Police identify perpetrators after knife attack in Glasgow

NAfter the knife attack in a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, the police identified the perpetrator. The police said it was a 28-year-old man from Sudan. The man injured six people in the Friday attack and was shot by police officers. The authorities did not expect a terrorist attack.

The perpetrator, who himself lived in the hotel used as accommodation for asylum seekers, apparently had psychological problems. The British news channel Sky News reported on Sunday, citing a friend of the Sudanese. The acquaintance said that he suffered from the conditions of the accommodation. The family of the killed attacker was “shocked” by the events and wished the injured a quick recovery.

The police in Scotland announced that they would further investigate the exact circumstances of the incident. As is common in the UK, police use of firearms is also to be independently verified. Speculations are not appropriate until the investigation is completed, the statement said.

There are said to have been warnings of the perpetrator before the knife attack. This was reported, among others, by the British news channel Sky News and the “Guardian” on Saturday, citing unnamed sources. According to information from other residents of the hotel, a social worker turned to the employees there on Thursday. The BBC also reported that the perpetrator had announced the attack.

The incident happened at the Park Inn Hotel in the city center. Among the injured were three other residents of the hotel, two employees and a police officer. All are still being treated in the hospital, but in a stable condition, the police said on Saturday.

Another incident on Sunday in Glasgow, the police said was unrelated to the attack. The media had reported again about a knife attack. But it was a targeted attack, said the Scottish police via Twitter. There was no danger to the public.


Motif search after knife attack in Glasgow

NOh, the knife attack in a Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland with six injured, the search for the motive of the offender, the focus is on now. The investigation continued, but police said on Twitter. “It must now be necessarily carried out investigations to the whole circumstances of evidence, and any speculation must be avoided.” On Friday, a man in the Park Inn Hotel in the city centre, had injured six people and was subsequently killed by police. The authorities were the object of a terrorist attack.

The “Daily Mail” and “Telegraph” had reported that it should be the offender is an asylum from the Sudan search. He had already threatened previously, refugees, violence, and complained of great Hunger in the Hotel. The police had no further information to the suspect and his nationality.

The injured are 17 to 53 years of age. They all came to the hospital, including a police officer. The condition of the 42-Year-old is, according to official data is stable. In the Hotel were accommodated during the Corona-pandemic asylum-seekers.


In Bordeaux, an ecologist at the threshold of the hotel de ville

As the green waters of the Garonne river, Bordeaux is a city more vibrant than it appears. For the first time since 1947, the city of Jacques Chaban-Delmas and Alain Juppé will be entitled to a second round. On June 28, a triangular oppose the mayor The Republican incumbent Nicolas Florian, 51 years of age, the applicant ecologist Peter Hurmic, 65 years old, and the spokesperson of the New anti-capitalist Party, Philippe Poutou, 53-year-old.

Marked by a high abstention rate march 15 (63,07 %), the ballot bordeaux ended in the first round by a clear breakthrough ecologist – one of the highest in cities of over 100,000 inhabitants – even to shake up a political landscape frozen in the center right since 73 years. “The rendez-vous eco-friendly, it is now, not in six years “, dramatizes Peter Hurmic (34,38 %), arrived just behind Nicolas Florian (34,55 %), with 96 votes difference.

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Engaging young people who are, hopefully, “a reserve of voices “the lawyer at the head of a gathering of the left and citizens is estimated that there are “a real choice between two urban models : a project curator to extend the priorities of the world before, or a city project that is totally new to respond to the urgent ecological and social “.

A program of backtracking with LREM

Aware of the aspirations of the ecological and social developments of the municipality, the successor of Alain Juppé opened, “in the aftermath of containment “, the discussion with the candidate of The Republic in march, Thomas Cazenave, arrived third (12,69 %). “The situation of the moment requires us to work collectively “, writes Nicolas Florian.

“Real convergence emerged on the management and the output of the health crisis, the impact of economic, social, and societal, and program backtracking “says the mayor of Bordeaux.

An agreement was concluded on 13 seats for LREM, a self-governing group, the post of deputy mayor and vice-presidency of the metropolis. In Paris, the headquarters of Europe Ecology-The Greens debunked these “coalitions LR-LREM anti-climate that are being put in place to dam to the lists of ecologists “.

