Bohdalová must grit her teeth! She had never experienced such audacity

She wanted to talk to people and tell them to be more considerate and get a good soda. “I am quite obedient. On the one hand, I am risky, and on the other hand, I think that people who do not understand this should not talk about the situation at all. It is necessary to knock down suitcases and listen, otherwise we will not get out of it, “she said according to Bohdalováwho canceled a holiday in beloved Greece because of the covid.

Perkausová he can no longer take pictures. Fear of Bohdalová. AND Mesarošová she secretly married!

Instead of reaping applause, however, fans criticized her for having a badly fitted drape. One of the commentators on the social network sent Bohdalová a rather cheeky message that probably won’t leave the actress cold. “Then listen and put on the veil properly, Vochomůrka,” was a rather ugly comment on the address of the famous actress. However, some fans stood behind Bohdalová and supported her. “For the chatters, an older man with a veil finds it difficult to breathe a conversation, but rather endangers himself,” wrote a fan in defense of Jiřina.

In the past, for example, Laco Déczi did not spare Jiřina Bohdalová:


Heger had only one relative left! LOVED grandson BUT …

Film producer Matouš Heger is, in addition to his half-brother, who lives in Slovakia, basically the only one left of her family. The queen of Czech chanson survived her husband Dalibor Heger († 80) and the only son Matúš († 60), who died five years ago.

Toast over the phone

Matouš’s grandson takes care of her, and even represents her wherever possible, where, unfortunately, the immobile singer can no longer go. It was he who received the honors from the president for her. On Thursday, however, he could not drink to health with his grandmother in person. It is positive for covid-19. “Fortunately, even though it has only a lighter course, it must not go to Grandma, of course, that he should not infect her. So they tapped their glasses at least symbolically on the phone, “he told the daily Aha! family friend.

Petr Rychlý as Hana Hegerová! Another great video from Faces!

It’s over

Heger won’t let her grandson. “I am so happy to have him. His whole family also treats me beautifully, “she told the daily Aha!, When she celebrated her eighties a year ago. She still picked up all the phones. “Sometimes he doesn’t hear the ringing now, or his phone is far away and it takes a long time to pick it up,” Aha confided! one of the close friends of the chansonnier. “She is doing very well otherwise. She was in a great mood for her birthday, she was laughing and she was over it. The fact that Matthew is not allowed for her because he became infected, of course, fully understands, “added the singer’s friend.

Teacher He didn’t use it: Let her still enjoy the wine

Her “court” doctor, Professor Petr Neužil (58), also thought of the singer on her birthday. “Keep her in a good mood, she likes red wine and is here with us in her condition for as long as possible,” he told the birthday girl. “I need her to continue to check my dress code, especially the well-sewn buttons on my jacket,” joked a well-known cardiologist. “I would also like her not to forget about regular maintenance checks at Homolka,” Professor Neužil reminded him.

Pianist Malásek: She’s still fine

“Of course I congratulated Mrs. Heger. She is doing well, still the same, neither better nor worse, she is just as wonderful. And the heart is said to be working so far, “Aha! her court pianist Petr Malásek (56), with the singer still being cared for regularly, ie twice a year, in the Beroun Rehabilitation Center, “That healing stay will always benefit her a lot,” comments Malásek.

Sad news for Hana Hegerová fans!


Andrea Pomeje: She kept a big secret a secret for two months!

The widow of the actor Jiří Pomeje († 54) also lay down with her muscle man Petr Plaček (39), who has had severe breathing problems since he was a child. “It simply came to our notice then. Peta is a strong asthmatic, but he did not have a fever. He just coughed for a few days, lost his sense of smell and taste, and was tired. I had a fever for two days, around thirty-eight, my joints ached, I went through it. For me, it turned out to be a classic flu, “said Andrea. But the disease in no way alleviates. “I know that coronavirus can be difficult. Fortunately, he was not with us, “she added. Fortunately, Anička’s six-year-old daughter avoided the disease.


Tereza Kadeřábková (29), Czech Miss 2012

After arriving in Germany, where she lives, she learned that not only she but also her four-year-old daughter Ema has positive tests. “We are at home and we are being treated,” Tereza confirmed, single Chlebovská.

The cheerful Andrea Pomeje: She revealed when she would give birth to her second child

Michael Prostějovský (72), lyricist

He has been fighting covid since Saturday. “Fortunately, so far it looks like it’s going to be a mild course,” said Aha! the one who rewrote the musical Jesus Christ SuperStar, Evita or Cats (Cats) into Czech.

Tomáš Löbel (34), musical singer

According to Aha! lighter, but still lost 3 pounds in a week. “Elevated temperature, a little cough and I lost my sense of smell and taste,” confided the musical handsome.

Samer’s grandfather died

He is in great pain now Sámer Issa (35, pictured). His beloved grandfather died of an insidious coronavirus. “You meant a lot to me. I will never forget you. Fuck the covid, “the singer wrote on social networks.

