Granblue Fantasy Versus: trailer and release date for Belial, announcement of Cagliostro in the roster, roadmap and versions 1.4 and 2.0 to come

This year, no Granblue Extra Fes in Osaka because of COVID-19, but that did not prevent Cygames to organize a livestream Summer 2020 SP with the same program that we find each time in this type of broadcast, the audience less and the social distancing between the guests in addition. If you were waiting for news from Granblue Fantasy Relink, it will be necessary to iron since Tetsuya Fukuhara (FKHR) simply stated that its release date will be unveiled at the end of the year during the Granblue Fantasy Fes. On the other hand, Granblue Fantasy Versus has had several announcements., he who has made his life since the end of April and the exit of Zooey. Let’s start with the most exciting, namely the broadcast of the trailer of Belial, the first character of Character Pass 2 !

The sadistic fallen angel voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya had been announced at the end of 2019 at roster of GBVS and will therefore start the ball rolling Season 2 September 24 with version 2.0 of the game. We can discover his techniques against a background of Parade’s Lust, still good to listen to, in addition to having a glimpse of several pairs of glasses that he can wear! If his shots have not yet been detailed on the official website, we at least know that his pack will include two quests, an avatar for the lobby and an icon, as usual. Its purchase (800 ¥ in Japan, and 6.99 € like the other packs with us) will allow to obtain a code for Granblue Fantasy to unlock great classes skins Malevolent Alter Ego for Great and Djeeta.

Granblue Fantasy Versus 02 08 08 2020Granblue Fantasy Versus 09 08 08 2020 Granblue Fantasy Versus 10 08 08 2020

As a surprise at the end of the video, Cygames unveiled Cagliostro (voiced by Sakura Tange), who will arrive in October 2020 in the Character Pass 2, will be of the “Technical” type and will set traps on the ground and in the air to destabilize his opponent. It will be followed by another character at the end of the year and three others in 2021 (beginning of the year, spring and summer), a whole program. On the other hand, English dubbing (at least for the end of 2020) will be delayed and will arrive after the exit of the combatants, for reasons of organization in this period of health crisis.

Granblue Fantasy Versus 04 08 08 2020

Before that, players will be able to discover update 1.4 no later than tomorrow, Sunday August 9 ! She will add as promised, and free of charge, new quests to the scenario (chapters 41 to 45) which will confront Great and Djeeta at Zooey, as well as the modes Time Attack and GBVS: lightning for limited time events. Cygames did not hesitate to share a trailer to show us all this against the backdrop of an excellent remix of Paradise Lost !

To go into more detail, by completing chapter 45, you will receive a code to obtain 1000 crystals in Granblue Fantasy. The first fashion event Time Attack will take place from August 17 to 22, with the boss Ares, and the highest ranked players will be rewarded. L’event Blitz mode will take place from September 4 to 6, simply asking to fight online, with the particularity of not seeing its rank drop in case of defeat, the goal being to accumulate points to again obtain an exclusive title and a nameplate. However, traditional ranked matches will not be available during this period, which makes sense.

Granblue Fantasy Versus 05 08 08 2020 Granblue Fantasy Versus 06 08 08 2020Granblue Fantasy Versus 07 08 08 2020 Granblue Fantasy Versus 11 08 08 2020

With the release of version 2.0 on September 24, an adjustment to all fighters will be made, the online rank of the different groups will be reset, lobby functionality improved as well as online matches. Finally, Cygames shared a roadmap for the Season 2, allowing to navigate well. As you will read, the rate of release of the various contents will slow down and will be more diluted in time next year.

September 24, 2020

  • Adjustment of all characters
  • Versus Rank Reset
  • Improved online functionality
  • Release of the set with Belial
  • Character Pass 2 goes on sale
  • System Voice Pack 5 goes on sale (the previous ones have not been released outside of Japan, editor’s note)
  • Sale of Color Packs 7, 8 and 9

End of October 2020

  • Exit the set with Cagliostro

End of December 2020

  • Release of the set with ???
  • New in-game event
  • Added weapon skins for some characters

Early 2021

  • Release of the set with ???
  • Addition of chapters 46 to 50 of the scenario
  • Added weapon skins for some characters

Spring 2021

  • Release of the set with ???
  • Adding a new arena
  • Added weapon skins for some characters

Beginning of summer 2021

  • Release of the set with ???
  • Added weapon skins for some characters

Granblue Fantasy Versus 03 08 08 2020 Granblue Fantasy Versus 08 08 08 2020

A gallery of visuals can be found on the following page. If you haven’t yet fallen for Granblue Fantasy Versus, it is currently sold € 35.99 on Amazon.

