The price of gold reaches a record high

The price of gold in the Asian market rose for a while to 1944.71 dollars (1675.32 euros) per ounce on Monday, exceeding the previous record of 1921.18 dollars (1655.05 euros), which was registered in 2011.

The rise in the price of gold is also driven by the depreciation of the US dollar against other currencies due to ambitious monetary stimulus measures in the United States.

Analysts predict that the price of gold could exceed $ 2,000 an ounce.

Gold investors also see it as a so-called safe haven asset at a time when US-China relations are intensifying.

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The winner of the show “Lauku sēta” has been determined

The summer at “Lauku sēta” is over, and the hostess Anita was pleased to appreciate how much has been done this summer – long-cherished dreams have been realized, a recreation area by a previously overgrown pond has been created, a recreation terrace has been built, weeds have been cut, grass has been cut from the forest! The participants have learned to cook snails and fought for the sympathy of the inhabitants of the Lake in tasting meat dishes!

The hostess Anita and Jānis went on a big job and looked back at the brightest rules – this summer there has been no shortage of hard work, no new moments of friendship and love, no competition full of struggle, intrigue and scabies. All participants of this season came to the finals at “Lauku sēta” to warmly greet the hostess and support their favorites in the finals.

The season ended with a strong finalist five – two ladies took part in the finals – sports accountant Evita, attractive city dweller Evija, and three brave guys – fierce competitors – firefighters Normunds and Aigars and Salvis, whose participation in the show was a childhood dream.

The competition for the victory took place in several stages, where in each of them the ingenuity, physical and mental endurance of the finalists, as well as the ability to make strategic decisions in conditions of stress will be tested. And in the final stage of the final, Aigars competed in a fierce battle with Normunds, testing both physical fitness and strategic thinking, and even knowledge of “Lauku sēta”.

The intense tests ended with the last task – to open the treasure chest. Aigars is lucky and he becomes the winner of the sixth season of “Lauku sēta”! Thus, Aigars won the main prize – a gift card worth 7,000 euros from the manufacturer of steel roofing “Toode”.

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PHOTO: opening ceremony of the book by the charming actress Dita Lūriņa


The Lithuanian Foreign Minister is unable to contact Tikhanovska and is concerned about her safety

“I tried to contact her for several hours, but her whereabouts are unknown after she came to the election commission to protest the counting of votes. [Viņas] the lawyer came out from there, but it is not clear where she is and does not know it either [viņas kampaņas] headquarters, “Linkēvičs told the news agency BNS.

“This raises concerns about her safety and situation,” the minister added.

It has already been reported that Tikhanyovsky filed a complaint with the Central Election Commission on Monday, demanding the transfer of votes.

“The complaint was filed due to the established violations of the law during the counting of votes and the requirement to count again.

She also said that Tikhanovsky did not take part in street protests to avoid provocations. Many members of the Tihanovsk election campaign headquarters have been detained over the past week.

“The team decided not to take part in the protests to avoid provocations,” Krasulin said. “The authorities can create a provocative situation to detain her, and we need her in freedom.”

According to official results, the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko won 80.23% of the vote in the presidential election in Belarus on Sunday, while opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovska won almost 9.9%.

Tihanovsky said on Monday that he considered himself the winner of the election and demanded that the authorities hand over power to the opposition.

About 3,000 people have been detained in protests in Belarus, the press service of the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior said on Monday.

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Maligina’s ex-wife is outraged at Olainfarm board chief Rebenok’s involvement in family inheritance matters

She pointed out that according to the Commercial Law, if the shareholders have more than 5% of the share capital, then they have the right to request to convene an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting. “We together with [Valērija Maligina vidējo meitu] Niku [Saveļjevu] there is an appropriate number of shares, so we have the legal right to request that this extraordinary shareholders’ meeting be convened. According to the law, the Board has three months to convene a shareholders’ meeting. If they do not do it, then the state or the Register of Enterprises will do it instead of the board, “Baldere-Sildedze pointed out.

