De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine at a record low price at Saturn

A new bargain campaign is running at Media Markt and Saturn: There are high discounts on laptops, smart TVs and household appliances in the super sale. We look at the offers and find the best deals for you.

At Saturn and Media Markt there are currently many branded products on offer at greatly reduced prices. At Saturn there is even a special offer with direct deductions of up to 300 euros: the prices for laptops, televisions and household appliances displayed in the shop are further reduced in the shopping cart. Our top deal of the day is today Fully automatic coffee machine from De’Longhi at a new record low price. We show you the final prices here so that you don’t have to click your way through to the shopping cart yourself. These are the best deals of the day.

The top deals of the day on September 21st


Six coffee specialties at the push of a button with the fully automatic machine from De’Longhi: The machine impresses with its simple operation and many setting options. You can even adjust the consistency of the milk froth. The model has never been as cheap as it is today. Another 50 euros will be deducted from the shopping cart, so that you come to the price shown here.


The blood pressure monitor scores with particularly large digits and a classification of the measured values ​​using a traffic light color scale. With Lidl you save almost 8 euros compared to other providers.


For owners of the Oral-B toothbrush, brush heads are now available at reduced prices. You save almost 6 euros compared to other shops.


The LED television scores with numerous connections, full HD resolution and Dolby Digital Plus. The 32-inch device with triple tuner has never been as cheap as it is today at Otto – you pay more in all other shops today.


The 55-inch LED TV from Sony impresses with its 4K resolution, its sound quality and its excellent features. Another plus: The smart TV is ideal for the PlayStation 5. In the Saturn shopping cart, another 150 euros are deducted from the already reduced price, so that you arrive at the record price shown here.


With the fully automatic coffee machine from Siemens you can easily prepare various coffee specialties. It is superbly equipped and today is particularly cheap at Saturn thanks to a direct discount of 50 euros: You save at least 45 euros compared to other retailers.


The cyclone technology in this cordless vacuum cleaner ensures that dust and dirt are effectively vacuumed. After 3.5 hours of charging, the device lasts for 1 hour. The Dyson was not as cheap as it is today: At Saturn, with the direct discount of 50 euros, you get the price shown here, which is far below that of the competition.


The Bluetooth headphones from JBL offer rich sound and, thanks to the ear hook design, are ideal for sports and leisure. They score with 10 hours of battery capacity, a quick charge function and easy handling. At Media Markt and Saturn, they are significantly cheaper today than elsewhere.


The Android smartphone with a 6.53 inch display and a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels is available today at Saturn, Media Markt and Amazon at the lowest price. It scores among other things with a 48.0-megapixel main camera, 64 GB memory and dual SIM.

1. Top deal in detail: De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine


Cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso or a large cup of coffee in the morning: With the fully automatic machine from De’Longhi you can enjoy your favorite drink at the touch of a button. You can choose from six different recipes and you can even set the consistency of the milk foam individually. The strength of the coffee can also be varied and adapted to your own taste. You can choose from mild coffee with plenty of hot milk or a strong cappuccino with creamy milk foam. Then save your favorites.

In addition to the many setting options, the easy cleaning and the removable milk tank are also impressive. The milk system is automatically cleaned with steam after every drink. Store the milk container in the refrigerator. A powder compartment for ground coffee and the 1.8 liter water tank complete the excellent features.

That is why the coffee machine is a good choice

Cheaper than ever, an integrated milk frother and many setting options: The De’Longhi Ecam is a coffee machine with an excellent price-performance ratio. The removable milk container is also particularly practical. At Saturn you save over 100 euros today compared to other shops and get the machine cheaper than ever before. Our conclusion: a real bargain that will turn your kitchen into a coffee bar.

More technology deals in other online shops

Not only Saturn and Media Markt currently have strong technical offers to offer. Amazon and Cyberport have also significantly reduced headphones, tablets and smartphones today. We have put together the best deals for you here:

Other bargains of the day at a glance

Today you can save not only on technology, but also on other great offers. For example, Bosch tools are heavily discounted on Amazon. But today you can also save a lot on Levi’s jeans, a leaf blower and a GPS tracker. These are our bargain highlights:

This is how we find the top deals

Our goal is to find the best bargains for you. When selecting the products, we pay attention to the currently cheapest price, good ratings and various test results. We select our top deals according to the best price and research independently. We compare the prices at major online retailers and can thus determine the real savings. The article is continuously updated so that you don’t miss any bargains.