Andrea Pomeje took sexy photos in front of her bust sculpture!


Ex Dominica went crazy? Shocking words about Gott’s marriage

The Finnish musician shared a secret with his fans that no one expected. “I have an announcement for you. After all these years, I have to tell you something: I’m gay, “it appeared in Spanish on his Facebook page shortly after midnight on Thursday. Of course, an avalanche of comments and reactions broke out under the published article. However, Timo Tolkki did not comment further on his coming-out. She really experienced the oldest Gottova daughter for so many years with a gay husband?

After Dominika was fired, Timo went back to the airport: I will fight like a lion!

That a girl’s scalp hunter would actually be a man, but no one assumes. Rather, commentators are pulling away from a Finnish musician due to his carelessness. “Okay, who took your phone?” One fan asks. “They checked you out nicely. This will happen if you do not look at the open profile, “another instructed him. “Poor Timo, he left his browser open somewhere and they cut it out in Spanish,” another responded.

In the end, Tolkki himself confirmed that his confession was just a forum of people who attacked his account. “Hello friends, I’m back. My hackers and my mobile phone were taken from my Facebook account and other things were stolen from me, “he admitted. “By the way, for those who were so happy to admit orientation, I use this space to publicly announce: I’m not gay.”

Gott on Dad’s friend’s birthday: I live from day to day:


Actor Václav Kopta (55): Brutal attack for covid!

The reaction of some fellow citizens really shook him unpleasantly. “I shouldn’t have done it, I already know that. But in those fevers, I felt that I had to do it, “he entrusted the daily Aha! Coptic.

Message to fools

In doing so, he did nothing but describe his symptoms of the disease, wishing everyone to avoid coronavirus. “To all who claim that covid-19 is a virtual manipulation that serves the powerful of this world to control it, I say one thing. You are fools and pray that this chisel will not look at you too! I wish everyone else good health and optimism, “he wrote on the social network. “So I’m not like anything? Those sweaty nights, morning chills, is that just a Matrix? If I don’t have a fever 39 on the tenth day, I’ll laugh about it, “commented Kopta. And that was all.

Moderator Kopta after the Czech Lion: Why did I start abstaining?

In silent amazement

And what he did not expect in a dream happened. He got hundreds of bad reactions like, “Don’t pretend you’re dying! It is your own fault! If you weren’t fat, you wouldn’t catch a covid … ‘After reading them, Copta remained in silent amazement. “It completely paralyzed me,” he said. No wonder he wants to be in seclusion for a while now. “I’d rather not even leave the house,” he added.

Friend Lichtenberg: It’s disgusting!

“Vašek is no pain, and he certainly did not write anything like that, that he would regret it or draw attention to himself. It’s disgust! He doesn’t really need that, “music producer Oldřich Lichtenberg (56) responds to the harsh attacks on his friend. “He is a good and guileless man who is not indifferent to others. And I’m joining him – people, take care of yourself! Covid is no fun, he is a dangerous bastard, “he adds.

Copta, Voice or Home: The funeral of Petar Introvič attracted many stars


Hejdová is expecting a baby: Surprise ruined her breasts!

Recently, the couple celebrated a wool wedding. They got married seven years ago and it was only a matter of time before they became parents. “Today our friends will fly around the newspaper, because Zorka and I will be family,” he verse Rate on a social network. Among the first congratulators was a singer Markéta Konvičková (26), moderator Aleš Háma (47) or Zorčina’s friend, model Jitka Nováčková (28), which is also in a different state. The end of secrets Zorka could no longer hide her pregnancy. She couldn’t help but notice that her breasts had grown noticeably larger.

Zorka Hejdová: Wearing diamonds is a bit stressful

“Well, I’ve already examined you for the last picture in the underwear, not that I didn’t, then I concluded that it would be better if I let it go and go to the kids to make dinner. Congratulations! ”Said the writer and author of Bábovek Radka Třeštíková (39).

K Fajksové arrives

stork Model Tereza Fajksová (31) will become a mother for the second time in a few months. And it is already clear who will join Lilien’s daughter (19 months). The day before yesterday, she revealed that she was carrying a boy under her heart. “I just want to point out that gender didn’t matter to us. The main thing is that the baby is fine with us, “she remarked.

Zorka Hejdová after leaving Nova: After 11 years I felt burnout


Hereditary curse of the Pigeons! It killed my mother, sad Eva

The popular Czech actress crossed the threshold of sixty and said to herself that she had to work on her weight. In addition to losing weight, he generally wants to focus on improving fitness and immunity. “I have to start running and lose weight. I look like a box, sour and it’s uncoverable. I can build like Ivana Trumpová, but I will not cover the kilo, “admitted the actress, who currently excels in the series Slunečná. Many would think that they are just trying to stay fit at their age. However, this is not the only reason why the actress decided to make such changes.

