Prince William and Kate Middleton called Prince Harry a puppet Meghan Markle

When at the end of March, Prince Harry heard his father’s alarmed voice in the telephone, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

The 35-year-old Duke of Sussex, who escaped with his wife Meghan Markle from Britain first in To Canadaand then in USAheard the terrible news. Prince Charles, 71, said his coronavirus test was positive.

“Harry at that moment realized that Charles and the Queen would not be around forever. Harry’s biggest fear is not to be in Of England the moment his grandmother Elizabeth II dies. ”

On the last day of June, another book dedicated to the British royal family – War in the Royal Family: the story of the shocking breakup between Harry and Megan with the Windsor House – is being published. This time, her heroes were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton. Authors Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard are trying to get to the bottom of the truth – which caused the Dukes of Sussex to refuse the rank of members of the British royal family.

Once in the USA and sitting in a luxury mansion in LosAngelesPrince Harry sank into depression. He is trying to find his salvation in yoga classes. But being eight thousand kilometers from the royal family, Harry feels guilty before his family for his flight to the States, especially now, when the threat of the coronavirus epidemic still hangs over the world.

“Megan assures Harry that when everything settles down, he will like their new life in Los Angeles. She plans a joint trip, tells him about the local polo club and how Harry will love surfing, ”the authors write, referring to a source surrounded by the Dukes of Sussex.

The refusal of Harry and Megan from the title of members of the royal family, which became known in January, not only upset Queen Elizabeth II, but also aggravated the already difficult relationship between the families of the two brothers. Prince William and Kate Middleton were indignant at learning about the decision of Harry and Megan, because of this they had doubled the “social burden” – attending official events.

“They consider it unfair that Harry and Megan can enjoy being part of the royal family without any effort,” the book says. – Kate is in a panic, not understanding how she will combine the additional burden with family chores.

At the same time, William and Kate immediately understood who Harry had contacted: 38-year-old Meghan Markle will skillfully manipulate her husband, who is known as far from the smartest man.

“They are sure that Megan treats Harry like a puppet,” says another person close to the royal family. “They accepted that Harry was lost for their family soon.”

Close friends Meghan Markle said that the American actress never planned to stay in Buckingham Palace. At her originally there was a plan – to return to the USA.

“Megan has always dreamed of her own brand – to be recognizable. But I don’t think that she married Harry only because of his surname and image, although this, of course, was a decisive factor, ”say close actresses.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in the mansion of the Hollywood movie mogul

The house is estimated at $ 18 million (details)


Director Alexei Uchitel – about the new nudity of Christina Asmus: “I was amazed!”

Each has its own isolation. Someone got stuck in Bali, someone climbed away into the wilderness, someone does not leave the city apartment. And here Director Alexey Uchitel (“Walk”, “Land”, “Diary of his wife”) is completing work on a new painting – “47”, dedicated to the journey of Victor’s tomb Tsoi to the northern capital after deadly Accident in 1990.

In a conversation with the writer Alexander Tsypkin, based on the works of which the series is already being shot, the director remembered how he convinced Tsoi to star in his film and why


“When we shot“ Rock ”in 1986, none of that company knew me – neither Grebenshchikov nor Garkusha. Who knows who I am? The KGB or something else. AND [чтобы наладить контакт] I chose the most silent – Tsoi. And he said: “Listen, Victor, let me come with an operator, a camera to your boiler room, and we will sit with you for a shift – and he was on duty for two days – and we’ll shoot. Not a single question, I swear, I will. As it is, it is. Then you come – take a look. If you don’t like it, we’ll disperse. ” And these were the first frames of the stoker, which now often show. I saw a lot of things: different people came and drank, but I honestly restrained myself – I didn’t move anything, I didn’t say “come here”. Perhaps that’s why it turned out to make a film. And then they came to my native Leningrad documentary studio in the director’s room with the whole Kino group – they watched in silence, went out in silence. I think: Christmas trees, sticks, what is there? I say: “Vit, tell me! Did you like it or not? ” And in response there was one word: “Normal.” This word gave me a sharp pass to life. After that, no one asked who I am and what they eat me with. ”

Frame from the movie “Rock”