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The story of orphaned children that did not happen. The oldest boy invented it

The founder of the children’s store Eva Ptáčková became her victim. Her son, who worked with a 17-year-old boy, came home to tell a colleague caught stealing food. He apologized to her for the fact that his parents had died in an accident, and he took care of his two younger brothers himself so that they would not have to go to the orphanage.

Eva Ptáčková deals with foster care herself, so of course she started to solve the matter – she started arranging a replacement “aunt” and at the same time published several statuses with a request for material and financial support for boys. In the end, about 300 thousand crowns went to the account.

“I was completely shocked when the police and a lawyer who was supposed to help the boys contacted me on Monday morning, saying that no such accident had occurred,” she told the Prague daily. According to her, the family is complete and it was probably a system of young men’s lies, which they began to pack on themselves and whom they believed.

“After the case was published in the media, we started investigating everything ourselves, because the police do not really proceed in this way. We found out through the investigation that the organization was a victim of fraud,” Eva Kropáčová, a spokeswoman for the Prague police, told the Prague daily.

The money will be returned to the donors

“Hello, we want to thank all willing people in advance for the wave of solidarity. However, at the moment we are closing the account and after agreement with the lawyer we return all funds back to the donors’ accounts. The situation of the boys has changed fundamentally and is now in the OSPOD solution. to the account by the end of the week, please contact us, we will solve it immediately, “Ptáčková published on Facebook on Monday afternoon.

“I’m very sorry, we have a few gifts in kind, if the donors want to pick them up, of course they can, otherwise they will be used in other foster families. When all the funds received are returned, I will cancel the account, but I can’t do it sooner. Holt, for example, must be punished for every good deed, “concluded the unhappy Ptáčková.

The editors of Pražský deník apologize to all readers for insufficiently verifying the initial information about the whole story.


Wind of madness around the RV

The coronavirus has shaken up the vacations of several Quebecers who are more likely than ever to have chosen to rent a recreational vehicle (RV), to the point where some companies no longer have one before September.

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“We do 500 rental departures per summer. At its peak, this year, we had 150 calls per day, double the number of last year, and that’s apart from internet requests! »Says Nanny Déry, rental manager at VR St-Cyr, in Beloeil.

“We started the season two months late, and at the start we had a lot of cancellations. Many have postponed their rental for 2021, ”adds Ms. Déry, whose company still has a few vehicles for the end of August, beginning of September, otherwise the book was full until the end of September.

” It’s stupid ! It’s a new clientele that has no knowledge of RVs and it’s great to see them go, ”says Mathieu Hérard, general manager at VR Soulière, in Lavaltrie.

“We had decided to only rent motorhomes, but in view of the traffic, this year, we have rented around thirty trailers. I would like to have more motorized vehicles, but the factories do not supply. I have nothing more available before September 20, ”he says.

With its 1,000 vehicles, CanaDream is the largest RV rental company in the country. Quebec tourists “have limited the damage,” admits Christian Léveillée, director for eastern Canada.

“Our clientele is usually 80% or 85% European. This year, it’s 100% Quebec. We are 98% full until the end of August, ”says the man whose business is based in Mirabel.

To achieve this change of clientele, CanaDream has established partnerships with the CAA-Quebec and Transat travel agencies.

“It’s a way for us to respond to the demands of our members and to adapt to what people can and want to do this summer. VR quickly turned out to be a dream solution, ”analyzes Pierre-Olivier Fortin, communications advisor at CAA-Quebec.

At Roulotte E. Turmel in Château-Richer, however, the situation has hardly changed. The company rents trailers from 22 to 30 feet which require a vehicle with good towing capacity. “The rentals for the construction weeks were completed in March and April, as in the past. We have more last minute requests. I have availability for the second week of August, ”says the president of the company, Suzie Turmel.

Even some owners are solicited. “I received four offers this summer to rent my vehicle, between $ 200 and $ 285 per day,” says, still a little surprised, Sébastien Larente, of Saint-Adèle.

A family that bought a 1992 RV last year and turned down four rental offers over the summer.  On the photo: Emmanuelle Philibert, Sébastien Larente, Victor, Marie, Henri and Chewy.

Courtesy photo

A family that bought a 1992 RV last year and turned down four rental offers over the summer. On the photo: Emmanuelle Philibert, Sébastien Larente, Victor, Marie, Henri and Chewy.