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The collectif Argos brings images of climate change

“Our house is burning… “ If the formula of president Chirac at thethe fourth Earth summit, in September 2002, is now long past, the remedies were slow. The collectif Argos, composed the previous year, has guided its work for nearly twenty years around the environmental concerns.

→ FORUM. Climate : there is no time to lose

At the beginning, this small group of photographers (Hélène David, Cédric Faimali, Laurent Weyl, Guillaume Collanges) seeks above all to share ideas and thoughts. Very quickly, they decide to integrate people from feather in their project.

Account of global warming

At the beginning of the XXIe century, figures, graphs and pie charts of the Grouping of the intergovernmental panel on climate change (Ipcc) are beginning to alarm the media and many governments. “It seemed important to make palpable and sensitive data on global warming “, stresses Guillaume Collanges.

Arles and Perpignan, the fate upset festivals photo

The village of Shishmaref, Alaska, affected by the melting of the permafrost, to the archipelago of Tuvalu submerged by the rising waters, the photographers travel the world to report stories of men and women who bear the brunt of the effects of global warming. They are the first to document and embody the reports a bit boring scientists of the Ipcc.

The project, launched in 2004, extends over several years. A book is coming out in 2007, which will be re-released. The photo Festival La Gacilly, also involved in an ecological approach virtuous, promotes an exhibition of their work in the same year.

Identify and illustrate the positive initiatives

The exhibition then travels through France, accompanied by conferences and meetings. The exchanges are rich and also reveal the impact of the local climate, as well as the initiatives that are taken at this scale. In the wider world at its doorstep, the loop is closed.

The culmination of this work is reached when, in 2009, the embassy of France program, their exposure to the COP15 in Copenhagen, which will strengthen the urge of the collective to continue to dig the furrow environment. A commitment that requires time and money : everybody is going about his work, is dedicated to reports about the society, working on the news, responds to commands, but never stray too far from the path set.

The team is ready again to write a second chapter on the actors of the transition energy. The project “Footprint” identifies small and large initiatives, the Amap Île-de-France the development of wind power in Cape Verde.

A new exhibition, visible in early 2021

It finds its culmination in the dawn of the COP21 in Paris with an exhibition at the town hall. A touch of color and optimism after observing the very dark of the first component. “It seemed to us essential to also bear witness of the solutions “says Jérômine Derigny, who joined the collective in 2006.

→ TO READ. Of science fiction to the “climate-fiction” : novels for thinking about the climate change

Nearly twenty years have passed, some members left, new ones arrived, but the spirit remains. The collectif Argos lives his life, always on the alert on disordered ecological. A page is written today with a new documentary series titled ” Bitter “. They leave, this time, to the meeting of small fishermen deprived of their livelihood by private interests, tourism or industrial.

The exhibition, postponed because of the sars coronavirus, will be visible early next year, on the occasion of the world Congress of the international Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN) in Marseille.


Shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”

Such a “Ulyanovets” will squeeze out other players in the cross-coupe segment on the Russian market.

In 2019, the Russian media excited the motorists with the news that UAZ was engaged in the development of a new SUV, which is considered as a domestic analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Due to the fact that the car was positioned as a competitor to Kruzak, it was nicknamed UAZ Russian Prado.

Technical details regularly appear, as well as patent images, partly declassifying the appearance and interior of the SUV, thanks to which we already know that the Russian Prado power line will include a 2.5 petrol unit and a turbodiesel engine like Ford Transit.

UAZ “Russian Prado” will remain the “frame”, and recent patent images hinted that the car will receive a new four-wheel drive, different from what was installed on the “Patriot”. This is indicated by the controls shown by Rospatent.

The Ulyanovsk SUV is due to appear in 2021, and it is worth recognizing that it will not be easy on the Russian market because of Chinese competitors. Haval H9 has already squeezed Kruzak, and its brothers in the person of Haval F7x, F7 and H6 raise the brand’s rating. In such conditions, UAZ should have trumps in the sleeve.