Eva Holubová sympathizes with the abused dogs: But when she had to talk about exercise, she turned white

“My problem is health. I like to walk a lot and the extra pounds are supposed to burden a lot more knees, joints, heart and what I know, what else. I don’t mind a proper fart at all, the fat around the waist is really more dangerous. I have hypertension after my mother, which killed my mother. That’s why I go so crazy with dieting, “the actress confided.

The motivation for the actress and the people around her. Thanks to them, he realizes that exercise is important for health promotion, so it is not just a matter of looking better physically, but mainly of feeling that way and maintaining this state. “I have a girlfriend, he’s younger and he can wiggle his chubby body nicely. He sports. I’m weak and hard. Like a box of kytu. I have to move with that. I want to be here for a long time, “the actress added.

Eva Holubová during the coronation crisis: We do not want charity. Zeman sent us to retirees, let us work for the audience


Zeman’s mockery of Csáková! The spirited Ilona strikes back

“I won’t let skewers poke my head in the area of ​​testing, because those who order it follow the scenario Billa Gatese and WHO… No one will tear any vaccine into me or my children, which is on the contrary counterproductive… You know what your eyes are open. You must not be afraid to protect your children, your health, your lives! ”She wrote on the social network Csáková. But it came across right on the highest levels of Czech politics!

“One singer even stated that Bill Gates was to blame for the coronavirus,” Miloš Zeman Csáková criticized in his speech to the nation on Friday. And what about Ilona? “I must say that the president of our country has misread my words. I didn’t say anywhere that Bill Gates was to blame for covid-19, “Csáková defends herself on the ŽivotvČ website, adding angrily:” And whoever wants to hit a dog will always find a stick! “

Ilona Csáková on Dance Divas: Why can’t homosexuals raise a child?

Ilona Csáková: I am happily married and I go for fun with women!


NEW HOPE for Hryce! The ministry said YES

The Slovak actor had to spend a long 60 days in the hospital from the time he was diagnosed with a serious illness. The artist made it known that he reached the bottom of both physical and mental strength. And even after being released from the hospital, he has not yet won. However, the actor is undergoing relatively new American chemotherapy under the supervision of a recognized doctor who also takes care of it Karla Gotta († 80). The actor talked about this method. “It is a completely new American chemotherapy, which was approved by the Ministry of Health in Slovakia only at the beginning of August. Of course, it is very expensive, “he explained to the daily Nový čas Hryc.

Hryc talked about the tests. How is the actor?

In the beginning, however, there was a shock. Chemotherapy was too strong, which the body did not accept perfectly. “They put this therapy on me in full because they had a good experience with my body and thought it could do it,” confided the actor, who appeared in the series Street. But to be sure, they stopped her for a moment to let her body rest. “I was weak, weak, I wanted to sleep. We continue treatment after two weeks, but the chemotherapy is weaker. I was in control on Monday and the results are better, “Andrej praises the results.

Hryc said who saved his life

Although leukemia does not give up, according to doctors Hryc perceives the situation better. “Today doc. Master that after good frequent results, he increases my chemotherapy dosage. So the progress is clear, “said the actor.


Hvězda Slunečné a Tváře Eva Burešová (27): HAS STOPPED!

Before filming, Sunny measures the temperature of everyone involved every day. The protagonists of Face at Nova have to go straight for tests once a week. It was the test that revealed that Eva was positive for covid. She doesn’t know where she came from. “I don’t go anywhere and my loved ones also protect themselves,” the actress said, noting that she doesn’t go to big shopping malls, keep her distance and don’t take risks.


She sees the only possible cause of the disease in the fact that three days ago, due to a change in weather, she got really wet and cooled down. “I immediately knew something was coming. I had a premonition. But I was expecting a common normal flu or a strong cold, “lamented Týna Popelková from Slunečná. So far, according to his words, he feels only weak symptoms and believes that he will successfully overcome everything.

Sunny star Eva Burešová without a partner: Words full of sadness! He lives with his parents …


But the actress is remorseful for her colleagues, to whom she assigned work and worries. Fortunately, she had just had the last four days off in Slunečná, so she did not come into contact with any of the actors or the crew. “The shooting was not endangered, there will be pictures in which it is not. And he will shoot his scenes when he will be able to return after ten days, “said Aha! press spokesman of the Prima series Josef Ducký.

Boxes in Nova

The situation is worse for the competition. A positive test for covid has also been published in the Face Bara Basikova (57) a Erice Stárkové (36). She collapsed before the shooting of today’s work, so she had to replace it in a hurry Burešová. For the moderator Vladimír Polívka (31), who was also quarantined, jumped back last Saturday Ondrej Sokol (49).

Filming of the novice show was even suspended. According to the information Aha! but despite the great complication, the cameras go on again … “Eva Burešová is currently in quarantine. The shooting of the show is in no way endangered, “confirmed Aha! spokesman Vojtěch Boháček. Who sits in the jury instead, but did not reveal it.

Eva Burešová about her former partner and coronavirus