In August 2019, Mr. Larente purchased a 1992 21-foot Class C for $ 10,750, his first RV. As the vehicle is used extensively by the family this summer, he has so far declined these offers. But he intends to reassess his position at the end of the season, especially as applications, such as RVEzy, now facilitate this kind of operation.

Sales are also doing very well. ” This is completely crazy. I don’t know if we’re going to sell more than last year, because we’re going to run out of inventory. On the other hand, we will catch up, ”suggests Josée Bédard, president of Roulottes Chaudière, in Lévis and Alma, and of the Association of recreational vehicle traders of Quebec.

“Since these are a lot of new buyers, people don’t have a trade-in and we have fewer users. To this, she adds the understaffing, citing the PCU, which has had an impact on the service.

“The demand is excessively high. There are a lot of people who are new to RVing. It’s incredible, we see the market changing. There is a lot of demand in small vehicles. In class C, demand is extraordinary, class B is growing and small trailers are very popular. We are short of vehicles, ”explains Serge Trudeau, general manager of VR St-Cyr, who has been in the field for 24 years.

Rent your RV

Like Airbnb, there are now platforms to rent out your RV. Hundreds of vehicles in Quebec are listed on Outdoorsy and RVezy. The offer is varied, from the tent-trailer to the spacious class A, almost new, recent, a little old or almost antique. A little research is required, but you’ll find quirks: homemade vehicles, units from the 1970s like the classic rounded Boler, the Westfalia of your childhood (very popular judging by the tariffs), and even Jeeps topped with ‘a retractable tent!

What permit?

Do you have a driving license? So you can get behind the wheel of any RV. The standard class 5 license authorizes the driving of a 45-foot motorhome or a large fifth-wheel trailer. However, driving lessons are offered, in particular by the Fédération québécoise de camping et de caravaning, which offers a 12-hour course, including four of practice.

Up to 23 m

In Quebec, it is allowed to pull one or two trailers. If your set has two vehicles (one towing and one trailer, or one motorized and one trailer), it is limited to 23 m in length, or a little over 75 feet. With two trailers, for example a van, a trailer and a boat, the maximum length is limited to 19 m, just over 62 feet.

Advice from specialists

“Leasing diesel fueled vehicles is a bit more expensive, but it can be more cost effective than a gasoline vehicle for those who will be going the long haul. ” — Nanny Déry, VR St-Cyr

“You have to know the needs of customers. Some will crowd six in a 25 footer, others will want to be only two in a 40. ” — Nanny Déry, VR St-Cyr

“People sometimes forget the length of the vehicle and hang it in the back.” — Nanny Déry, VR St-Cyr

“The sewer connection is often problematic at first. Listen carefully to the technician’s advice before departure. ” — Mathieu Hérard, VR Soulière

” Take your time. People want to drive as fast as they do with their cars, but forget they have 8,000 pounds behind them. ” — Mathieu Hérard, VR Soulière

“You have to make sure that the towing vehicle is able to pull the trailer, that it has control for the trailer brakes, and adapt the torsion bars. ” – Suzie Turmel, Caravan E. Turmel

“Damage such as not properly closing the fridge door or blocking the toilet because we did not use biodegradable paper are part of the pleasure of camping. It’s like fishing anecdotes! ” – Suzie Turmel, Caravan E. Turmel

“A first RV getaway requires a lot of preparation and adjustments. Do not hesitate to seek advice from the landlord or someone who is familiar with this way of traveling. ” – Pierre-Olivier Fortin, CAA-Quebec

“Check with your auto insurer to see if the policy already covers an RV, and if not, if it is possible to add a rider. ” – Pierre-Olivier Fortin, CAA-Quebec


Even more problems with the Samsung Galaxy S20: Pokémon Go keeps freezing

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Disappointment for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X: next-gen version of Cyberpunk 2077 is late – Notebookcheck

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the doctor said why there are few coronavirus cases in Samara

The number of patients with coronavirus in the Samara region since the beginning of April has grown by three people. It’s really a bit, but the situation around is more like preparing for combat action. New infectious beds are constantly being prepared in the region, doctors are being trained, hospitals are being re-equipped. Residents perplexed: “More patients? They don’t tell any information? ” In fact, there is no need to look for a dirty trick: citizens are honestly told about how the situation is developing. But what comes next is difficult to predict. Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Samara State Medical University, Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Samara Region on the Problems of Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV Infection, Infectious Disease Doctor with 30 Years of Experience Elena Strebkova now helps to organize an infectious diseases hospital at the hospital named after Midpoint “There are no patients here, but who knows if they will appear tomorrow.” She told in an exclusive interview to a journalist “KPSamara”, Why the whole branch of medicine is working so hard today, although the numbers of cases and the inhabitants seem low, are Samara residents at risk of picking up a coronavirus and why is COVID-19 more dangerous than“ ordinary flu ”.