“When a terrible accident occurred (Viktor Tsoi crashed on August 15, 1990 after the collision of his Moskvich in the oncoming lane with the Ikarus bus, which was driven by Janis Fibigs, on the highway SlokaTalsi – Aut.) From material that was not included in the Rock, we mounted the picture “The Last Hero”, then I met the driver of Ikarus, who was driving, and spoke with the investigator. Then it settled down with me. When you go and don’t know who Tsoi is … and then life changes abruptly (the driver was found not guilty, but nevertheless became known throughout the USSR – Aut.). The story of our picture “47” begins with an accident, and then begins the journey of the bus with Tsoi’s coffin in Petersburg. A kind of roadflies. The one who is driving does not know who all these people close to Choi are (Ricochet performed by Ilya Del, wife Natalya Reasons performed by Paulina Andreeva etc.), but they don’t know what kind of driver it is.

About 7-8 years ago, Sasha Gonorovsky (“The Land”, “From Five to Seven”) wrote the script, but we did not shoot. I thought that it was irrelevant, but interest in Tsoi is growing more and more every year. This is a mystery that no one will solve. With all due respect and Vysotskyand to Okudzhavaaccording to how often they sing, Choi overtook them. ”

In December, I starred in the full-length film Whaling. This is not horror)))), this is drama. I played the girl from the video chat Uuuf))) But I hasten to upset you, there were no naughty scenes. It’s even straight offensive. But there was my longest double in my career, which lasted 43 minutes. Studio: @ Production: Russia, Poland Gen. producer: Aleksey Uchitel Director and screenwriter: Philipp Yuryev Camera-man: Mikhail Khursevich, Yakov Mironchev Which image from the movie do you like more?


“At our Rock studio, we also shoot full-length debuts. One of my students Philip Yuriev seven years he wrote the script for the painting “Whalers”, which he then shot in Kamchatka. A stunning story will soon be shown at one of the major festivals, if it takes place. So, according to the plot, whalers are watching a computer showing a undressing girl [из секс-чата]. And this heroine was supposed to play Christina Asmus. She read the script, she liked it, agreed. Then the film “Text” comes out, this whole story takes place (after naked scenes with Ivan Yankovsky the actress’s husband, Harik Kharlamov, was sucked as a cuckold, in the end couple gets divorced and assures that the cinema has nothing to do with it – Auth.). And then an agent calls me and explains that Christina can’t act in our scene. I begged them to come to the studio, Asmus apologized for a long time that it would not work. Hoping for nothing, I turned on her 10 minutes of the film, she looked and said: “That’s it. Let’s. When to shoot? ” I asked again: “Are you not afraid that they will start rinsing again?” “This is my business,” she said firmly and starred wonderfully. I was amazed! ”


“This is not vulgarity, but real life”: Christina Asmus told how she decided on the bed scene in the new film

For the sake of the role in the 18+ tape, the actress first completely undressed on the screen and herself shot intimate shots on the phone (details)


Daughter Pugacheva undressed for candid shooting

Grandson Of Alla Pugacheva Nikita Presnyakov for three years happily married. His wife Alena Krasnov is a rare beauty, what I am always convinced its followers of Instagram. Alena – model, often removed in photo shoots. Footage from the last shooting she decided to share on his page. The pictures were unexpectedly spicy: the 23-year-old wife Presnyakov posing in her panties, covering her Breasts a wide-brimmed hat.

– I am not given to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when on the scale of 6 kg during the quarantine – coyly said Alena.

Subscribers, however, no extra pounds in the pictures could not see: she looks slim, toned and very sexy. Beautiful photos of the couple appreciated and Nikita Presnyakov.

I nesoi directly to display such pictures, but do not go for the sake of art, especially when the scales -6 kg during the quarantine Thanks MoEI lubimoi @nastyaafed for such frames Which picture do you like best?

– Missed wife, of course – he wrote in the comments.

It is unknown whether saw Frank shooting the grandmother Nikita Alla, and what she said about spicy photo shoot Alena. “Alla is in shock,” just kidding followers. In the comments they throw a young wife Presnyakov compliments and I assure you that the photos look beautiful and brand does not matter.

