The Ministry of Labor announced an increase in the average annual pension in 2021 :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

The average annual old-age insurance pension for non-working pensioners in 2021 will amount to 17,443 rubles. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the Ministry of Labor of Russia with reference to the draft budget of the Pension Fund of Russia for 2021 and for the planning period of 2022 and 2023.

According to the ministry, the indexation of insurance pensions for non-working pensioners is provided “in accordance with the law” at 6.3%, and social pensions – at 2.6%.

The Ministry of Labor explained that in 2021 the Pension Fund will ensure the payment of pensions for 43 million people. In total, it is planned to allocate 7.8 trillion rubles to pay insurance pensions in 2021. 632.7 billion rubles will be allocated for the payment of state pensions, supplements to pensions, compensations, as well as grants for burial.

In 2021, the budget of the Pension Fund will amount to 9.6 trillion rubles. It is planned to allocate 8.4 trillion rubles for the payment of pensions, and 425 billion rubles for monthly payments.

The draft budget was prepared by the Pension Fund based on the forecast parameters of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.


A large shopping and leisure center appeared in the south of St. Petersburg :: St. Petersburg :: RBC

Photo: website of the government of St. Petersburg

In the Slavyanka microdistrict of the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg, the Green Park cultural and leisure center worth 2 billion rubles was commissioned. According to the press service of PSK Group of Companies (project investor), the area of ​​the object was 23.9 thousand square meters. m. Experts interviewed by RBC Petersburg say that, given the shortage of places for leisure in the microdistrict, Green Park may well become a “local” center of attraction, but the time for its commissioning is difficult, given the approach of the second wave of COVID-19.

Filling the areas

The two-storey leisure center is located in the central part of Slavyanka. A parking lot for 650 cars is envisaged on the territory; in the future, a park will be set up nearby. According to the investor, 40% of the commercial space of the complex will be allocated for leisure, social and sports needs. In particular, the first fitness club in Slavyanka with a swimming pool, Fitness House, will appear here. The first large supermarket in the microdistrict, clothing stores, grocery stores, and children’s stores will also open there. At the same time, there will be no traditional food court in the center (instead, there will be separate restaurants and coffee shops).

The official opening of Green Park is scheduled for December 1st. “At the time of commissioning, 80% of the area was commissioned in Green Park. We have every reason to believe that at the time of the opening of the complex there will be 100% filling, which will be a record for such projects, “says Stanislav Stupnikov, head of the retail real estate department of the Best Group of Companies (exclusive broker for the project).

According to the expert, the construction of this facility provided an opportunity to start work in Slavyanka for large federal networks. Prior to that, there were no necessary areas in the microdistrict. Stupnikov recalls that 180 thousand people live in the coverage area of ​​the leisure center. In his opinion, the audience of Green Park is not only residents of Slavyanka, but also of adjacent territories, such as Pushkin and Kolpino.

Lack of places for leisure

Andrei Kosarev, head of Colliers International in St. Petersburg, believes that since the new facility in Slavyanka has no competition, it may well become a center of attraction for residents of its microdistrict. According to the expert, the Pushkinsky district is the least provided with retail space in St. Petersburg (47 sq. M per thousand inhabitants). For comparison, in the Petrodvortsovy district, which is next, the provision is 97 sq. m per thousand inhabitants, and in Vasileostrovsky – 112 sq. m per thousand inhabitants.


Nail trends, the tips of the nail artist of the stars Jin Soon – Beauty

“Because of the anti-covid protections the make-up goes unnoticed while the hands remain in the foreground” explains the famous New York nail artist, loved by stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Sarandon but also by top models like Kendall Jenner, who entrust them their hands both backstage and in private. And here he tells us about the new shapes and new nail colors that leave their mark

For the make-up fanatics, the mask is a huge problem. Lipstick becomes superfluous, and foundation problematic. You could bet on the eye, but few want to show off one smokey eye going shopping. Luckily, the hands remain in the foreground, and allow you to indulge yourself with nails of different colors, shapes and patterns.

