Coronavirus: Insep will welcome patients – Fil Info

With a view to unclogging the already overcrowded hospitals in Île-de-France, the National Institute for Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP) will welcome the provision of 69 isolated rooms to fragile and isolated people. ‘ordinary reserved for trainees. Taken in consultation with the Ministry of Sports, this decision also concerns other sports centers such as CREPS […]

Simone Biles cried after learning about postponement of the Olympic Games

At the microphone of the chain NBC, Simone Biles made no secret of the fact that she struggled to cash in on the announcement of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021. “I cried, but in the end it was the right decision. We have to make sure everyone is healthy. At the time, […]

Corona: motivational coach – “athletes like Teletubbies on Ecstasy”

Sports Motivational coach “Athletes’ heads are like teletubbies on ecstasy” As of: 1:35 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes Corona virus? The athletes’ heads are “like Teletubbies on Ecstasy” The corona crisis creates great uncertainty in sports. When does it continue, how does it continue, does it continue at all? Motivation coach Matthias Herzog advises […]

Our detour to Tokyo: “I won’t lose my last fight against Corona”

“I woke up and saw that my cell phone was glowing. I thought what happened now? Then I read: Olympia canceled, Olympic postponement – it hurt so much, ”wrestles wrestler Frank Stäbler. He would have been a gold candidate for Tokyo 2020. “I found the news a slap in the face, even though the decision […]

IOC decision: Olympia in Tokyo will start next summer

Sports IOC decision Tokyo 2021 causes scheduling problems in other sports As of: 5:04 p.m. | Reading time: 4 minutes Olympia 2021 will be fantastic US President Donald Trump welcomes the decision to postpone the Olympic Games until 2021. The 73-year-old is convinced that Olympia 2021 will be fantastic. After the new scheduling of the […]

Candied bodies # 5: gyrokinesis with Stephen Thompson

You dream every night of crystal-clear concentric circles, infinite spirals and the triple axles of Philippe Candoloro at the 1994 Winter Olympics. No doubt, in recent days, have you lacked space for freedom or have you unscrewed an unreasonable amount of Tokay bottles. Perhaps you still came across the conference by Belgian choreographer Anne-Teresa De […]

Olympic champion Van Rouwendaal and her training in an inflatable pool

Sunday, 29 March 2020 – 17:48 The alarm decree caught the Dutch woman in the CAR of Sierra Nevada and, back home, she decided to buy the necessary equipment to continue training in the water Van Rouwendaal trains in his inflatable pool.EM An inflatable Carrefour pool, a belt, a rope and a pole to tie […]

Interwetten CEO: “Live bets account for almost a hundred percent”

WORLD: Mr. Beier, what can sports fans currently bet on? Dominik Beier: It is very thin. Some of what we now offer is already exotic. Table tennis is still played a lot, there is no physical contact here. The football league in Belarus also plays, some clubs are known to fans in Germany from the […]

“The postponement of the Games has been a relief”

Mireia Belmonte, the reigning Olympic swimming champion, has acknowledged that the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics until 2021 was a “super-accurate” decision that for her has been “a relief” for how the coronavirus pandemic was affecting her preparation. “It has been a relief because after these days without training and without a pool we have […]

Seven years without Soraya, first Mexican Olympic champion

MEXICO CITY. One day like but from 2013, he passed away Soraya Jiménez, the first Mexican woman to obtain a gold medal in an Olympic Gamesfeat he accomplished in the weightlifting tournament of Sydney 2000. The Mexican athlete went down in the history of national sports by becoming the first ‘Aztec’ Olympic monarch, the path […]