Being affectionate, Israel admits that it cannot live without Uncle Sam’s country, is sure that it will continue to cooperate with the United States even though there are many issues of selling military equipment that may violate the agreement

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Israeli troops training

Gridhot.ID – Israel indeed very dependent on United States of America.

All can be seen from several agreement which continues to be done between the two.

But their romantic moment had stumbled on a sales issue plane combat.

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Amid the issue of selling F-35 warplanes to the Union of Arab emirates (UAE), US Defense Secretary Mark Esper emphasized his commitment to maintaining military relations with Israel.

Esper, on Tuesday (22/9), confirmed this commitment before meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz.

“The defense relationship between the US and Israel has never been this strong. We intend it to stay that way,” Esper was quoted as saying by Defense News.

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In his statement, Esper mentioned that grounding relationship second defense country is to maintain a qualitative military advantage Israel at the regional level.

“The US is committed to it, and the Department of Defense is committed to it. We will continue to support the longstanding US policy of maintaining security. Israel, “continued Esper.

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Claiming to ‘Break Records,’ China Brags About Ferocious J-20 Fighter Jet As Tensions With Taiwan Flames

Sosok.ID – Military China has highlighted advances in technology jet stealth when tension increases with Taiwan.

Reporting from Business Insider, Wednesday (16/9/2020), they reported record results in combat training simulations.

PLA Daily, the People’s Liberation Army official newspaper, reported on Monday that a junior pilot was inside plane stealth fighter J-20 “shoot down” 17 plane the enemy without “attacking” in a simulated exercise.

According to the report, the pilot, Chen Xinhao, had only been inside for 100 hours J-20 and came from the PLA Air Force’s elite Wang Hai Unit under Eastern Theater Command, which would spearhead any military campaign in conflict with Taiwan.

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Chen and his wingmen challenged “multiple waves of enemy planes from different directions.”

They also knocked down a total of 17 aircraft with “0 damage” to their sides, the report said.

The report named opponents in the exercise, but three J-16 multirole fighter jets were also described in the report.

Beijing sees Taiwan as a separate province that will be forcibly reunited with the mainland if necessary, and tensions have risen between the two in recent years, with the PLA conducting regular air patrols around the self-governing island.

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Video of the small plane crash in Bogotá; looking for 2 people

The pilot and several occupants were moving in the aircraft, and when emergency agencies arrived at the site they found four people injured that were valued and transferred to hospitals.

But Snail News reported that the Police are looking for two more people who, according to witnesses, as soon as the aircraft fell to the ground “they left the place walking without leaving any trace, until now”.

Little does he know about these people, and much less is known the reason why they disappeared from the site before receiving medical attention, since it was a witness who told, in the news, that The ambulance took between half and an hour to reach the site.

“We were coming down here when we saw that the ‘man’ leaned over. And when it fell here, we were the first to help. The pilot of the plane and a lady were the most sore. And the aircraft was fuming, “said a man, whose identity was protected by the newscast.

As for the causes of plane crash, whose fall was recorded by a security camera in a residential complex, the same witness stated in that medium that, According to the pilot’s first words, a mechanical failure would have occurred.

“He said that they had started well, that everything had worked, and that when they started to gain altitude the engines had stopped. Mechanical failures, is what they say, “he added.

An inhabitant of the area, who identified himself as Carlos Vega in the newscast, said that “it was heard like an explosion”, and that the most affected was the pilot since “his face was slightly cut, but they walked out here and We put some chairs for them to sit while the ambulance arrived ”.

An adult woman sleeping in a house was also affected in this incident, as the device hit a wall with its landing gear and the rubble, made of tiles and bricks, fell where the affected woman rested.

The Civil Aeronautics reported, in a statement, that the private aircraft is a Cessna C-208 Caravan, registration HK-4669G, and that “it was carrying four people on board.” Of them, he said, the pilot “suffered injuries” and was taken to a hospital, while the other occupants “are apparently unharmed.”

In a report that picked up the FM Regarding the injured, it is read that there are two men, 50 and 55 years old, and two women, 52 years old, and that they were taken to the Reina Sofía clinic and the Fundación Cardio Infantil.