Pavel Rebenok, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Olainfarm, has previously said that an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting will not be convened because Olainfarm acted as required by the Commercial Law. “An extraordinary shareholders’ meeting can be convened by the board on its own initiative. We discussed it with the board and there will be no such initiative, because the board has a quorum and a quorum. The quorum is enough for three people and there are currently four on the board. Rebenox. At the same time, he expressed the view that the heirs should initially enter into an agreement on the division of the inheritance, as this is now a set, each of which owns a third of the notional shares and not specific shares.

Baldere-Sildedze, on the other hand, said that the agreement should be concluded on movable and immovable property left in the inheritance, but the shares have already been divided. “The shares have already been distributed. I do not understand how the chairman of the council allows to deal with inheritance issues that are not within his competence as an official,” Baldere-Sildedze said, adding that this is not a topical issue and does not affect Olainfarm’s operations in any way. “This is a matter of private relations between the heirs and does not apply to Olainfarm, as the shares are already divided separately,” Baldere-Sildedze emphasized.

Inga Krūkle, a member of the board of Olainfarm, pointed out that Rebenoks, the chairman of the council of Olainfarm, is responsible for the issues of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting, explaining that “this is how they decided to divide responsibilities in communication and it is not unusual”.

Rebenoks said after submitting the application of Baldere-Sildedze and Saveļjeva for convening an extraordinary shareholders ‘meeting that, based on the provisions of the Commercial Law, a decision on convening or not convening an extraordinary shareholders’ meeting would be made within two weeks.

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As reported, Baldere-Sildedze and Saveļjeva have requested that an extraordinary meeting of Olainfarm shareholders be convened on the grounds of “preventing the consequences of unfair use of rights by third parties in the form of unlawful restriction of shareholder rights and damages to Olainfarm”. The agenda of the extraordinary shareholders’ meeting also includes a decision on filing a claim against the current Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Olainfarm Rebenok, his deputy, another heir of Maligin, eldest daughter Irina Maligin, member of the Supervisory Board Mārtiņš Krieķis, Chairman of the Board Oleg Grigorjevs.

An extraordinary shareholders’ meeting has also been requested because one of the council members resigned on September 11, therefore it is necessary to elect a new council, because according to the Commercial Law, if the joint stock company shares are publicly traded, the minimum number of council members is five. At the request of Sildedze and Saveļjeva. The heirs also demand the withdrawal of the existing one and the election of a new company audit committee.

On September 4, at the Olainfarm shareholders ‘meeting, changes were made in the company’s council – according to the shareholders’ decision, Ivars Kalvins, Milana Beļeviča and Ivars Godmanis stopped working in the council, but Pāvels Rebenoks (Mārtiņš Kėlyis and Daina Sirlaka) were appointed in their place. Irina Maligina and Baldere-Sildedze continued their work in the company’s council.

Baldere-Sildedze has resigned from the position of a member of the Supervisory Board as of September 11, stating that he has done so because “he considers it impossible to continue working in the Supervisory Board of Olainfarm together with the persons who are currently members of it”.

Baldere-Sildedze and Saveļjeva have applied to law enforcement authorities to initiate criminal proceedings in connection with raiding in the company, abuse of power and fraud. The applications call for the protection of the interests of Olainfarm, the company’s shareholders and heirs, as the events of recent days indicate an abusive and dishonest takeover of the company. The Applicants are of the opinion that as a result of raiding, Olainfarm may be exploited by deliberately causing significant losses to all shareholders and endangering the future of the company, for which the members of the company’s council and board are personally liable in accordance with the Commercial Law.

Olainfarm Group’s turnover in the first half of 2018 was 61.844 million euros, which is 1.4% less than in the corresponding period last year, but the group’s profit increased by 1.5%, reaching 5.786 million euros.

Olainfarm manufactures finished dosage forms, pharmaceuticals and food supplements, as well as chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. The company’s shares are listed on the official list of “Nasdaq Riga”.

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PHOTO: Viesturs Kairiss’s new film “Piļsāta pi river” premiered in Latgale

The film was shown first in Latgale, thus showing gratitude for the huge and enthusiastic support of the inhabitants of the beautiful region of Latvia in making the film. The premiere in Kraslava was shot with standing statues. The Riga premiere of the film will take place this week – on Wednesday, January 15 at the cinema “Splendid Palace” and “Kino Citadele”.