Therefore, the portal shows a coupe-like crossover UAZ “Russian Prado”. It’s high time for the Ulyanovsk machine builders to diversify their lineup, and for this we need boring cars that would attract the attention of young drivers. Therefore, our editors chose the cross-coupe format, and its appearance was created on the basis of the already declassified headlights of the Russian Prado, as well as the radiator grille.

The design of the machine is intentionally unrestrained, which emphasizes its intention to plug in the belt of competitors. At the same time, we made sure that the rear of the roof was sufficiently raised. This almost eliminates the minus of all cross-coupes – low ceiling in the back row. Enter such a car on our market, the Haval F7x will not stand it, the BMW X6 will certainly feel the appearance of an opponent, and Renault Arkana risks completely being left without buyers. But, only on condition that UAZ takes seriously the quality of its products.

Ivan Golovin

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Shown Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – network at a loss

And this is not the fruit of the creation of an independent designer, but the official creation of Toyota.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is the most recognizable car on the SUV market, which in Russia has long been a cult car. The car is valued by wealthy drivers, because it combines safety, reliability, power and throughput, “seasoned” with comfort and status.

The first Toyota Land Cruiser 200 entered the market in 2007. The car received a number of modifications, underwent two restyling, but each time it is a serious car, locked into the framework of an SUV. However not everything is so predictable.

The day before, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was shown in the thematic community. This is a render that demonstrates the Kruzak with a metal fence along the sides and with aft radars, like large boats.

The network is perplexed by such an unusual version of the SUV, users scolded the author of the render for “mocking the legend.” However, this reaction was due to the fact that the public did not know about the origin of the image, which turned out to be curious.

Judging by the comment of one of the users, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 was rendered by Toyota itself. The Japanese company posted this image on their Twitter in honor of April Fools’ Day on April 1, 2019. “It’s good that AvtoVAZ doesn’t joke like that”, “If I were an UAZ, I would draw bread with wheels on April 1,” “Even conservative Japanese like to make fun,” they write on the Internet.

Ivan Golovin

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Travel advice for the United States

Entry and residence formalities

Since January 27, 2017, a presidential decree on the “protection of the nation against the entry of foreign terrorists into the United States”, which aims to restrict the conditions of entry into the United States, is applied.

It is strongly recommended that you regularly check the website of the U.S. Embassy and contact the airline to verify the measures it is taking at its level.

• Reminder of the provisions of the decree of January 27, 2017

Nationals of seven countries (Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq) are prohibited from entering the United States, except under specific conditions.

Holders of French passports who are also nationals of one of the seven countries concerned are exempt from restrictive measures if they are in possession of a valid visa on their French passport.

Residents of the United States with a green card who are nationals of one of these seven countries are also affected by the new provisions. They are nevertheless still allowed to enter the United States but are subject, upon arrival, to an examination of their situation.

If in doubt about your situation, it is strongly advised to contact the American consular authorities in France before your departure.

Visa-free stay

Visa Waiver Program: Visa Waiver Program (VWP)

Since April 1, 2016, only people with an electronic or biometric passport can benefit from the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) which allows French nationals to access American territory without a visa, but with an electronic travel authorization (ESTA), either in transit, or for a tourist or business stay of 90 days maximum (meaning the possibility of signing contracts, placing orders, participating in seminars or meeting customers).

Persons holding other passports must request a visa from the competent American diplomatic and consular authorities (see explanatory table on the site – information on visas (site in English).

NB : The emergency passport does not allow entry to the United States without a visa.

For more information on the types of passport, it is recommended to consult the following link:

1. Electronic travel authorization: ESTA

The French national who travels to the United States by air or sea and who benefits from the VWP must obligatorily request, via the Internet, an electronic travel authorization before departure (Electronic System for Travel Authorization – ESTA).

The ESTA can be obtained by answering the questions asked on the website (multilingual), the only site authorized by the American authorities and allowing online payment by credit card.

The form must be completed in English, but the instructions are available in French.

The authorization request can be made at any time before the trip. However, the United States Department of Homeland Security recommends that you complete this formality at least 72 hours before departure.

ESTA allows travel under the VWP but does not constitute a right of entry into the United States, which remains granted or refused on arrival by the immigration officer.

