Masterchef Celebrity: the video that will confirm that Vicky Xipolitakis cheats

Without a doubt Vicky xipolitakis is one of the participants that generates the most expectation in the public of Masterchef Celebity, not only because of her mistakes and hilarious occurrences, she is also the favorite of the jury.

However, there is something that would be playing against your credibility: the editing process of the culinary reality. Remember that the program is recorded for long hours that are then edited to fit into a format of a little more than an hour. Well, so far little or nothing has been seen of the process of making Vicky’s meals.



the first gala will end at 2 in the morning

The followers of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ It will not be easy to follow the premiere of its fifth season from beginning to end. Despite advancing its prime time and being available on demand later on its website, the public channel has revealed through its programming schedule that the first culinary talent gala will end at two in the morning.

To be more exact, the first gala of the VIP version of the Shine Iberia format (‘The island’, ‘Me slips’) will have a total duration of more than four hours, unknown if it will be only for this Tuesday or it will be the general trend of the new episodes. In this sense, it must be borne in mind that the premieres of the respective editions have always had a greater length of time.

In this first gala, Jesús Castro, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Perico Delgado, Celia Villalobos, Florentino Fernández, Gonzalo Miró, Raquel Meroño, Juan José Ballesta, The Alcorcón Earthquake, Melani Olivares, Josie, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Nicolás Coronado, Lucía Dominguín, Laura Sánchez and David Fernández They will present their credentials to become the new best VIP chef in our country.

Jaén It will be the place where the first outdoor test of this new edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ will be held. After passing through the Andalusian city, a drive-in in the purest American style, the port of Ibiza, Tarifa, La Alberca (Murcia) or La Rambla in Barcelona They will also host the kitchens of the TVE format.


Palomo Spain reveals how Raquel Sánchez Silva, new contestant of ‘MasterChef’ cooks

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Alejandro Gómez Palomo (28 years old), known internationally as Palomo Spain, is one of the designers in our country who has the most art when it comes to creating his own pieces that instantly become a trend. That is why he could not miss the Showcase Awards, with a very original design that left all those present captivated.

On how the way of living with this pandemic that has swept the entire world is changing, Palomo confessed that: “The way of doing things is simply changing, I want to look to the future in an optimistic wayWe have to learn to live in a new way, but continue with optimism. “

Very happy and excited with the recordings of Masters of sewing, Palomo assures that: “Of course, we are about to start, in october we already started recording and we hope to be in your homes soon. “And the dressmaker has shown that television is a stage where he performs very well, with that ease that fascinates his clients and fashion experts so much.

As for how you see your friend Rachel Sanchez Silva (47 years) in the kitchen of MasterChef Celebrity, confesses that: “I have been eating several times at his house, the last time I went, he was already in Masterchef, I was very surprised because I had everything in the kitchen and all these things … the truth was that everything was deliciousAnd it seems that her passage through the program has taken its toll on the kitchen and now, it surprises her guests even more.

We will have to wait until this fall to see first-hand and on the small screen the advances of the presenter in the kitchens of TVE. Raquel will have to face the renowned judges,Jordi Cruz (42), Samantha Vallejo-Nágera (50) and Pepe Rodriguez (52), and surprise them every week in each challenge. From the sewing workshop to the stove, what will you do better?

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Ignacia Allamand revealed a factor that led to her unexpected removal from MasterChef: “It was uncomfortable” | Entertainment and Shows

This Sunday night MasterChef Celebrity defined his final three, an instance in which many saw Ignacia Allamand, before his surprise elimination from the Channel 13 program.

And it is that there are several who still do not understand how the actress was left out of the gastronomic space. After your departure, she explained that said day started badly early, since she fell asleep and then got frustrated by preparing a dessert.

“Things happened that demoralized me, I was emotionally exhausted”The interpreter commented on her Instagram profile a few weeks ago. But these words could be related to another fact that marked her departure and that she only recently revealed.

Allamand was invited to the digital program of Nacho Pop and Marceo Marocchino, Brothers, separated at birth, in which he stated that the noisy conflict between Botota Fox and Betsy Camino affected her in such a way, which contributed to its removal from MasterChef.

It was super uncomfortable, painful, because I feel that something broke that day and if you realize it, I was the next to be eliminated after that situation, because I really believe that something started to happen there ”, Ignacia began by recounting herself, who was projected as one of the favorites.

“At least I started to be a little shorter, more unbalanced, a little more uncomfortable”, said about the model and comedian’s fight, which even led to a strong reproach by the judges.

“I don’t handle those situations very well.”

In addition, Ignacia confessed that “it had been hard for me to fall asleep, because I don’t handle these situations very well, when the environment gets tense, they affect me a lot, I’m really very sensitive. I felt the energy was too heavy, ”she explained about her lack of concentration.

Remember that Natalia Duco, César Campos and Rocíop Marengo are the brand new finalists of the first version of MasterChef Celebrity Chile.