What it looks like after a holiday in Australia after the fires

Fernreisen Travel Down Under Holidays in Australia after the fires Walls of flame, black smoke, charred kangaroos and koalas: the images of the fires in Australia have shocked the world. What about popular travel destinations today? We give an overview for vacationers. Status: 04:04 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Julie and Gary risk their […]

Why you should book an Australian vacation after the forest fires

A horrible season of forest fires in different parts of the country and the devastating impact of the coronavirus on travel abroad have left Australia in the midst of a tourist crisis. As the favorite fire-damaged vacation spots in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria begin to rebuild, these communities – and neighboring regions […]

Suffering of Australian wildlife after fire detection

ATTENTION: distressing. The suffering of Australian wildlife after fierce blazes ripped across the country was highlighted in excruciating footage. In a 90-minute Sunday special, Channel 7 Koala Rescue Wildlife rescuers followed as they sought to find and heal koalas and other wild animals and were injured and homeless on the kangaroo island. Half of the […]