– Life is a moment! While you are young and you have from God such beauty, let everyone look and envy! – said one of podeschi.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

Alena posing Topless. Photo: Instagram.

During the quarantine, Nikita and Alena lived in the suburban house, owned by Pugacheva. However, no matter Presnyakov Jr. sat In may he released the video for new single “Shadow” (Nikita, recall, lead singer of the Multiverse). The Prime Minister was supported by his famous grandmother, boasting talents grandson in social networks.

Last year Nikita Presnyakov became the hero of the program Lera Kudryavtseva “The secret to a million” the musician told the presenter about his family life quite intimate things – for example, about the first sex with his future wife. Nikita was the first love of Alena, which ended legal marriage. Pair got married after four years of relationship.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Fans pelted the wife of the grandson Pugacheva compliments. Photo: Instagram.

Nikita started Dating Alena Krasnova, when she was only 17 years old, she was still in school. Presnyakov waited two years for the moment when his girlfriend is ready for an intimate relationship. For a young lover Nikita, who is older than Alena for six years, voluntarily refused to have sex – he believed that they all must happen at the moment when the girl herself is ready for it.

– In terms of sex I waited until she said ready. Two years we suffered, – told the grandson Pugacheva. – I have a very big will power and if I put some goal, I achieve it, – said Nikita. – We with Alena for the first time it happened-planned, carefully and romantic. Alena was very nervous!

We are already a month in the country in isolation And this is definitely something there

Alain initially doubted his feelings for Nikita. It seemed to her that they all happen too fast. Besides her troubled six-year age difference. Grandson of Alla Pugacheva and his future wife met, that is, neighborly: villas their families are located nearby, Alena from a wealthy family. Like Nikita, his beloved was a creative soul: I was fond of gymnastics, dancing in the Studio Alla Brass “Todes” and studied at a music school.

Nikita also explained why he was in no hurry to do Dolly parton’s great grandmother: according to the musician, they Alena in no hurry to have children, because while I want to stand up and live for yourself.


What phrases from the script “Brother-2” became prophetic

20 years ago, the philosophical thriller “Brother-2” about the adventures of Danila Bagrova (Sergey Bodrov) at USA. The humor that permeates the picture captivates with spontaneity and simplicity. And then no one could have thought that many of the phrases of the heroes would not only become winged, but would be realized by history. “KP“Gives some examples.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox”

Well then, were there people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? A paradox.”Photo: frame from the movie

The replica of the nervous taxi driver played by Konstantin Zheldin is universal. Whether it’s the economic and social crisis of the 90s or the epidemiological crisis of our time, the darkest forces within people begin to fuss with tripled energy. So at the height of the coronavirus, there were photos of citizens buying toilet paper and buckwheat, as well as versions about the 5G towers, Bill’s chip plan Gates and the pedophile lobby of Hollywood, which should bring employees FBI covid-19.

“You, bastards, will answer for Sevastopol!”

Unique phrase killer Viktor Bagrov (Victor Sukhorukov) came true 14 years after the release of “Brother-2.” Crimea He returned to his native harbor and the Russian people on the peninsula voted unanimously for this.

“The Russians do not abandon their own in the war”

Events on Donbass, lasting more than five years, also confirm the maxim voiced by Danila.

Russians do not abandon their own in the war.

“- Hey, fellow countryman, where do the Russians live here?”

– Moskal is not my countryman!

– Bandera?

– Why ?!

“Alright guys, bye!”

Perhaps Alexey Balabanov wrote the script as a joke. And the “warm” meeting of the Russian killer with Ukrainian colleagues at the airport is just an episode from the movie. But 14 years have passed, and the slogans “Moskalyak on a dime!”, “Hto not leap, that Muscovite ”and“ Bandera come – put things in order! ” became very popular on Ukraine.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger. ”Photo: frame from the film.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”Photo: frame from the movie.

Before a showdown with local black people who did not allow Russian heroes to eat boiled crayfish, the prostitute Dasha suggests that power is not in the truth, according to Danila and not in money, as his brother is sure, but in “them”, in African-Americans. And if you look at the results of most sports competitions, the absolute triumph of tolerance in the United States, Hollywood cinema and Europeabsorbed by African migrants, it is difficult to disagree with the heroine.

