“Black Swan” scares off exchanges

The private bank custody account: Torsten Johannsen, Otto M. Schröder Bank Instead of calming the markets, the significant rate cut by the Federal Reserve led to great uncertainty and a strong sell-off of US stocks. Investors wonder: “Are the coronavirus crisis impacting the economy worse than feared?” Further monetary and fiscal policy measures are expected […]

Fear paralyzes on the stock exchange, being cool helps

Sales clerk in a shop in Yueyang, China The spread of the virus is weighing on trade. (Photo: AFP / Getty Images) Mysophobia on the stock exchange? In a way yes. Doctors use the technical term to describe the fear of illness due to contact with bacteria and viruses. Those affected often suffer from compulsory […]

Model depot Handelsblatt: Teamviewer rises to a record high

The editorial depot: Ulf Sommer, Handelsblatt With the newcomer Teamviewer last week, when the Dax and Dow Jones each lost twelve percent, there was the only stock market winner among the 30 Dax and 60 MDax stocks. The Göppingen-based software company specializes in remote maintenance of computers and video conferences. There is likely to be […]

Fluctuating stock exchanges: equity strategies for risk-averse investors

Dax panel Frankfurt Stock Exchange: If you don’t want to bet on individual values, buy a fund. (Photo: AP) Frankfurt Whoever invests in stocks needs good nerves. This is clearly shown by the extreme price fluctuations after the outbreak of the corona epidemic. In addition, the industry, especially in Germany, showed weakness even before the […]

The number of shareholders in Germany is falling

stock quotes The Germans are not big equity investors. (Photo: Colourbox.com) Frankfurt From the current perspective, it sounds like a vision. The number of shareholders in Germany fell by 660,000 last year. The German Stock Institute (DAI) sent this evaluation of a representative survey on Friday – amidst the sell-out on the stock market triggered […]

Coronavirus worries continue – Nikkei slumps three percent

Tokyo A police officer with a protective mask stands with his bike in front of a display board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. (Photo: Reuters) Tokyo In Asia, the sell-off on the stock markets continued on Friday due to the fear of a slump in the economy due to the rapid spread of the corona […]

Musterdepot Handelsblatt: Don’t rush to act

The editorial depot: Ulf Sommer, Handelsblatt Apart from the precious metal gold, more or less all of the papers in the model portfolio are losing value in the current stock market downturn. With a market value of just over 9,600 euros – a third more than on the day of purchase one year ago – […]

Musterdepot Handelsblatt: Don’t rush to act

The editorial depot: Ulf Sommer, Handelsblatt What a Shrove Monday: No carnival in Venice, cordoned off towns in northern Italy after several people died of corona lung disease, and a federal health minister Jens Spahn, who warns that the “corona epidemic” is spreading in Germany. No wonder that capital markets are in a state of […]