Video game: “Minecraft Dungeons”: release, gameplay, trailer

“Minecraft Dungeons” is a brand new action adventure game in the Minecraft universe. Initially the publication had been postponed, but the release date is approaching. Here you will find information about gameplay and a trailer. “Minecraft Dungeon” is an action role-playing game in hack-and-slay style that will be released soon. We inform you about the […]

Minecraft looks better than ever on new Nvidia images using Raytracing

A demonstration of real-time ray tracing capabilities for the Microsoft game. Ray tracing in real time,real-time raytacingFor friends, it is one of the most promising technologies of the next generation, which is already present in various GPUs. More and more titles are taking advantage of its virtues to offermore realistic environments, better lit, more in […]

Internet user built Earth to scale in Minecraft

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord A nickname internet user PippenFTSa video was uploaded a few days ago to Youtube in which he affirms have built Earth to scale in Minecraft. Yes, you are reading well, our planet 1 to 1 in the popular game, for the first time […]

Mass Effect returns to Minecraft seven years later

Minecraft players can now explore Mars again as their favorite Mass effect players on modern platforms. The Mass effect Mash-Up package adds 36 unique skins for characters like Commander Shepard and Garrus, plus a bunch of custom plots, menus and some of the best music tracks from Mass Effect 3 because what better way to […]