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”Photo:

Laughter with a laugh, namely this meme jokingly explains the official representative MFA RF Maria Zakharova some strange accusations of our country by the USA. But how else to react to the fact that Russian hackers are to blame for the results of the American election?

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ” Photo: frame from the film.

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”Photo: frame from the movie.

The phrase prostitutes Marilyn (Daria Jurgens) from the final scene of the film on the plane also became a meme. During the epidemic, Russian citizens, stuck on vacation, began to return to their homeland en masse. It didn’t work for everyone. Those who succeeded reacted in much the same way as the heroine of Brother-2.

“You do not understand – this is quarantine!”

Well, there’s no need to explain anything. American customs officers informing Viktor Bagrov about quarantine teleported in 1990 as if from 2020.


“Brother-2”: How did the fate of the prostitute Marilyn, the hacker Network and Bones Big

The cult picture turns 20 years old (details)


After the scandal with the blockade, Olga Buzova angered with her appearance on May 9

Olga Buzova’s next venture provoked a new flood of popular anger. The leading singer angered the Russians with her appearance. But the public has not forgotten the scandalous tricks of the TV star, when she, sitting in a swimsuit at the table, licked a plate with the words “I’m a blockade.”

Olga Buzova on the occasion of May 9, I decided to talk about the feat of my great-grandfathersthan incredibly inspired her fans. However, then she began to publish photos and videos on which posed in a military uniform with bright makeup with a cap on his head. The artist threw a nurse’s handbag over her shoulder, and held a dandelion in her manicured fingers.

Olga Buzova went to the forest for a bright photo

“May 9th is the main, holy date in the life of each of us. This is a day of immense pride in the feat of true heroes who, without sparing life, defended our Motherland! We will forever keep in our hearts the memory of their courage! Thanks to you, we live 75 years under a peaceful sky! Tears of happiness for the Great Victory pour out of my eyes and tears of grief for those who are gone … “, reads the caption to the photo.

Great holiday

Wherein take off gold and platinum bracelets Buzova did not guess. Or did not consider it necessary. She read the poem Wind of War by Stepan Kadashnikov in memory of those killed at the front, and then presented with her boyfriend David Manukyan a cover for the song “Cranes”.

This finally infuriated users of the social network. They began to leave indignant messages, recalling the actress and the recent scandal with the blockade, and the glamorous Mother of God, and embarrassment at Epiphany.

Cranes.Premiere cover, 2020

“They don’t go to make-up in the war!”, “Show-off!”, “What are you doing again?”, “Have you tried any less makeup?”, “Why are you doing carnival on this day?”, “I made up and came to the forest for a photo “,” Cheap masquerade “,” This is called Spanish shame when she does it, but we are all ashamed “,” Very funny, you need to remove the bracelets, “the fans are indignant.

We are for peace … For love … May the war never return again …

Olga never responds to criticism and indignation of fans. Her favorite hate phrase: “The dog barks, and the caravan goes.”

Olga Buzova: from a cleaning lady to a millionaire.Who doesn’t know Buzova? Everyone knows Olya. Some love her, while others hate her. Sometimes it seems that there is simply no one indifferent to the ex-participant of “House-2” …


Tom Moore, hero of the United Kingdom

“They are brave”: “They are brave”, Tom Moore said he qualified the hospital staff who helped him get cancer last year and repair his hip at the age of 98. “Fortune smiles on the brave!” “, continues the one who is centenary since Thursday, April 30.

→ LIVE. Coronavirus: the latest information and France and worldwide

Faced with the coronavirus, Tom Moore displayed his courage in an effort commensurate. He set himself April 6, the goal to cover 100 times the width of 25 meters from his garden, with both hands resting on his walker, in a tie, blazer and decorations.

“Captain Tom” The challenge was to collect 1,000 books (€ 1,100) for associations linked to the public health service, the NHS. He collected more than 30 million pounds, or 33 million euros! A “hero” that we are tearing ourselves apart: two rows of soldiers at attention have framed his last meters; two planes of the second world war greeted in the sky its hundred years last Thursday; a high-speed train bears his name; the army chief raised the captain to the rank of honorary colonel.

