Prince William and Kate Middleton called Prince Harry a puppet Meghan Markle

When at the end of March, Prince Harry heard his father’s alarmed voice in the telephone, he immediately realized that something was wrong.

The 35-year-old Duke of Sussex, who escaped with his wife Meghan Markle from Britain first in To Canadaand then in USAheard the terrible news. Prince Charles, 71, said his coronavirus test was positive.

“Harry at that moment realized that Charles and the Queen would not be around forever. Harry’s biggest fear is not to be in Of England the moment his grandmother Elizabeth II dies. ”

On the last day of June, another book dedicated to the British royal family – War in the Royal Family: the story of the shocking breakup between Harry and Megan with the Windsor House – is being published. This time, her heroes were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton. Authors Andy Tillett and Dylan Howard are trying to get to the bottom of the truth – which caused the Dukes of Sussex to refuse the rank of members of the British royal family.

Once in the USA and sitting in a luxury mansion in LosAngelesPrince Harry sank into depression. He is trying to find his salvation in yoga classes. But being eight thousand kilometers from the royal family, Harry feels guilty before his family for his flight to the States, especially now, when the threat of the coronavirus epidemic still hangs over the world.

“Megan assures Harry that when everything settles down, he will like their new life in Los Angeles. She plans a joint trip, tells him about the local polo club and how Harry will love surfing, ”the authors write, referring to a source surrounded by the Dukes of Sussex.

The refusal of Harry and Megan from the title of members of the royal family, which became known in January, not only upset Queen Elizabeth II, but also aggravated the already difficult relationship between the families of the two brothers. Prince William and Kate Middleton were indignant at learning about the decision of Harry and Megan, because of this they had doubled the “social burden” – attending official events.

“They consider it unfair that Harry and Megan can enjoy being part of the royal family without any effort,” the book says. – Kate is in a panic, not understanding how she will combine the additional burden with family chores.

At the same time, William and Kate immediately understood who Harry had contacted: 38-year-old Meghan Markle will skillfully manipulate her husband, who is known as far from the smartest man.

“They are sure that Megan treats Harry like a puppet,” says another person close to the royal family. “They accepted that Harry was lost for their family soon.”

Close friends Meghan Markle said that the American actress never planned to stay in Buckingham Palace. At her originally there was a plan – to return to the USA.

“Megan has always dreamed of her own brand – to be recognizable. But I don’t think that she married Harry only because of his surname and image, although this, of course, was a decisive factor, ”say close actresses.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle settled in the mansion of the Hollywood movie mogul

The house is estimated at $ 18 million (details)


Bill Gates buys a beach house for 37 million euros. See the luxury! – boiling

Philanthropist billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates bought a luxury beach mansion on the outskirts of San Diego, California, for 37 million euros.

The property is by the sea in the coastal town of Del Mar and is the biggest sale in history in the region.

The luxurious house, which has six bedrooms, four bathrooms and 5,000 square meters, was sold to the Gates family by Madeleine Pickens, a former wife of billionaire oil baron T. Boone Pickens.

Still the Gates couple managed to benefit from a nice discount since the house had been put up for sale in 2019 for around 42 million euros.

The property was built by renowned architect and designer Ken Ronchetti in 1999, is known as a city landmark and is considered to be one of the most important contemporary coastal beach houses on the West Coast. The mansion even has an exclusive beach front.

Bill and Melinda Gates have their permanent residence in Medina, Washington, but still own a ranch in Santa Fe, California.


Anastasia Volochkova took to the street in lingerie

Anastasia Volochkova knows how to shock the audience like no other. During self-isolation, the ballerina had a lot of free time, so she began to communicate more with fans. This time, the artist appeared in public underwear.

Anastasia Volochkova posted a video on the blog with words of gratitude to her longtime friend. For a more spectacular shot, the ballerina went into the courtyard of her estate. True, she did not dress. Fortunately, the street is warm enough, although it was raining.

In lingerie Volochkova posed at the glass tableon which stood a fruit bouquet. On top of the black lace bodysuit, the star threw a transparent handkerchief. In the hands of Anastasia held a pet – cat Lucky.

Flowers and pleasant surprises are always a joy!

“In any weather, flowers and pleasant surprises are always joy!”, The artist signed the video. And a few hours before that, she decided to have an impromptu New Year. She dressed up a Christmas tree in the yard and began to fry kebab.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia… Remaining in love and romance, “said the ballerina. And noted that she would definitely eat a piece of chicken.

It’s time to get out of schizophrenia …

“Anastasia Volochkova and barbecue – this is probably very funny. But without a sense of humor these days can not do. And in general, everything in our life must be perceived with a positive. All of you good and happiness! “, Added the celebrity.

Note Anastasia at the time of self-isolation secluded in a three-story mansion with her loverwho has been hiding from everyone for more than a year. It is known about the man that he is handsome and has never been married. Nola and Rustam help manage the household. By the way, Lola is also a personal dancer stylist, about which she herself has repeatedly said.


Girl Cristiano Naked Appetizing Buttocks

Although someone suspects Cristiano Ronaldo that he is not interested in women, but looking at the appetizing figure of his girlfriend, it immediately becomes clear what she hooked the footballer with. Georgina posted on Instagram a photo that did not leave indifferent any of her subscribers. In the picture, the 26-year-old model demonstrates luxurious forms, turning her back to the camera. Ronaldo’s girlfriend bared the lush buttocks, which Kim Kardashian herself would probably envy.

