like her of the Tigers, who came to probe the needs of caregivers. For seventeen years, he has coordinated Children’s Christmas, a toy distribution operation for young hospital patients.

“Ultrasounds mobilized for hospital staff, you are our pride”, we read on a banner hanging in front of the main entrance. We can guess Jeremy’s smile, under his surgical mask: “In the first week, the guy who takes care of messages with us said he was going to do something. Considering all the tape he put on, I can tell you that she’s going to stay there for a while! “ It has already been a month since the declaration welcomed the caregivers.

“The Tigers were among the first to set up a fundraiser for the hospital,” notes Norman Noisette, 42, president of the Lens United Federation. The network brings together thirty associations of Lensois supporters and 3,000 members across France. “We immediately added to their initiative by opening a kitty online” to support the momentum of solidarity. More than 8,000 euros have already been collected. The money was used to donate tablets to patients and nursing home residents isolated from their loved ones. At the same time, Lens United participated in the launch of an overcoat workshop for the hospitals of Lens, Béthune and Hénin-Beaumont. “We plan to deliver 18,000 each week,” Norman Noisette hopes. These fan associations, very locally anchored, mobilize beyond their members. This is the case for the joint auction of jerseys organized by Lens United and the club for the benefit of hospitals and the Pasteur Institute to finance research against the Covid: “We received several calls from people who wanted to give us jerseys of players recovered during a match.”

On its website, the ANS lists at least forty similar solidarity actions in progress, including the impressive prize pool of Socios toile club bastiais. The Corsicans collected 63,253 euros to help three hospitals on the island finance, in particular, resuscitation beds and respirators. “It is not the groups that are using the health crisis to make themselves visible. It’s rather the crisis that makes actions visible, Matthew analysis. There is such a lack of material that, thanks to these groups, everyday life becomes less hard for patients and staff. ”

Popular football

What the teacher misses most is not so much the meetings, but rather “The pre-match, the comrades, drink a pint, chat, the post-match, escort the tarpaulin …” Going to the stadium is a celebration. “It allows you to get out of everyday life”, slips Hans Decroos, supporter of Racing for twenty-two years. This Thursday, he delivers the weekly food drive launched by the Tigers in his supermarket. “We have customers who make a small cart, deprive themselves and still give a packet of cakes, observe this follower of Bollaert. For the crèche, some customers could have sold their equipment on the Internet but they preferred to give it away. ” Support for the image of popular football claimed by many Lensois supporters, in a fragile economic area. “Here, some people sacrifice themselves to go to the stadium, Hans continues. In Lens, we don’t really like football business. “ We prefer solidarity football, fueled by the hope of finding the elite in front of a celebrating stadium, five years after relegation to L2. “If there is no climb, there is no climb … breathes Matthew. We will go and get it in the field like every year, with blood, sweat and tears. ”

Sheerazad Chekaik-Chaila Photo Stéphane Dubromel. Hans Lucas


At war with boredom: cartels, kazoo and a boarding school for young girls

With babies interchanged

Hasn’t the time come to rediscover the depths of French comedy? Of course, with the viewing of Little Michu, operetta by André Messager composed in 1897 which contains everything a confined person can dream of: twin sisters, an interchange of babies, a rigid soldier, stupid merchants… Presented in a garish pink candy-duck green case, this production of the ” Nantes and Angers Opera created in 2018 with the Théâtre de l’Athénée, brilliantly powered by the troop of Brigands (mercenaries of lyrical hexagonal lightness), will allow even the most depressed to find the bushy paths of the smile. The program, accessible via the Angers-Nantes Opéra website, is offered with other house co-productions, such as the formidable and tragic Flood by Francesco Filidei and Joël Pommerat.

The Michu Pites by the company The Brigands www.angers-nantes-opera.com/lopera-continue

With arms in the air

Photo Céline Croze SQEVNV. Map-photo

“As long as we are alive, we will see each other”, 27-year-old gang leader Yair told the photographer before he was shot in Caracas, Venezuela. In a dark slideshow, Céline Croze (Photo) takes us into the twilight atmospheres of Latin American cartels, failing to immerse you in its exhibition which was to be held this April. Because feeling the wind of the health crisis turning, the Toulouse MAP festival quickly adapted by becoming E-MAP. “We didn’t want to give up”, confided the artistic director Ulrich Lebeuf, who this year offers a 100% digital format. So we can watch dynamic small films well edited instead of visiting the exhibitions: Boby allin takes us behind the scenes of a tour of Bigflo and Oli, Lucile Boiron sensually searches the womb and Derek Hudson looks back on its Cannes Film Festival. A festival journal in PDF can even be downloaded from the site.


With Missy Elliott

WMG photo. Atlantic Record

In the restless art gallery which hosts Missy Elliott’s new music video, in neon lycra and epileptic faux-eighties atmospheres, the displays are made for twerking. Back with Cool off (extract from the surprise EP Iconology unveiled in 2019, after fourteen dismal years without a solo project), the empress of beats was keen to ward off the demons of our lethargy at home. And to kill two birds with one stone, it fills the cravings for works of art of those who keep crying at the closure of museums, while it awakens our bodies of old candied prunes: with a geyser of colors and enough BPM to cover the cardio of the week.

Missy elliott Cool off on Youtube

With 154 rock bands

Faced with the worrying resurgence of live-streamed ukulele covers by musicians who no longer know what to do with all this confinement, a village of hard-core rockers resists apathy. Located in California, this oasis is called Burger Records. The independent record store doubled with a label distilling since 2007 treasures of garage, power pop and other oddities DIY has just released a massive compilation in eight volumes entitled Quarantines (the melodies of the quarantine). Under sleeveless sleeves, 154 bands and as many nuances of gnawed brakes and furious hopes are transformed, transfigured by saturated guitars, cheap rhythm machines, voices bursting with delay and even kazoo – all that can falling into the forgotten recesses of the home studio is good to take. No headliner to report, if not the ultraprolific and polymorphic King Khan, but a slew of local glories that prove that one can very well get bored with talent.

Quarantines compiles Burger Records https://burgerrecords.bandcamp.com

With Edwige Feuillère

Photo Solaris Distribution

Film by Jacqueline Audry adapted from a novel by Dorothy Bussy and dedicated to the memory of Virginia Woolf, Olivia belongs to the sulphurous sub-genre of the boarding school film, the title heroine arriving in a boarding school for young girls run by two women of opposite characters. This story of real grip is told with a frightening cheek, straight to the point and without omitting the opacity specific to the kind of passion experienced by a student for his teacher. Impossible, however, to reduce the film to a speech, even a feminist one. Olivia is more devious and perverse, too cruel and sexual to serve any cause other than that of letting such a story happen in its perfect indecency. Let’s be careful not to make the forgotten Audry a suddenly cult filmmaker or a gendered curiosity, that would be doing too much or too little. But Olivia is a rare film in every sense, beautiful, precious, secret, with the imperial Edwige Feuillère in one of her most beautiful roles. Prohibited for children under 16 years old when they leave.

Olivia of Jacqueline Audry (1951) on Arte replay

Clementine Mercier


Guillaume Tion


Marie Klock


Camille Nevers


Sandra Onana