Alone, Tom Moore gave the British a way to feel together and valiant again. “I know I speak for the whole country wishing you a very happy 100th birthday. Your heroic efforts have lifted the spirits of the whole nation. ”, welcomed Premier Boris Johnson, himself cured of the coronavirus.

Captain in the Indian army

Thomas (Tom) Moore began studying engineering before serving in India and Burma during the Second World War. After leaving the military, he worked as general manager of a concrete manufacturing company.

For 64 years, he organized the annual meeting of his regiment, the Duke of Wellington’s. He won several trophies in motorcycle races. Tom Moore had two daughters with his wife Pamela whom he married in 1968. A widower, he now lives in Bedfordshire with one of his daughters, Hannah, her husband and two of her grandchildren.

After the success of his first challenge, he took over with the British artist Michael Ball and the choirs of the NHS, the anthem and the motto of several British football clubs, “You’ll never walk alone” (You will never walk alone), from a post-war musical.

The funds raised by Tom Moore will be used for rest areas for medical staff, equipment to allow inpatients to stay in touch with their families, and volunteers who support patients after they are discharged from hospital.


Tonino Benacquista, Shumona Sinha, Marie-Eve Lacasse … Five books to read confined

All but one love story has been told, of Tonino Benacquista. Gallimard, 224 pp., € 19 (ebook: € 13.99).

All but one love story has been told, leads on the track of a man who has chosen to flee reality to go to the other side of the mirror, in the world of TV series. “I am leaving you for a better world”, that’s the message Léo left before he disappeared, which is resonating at the time of the pandemic. Dialogue with Tonino Benacquista by Skype.

The Erebus, of Michael Palin. Translated from English by Thierry Beauchamp. Paulsen, 391 pp., € 24.90.

Passionate about maritime stories, ex-Monty Python and documentary maker Michael Palin tells the story ofErebus, of the British ship and its heroic captains, set out to conquer the northwest passage in the Arctic in 1848, and mysteriously disappeared. Before resuscitating in 2014.

The Russian Testament, of Shumona Sinha. Gallimard, 208 pp., € 18 (ebook: € 12.99).

Shumona Sinha’s new novel, the Russian Testament, is Indian and French. The author was born in 1973 in Calcutta, like Tania, her heroine. Like her, she left her country in 2001 with a scholarship. Tania is going to take the road to Moscow after her lover, a Russian diplomat, advised her to leave her home, where her father and mother have just beaten her. She frees herself by and for books, attracted by the world of Gorky and Chekhov.

Autobiography of the stranger, of Marie-Eve Lacasse, Flammarion, 192 pp., 18 € (ebook: 12.99 €).

This autofiction, the author of which was born in 1982 in Canada, talks about the gap between his native country and France, his adopted country. The pleasure she takes in behaving like a man with women, which is why she often feels “close by”.

French Sociology. Sociogenesis of a national tradition, of Johan Heilbron. Translated from English by Françoise Wirth. CNRS Editions, 338 pp., 25 € (ebook: 17.99 €).

Marked by the thought of Pierre Bourdieu, director of research at the CNRS, John Heilbron combines the history of ideas and social history, through the most outstanding researchers in sociology: from the pioneer Auguste Comte, from Marcel Mauss, from “fierce competition” between René Worms and Emile Durkheim, protagonists of the long debate between Marxism, structuralism and existentialism and the emergence of “figures” of sociology.

And find, as every week, the recommendations of independent booksellers with the site.

Book Service


At war with boredom: cartels, kazoo and a boarding school for young girls

With babies interchanged

Hasn’t the time come to rediscover the depths of French comedy? Of course, with the viewing of Little Michu, operetta by André Messager composed in 1897 which contains everything a confined person can dream of: twin sisters, an interchange of babies, a rigid soldier, stupid merchants… Presented in a garish pink candy-duck green case, this production of the ” Nantes and Angers Opera created in 2018 with the Théâtre de l’Athénée, brilliantly powered by the troop of Brigands (mercenaries of lyrical hexagonal lightness), will allow even the most depressed to find the bushy paths of the smile. The program, accessible via the Angers-Nantes Opéra website, is offered with other house co-productions, such as the formidable and tragic Flood by Francesco Filidei and Joël Pommerat.