The authorization is valid for 2 years from the date of issue, but must be renewed in the event of a change in situation (name, first name, sex, nationality, passport, different answers to questions asked, etc.), or if the date the validity of the passport is less than this period of 2 years. For any new trip during the period of validity of the authorization, it will be necessary to update via the Internet certain information (flight number and destination address) in your ESTA file and of course to travel with the passport declared on the ESTA form. .

2. Exclusion of VWP from certain categories of travelers

Travelers who have visited Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen or Sudan since March 1, 2011 and people with Iranian, Iraqi, Sudanese or Syrian nationality cannot benefit from the visa waiver regime .

These people must apply for a valid B1 / B2 visa, as the case may be, for several years from the US diplomatic and consular authorities.

Given the delivery times, it is recommended to anticipate these steps which can take several weeks.

According to the United States administration, people who need an emergency visa for business travel or medical or humanitarian reasons will be able to benefit from an accelerated processing of their visa application.

A permanent exception for full-time agents of civil or military state administrations on official missions is implemented. These agents continue to benefit from the visa waiver for travel to the United States. The administration has also defined five other situations in which travelers to the four target countries may eventually continue to benefit from the visa waiver.

These situations concern travel:

• on official mission on behalf of an international, regional or subnational organization;

• on official mission on behalf of a humanitarian organization;

• as a journalist;

• for Iran, for legitimate business reasons, if the displacement took place after July 14, 2015;

• for Iraq, for legitimate business reasons.

For these situations, the maintenance of the visa waiver will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Given the delays in obtaining this exemption, it is recommended that steps be taken to obtain the necessary guarantees from the US consular services at least two months in advance.

According to the American authorities, travelers who have declared the nationality of one of these seven countries and already benefiting from an ESTA will be informed by email of its revocation, and invited to apply for a visa.

Other people affected by the reform who are considering short-term travel to the United States are strongly recommended to apply for a visa as soon as possible. For people currently benefiting from an ESTA, it is possible to check its status at this address: (multilingual).

Travelers affected by these restrictions, who plan to travel to the United States for a longer term, are invited to consult the website of the United States Embassy before booking their flight ticket (https: // fr. Maintenance/ to stay informed of changes in progress.

3. VWP restrictions

The slightest overshooting of the time limit under the VWP during a previous trip to the United States results in immediate expulsion of the territory and, in general, the ban on re-entering American soil for a period which may be several years.

It does not allow the exercise of a professional activity (paid or not). Indeed, all French people wishing to work must have a visa from France authorizing them to hold a defined job.

The American immigration services are very vigilant with regard to the application of regulations which prohibit the exercise of a professional activity, whether gainful or not. It is therefore strongly recommended that French nationals entering the United States for tourist or linguistic purposes avoid to bring or carry anything that could create a misunderstanding or a suspicion on the reasons for their stay, and which could suggest that they come for another purpose than that stated.

The VWP does not in any case allow you to register as a student, under penalty of administrative retention before the visa expires. The questionnaires to be completed before entering the United States must be completed with precision.

Any violation of the legislation in force exposes the perpetrator to expulsion and a ban on access to American territory for several years.

It does not allow a change of status on the spot (example: obtaining a visa to pursue studies or exercise a professional activity).

Stay with visa

A traveler who is not strictly within the framework of the VWP or who has not been able to obtain the ESTA must apply for a visa.

In the United States, the family that can accompany a visa holder is understood only as the married spouse and the unmarried children. De facto spouses, including civil partnerships, are not recognized by the American immigration services and must either travel within the framework of the VWP under the conditions mentioned above, or apply for a visa which will be dealt with individually. An exception exists only for same-sex partners of holders of A or G visas.

The French must therefore obtain a visa from the American consular authorities to go to the United States:

• for a transit or a stay of less than 90 days if you do not have the type of passport required under the VWP;

• for a stay longer than 90 days;

• for stays the object of which is neither tourism nor business, but corresponds to the exercise of a professional activity, an internship or studies.

NB : a medical examination is compulsory for foreigners applying for a long-stay visa in the United States. Anyone with a contagious disease that poses a threat to public health can be refused a visa.


According to US law, the validity of a foreign national’s passport must cover a period of six months beyond the date scheduled for departure from the United States.