Both the filmmakers and the main characters Dāvis Suharevskis, Agnese Cīrule and Gundars Āboliņš came to the premiere of the film Latgale. For the first time, local actors of smaller and larger roles, who filmed in Krāslava, Ludza, Piedruja, Rēzekne and Varakļāni, also appreciated their roles on the screen in Krāslava. In total, almost a thousand Latgale residents took part in the film. Māra Liniņa, the head of the film’s selection of actors, gratefully remembers that many of the participants of the mass audience were so enthusiastic that before filming they did not ask the usual questions about how long to film, whether to eat and what will happen.

After the premiere in Krāslava, several spectators shared their first impressions of what they saw. Poet Anna Rancāne appreciates that the film is laconic and the director has managed to “tell the story of Latgale-Latvian-world history without such great exaggerated emotions and pathos. There is no such ethnography in the film, and the Latgalian language is very organic there ”. After watching the film, Māris Susējs, the actor of Bite, said: “Kairišs talks about history with touches that will make people think.” And yet – the film reminds us that we should be grateful that we no longer live at that time and “in fact we do not have the right to chatter a lot”. Linguist and cultural historian Lidija Leikuma says about the director’s work: “He is a piglet. Getting all the density in such a short story so as not to have a depressing impression is a great success. Great success!”

Director Viesturs Kairišs also described his feelings after the film was handed over to Latvian audiences: “It was disturbing and extremely emotional to show the film in Krāslava. And to run it in people. Yes, above all a whole stage of his life, concentrated in less than two hours. May the film have a wonderful life, which began in the picturesque city of Latgale by the river. The river flowed into the bed of its own source. “

Director Viesturs Kairišs has created a drama of historical relations about events in Latvia in the 1930s and 1940s together with his long-term creative partners – artist Ieva Jurjānis and cameraman Gints Bērziņš. The film produced by the studio “Ego Media” is financed by the National Film Center, as well as Lithuanian and Czech film institutions; supports the municipalities of Krāslava, Ludza, Rēzekne and other Latgale cities, the distributor of the film in Latvia is “ACME Film”, which also participates in the financing of the film.

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Māra Katarska tells in an open interview about the experience of being captured by a former friend of Arab origin

The singer Maris Katarskis reveals shocking information about the show – he was beaten and held captive in a prisoner by a man of Arab origin. The girl discovers that music and travel are her whole life. Mara once lived and worked in Greece and Thailand until last year in the Egyptian city of Hurghada. She always found the Arab lands attractive until the moment when her own life hung on her hair. Mara does not hide that emotional wounds are fresh and it is difficult to talk about what has been experienced. The couple is much loved and probably still loved by the girl.

“I met him at the club, by accident. Something attracted me to him. At first he was very dear to me and behaved well, we talked about future plans. He really wanted a baby from me. Although there were objections to my work, he kept mentioned and was very jealous that I work with people, meet in hotels and sing to them, “the story of a former friend who physically affected the girl, reveals Mara. “Once he reacted very sharply after a phone call,” the girl reveals the reason for the dispute, after which the girl was captured and beaten thoroughly. The guy has become very aggressive because he was not at peace with the fact that the girl is being called by a colleague. “He became very aggressive and brutally beat me so that I couldn’t move,” says Mara.

Probably, jealous, the man hit Māra on the head, brutally kicked her feet. The blows have been so strong that Māra still can’t hear well with one ear. “I broke my phone, said I wasn’t going anywhere, that I wasn’t allowed to talk to my family, I wasn’t going anywhere without his permission,” the girl remembers the terrible events.

The abuser gave Māra painkillers because she was in pain all over her body after experiencing the violence. Māra was lucky that her mother caused a major storm on social networks, because she was convinced that something bad had happened to her daughter.

“He wanted to take me to Cairo and officially marry me and didn’t ask me if I wanted to,” Mara reveals the boy’s intentions. The details of the girl do not want to tell, because it is too painful to remember. She wanted to leave as soon as possible.

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It has already been reported that Mara Katarska, who disappeared at the beginning of January, has successfully returned home. “I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the sincere people who helped me back to safety,” Māra writes in her profile.