The Michu Pites by the company The Brigands

With arms in the air

Photo Céline Croze SQEVNV. Map-photo

“As long as we are alive, we will see each other”, 27-year-old gang leader Yair told the photographer before he was shot in Caracas, Venezuela. In a dark slideshow, Céline Croze (Photo) takes us into the twilight atmospheres of Latin American cartels, failing to immerse you in its exhibition which was to be held this April. Because feeling the wind of the health crisis turning, the Toulouse MAP festival quickly adapted by becoming E-MAP. “We didn’t want to give up”, confided the artistic director Ulrich Lebeuf, who this year offers a 100% digital format. So we can watch dynamic small films well edited instead of visiting the exhibitions: Boby allin takes us behind the scenes of a tour of Bigflo and Oli, Lucile Boiron sensually searches the womb and Derek Hudson looks back on its Cannes Film Festival. A festival journal in PDF can even be downloaded from the site.

With Missy Elliott

WMG photo. Atlantic Record

In the restless art gallery which hosts Missy Elliott’s new music video, in neon lycra and epileptic faux-eighties atmospheres, the displays are made for twerking. Back with Cool off (extract from the surprise EP Iconology unveiled in 2019, after fourteen dismal years without a solo project), the empress of beats was keen to ward off the demons of our lethargy at home. And to kill two birds with one stone, it fills the cravings for works of art of those who keep crying at the closure of museums, while it awakens our bodies of old candied prunes: with a geyser of colors and enough BPM to cover the cardio of the week.

Missy elliott Cool off on Youtube

With 154 rock bands

Faced with the worrying resurgence of live-streamed ukulele covers by musicians who no longer know what to do with all this confinement, a village of hard-core rockers resists apathy. Located in California, this oasis is called Burger Records. The independent record store doubled with a label distilling since 2007 treasures of garage, power pop and other oddities DIY has just released a massive compilation in eight volumes entitled Quarantines (the melodies of the quarantine). Under sleeveless sleeves, 154 bands and as many nuances of gnawed brakes and furious hopes are transformed, transfigured by saturated guitars, cheap rhythm machines, voices bursting with delay and even kazoo – all that can falling into the forgotten recesses of the home studio is good to take. No headliner to report, if not the ultraprolific and polymorphic King Khan, but a slew of local glories that prove that one can very well get bored with talent.

Quarantines compiles Burger Records

With Edwige Feuillère

Photo Solaris Distribution

Film by Jacqueline Audry adapted from a novel by Dorothy Bussy and dedicated to the memory of Virginia Woolf, Olivia belongs to the sulphurous sub-genre of the boarding school film, the title heroine arriving in a boarding school for young girls run by two women of opposite characters. This story of real grip is told with a frightening cheek, straight to the point and without omitting the opacity specific to the kind of passion experienced by a student for his teacher. Impossible, however, to reduce the film to a speech, even a feminist one. Olivia is more devious and perverse, too cruel and sexual to serve any cause other than that of letting such a story happen in its perfect indecency. Let’s be careful not to make the forgotten Audry a suddenly cult filmmaker or a gendered curiosity, that would be doing too much or too little. But Olivia is a rare film in every sense, beautiful, precious, secret, with the imperial Edwige Feuillère in one of her most beautiful roles. Prohibited for children under 16 years old when they leave.

Olivia of Jacqueline Audry (1951) on Arte replay

Clementine Mercier


Guillaume Tion


Marie Klock


Camille Nevers


Sandra Onana


FC Schalke 04: next drastic saving maneuver – the players …


FC Schalke 04: next drastic saving maneuver – the players must now …

Jochen Schneider negotiated a deal with the S04 professionals.

Jochen Schneider negotiated a deal with the S04 professionals.

Photo: imago images / Montage: DER WESTEN

Gelsenkirchen. The Corona compulsory break hits FC Schalke 04 hard. Because of the financial threat, the club has to save everywhere in order to remain solvent.

