20 minutes – sub-tenant strangled, then passed to corpse

It was an unusual case that the Zurich District Court had to deal with a year and a half ago: not only had the suspect claimed that he was led by an “upper power”, but he had also sexually assaulted the body after the crime. Now the 36-year-old French-speaking Switzerland has also been sentenced by […]

20 minutes – tips against inner turmoil in corona times

The life of many is currently happening at home, with regular visits to the fridge. Where does the permanent appetite for snack come from? Stress is often the cause. Fear of contagion, fear of the future, children who need to be looked after: This stress also manifests itself in physical tension, which is mediated by […]

20 minutes – Now Switzerland cuts its own hair

Almost all shops in Switzerland have been closed for almost three weeks. The corona lockdown also hits the hairdressing salons. Customers can therefore not have their hair cut professionally during this time. survey Are you cutting your own hair now? Stay informed about economic issues If you subscribe to the notifications from the business channel, […]

20 minutes – 90 year old refused ventilator

Ventilators can become vital for the insidious lung disease Covid-19. However, in some countries there are not enough machines available, which is why doctors have to decide which patients to treat and which not. Suzanne Hoylaerts made her own decision and voluntarily decided not to use such a ventilator. The 90-year-old woman from Belgium had […]

20 minutes – Prince Charles reports after Corona disease

On Wednesday afternoon Prince Charles showed up again for the first time after announcing last week that the 71-year-old suffered from the corona virus. survey Where are you now? If you subscribe to the People Push, you will no longer miss anything from the world of the rich, the beautiful and the people who are […]

20 minutes – 67-year-old crashes into the house wall and dies

On Tuesday, shortly before 1 p.m., a traffic accident occurred in Schübelbach. This is announced by the cantonal police in Schwyz. A driver was on the canton road towards Siebnen in the afternoon. The 67-year-old man was sitting alone in the vehicle. An accident then occurred in the village. As the police say, the driver […]

20 minutes – Manor attacks Migros and Coop with new service

Because of the corona shutdown, many people no longer want to buy their groceries in the store, but online from home. The delivery services of Migros and Coop have had their hands full in the past few weeks, delivery dates are booked out for weeks. survey Do you order groceries online? Manor now wants to […]

20 minutes – large crowds overload the homelearning platform

Christof Müller is a trained teacher and computer scientist. A few years ago, when he was unable to find a simple platform to share links and teaching material with his students, he quickly programmed one himself. “That was the beginning of the school on screen project, Schabi for short,” says Müller in 20 minutes. survey […]

20 minutes – Banker fakes cry for help and shoots at officials

The emergency call to the Schwyz cantonal police came in shortly after 1 a.m. on Monday. The notifier, a 40-year-old Swiss, stated that he needed help and then fired several Shots towards the police car when it arrived. He was later arrested and no one was injured. How TeleZüri reports, the 40-year-old is a high-ranking […]

20 minutes – clubs and bars want to stop rent payments

The gastronomy and club scene is one of the sectors most affected by the corona crisis. In mid-March, clubs, bars and restaurants had to shut down: in the canton of Zurich alone there are almost 3,000, as the industry association Gastro Zürich City announced. survey Should catering establishments be waived of rent during the lockdown? […]