Actually, Georgina just hung up her clothes when someone (maybe Krish himself) took a picture of her. At that moment, she was wearing a baseball cap, sweatshirt and thong. The frame turned out so spectacular that the girl decided to post it on Instagram. Judging by the caption for the photo, she did yoga in the fresh air, and after class decided to hang leggings for drying. And lit up with a bare booty.

In just a few hours, the picture gained 2.5 million likes. Fans in the comments write how lucky Ronaldo is and call Georgina’s mouth-watering rear “football player’s favorite balls”.

Pa os al aire @aloyoga

Ronaldo and his girlfriend self-isolated in Portuguese Madeira – the native island of Cristiano. The mansion is located right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, from its terrace a gorgeous view of the sea surface opens. Everyone would be quarantined in such beauty – fans probably think, looking at the athlete’s everyday life, which Georgina willingly shares on her Instagram. During self-isolation couple it doesn’t go anywhere, so the athlete’s girlfriend even cuts it herself: in the video she showed how cleverly she wields a machine, putting Krish’s head in order.

By the way, the millionaire footballer made a significant contribution to the fight against coronavirus. Cristiano gave his hotels to hospitals where patients with Covid-19 are accommodated for free. At the same time, Ronaldo himself pays the salary to the doctors and staff of these hospitals. Cristiano became the owner of hotels in 2016. While its network includes three hotels under the guise of Pestana CR7 in MadridMadeira and Lisbon.

Buenos am rosos d as

Italian StarJuventus“And his model girlfriend raise four children. The youngest daughter Alana Cristiano was presented by Georgina. The other three children were born from surrogate mothers. It was this fact that at one time made fans suspect that the athlete is indifferent to the weaker sex. But the appearance in his life of Georgina put an end to these gossip. With the former saleswoman of the Madrid Gucci boutique, the athlete began to appear in public in the fall of 2016. Prior to this, from 2010 to 2015, Cristiano met with the Russian model Irina Sheik.


Who will get the castle during the divorce of Pugacheva and Galkin?

Maxim talked about the marriage contract with the Diva.

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin have known each other since 2001, and have been married for 9 years. During this time, the couple not only got beautiful children Lisa and Harry, but also built a real castle in the village of Gryazi. And here a completely logical question is brewing – who will get a huge mansion if Maxim and Alla decide to divorce? Moreover, rumors about the “walking” Galkin have been circulating for a long time on the Web.

43-year-old parodist on the air of his program “Tonight” opened up and told the star guests, as well as viewers about the marriage contract with Primadonna. It is worth noting that when the artists just started dating, the showman was only 25 years old and he was then a budding comedian, while Alla Borisovna was the No. 1 artist in Russia.

Nevertheless, Pugacheva did not begin to sign a marriage contract with Galkin, because love does not need guarantees, according to the singer. Maxim claims that he built a magnificent castle in 2006. Then the media found out that the price of the issue is 10 million euros, because the showman spent this amount on construction. Naturally, Alla, as a loving wife, helped Galkin financially realize his dream.

Who will remain the owner of the castle in case of divorce?

The couple does not have a marriage contract, where all the conditions for the division of real estate and other benefits could be prescribed. Since there is no contract, and the castle was built before the official registration of marriage – a huge territory of 3000 square meters. m and a tall residential mansion is the property of Maxim Galkin, since it was he who was recorded by the owner.

Maxim himself hinted at this when he said that the castle for Alla was a real surprise. If the house was built during the marriage, then the Primadonna could claim half of its value. And so each of the spouses will remain with their money before marriage, and the rest (that was bought during their life together) is divided equally.

It only remains to hope that the love of Galkin and Pugacheva will conquer all the hardships and rumors of betrayal, so that in the future you still do not have to sue the “royal” castle.


Did the queen kick Tarzan into the attic of the house?

Sergey is now huddled in a small room under the low roof of the mansion.

Relations between Natasha Koroleva and Sergey Glushko cause a lot of talk on the network. Constantly there are rumors of betrayal by Tarzan and the couple’s divorce. However, spouses still sometimes appear together. But, apparently, parted in different rooms.

It seems that the Queen kicked Tarzan into the attic of the house. The showman posted the photo on his Instagram account from some small room under the roof, in which chaos and a mess reigned. However, the bed is still present there, which suggests that Tarzan may now live there.

Safety is probably more important for the Queen than love, and while the other couples around the world spend all their time with each other, the singer apparently keeps her husband at a distance.

Perhaps the whole point is just that Natasha no longer trusts her spouse, since too many rumors circulated about his infidelity. In addition, his frank shows, which do not leave indifferent any woman from the audience, probably also play an important role. Perhaps because of all these factors, the Queen cannot be near Tarzan, as she apparently thinks that he could have an affair somewhere on the side.

However, be that as it may, Sergei just caught a cold and, for the purpose of prevention, is still trying to keep his distance from his family. But, as they say, there is no smoke without fire, and Glushko did not even talk about any cold. Therefore, probably the problem is in the relationship of the spouses, and not in the disease.