Shows: Farina explained how she met Leslie Shaw and revealed that they are now neighbors

The Colombian singer He offered this Friday a live interview to the program “Mujeres Al Mando” to promote “A Fuego”, his most recent musical work, and also the reality show “Latin Music Queens”, with Thalía and Sofía Reyes, which premieres a new chapter every Thursday by Facebook Watch.

However, the talented artist He also spoke of his affection for our country, since his father is Peruvian, and of his relationship with , with whom she maintains a beautiful friendship that dates back to long before he invited her to record the song “I’m single”, and revealed how her participation in this collaboration was conceived.

“I have been to Peru twice. I haven’t had a chance to know much yet, but I love food. I feel that people are very loving. In fact, I have colleagues who share my idea that Peru is one of the most artist-friendly countries ”, stated.

“The second time I went to Peru I met Leslie (Shaw) and I liked him super. She is super gentle, super kind and she received me so beautiful … She told me that she had followed my entire musical career and that she wanted to do something with me and I said yes of course “added the Colombian.

Farina said that after that, she asked Leslie Shaw to send her the song. “At the time he sent me ‘I’m single’ which seemed like a hit since I listened to it. She wanted me to rap for her and champerate her and put a little bit of that street that characterizes me in my lyrics “, He said,

“A few days later she told me that Thalía was going to be there, that she is another of my colleagues-friends in the industry, so we made the video in New York. We had an incredible time and I have a very special friendship with Leslie ”, assured.

Likewise, a detail that attracted a lot of attention was during the conversation that Farina had with Giovanna Valcárcel, was that revealed that he is living in the same building where Leslie Shaw lives and told a funny anecdote of how he found out about this.

“I moved about a week ago and Leslie calls me and says: ‘Friend, I thought I saw you today’ and I said: ‘No, it’s impossible, because I’m moving.’.. And my manager, who was downstairs, told me: ‘Look, I just saw Leslie face to face’, and when I write to him he says: ‘Fari, I’m in the same building!’ “, he finished laughing.

Flour entrevista – Latina


Leslie Shaw confesses his wishes to record a musical theme with Maluma

Leslie Shaw confesses his wishes to record a musical theme with Maluma


Shows: Jazmín Pinedo on her departure from Latina: “Despite the sad way and

gave an interview to the program “You are in all”, where he recalled his television career, since he joined the youth reality “”As a contestant, until his time conducting various television programs.

In the middle of the conversation, the ex-partner of He recalled that the call he received to take over the leadership of “This is War” came at the precise moment of his life, since he felt that in “Women in Command” he had already reached his “stop”.

Likewise, the television figure surprised by opening up and revealing that the team she worked with in Latina did not act quite well with her; however, she stressed that she will always be grateful to that television house.

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“I had a contract with my other television house for four years, and despite the sad way they acted in the end in front of me, I will always be grateful, because I learned a lot, but I reached a top where I wanted more, like this It’s me”, stated.

Jazmín also confessed that driving “Esto es Guerra” was one of her pending dreams, which is why when it was speculated that she would be the host, she had no qualms about telling her former producer that if she received the proposal, she would not think about it. .

“My old producer called me and told me about the rumors that said I was going to be in ‘This is War’ and I told him: ‘they haven’t called me yet’ (…) (But) I told him in his bare face that if they called me from This is War, I would leave without thinking. We all have the right to fight for our goals and no one has to force you not to ”, he pointed out.

Jazmín Pinedo talks about her departure from Latina and regrets the way they treated her


Jazmín Pinedo assures that she has no friends on television: “I am very reserved and heavy for that”

Jazmín Pinedo assures that she has no friends on television: “I am very reserved and heavy for that”



Show Mode rating: Karen Schwarz couldn’t catch On everyone’s lips at the premiere of her show | Latin | Shows

He returned to Latina. Karen Black premiered a new space where the most media issues of local entertainment will be discussed. Last Wednesday, September 2, the driver reappeared in Show mode.

After being away from television for almost six months, the host She showed up on set in a pink dress and he had his first two guests: the singers Erick Elera and Josimar Fidel.

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Despite this, it could not exceed in rating On everyone’s lips, America TV’s television space that airs at the same time and is its direct competition.

According to the Ibope Time agency, Show Mode it only reached 5.1 tuning points. In contrast, the other program achieved 8.3 points.

YOU CAN SEE Karen Schwarz: “Going to a party does not take away my sleep, it takes away the dream that something could happen to my family” [VIDEO]

The rating mandates reported by the national tune. Photo: Twitter capture

However, Karen Black He was happy with the return and Through social networks, he shared his joy with Internet users.

“After six months I went back to what I also love to do, driving. I just wanted to go home and hug you to thank you for getting as excited as I am in this new stage. Thank you for so many good energy messages before the show and after. I wait for you in Show Mode “, he wrote in Instagram.

Karen Schwarz Post. Photo: Instagram capture

As it is remembered, she was distanced from the small screen due to her late pregnancy. This distance coincided with the arrival of the pandemic and he had to take all precautions to be within the vulnerable population range.

Karen Schwarz: this was her return to TV

After spending several months away from the screens for her second pregnancy, the figure of Latina returned to driving with a new program.

Karen Black She was very excited about the premiere of Show Mode and thanked the channel for giving him a new opportunity: “After six months I return to my home, a home that I never left. They were with me by the hand, they accompanied me throughout my pregnancy stage ”.