Pursuant to this law, the United States has signed agreements with countries, including France, under which their nationals are exempt from the 6-month obligation and must only present a valid passport covering the duration of their stay in the United States. United States. (

However, to avoid any complications, it is advisable, as a precaution, to have a passport with a validity of at least 6 months on the date scheduled for his departure from the United States, even for holders of long-term visas valid duration: large fines have already been noted (over 500 USD).

Do not joke with officers from CBP (Customs and Border Protection) or the police. Words, attitudes or jokes that may seem innocuous in some countries can lead to immediate arrest and legal action in the United States.

Refusal of admission or visa

In case of refusal of admission or visa, the Department of Homeland Security invites travelers who feel that they have been treated unfairly to lodge a complaint online on the DHS website (TRIP procedure: Travelers Redress Inquiry Program, in English).

Customs regulations

Amounts over USD 10,000 must be declared to customs.

American customs are very vigilant on food products: entry with non-sterilized products (such as cheese or cold meats) or green plants is strictly prohibited.

( / in English).

As the constraints linked to the possession of a pet are rigorous, it is preferable to consult the Embassy of the United States of America before any plan to travel or stay accompanied by a pet.


For more information: (in English)


Louis Estevez’s Paris at the Forum des images

Before making images became the prerogative of everyone, this practice remained for a long time the privilege of a few enlightened amateurs who dreamed of being filmmakers, gathered in clubs and organized competitions. With their Pathé-Baby or Paillard-Bolex camera, they filmed their family vacations or witnessed their time with the same application.

Louis Estevez, architect, diplomat, and above all incorrigible socialite, was one of them. He films the passers-by on Avenue Foch, the bathers of the Racing pool in the Bois de Boulogne, the Davis Cup final in 1933, the colonial exhibition of 1931, the construction of the Trocadéro, goes to the filming of his friends directors Marcel L’Herbier or Raymond Bernard and accompanies the entry under the dome of Marcel Pagnol.

Part of his films are kept at the Forum des images in Paris. About fifteen reels in black and white or in color. Three hours of images and a rich testimony of Parisian life filmed from the 1920s to the 1960s. This collection is one of the very first in the collection of amateur films assembled from 1989 by this institution.

A collection initiated by Pierre Tchernia

The initiative went to its then president, Pierre Tchernia, with a call for contributions launched as part of a program for La Sept, the ancestor of Arte, called “Objectif amateurs”. It was about showcasing the talent of these amateur filmmakers who made fiction films, documentaries, or animated films with the means available.

500 films, available on the site (1), make up this unique collection with a few nuggets, like the little burlesque film by Pierre Benoist, Balloon flies, shot with the family in Arcueil in 1954. But family films are the most moving. ” The amateur film is the cinema of happiness, underlines Magali Magne, documentalist. We usually film happy moments, parties, meals and there is often an atmosphere of joy.

Each of these funds tells a story, that of the cameraman and his family, sometimes filmed over several decades. That of Ladislas Tellier, the clockmaker of Saint-Leu-la-Forêt and his outdoor holidays, of Joseph Camusso, charcoal burner from l’Estaque or Robert Bernas, Franco-Austrian Jew who filmed his exile, from arrival of German troops in Vienna until his arrival in New York via Paris, Algeria and Morocco. Intimate and poignant documents.


The “cosmic reef” captured by the Hubble telescope – News story

The Hubble Space Telescope celebrated its 30th anniversary by giving society stunning images of a “cosmic reef.”

The image shows the giant nebula NGC 2014 and its neighboring NGC 2020, one of the many turbulent star nurseries that the telescope has observed since it was launched on April 24, 1990 from the base of Cape Canaveral (USA) and since then orbits to 560 kilometers from Earth.

But why is it called a cosmic reef? “It resembles part of a coral reef that floats in a vast sea of ​​stars,” explains NASA in a statement that, together with the European Space Agency (ESA), they operate the telescope.

The star-forming regions seen in the image are dominated by the brightness of stars at least 10 times more massive than the Sun, which have lives of a few million years, compared to the 10 billion years of our star.

The telescope image “reveals how massive, energetic stars sculpt their homes of gas and dust,” ESA said in a statement.

The launch of a telescope as large as Hubble 30 years ago “was revolutionary” and this “astronomical wonder continues to provide revolutionary science today,” he added.