The beauty statement of the moment is therefore nail polish, as he explains la nail artist di New York Jin Soon Choi, one of the leading manicure experts. A regular backstage presence for Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors and on the set of photographer Steven Meisel, Jin has worked with major Hollywood stars and supermodels, and has opened four nail spas in Manhattan (his first client was Sarah Jessica Parker). It also launched the cult nail polish line, JINsoon, which is sold internationally.
Jin tells us about the autumn trends, the evergreen colors, and shares how to choose a nail salon in a pandemic period to make a safe manicure.

Do you think that with the use of masks, and the difficulty of wearing lipstick, you have become more adventurous with the color of nail polishes?

I think that in the course of the quarantine, a lot of people found themselves skilled nail artists! They’ve created different looks and experimented with new designs and colors on their own, a trend that seems to continue post quarantine.

Jin soon
Jin soon

In recent years, several celebrities have sported long, super pointed nails. Is it a style your clients demand or a trend reserved for divas? What is the most popular form?

I think pointy nails have been popular in recent years but the new trend is shape ballerina o coffin nails, which is inspired by the square toe of dance shoes (or in the shape of a coffin, coffin in English, ed). In practice it is a long nail, which with a particular filing ends square but with oblique sides. However, many customers also ask for the more rounded or square classic shapes. Furthermore, since many women have not been able to go to the manicurist in recent months, they have become accustomed to natural nails and require the shape squoval, a middle ground or squared on the upper edge and slightly rounded on the corners.

What are the most interesting colors in your opinion for this fall?
My favorites for the season are reds and marcs. In my line found Audacity, the midnight blue Abyss and a classic black I called AbsoluteBlack. They are chic and always perfect shades for autumn, which look good on everyone and adapt to day and evening.

Jin Soon's blue nail polish in the backstage of the DKNY fashion show
Jin Soon’s blue nail polish in the backstage of the DKNY fashion show

With the fear of a new lockdown, many women prefer to give up on gel nails. What are the alternatives for a long lasting manicure?
In fact, many people to avoid infections prefer to do their hands at home and are interested in natural products. If you want to avoid gel, I recommend choosing a specific formula nail polish and a long lasting top coat. The glazes I designed for my line are 10-free (i.e. without toxic ingredients) and formulated with polymers and resins that guarantee long life and a glossy finish. Our top coat (HyperGloss) is infused with nourishing agents, has an anti-UV formula and gives a gel-like shine with fast drying, without smudging or staining.

Are there any special manicures requested by your celebrity clients?

They often choose classic and chic colors such as dark red Audacity, a Marc Jacobs favorite and bright red (Vanity). Among the models I have seen modern alternatives to the French manicure and they are very fond of simple crystals.

Which celebrity have you been happiest working with in your career?

I have to say Susan Sarandon, because she was my first celebrity client during a photo shoot and I was excited to work with her because I had just seen Thelma e Louise. Susan is a really nice person.

What is the best-selling color in your collection?

Our best sellers are fun toppers like Fab e Dotty which both have colorful confetti patterns. The most popular colors are Moxie which is an old rose, and the black I was talking about earlier. And then a white chalk called Absolute White and Audacity marc.

What color works for everyone and easiest for hands and feet to wear?

The classic red (Coquette) is beautiful for any complexion and never goes out of style. Sure black and light pink are always chic, elegant and versatile too, but I also love lavender colors (Birdie) and baby blue (Aero) for a fun look that works for many women.

In your nail spas, you have implemented very strict measures to protect customers and your staff. What do you recommend to those who have to choose a salon to make hands and feet safely?

I recommend doing a little research first, and if you go somewhere new, look at the reviews online or call the salon to find out what the requirements and procedures are for making an appointment. In our spas, among the various measures, we take the temperature at the front desk, everyone has the obligation to wear the mask, we have plexiglass separators between customer and staff, we maintain social distancing with 50% capacity and we sterilize instruments with great caution and everything with which staff and customers come into contact. Here these are the criteria that you must demand from a salon before making an appointment.

What’s your number one tip for healthy nails?

