Gazprom wants to expand in Europe with dumping prices

Moscow Winter was warm in Germany – too warm actually. In December the average temperature was three degrees above the long-term mean, in January and February even more than four degrees. The pleasant side effect of the rather bland winter: It had to be heated much less – not only in Germany, but also with […]

The fight for Nord Stream 2 is entering a new phase

Berlin In a few weeks, the Federal Network Agency will have decided whether the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline will be exempt from EU regulation or not. The upcoming decision of the Bonn regulatory authority is of fundamental importance for investors. They refer to a legal opinion that supports their request for an exemption. […]

Prepare for credit shocks with the arrival of US oil companies debt, Moody warns

Concerns rise when North American oil services and drilling companies face a $ 32 billion debt wave that will arrive in 2024 this year, a concern even before oil prices plummeted to a low of nearly two decades and the coronavirus epidemic turned into a global pandemic. Now the prospects seem particularly gloomy for weaker […]

Corona virus: “No kiss for grandma”

© Gerd Altmann on Pixabay / Shaking hands, giving Bussi .. Better not 14.3.2020 Tips for everyday life and more – The corona virus wave is rolling through Europe and the elderly and the elderly are number one risk group when it comes to infections, especially acute respiratory infections. “There is still no need to […]

Saudi Arabia will further increase oil production

DUBAI – Saudi Arabia launched another salvo in its oil market war with Russia on Wednesday, unveiling plans to increase its oil production capacity to a record 13 million barrels per day. The increase in capacity comes after the kingdom sparked a price war with Russia signaling its intentions to increase production and cut prices. […]

Oil prices rise 4% after the biggest one-day drop since 1991

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Oil prices rose more than $ 1 on Tuesday after a price war by major producers in Saudi Arabia and Russia resulted in the biggest daily disruption since the 1991 Gulf War, but investors saw little chance of a rapid recovery in prices when the coronavirus cut demand. FILE PHOTO: drilling rigs […]

Saudi Arabia cuts oil prices after the production brake fails

Saudi Aramco CEO Amin H. Nasser Dubai Saudi Arabia has lowered its April oil prices following the failure of talks between Opec and Russia over a common production brake. State-owned oil company Saudi Aramco announced on Saturday evening that it would cut the official sales price (OSP) for all varieties and all customers. For example, […]

Prospects and trading strategies for Silver, Tradebulls Securities nickel

The Indian rupee, relatively immune to risk aversion from the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) in the first two weeks of February, saw a sudden sell-off as new cases were reported in India. The transition from 71.80 to 73.20 was as fierce as in just three trading sessions, the Indian rupee lost over 1.5 per cent. The […]

Volkswagen says goodbye to natural gas

Wolfsburg VW boss Herbert Diess is a friend of clear words. Above all, he is also a friend of action. When he appeared in front of his 120 key executives in Berlin a few weeks ago, he wasn’t just explaining the electrical pioneer Tesla the largest competitor against which it is necessary to survive. Almost […]