– Elena Alekseevna, why is such mass training, reprofiling of hospitals necessary?

– The measures taken by the government of the country and the region, and now allow us to prevent a surge in incidence. If not for them, we would be faced with a situation that is now happening around the world. Thanks to the measures taken for isolation and sanitation, a large number of cases of infection do not appear. This is done so that all our medical organizations have time to prepare. We see that new cases of infection and new cases appear daily, and we must be prepared to provide highly qualified medical assistance to the residents of the region. Like all my colleagues, we will be happy if we do not have to. But we must be prepared.

– How are hospitals preparing to receive coronavirus patients, what is the peculiarity of interacting with such patients?

– Infectious diseases that we usually deal with in the Samara Region are caused by microorganisms that do not require special preparation from a doctor. And COVID-19 is a particularly dangerous infection. Therefore, all protective measures in hospitals converted to infectious hospitals, for example, in SOKB named after V.D. Seredavina, taken for this class of pathogenicity. For this, doctors put on protective suits, masks, goggles – a person must be fully protected, because even small aerosol drops that remain in the air after coughing or sneezing can get on it and then lead to infection.

– How are doctors trained to resist the coronavirus?

– Doctors at hospitals that are converting to infectious hospitals are currently undergoing training. First of all, they are taught to wear and take off protective clothing correctly. Because the physician must first protect himself from infection, otherwise there will be no one to help people.

In addition, doctors are told how the virus is transmitted and how to protect themselves; they explain all the rules for disinfection. Of course, we study the clinical forms of the disease, how it manifests itself, what supporting signs of coronavirus infection, what indicators you need to pay attention to in order to make a diagnosis and assess the severity of the patient.

Why is it important now to stay at home.Why is it important to stay at home during coronavirus? That’s what the doctors say about it

– And as for lung ventilation, for example? Is she taught to do it?

– Naturally, such a huge number of resuscitators, infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, which may be needed in case of a surge in incidence, is not in the healthcare system. Therefore, if necessary, infectious disease specialists and pulmonologists will work as consultants. One infectious disease specialist and pulmonologist per 100 patients – this will be quite hard work.

Under their guidance, doctors of all other specialties, after training, will be able to work with such patients. But the main burden will fall on resuscitators. Here, one resuscitator with two nurses will work for six people. Although basic training in mechanical ventilation and resuscitation will still pass all the doctors. For example, the staff of Seredavin Hospital is almost completing such training.

– How large, in your opinion, is an infectious disease specialist with 30 years of experience in the likelihood of a scenario when 100 coronavirus patients fall on one pulmonologist?

– We all want to hope that this probability is low, but we should always be prepared for this. It’s impossible to deploy an infectious diseases hospital in a hospital that was not intended for this; deploying such a huge number of resuscitation beds is impossible. The preparations that are currently underway will allow us to avoid the so-called “Italian scenario” – the very help that is needed will be immediately provided to the patients. IN Italy such a difficult situation was due to the large number of patients at the same time. Quarantine was announced late in the country; the healthcare system was not ready for such an arrival of patients who need ventilation support. In our country, the health system managed to prepare.

– Explain why we have so few patients and how relevant is self-isolation in this situation?

– These are the rules for the development of the epidemic. Why in Moscow so many sick? Not only because there are more people. But also because people from different countries flocked there and only then were distributed among the regions. Therefore, a huge number of sources of infection fell precisely in the capital. Naturally, there is the largest percentage of cases. But people from Moscow came here, and now the virus is spreading here. And now it doesn’t have to be contact with a person who came from abroad. This may be contact with a person who has not left the territory of the Samara region, who himself does not suspect that he is a source of infection.

The virus already exists in the urban environment, and it was for this reason that self-isolation measures were taken to protect people from each other. The closer we are to each other, the greater the likelihood of becoming infected, and the biggest danger is that this will happen at the same time, giving a greater burden on the health system.

“How can the virus spread if we all sit at home?”