Hubble has revolutionized modern astronomy with its more than 1.4 million observations that have served to know more about the formation of planets, stars and galaxies or about black holes, the accelerated expansion of the universe and the mysterious dark matter.


They filter the design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max – Canal Net Tv

  1. They filter the design of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Canal Net Tv
  2. The new iPhone SE 2020 teaches 3 things to Android cell phones CNET in Spanish
  3. Apple bets on a new “cheap” iPhone with the SE 2 Misiones Cuatro
  4. Apple’s most affordable ‘smartphone’ a threat to Android’s mid-range? Sputnik World
  5. To buy or not the iPhone SE 2020? Our first opinion CNET in Spanish
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Mosquito season is approaching: can mosquitoes transmit the corona virus?

Can mosquitoes transmit the coronavirus after sucking blood from infected people? A researcher explains.

Exclusively for
shz + users

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April 18, 2020, 9:13 a.m.

Müncheberg | A mosquito sucks blood from a person who has been infected with the novel corona virus and flies away. Not only is her next victim at risk of losing blood, but also being infected with the corona …

bcrühnegeM iEn keücM sguta tulB ebi inmee Mhsee, cnn red isch imt edm eanruetgin nuraiovCors rniezifit hat nud glfeti va.dno Dtohr hmire etnnhäcs ferpO chtin run tlerBltuusv nrndeso ucah dei sIdeoo-vno?

ndassPe: adzu arWmu nedniam e, ßiw eiw hchälrgief nurese eenciihhms cnMkeü nsid

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htreeDoo, Weerrn noiBigol ma Lbeiiemtznnr-to üfr ghahratgculofcrnsafAnssrd () LFZA Müehgbcre ni, n etgas erusner idkaoenRt mi prGhäesc eademßru: .jeriiznti ECN “n emSteükchnc eErgrer, greünretab saietrps sad rbeü neien ltCiin-, ekaotoPcr end dei Meckü ovr erd tliBhlatuzme in the eWund “miatD an aersehkKreeirgtrn sau med tgaruVetnudskra erd cMkeü ni edi idcprenhlüeseS ngeega, l emssü re cshi cheojd in rde ckeMü mehvenrre ndu eid ekcüM rbmwe” h, cene “üsm Dé klr: ae, nNi cMkeün ecnenn sad avuonrrCois ihtcn nbt.reagrüe ”

anso: rviCour ceMngferaük igäthstfceb achu OWH

Dei eFarg ctäfhtbeisg ltsicohfheicfn os elevi hnencM it SSDA sihc HACU ide Wtnsnoeiaadshteuogsritgnlei HWO TAMDI esnefabs .mtssue In eimen hekctenaFCk- tiheß it od, rt assd dsa geanuitre rrisovnoauC NEEI tnaukrweekrgsnAemg e, is ied HCSI orv malls rcudh chninnefTöirkfopte retebrevi – if eimb neSherp, c esutnH edro eseNin resivguiatlh öfpencrTh ni ide tfuL rtsüvehpr .rweend Nhac zimiegrtdee rgssuhcndoantsF dirw RS – CVoS2A tnich beür sda Btlu .egtrranübe

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IDE Errr, ege ied ni ncdtsaDuhle ihmiecehs hScküetmnce ntegrarbüe nenkö, n inds Anlge nnbka: te “esieD ierVn izuenerlrki tise ienlve henrJa dun önels mi romSme celippänghehir ymeomtpS ni hwcracesh puägurnsAg au.s Dsa nenknö aclihehSppt, nohnslUwei odre ehzproemKcsnf” ESNI, gsate .rWerne Dcoh dsa dthro ishc uz endä.rn eiD oBlingoi t: awnre “Wri ssmüen csaatmh i, sen ow eid ükecMn hisc raintbeel.e elAl eltW icprtsh ebür roCna, o bare na der ünkrfocntMe btig we cei afi ntu we lt se seiziwhiut üme.s “ns

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Seniors Center Am Inselpark: Coronavirus: Healthy residents are evacuated from retirement homes

Because 60 seniors have Covid-19, healthy residents are now being transferred to hospitals for safety.

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April 17, 2020, 4:04 p.m.

Hamburg | As a result of a request for assistance from the authority for health and social affairs, around 40 people in Hamburg who are not infected with the Covid-19 virus are currently being evacuated from the KerVita senior center “Am …

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