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Karen Schwarz after her return to television: “I decide to live and laugh”

The driver Karen Black She is more than happy with her new television space in Latina, after half a year of staying away from the sets due to her pregnancy process and social confinement due to the pandemic. After brand new Show mode, the former Miss Peru decided to share an inspiring message on her Instagram profile, where she also wore her dress and makeup.

Karen Schwarz returns to television with the program Modo shows | PHOTO: Instagram

“’A woman should be 2 things: whoever she wants and what she wants’ – Coco Chanel. And I decide to live and laugh ”, wrote the also model in her social network

Ezio Oliva after Karen Schwarz’s return to TV

The prominent singer answered different questions from his fans and, when questioned about the premiere of Show modeHe assured that he is very happy with his wife’s new program in Latina.

“Happy. We are here at home happy for Karen, so proud. We admire her and she is the happiest to return to television, “said the couple from Karen Black and Instagram.

Ezio Oliva on Instagram

Karen Schwarz visited Women in Command

One day after the premiere of her program Modo shows, the television presenter visited the set of Women in command, space from which she withdrew due to her pregnancy and the pandemic.

Karen Black She was grateful to the production team and assured that she was happy to be back in the studio that she shared with Jasmine Pinedo and Cathy Sáenz.

Karen Schwarz, Jazmín Pinedo and Cathy Sáenz in Women in command. Photo: Instagram.

Karen Schwarz gave birth to her second daughter

The presenter became a mother for the second time after she gave birth to her daughter Cayetana, the result of her relationship with Ezio Oliva. Through your Instagram account, Karen Black announced the arrival of his little girl, whom he looked forward to during the quarantine.

“Breastfeeding again is the best experience. Not even the pain of the cesarean section prevents these magical moments, “said the entertainer in a publication on the social network, where she appears with the singer and the baby.

Karen Schwarz and her baby Cayetana. Photo: Instagram

What was Karen Schwarz doing while she was away from TV?

Then in march Karen Black To make known their withdrawal from TV screens due to their state of pregnancy, Ezio Oliva’s partner prepared for the sweet wait.

Through Instagram she shared reflections on motherhood, as well as snapshots of his day to day in quarantine.

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Karen Schwarz happy to return to Latina

Weeks before the premiere of Show Mode, Karen Black He shared his joy in returning to the small screen on social networks.

During an interview with Women in command, the former Miss Peru expressed her happiness to return to Latina. “A month is a long time, it is less than a month. I’m already in mom mode, in wife mode and now I’ll be in ‘Show mode’. I do what I like the most, returning to TV gives me great joy ”, he commented.

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Karen Schwarz remembers her work on The Last Passenger

The figure of Latina, Karen Black, shared a photograph with her former co-workers from the remembered contest program The Last Passenger, where she was one of the hostesses.

Karen Schwarz remembers her job as a flight attendant in The Last Passenger | PHOTO: Instagram

“Pictures of yesteryear! Accompanied by three wonderful women, I still remember how we had fun on set, “wrote the former Miss Peru in the image where she poses with Jimena and Sandra.

Although our paths separated, I hope they always continue with that same attitude and joy that they reflected in each program A kiss from a distance!

Karen Schwarz shares a tender photo with her little Cayetana

Via Instagram, Karen Black He touched his followers by publishing a photograph holding his second daughter. The former beauty queen accompanied the image with a reflection.

Photo captura: Karen Black Instagram

“Seek that everything you do shakes you to the soul,” he wrote on the social network. In a matter of minutes, the post already has more than five thousand ‘likes’ and hundreds of flattering comments for the wife of the singer Ezio Oliva.

Karen Schwarz and her positive message to mothers

A few weeks after giving birth, the host returned to the small screen with Show Mode and for this reason she left a message on her social networks. inspiring message for all those women who have just given birth.

“Moms who are going through a postpartum stage, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing ourselves as a whole and feeling beautiful as we are. My pounds are mine of my property “, expressed Karen Black in Instagram.

Karen Schwarz returns to television with the program Modo shows | PHOTO: Instagram

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Statements by President Duque at Andicom 2020 – Technology News – Technology

During the inauguration of the Andicom 2020 Congress this Wednesday, the president Ivan Duque took stock of what his Government has done in the area of ​​Information and Communication Technologies and pointed out that Colombia is “walking in the right direction” to be “a respected player and attracting investment” in the field of technologies.

Likewise, the president indicated that in the remaining two years of his presidency one of the purposes is that “Colombia is the Silicon Valley of Latin America” and that many of the decisions that have been taken in “the regulatory framework, investment and philosophy projects of the State” are driving the country to achieve this goal.

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During the intervention he carried out virtually, Duque stressed that thanks to the ICT Law, the country already has a reform of the legal framework for telecommunications.

Colombia is moving in the right direction to be a respected player and attract investment

On the other hand, the Head of State highlighted the work that has been carried out by INNpulsa so that from funds with State and private resources, science and technology can be connected to Colombian enterprises.

(Also: What does it mean for Colombia to have its first 5G network pilot?)

In this regard, the President pointed out that At this time there are already 20 thousand businesses that can access the National Government platform to sell and promote their products and services virtually, bringing them closer to the world of electronic commerce.

The president also mentioned the financing and incubation program for technology-based companies, which allows no income tax is paid for the first six years.

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Regarding education, President Duque spoke of the Sena programs that allow 300,000 young people throughout the national territory to obtain degrees in topics related to technology.

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