The singer posted a video taken a year ago on her Instagram profile. Mara performs a cover version of the composition “The Worst” and tells that these words accurately reflect her emotions.

“I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, but I want you. I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, I don’t need you, but I love you “- posted in the song song.

“I wanted to tell everyone that I am safe, everything is fine with me, everything will be fine. Huge thanks to everyone who wrote, who was interested. I will continue to answer and will continue until I have answered everyone, ”said Māra in her video published on January 15, in which the girl is seen with a thoroughly battered face.

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Deer reminds Dortikos not to forget to take the belt of the world champion to the fight

In the second season of WBSS, the fight in Riga will be the final in the last of the three weight categories of the season. The press conference took place two months before the final fight scheduled for “Arena Riga”.

“Briedis and Dortikoss are currently the two best boxers in the weight category, two-time world champions. And on March 21 there will be a fight for the most valuable prize at the moment – the cup named after Muhammad Ali. Latvia will be proud that such a fight has taken place in Riga,” The importance of the match was highlighted by superseries promouters Kalle Zauerlands.

“Already last year, we saw in the WBSS finals two historical fights that our children will talk about, several generations. Weighing up to 53.5 kilograms, the final in Tokyo in November 2019 between Japan’s Naoju Inoui and Filipino Nonito Donajri was definitely the best fight in the world last year and is “The O2 Arena in London, which weighed up to 63.5 kilograms with 19,000 seats a month before, did not disappoint viewers,” said Sauerland.

He promised on March 21 a war, not a fight, expressed hope that the tickets, which will officially start selling on Wednesday, will be sold, if not in a few hours, then in days, and shared the memories that once he arrived in Riga, he mentioned that he wanted to change the place. on Las Vegas in Europe.

The Cuban boxer was a little sleepy after arriving in Riga on January 21, because the time zone difference between Miami and the United States, from where the Cuban started his trip, is seven hours.

“First of all, thank you for the opportunity to be here. Thank you to everyone who helped me get here. Since the previous fight in Riga (June WBSS semifinals with American Andrew Tabiti), I feel at home here. The fight will not be easy. Come to it and you will receive a gift,” the Cuban, who is called the Slaughtered Doctor, hinted at another slaughter.

“I will have the honor of fighting for the prize named after Muhammad Ali and taking it home after I have killed Briedi,” the Cuban boxer had no doubt of his victory in the upcoming match.

“I think it will be a good fight, because the opponent is strong,” said Briedis about the final, who noted that after leaving the police he can concentrate on boxing 100%, as well as emphasized the excellent weather conditions in Riga, which allows to prepare for the fight on the spot. including fresh air.

“I hope that the opponent is not a balamute,” Briedis hinted at yesterday’s statements that the Cuban will knock out the Latvian boxers in the final, continuing with humor. “A strong team helps to prepare. It is important for me that the fight will take place in Riga. It both imposes an additional burden of responsibility on the shoulders and gives additional motivation. so that the Cuban does not forget to grab his world champion belt. “

“It will be a big holiday for the fans, but for us it is hard work. Whoever has done his homework better will also win,” Briedis did not take to predict the outcome of the fight.

He mentioned that every fight is important, but this will be one of the most important in his boxing career. The betting odds will be the world champion belt in the International Boxing Federation (IBF) version, as well as the prize named after Muhammad Ali. So “it would be foolish to prepare for a frivolous fight.”

In case one of the two boxers will not be able to take part in the March 21st fight, the WBSS has spare options: “We have spare boxers. When three fights have to be completed in a limited time and the athletes are close to their maximum capacity not only in fights but also in training, no injuries. Also during the first WBSS season, all four semi-finalists were injured. “

Two months later, Mairis Briedis from Latvia and Juniels Dortikoss, a Cuban living in Miami, took part in a press conference in honor of the WBSS finals two months later at Arena Riga, which are currently considered to be the best boxers in the world or the first heavyweight (up to 90.7 kilograms) , Raimonds Zeps and Luis Fonseka, respectively, and WBSS promouters Kalle Zauerlands.

