Caregivers: “I think Covid, I eat Covid, I sleep Covid”

They evoke a “enemy”. Sometimes see themselves as “Infantrymen”. They have much more “Fear for others” that they do not fear falling ill, without playing the heroes: “This is our job”, they say. Nurses, interns, emergency physicians, resuscitators, hematologists, psychiatrists… Their lives are now entirely dedicated to saving patients from the coronavirus. What is their […]

The gender issue at the heart of the health crisis

Grandstand. These desperate times demand bold and determined leadership. The common challenge of the coronavirus reminds us, like never before, of how dependent we are on each other. We are going through an unprecedented health crisis. While it can affect us all, it exposes the most vulnerable to many additional risks. Because of gender inequalities, […]

“Savers understand that the situation is completely crazy”

Wealth management advisers respond to clients worried about their PEA, life insurance, SCPI. The questions from clients do not stop at the only products directly concerned by the stock market crash, but relate to all of the investments subscribed. Christophe Morin / Bloomberg Times are hard for the millions of French people who have seen […]

Is the Russian military taking advantage of the corona crisis?

I.NATO is growing concerned that Russia is using the corona pandemic to undermine Member States’ security. “It is our primary goal to ensure that this health crisis does not become a security crisis,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels on Wednesday. The alliance is observing “significant military activities” near its own borders. He […]

Coronavirus in Spain: Valentina, the heroine of the Cortes

PORTRAIT – This Spanish housekeeper was unanimous in Parliament, who praised her for her meticulous work cleaning up during the coronavirus crisis. By Mathieu de Taillac Valentina Cepeda, housekeeper for twenty-nine years in the Spanish lower house, cleans and disinfects lectern and microphone after each speaker, on March 18 in Madrid, during the plenary session. […]

Île-de-France rises to 2,000 intensive care beds

After Grand Est, Île-de-France is in the eye of the storm. The urgency faced with the flow of patients is to increase the number of intensive care beds: from 1,200 last weekend, it rose to 1,500 Thursday and must reach 2,000 this weekend, according to ARS Île-de- France, which coordinates the organization. A real race […]

“In Paris we are still holding on, but we’re really on a crest line”

INTERVIEW – An infectious disease doctor at Bichat Hospital, Professor Xavier Lescure is concerned that the wave of Covid-19 will eventually overwhelm the AP-HP. Professor Xavier Lescure. Figaro Live Infectious disease specialist at Bichat hospital, Pr Xavier Lescure describes a situation on the razor’s edge, ready to rock anytime. LE FIGARO. – What is the […]

“The coronavirus crisis is an ecological crisis”

Everyday, find the Green thread, the environment meeting of Release. Serge Morand is a health ecologist, research director at CNRS and CIRAD and teaches at the Faculty of Tropical Medicine in Bangkok, Thailand. For him, it is urgent to preserve genetic diversity in nature and agriculture to avoid the multiplication of pandemics. Several species of […]

The 27 fight against the “coronabonds”

Half of the members of the euro zone and Christine Lagarde plead for a mutualized debt facing the crisis. Through Florentin Collomp and Anne Rovan The 27 heads of state and government will meet at a new “virtual” video conference summit on Thursday afternoon to find a joint response. 73669739 / Grecaud Paul – […]