Coronavirus: in New Rochelle, “we try not to panic too much” – Release

Coronavirus: in New Rochelle, “we try not to panic too much” Liberation.

Rabbi connected to New Rochelle Lawyer Test Positive – CBS New York


The Brooklyn court is disinfected after the lawyer learns about the connection to the coronavirus

The Brooklyn Civil Court received thorough disinfection on Wednesday after the city learned that a lawyer working there goes to the same Westchester synagogue as lawyer Lawrence Garbuz, 50.

Garbuz, of New Rochelle, is one of at least 10 people in New York State – including his wife, Adina and his two children – who are believed to have passed the virus among them.

About 1,000 people connected to those 10 were asked to isolate themselves, including a lawyer who works at the Civil Court on 141 Livingston Street.

The city sent workers from the Department of Administrative Services at city level to clean the courthouse as a precaution after the lawyer attending the Garbuz synagogue, Temple Young Israel in New Rochelle, who also works in court, was asked to isolate himself, a court source told The Post.

The city keeps the name of that lawyer confidential.

Garbuz is hospitalized at the New York-Presbyterian / Columbia Medical Center in stable conditions, while the rest are well enough to stay home, Governor Cuomo said on Wednesday.

New York’s eleventh confirmed coronavirus case is a 39-year-old healthcare professional who is recovering in his Manhattan apartment after returning home from his trip to Iran.

A DCAS spokesman said Wednesday’s cleaning was routine.