Philippe Poutou at the head of a coalition of the radical left

For his part, Pierre Hurmic, although at the head of a large union of ten courses (including the socialist Party, the communist Party, Generation-s, Public Square and New deal), will not be plenty of votes left. No negotiation was considered with the third guest of this second round, the candidate of the NPA, Philippe Poutou. “I’ve never been extreme left, I am of a left government, and an environmentalist pragmatic “insists Stone Hurmic. “It is not on the same line “recognizes the former presidential candidate.

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Union Leader very identified, licensee of the Ford plant in Blanquefort, Philippe Poutou represents a microclimate favourable to the radical left. On 15 march, he has collected 11,77 % of the vote. The result may not be surprising : it’s Jean-Luc Mélenchon had obtained 12,16 % for the presidential election in 2012, and then 23,43 % behind Emmanuel Macron in 2017. “Bordeaux is a city popularsays Philippe Poutou. The movement of the yellow vests there has been strong and our list is the political expression of popular movements. “


Surrogate mother babies stuck in Ukraine because of border closure

MMore than a hundred babies carried by surrogate mothers in Ukraine cannot be picked up by their parents because of the border closures due to the corona pandemic. “In total, more than a hundred children in Ukraine are waiting for their parents in several facilities,” said Ombudsman Lyudmila Denisova to journalists on Thursday.

The longer the restrictions that have been in force since March, the more babies are affected. “Their number could reach almost 1,000,” said the human rights MP, citing estimates from a surrogacy clinic in Kiev.

According to Denisowa, 51 newborn babies were accommodated in a hotel belonging to the clinic in Kiev. 15 of them were already there with their parents, who were able to enter before the border was closed. 36 other babies would be looked after by clinic staff there. According to the Ombudsman, they should be picked up by couples from Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the United States.

French couples are particularly affected

Denisowa said she asked the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make it easier for parents of newborns to enter. However, the question has not yet been finally resolved, and in some cases the country’s embassies refused to help. According to a report by the French newspaper “Le Monde”, it is mainly France where surrogacy is not allowed.

Commercial surrogacy is prohibited in most European countries, but allowed in Ukraine, one of the poorest European countries. The former Soviet Republic is an increasingly interesting destination for foreign couples looking for a surrogate mother.


The Cabinet of Ministers recognized the owners of vending machines as victims of the epidemic :: Economy :: RBC

Photo: Evgeny Biyatov / RIA Novosti

The government expanded the list of sectors affected by the epidemic, adding to it the sale of goods and services using automated systems (vending machines) and the production of folk art crafts. The corresponding decree is published on the website of the Cabinet.

According to the decree, organizations affected by the epidemic will be deemed organizations whose activities fall under the following codes of the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities (OKVED) – 32.99.8 (“production of folk art crafts”) and 47.99.2 (“activities for the implementation of trade through automatic machines” )

In addition, codes 47.19.1 and 47.19.2 (“retail trade in a large variety of goods with a predominance of non-food products in non-specialized stores” and “department stores operating in general goods”) were replaced by 47.19 (“trade in general goods”).

At the end of March, authorities compiled a list of the sectors most affected by coronavirus. Enterprises whose activities relate to them can count on priority assistance from the state.

The first version of the list includes the spheres of transport, culture, leisure and entertainment, sports, tourism and the hotel business, catering, domestic services and education.


Confcommercio: only 20% of Italians will be able to go on vacation – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 13 – The tourist season will be all in
lost. Confcommercio said it during the hearing at
Senate Industry Commission explaining that over
the health emergency “there will be the problem of filling the rooms
hotels. “You can go on vacation, except for whom
has second homes, only 20% of Italians. In the field
tourism – explained Alberto Corti, tourism manager
of the association – due to the emergency from Covid, the losses
it could be 120 billion between now and the end of 2020. With the
closure of commercial and tourist activities and the difficult
restart blocked by social distancing against the
contagion from Covid, according to the association, could be
over 400,000 jobs lost. (HANDLE).