Hydration! The key to maintaining healthy nails is to moisturize the nail bed and cuticles (the skin around the nail). I recommend using a cuticle oil often and letting time pass between manicures to let the nails invigorate and detoxify. HyperRepair which has an exclusive formula with quality ingredients to restore and hydrate nails with three different AHAs, and vitamins C, A and B5.


Viral TikTok: he puts on makeup to look like Henry Cavill’s Superman and the result surprises DC fans | Video | make up | tutorial | viral challenge | challenge | USA | social networks | Social networks

Thousands of users TikTok have been left with their ‘mouths open’ after witnessing a video in which a young woman demonstrated the incredible change she underwent to look the same as Superman, one of the most popular characters played by the American actor Henry Cavill.

Leticia Gomez, name of the author of this viral of TikTok, is a talented makeup artist who shares videos on her social networks with the incredible ‘look changes’ she experiences. On this occasion, she underwent a drastic ‘transformation’ and managed to imitate the physical features of the famous DC character that catapulted the protagonist of Superman.

YOU CAN SEE: She believed she had adopted a pitbull puppy and soon discovered she was scammed [VIDEO]

As you can see in the video shared in TikTok, which managed to exceed 492,000 views on this social network, the woman applied a large amount of cosmetics on her skin to look like Superman, one of the most popular DC characters.

After placing many layers of makeup on her face, the American artist put a silicone prosthesis on her forehead, in order to hide her long hair and imitate the actor’s face Henry Cavill. Thousands of users TikTok They did not hesitate to congratulate her for the great job she did and shared this video in their social networks, so it became a trend in a matter of minutes.

If you want to see how the author of this viral video of TikTok, we invite you to review our photo gallery. You just have to slide the images to the left to see them all.

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Moscow registered 690 new cases of COVID-19 infection :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

In Moscow, 690 new coronavirus infected were detected per day. About it reports the operational headquarters of the capital.

“The last two months in Moscow, the number of new cases has decreased by an average of 3.5% per week,” – said in a statement.

Among the newly diagnosed cases, slightly more than half are Russians aged 18 to 45, 24.6% – from 46 to 65. Among the 690 infected, 10.5% of those infected are children.

At the Russian operational headquarters addedthat over the past day in Moscow 1160 people have recovered. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 255,826 cases of COVID-19 infection have been detected in the capital, more than 202 thousand people have recovered and 4.7 thousand have died.

Coronavirus pandemic. Most relevant for August 22


In Russia, 5057 new cases of coronavirus were detected per day :: Society :: RBC

The total number of infected people exceeded 907 thousand. Over the past 24 hours, no COVID-19 cases were found in two Russian regions – the Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous Districts

Photo: Valery Matytsin / TASS

Over the past day, 5,057 new cases of coronavirus infection COVID-19 have been identified in Russia, according to the operational headquarters to combat the disease.

The total number of infected people as of August 13 was 907,758.

According to the headquarters, over the past 24 hours, cases were registered in 83 regions of the country. At the same time, 1.3 thousand people (26.3%) do not have clinical manifestations of the disease.

In Russia, 124 people died from COVID-19 per day

Photo: Elena Afonina / TASS

In Moscow, 692 cases of infection were detected, in total, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, 250.3 thousand people have been confirmed. In second place in terms of the number of infected per day is the Sverdlovsk region (162 people, 22.9 thousand in total), in third – St. Petersburg (160, 33.5 thousand in total).


Cosmetic business Kim Kardashian was estimated at $ 1 billion :: Business :: RBC

Coty pledged to redeem 20% in the model-owned business for $ 200 million. As a result, Kim’s fortune may exceed the capital of her younger sister Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian

(Фото: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images)

The company Coty, which owns the brands Max Factor, Wella, Bourjois, Chloé, etc., has entered into an agreement with actress and model Kim Kardashian to acquire a stake in the cosmetics business KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Holdings that belongs to it. Under the terms of the deal, Coty will redeem 20% in KKW for $ 200 million, the deal said.

Thus, the total value of Kardashian’s business is $ 1 billion, the Financial Times notes, according to which Coty received the right to acquire a controlling stake in KKW in the future.