– Let’s really look at things. You are not sitting at home. Anyway, you go to the store, to the pharmacy, where to whatever. The main distribution path is through door handles, through the buttons of elevators, in contact with trolleys in stores. These are transmission routes that no one has canceled. And with close contact at a distance of less than two meters, infection from person to person is also possible.

– They say that coronavirus is less dangerous than ordinary flu, it has less mortality, there is no reason for panic?

Coronavirus prevention: 10 tips by Gennady Onishchenko.“The epidemic will end soon and we will return to a happy life,” Gennady Onishchenko reassures. And for the prevention of coronavirus, he gives the Russians 10 simple tips

– Mortality from influenza was also quite high until the moment of mass vaccination. Now vaccination saves us from a large number of deaths with the flu. And we expect the appearance of a coronavirus vaccine only by the end of the year. Therefore, people are not protected. And since the virus is new, it first appeared this year, we have no immunity. And since no one has immunity, there is no layer that would restrain the explosive nature of the epidemic. Explosive is when several thousand cases appear at one moment. According to some experts, the main surge in the incidence may occur next week. The medical system must be prepared for this.

– In social networks, KP-Samara asked readers why, in their opinion, in the Samara region such a low incidence of coronavirus. It turned out that most are sure: we just have little testing for coronavirus. How do you rate coronavirus testing in the region? Are they enough?

– We test as much as necessary, except Rospotrebnadzor A laboratory has been deployed at the AIDS Center. They test those who came from abroad and are in quarantine, all patients with pneumonia, with severe forms of acute respiratory infections, pregnant women – volumes are large.

“And the main question that worries everyone is when will it all end?”

– So far, the measures taken are designed for the next three months. But we will all be happy if everything ends earlier.


Samara doctors showed how they will treat severe patients with coronavirus

True, doctors hope that they will not have to apply their skills. But everything is ready to receive patients with severe coronavirus (details)

Coronavirus in Samara, the latest news on April 10, 2020: for the last day without new cases, payments to doctors and laptops for large families

We tell the latest news about coronavirus in Samara on April 10, 2020, as well as measures to support health care and families with many children (details)

We save ourselves from coronavirus with whiteness and dichlorvos: the girl spoke about the horrors of self-isolation in a communal apartment

How to survive in self-isolation if it is impossible to hide from neighbors. 30-year-old Tatyana shared the delights of life surrounded by neighbors (details)


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition available for pre-order today

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Why the IT market is suffering from the pandemic

Bechtle employee

The IT service provider has been in high demand for weeks.

(Photo: Bechtle)

Dusseldorf Production starts. After the corona virus pandemic, work started again in factories in China. This is good news for the technology industry: the majority of smartphones and laptops, memory chips and processors are manufactured in the Middle Kingdom. However, the impact of the crisis on the IT and telecommunications market cannot be predicted – not only because of the disruptions in the supply chain. Now the disease is paralyzing many other countries.

No wonder that forecasts for the industry quickly look old. The market researcher IDC, for example, has revised its numbers several times since the pandemic broke out. He now assumes that sales in Europe will only increase by one percent this year, in the pessimistic scenario even by only 0.2 percent. At the beginning of February, the brand was still up around 2.8 percent in constant currency.

A further deterioration is conceivable: “We have to time stamp all information at the moment,” says IDC analyst Philip Carter. “What we say today, we will probably have to adjust tomorrow.” While hardware sales are falling due to restrictions in China, many companies in Europe are postponing projects due to the uncertainty. “Since both the supply chain and demand are affected, the corona crisis has an impact on the real economy,” says Carter.

However, not all products are affected equally. The boom in services such as Zoom, Webex and Teams shows, for example, that collaboration solutions are in demand. The same applies to devices such as PCs and smartphones, which are also necessary for working in the home office.

The IT service provider Bechtle For example, demand has been high for weeks. Currently 25,000 parcels leave the central warehouse instead of the usual 15,000. Notebooks and – due to delivery bottlenecks – PCs, monitors and headsets are particularly in demand.

Cloud computing should also develop at least stable in the short term and grow significantly in the long term. On the one hand, providers like that benefit AmazonSubsidiary AWS that companies like Zoom, Slack and Netflix use their infrastructure. On the other hand, flexible access to resources is currently helpful.

“Technology helps deal with the crisis,” said IDC analyst Carter. The corona pandemic will change permanently, “How we work, how we do business, how we exchange ideas, how we travel,” he is convinced.

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