Now the club is taking another drastic step. After the partial waiver of the salaries of the professionals, there are apparently no further payments.

FC Schalke 04 cancels player awards

As the “Bild” reports, S04 sports director Jochen Schneider has now negotiated another savings deal with the professionals. When the Bundesliga starts again, the players therefore waive one third of the special bonuses that would normally be paid out if the team achieved certain successes.

The payment of another third is to be postponed so that the club has more money available immediately after the Corona break. The new deal means in concrete terms: Even if Schalke plays a successful remaining season, the club will continue to save and will not slip into insolvency thanks to numerous bonuses.

The new deal is the next drastic step on Schalke’s extreme austerity. The club had previously mutually reduced the salaries of professionals and leading employees. In addition, fans were asked to refrain from reimbursement of ticket prices; sponsors and partners should keep their booked VIP box seats.


S04 top news:

Club legend speaks plainly – “I hope that …”

He is said to be the next blue and white derby hero


Also new is that S04 apparently sits down with the player advisors in order to save further money at this point. As the “picture”Reports, team planner Michael Reschke asked the player representatives for a partial repayment of the consultant’s fees – at least for the month of March.

Schalke is pursuing a consistent austerity course and leaves no stone unturned to make money. (the)


White cabbage with black rural

Breaking news : Marie-Bernadette Dupuy changes register with the new saga of 4,658 pages and 23 volumes (well, we understand each other). Lara, the round of suspicion swings us like that all at once and without warning in a thrilling thriller, when we got used to the delicious series (its trademark) rural during the Second World War, stories of parish priest who unroocks cheerfully having met love (the lovers of the presbytery, it’s not Zola, but it reads, the handsome parish priest and the lovely wife of the doctor who is bored and discovers the passion toooooooorrride), or the instructive walks in Quebec at several times (The Crazy Waters Scandal with the drowned young woman who fucks a monstrous mess in family relationships), etc. Let’s not hide not having read ALL of MBD’s works, but a good number, unearthed each summer at the Intermarché bookstore in Siorac (Dordogne), between a good Christian Signol and a solid Françoise Bourdon that we taste a little hidden under a blanket of Modiano: pure delight.

So a thriller we have?

We were licking each other’s lips, it happened in 1946, just after “the second world war and the horrors”, in a Breton village called Locmariaquer that some initiates know, with a fiery young heroine, with Erwan, Fantou, exhilarating black soldiers, a pretty inspector of police, a body found lifeless since it is another young girl, but badly slaughtered and in a white tunic, and therefore why not a crime novel? And on page 110, the truth falls, cruel: I’m not interested. It’s awful to betray MBD like that, but I’m not interested, what. We are bored, the characters are hollow, and this time, the delicious snaps frequent in his opus where the murders are inevitably obnoxious, the passionate youth, the intractable but big-hearted old men do not pass at all.

Who is MBD?

We feel a little curiosity in the informed reader who despises the novel of terroir or the farandoles of rural stories which discretely populate the bookstores or houses of the regional press, but in fact prance sales not so far away as that of the Bussimussolevy . She was born in 1952, began to write after the death of her mother, and many books, the names of which alone are a country song: the Wolf Wood Orphan, the Song of the ocean, Refuge aux roses, the Moulin du Loup (a treat in 6 volumes where the mill run by a heroic smala houses a Jewish family, full of adventures, love, betrayal). We also remember the beautiful orphan in New York whose son was kidnapped in the Tears of the Hudson. We travel in time and space, what.

Should we say no to the thriller of terroir?

Let’s not be cruel like the assassin of the girl in a white tunic that it may be the slightly troubled lover of the heroine of the saga (endless, therefore) but let’s admit having a somewhat hysterical love for him. rural novel, the country and honest saga, preferably during the war or in the XIXe century, so conducive to romantic affairs as to the dramas of the working world and the bourgeoisie. Yes, let’s face it: terroir and thriller are a mix that gets you nowhere.

Emmanuèle Peyret

Marie-Bernadette Dupuy

Lara, The Round of Suspicion 1 Calmann-Lévy, 518 pp., € 22.90 (ebook: € 8.49).