“Kim is truly a cult figure for the whole modern world. She is a visionary, entrepreneur, mother, philanthropist, and in addition, thanks to social networks, she has an unsurpassed ability to connect with people around the world. Its influence, combined with the experience of Coty, will enable us to fully realize the potential of its brands, ”commented Peter Harf, the head of Coty.

Lipstick and pencils, mascara, eye shadow, creams, powder, etc. are sold under the KKW Beauty brand, perfumes are sold under the KKW Fragrance brand. The volume of sales of goods under the KKW brands was not disclosed in the transaction message.

In 2019, Coty acquired 51% in Kylie Cosmetics, owned by Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie Jenner. After that, Forbes magazine named 21-year-old Jenner the youngest billionaire in history, who managed not to inherit his fortune, but to earn capital on his own. Based on an estimate of 51% of Kylie Cosmetics at $ 590 million, the total cost of Kylie Cosmetics was more than $ 1.1 billion. In real time, the magazine estimates Jenner’s fortune at $ 900 million.


The structure of Rosatom bought a building near the Kremlin :: Business :: RBC

Alan Baloev, director of the Cushman & Wakefield Capital Markets Department, believes this was beneficial to both the seller and the buyer. On the one hand, there are few investors who are ready to purchase an office for such an amount, on the other hand, it is not easy to find a site near the Kremlin.

Earlier, Dom.RF stated that all the buildings of the ministries would be sold at open auction. And former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ordered them to get into commercial circulation.

It was planned to sell at the auction, including the former building of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Kitaygorodsky passage, information about this was contained in the plan for holding auctions of the state company for 2020.

However, on April 18, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a government order to transfer these facilities at market value without bidding.

In the spring of 2019, three federal departments – the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Communications – moved to the IQ-quarter skyscraper purchased for them in Moscow City. Agency rights to sell their former premises, including the building of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in Kitaygorodsky passage, were transferred to Dom.RF state corporations. The state-owned corporation sold a complex of buildings on Triumfalnaya Square in Moscow, which the Ministry of Economic Development had occupied before moving, for 2.8 billion rubles. (3.37 billion rubles. Including VAT). The buyer was Mezhregionrazvitie LLC, controlled by the Moscow City Property Department.

Artem Filipenok, Nadezhda Fedorova, Anna Pustyakova


Voter turnout under the Constitution for four days amounted to 37.5% :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Maxim Shipenkov / EPA / TASS

The total turnout for voting on amendments to the Constitution was 37.2%, more than 40 million Russians voted in total. This was stated by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

By 11:00 Moscow time, more than 970 thousand residents of Moscow and the Nizhny Novgorod region took part in electronic voting. The turnout for electronic voting exceeded 83%.

Putin spoke out against turnout when voting on the Constitution

The day before, the total turnout, taking into account the voters remotely, was 28.26%.

As of June 28, the CEC received 4870 complaints of possible violations. The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, clarified that a significant part of the appeals related to electronic voting, in addition, the applicants noted the absence of cameras when voting at home and checking passports by PEC members.


Khusnullin promised to pass the route Europe – Western China for 4 years :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Nikolay Gyngazov / Global Look Press

The construction of the international route Europe – Western China is planned to be completed ahead of schedule by four years, the acceleration of work will not lead to the cost of the project. This is stated in the message of the apparatus of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, received by RBC.

“Recently, we circled the entire route of this road. The greatest difficulties, contrary to expectations, will be associated with the relocation of engineering networks. So far, the project provides for about 870 intersections with network lines, ”said Khusnullin.

Khusnullin announced plans to accelerate the construction of the Moscow-Kazan highway

Marat Khusnullin

Initially, the route from the Russian side was supposed to pass through the territories of the republics of Tatarstan, Bashkiria and the Orenburg region. In July 2016, the government commission changed plans and laid the route through the Samara-Togliatti agglomeration.

In the fall of 2019, the government singled out individual stages of the construction of the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan highway. The final deadline for the entire section of the route was called 2027.