35-year-old Briedis has won 26 victories in his professional boxer career, 19 of whom have been killed and suffered one loss in the WBSS first season semi-final in Riga against Ukrainian Oleksandr Usik.

Two-year-old Cuban boxer Dorticos has won 24 victories, only two of whom have been forced to complete all the rounds in the ring, and also suffered one loss – a week after the deer lost to Usik, the Cuban in Sochi lost to Murat Gasij in the second WBSS semifinals.

Both semi-final fights of this season’s super series took place on June 15, 2019 in Riga. Dorticos first entered the finals after success over the American boxer Andrew Tabiti, but soon after that Briedis defeated Krzysztof Glovacki from Poland in a scandalous fight.

Boxers are expected to compete in the final for the Cuban boxer-owned IBF World Champion Belt and Super Series Winner Award, the Mohammed Ali trophy.

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Latvian company AirDog acquires US technology giant

“In today’s changing and rapidly advancing information technology age, robotics is an industry that requires a multifaceted approach to problem solving,” emphasizes Agris Ķipurs, co-founder and CEO of AirDog. “Shoulder to shoulder, we work together in all areas combined with robotics to jointly develop next-generation solutions to everyday problems. Joining forces with is an opportunity to expand our engineering team and take full advantage of its creative potential. ” develops advanced technologies that help millions of people in 40 countries around the world, most notably the United States and Canada, manage and protect their homes and businesses. Following the acquisition of AirDog, plans to expand its team of engineers and programmers and will consider developing its business in the Baltics. describes Latvia’s AirDog as a strong team of programmers and engineers who design and develop market-defining consumer products and violate the limits of drone production technologies.

“With the addition of the technical potential of the Airdog team, we have expanded’s growth opportunities in both existing markets and new markets,” said Dan Kerzner, Product Manager, “The Baltics have become an excellent center for engineering, computer science and robotics. We plan to expand the team and expand our operations in the Baltic States. ”

Following the successful launch of the first Kickstarter campaign in 2014, AirDog made a strong case with one of the world’s first commercial drones to operate with an automatic tracking feature. AirDog’s achievements and industry innovations include a stand-alone hands-free drone that is able to follow athletes and does not require a control panel to drive, in addition it is foldable for easy transportation. AirDog also received an award for best innovation and robotics at the world’s largest technology and innovation exhibition, CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, USA.

By “” is the leading platform for automated real estate management. Millions of consumers and businesses choose technology to manage and control their property from anywhere. The platform is integrating with a growing range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. security, video, access control, intelligent automation, power management and wellness solutions are available through a network of thousands of measurable professional service providers in North America and around the world. More information about the company

By “AirDog”

AirDog is a robotics engineering company based in Riga, Latvia, specializing in drone technology. In 2014, the company gained worldwide recognition with the Kickstarter campaign, introducing an innovative design drone with an automatic tracking function. Since then, two generations of the product have been developed and launched, attracting a significant user base of enthusiastic sports enthusiasts who have recorded thousands of flight hours. The AirDog team is actively working to expand drone technology applications and improve the engineering process.

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Marija Bērziņa and Mārcis Maņjakovs invite you to the Mother’s Day concert live

The concert is scheduled for May 10 at 6 p.m.. It will allow viewers to meet the two great artists live, communicate with them and share their emotions. The concert is intended as a moment of celebration on a holiday for everyone online. Swill be the most beautiful songs from the repertoire of both artists, as well as reflections and wishes.

The idea for the concert came after the recent broadcast of the National Theater performance “Sister Kerry”. It was seen that it was the images and singing played by Marc and Mary that earned the greatest recognition and attention from the audience.

“It seems to me that being a mother in this extraordinary time is a hero,” says Marija Bērziņa. “I think that a lot of mothers are tired at this time, because it is so difficult to find a moment for themselves. Marc and I want to please our moms with a nice musical surprise and give them a moment of respite and say thank you to them. ”

“More beautifully, as Leons Briedis wrote, one cannot say:” Don’t let mothers mourn in this world, never. Protect them with your sunny eyes. ” Warm Mother ‘s Day! “So Marcis Manjakovs wishes to welcome all mothers.

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