Covid-19: How to distinguish leisure time when you are confined | Fortune

Quarantine has restricted leisure time inside homes. For those who have been able to move the office to their home, this causes there is no obvious break between work and break times, since all must develop between the same four walls. Routines and taking an active part in tasks, instead of waiting for time to […]

Disney + also challenges Netflix in Germany

San Francisco Kevin Mayer is one of the few managers in the world whose business has probably been going better since the corona crisis than before. “Of course we are not happy about this situation,” says the Disney-Top manager the Handelsblatt. “But I hope that many people with Disney + can distract themselves from the […]

Parks and playgrounds remain open in these cities – News

Are playgrounds and parks now closed – or not? A general answer to this question is impossible. “Today” was heard in the state capitals. “Playgrounds and parks are not closed, but remain open,” the Ministry of Health tweeted Thursday morning. But Vienna has closed parks and playgrounds. Now what applies where? Church can decide Health […]

This is how amusement parks react to Corona

Europa-Park in Rust The gates of the amusement park were originally supposed to open again at the end of March. Now nothing comes of it. (Photo: dpa) Munich Roland Mack opened “Rulantica” in November. The boss and partner of the Europapark in Rust, Baden, has put around 200 million euros into the fun pool with […]

Deutsche Telekom cooperates with Walt Disney on streaming

Telekom logo The company works with Walt Disney. (Photo: dpa) Bonn For your own streaming offers, Deutsche Telekom entered into a cooperation with Walt Disney. “With the announcement of DisneyTo get into the streaming business, it was clear to us that we had to make this attractive offer available to our customers, ”said Dirk Wössner, […]

Rosarino was discharged and presented with symptoms of coronavirus

The 33-year-old man who traveled to Spain and presented clinical symptoms similar to a coronavirus infection was discharged this Wednesday afternoon. He remained hospitalized and isolated in the Provincial Hospital of Rosario until the disease was finally ruled out. The Ministry of Health of the province said after eight in the evening that “the patient […]

David Gómez: “Before with 10,000 pesetas a lot was done” | Madrid

David Gómez (Bogotá, 40 years old) has a half-life in Madrid and knows the world of night, music and leisure well. Event producer, DJ and music producer, he is part of projects such as Tropical Macaw – an electro cumbia party that has been held a couple of times a month for eight years now […]

What’s up with the weather phenomenon in June?

When the temperatures drop in June, this is a sure sign of the so-called cold of sheep. The weather phenomenon does not occur every year, but in retrospect repeats itself at regular intervals. When it comes to cold sheep Before the summer comes the cold of the sheep: the calendar start of summer is usually […]