“Additional patients withdrew on their own. It is unknown where they went “, indicates the station.

Thus, and while the authorities clarify what happened to these people, Aerocivil confirmed that the single-engine plane was heading towards Girardot (Cundinamarca), and that “it has its current airworthiness certificate.”

This is the Aerocivil report and the video that shows the exact moment of the fall.


[POPULER GLOBAL] Causes of Thai Demo and Further Predictions | 14 ancient 2,500 year old coffins found – Demonstration at Thailand which continues to increase and the predictions of its continuation become the most popular news from global channels on Monday (21/9/2020) to Tuesday (22/9/2020).

Besides, there was news from Egypt where the country finds 14 coffin that’s been buried for 2,500 years.

Here are the most popular news from the full global channel.

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1. Dare to Oppose the King, This is the Cause Demo Thailand and Further Prediction

A pro-democracy student-led movement has grown rapidly in Thailand in recent months.

Some activists have openly and boldly called for monarchical reform to the Thai Government.

What exactly is the underlying demo Thailand and how are the predictions of the continuation? You can read more here.

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2. Egypt Discover 14 Dead Box Ancient 2,500 Years Old, Here’s What It Looks Like …

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery of 14 coffins in the Saqqara area, which had been buried for 2,500 years.

The box is dead it was discovered after an archaeological excavation followed the discovery of 13 wooden sarcophagi in the same cemetery last week.

So how does the coffin look ancient the? you can see it here.

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3. Know the Law Read Majesty, Protect the King of Thailand from Criticism

During a demonstration in Thailand, protesters not only called for the resignation of the Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

They also began to dare to challenge the King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn by calling for monarchical reforms and putting up placards that read “state owned by the people”.

Of course, their actions would lead to imprisonment if under the Lese Majeste law. What is it like? Read the explanation here.

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4. Go up Plane When Sick, This Woman Spread It Corona virus to 15 people

A passenger plane the sick spread corona virus to 15 people on a flight from England to Vietnam.

He developed a sore throat and cough before boarding the plane on March 1.

Why do you insist on getting on a plane even when you’re sick? What is the chronology? Check out the full news here.

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Citilink is prohibited from transporting passengers outside the area for 10 days

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Airlines Citilink subject to sanctions by the Transportation Agency West Kalimantan in the form of a prohibition on transporting passengers from outside the region for the Jakarta-Pontianak route. Penalty valid from 19 September 2020 for the next 10 days.

These sanctions are related to violations of article 8 paragraph 5 of Governor Regulation Number 110 of 2020 concerning the application of discipline and enforcement of health protocol laws as an effort to prevent and control Covid-19.

The regulation states that airlines, cruise operators and bus operators are prohibited from carrying passengers whose rapid test or swab test results are positive for Covid-19.

Based on this, the Head of the West Kalimantan Transportation Service, Ignatius IK, said Citilink had violated and was subject to sanctions as stipulated in Article 16 paragraph 5 letter a, which is prohibited from carrying passengers from outside the region for 10 days for the Jakarta-Pontianak route.

“Following up on the results of the impromptu swab sample examination using the PCR test method carried out by the West Kalimantan Provincial Health Office on September 11, 2020, it is evident that this airline (Citilink) carried one confirmed passenger of Covid-19 from Jakarta to Pontianak,” he said, quoted by Antara, quoted on Monday ( 21/9).

He explained that the results of the examination of the swab samples by the Tanjungpura University Hospital Pontianak on 48 Citilink passengers on the CG 9414 Jakarta-Pontianak flight on September 15, one person tested positive for Covid-19.

He continued that the impromptu swab activities will continue to be intensified for airport and port passengers who will enter West Kalimantan, especially from the red zone.

“Every airline caught bringing in passengers from outside West Kalimantan in a positive condition for Covid-19 based on the results of the swab test at the arrival terminal of Supadio Airport will be given sanctions,” Ignatius added.

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Raffle of the presidential plane of Mexico: this was the day – Latin America – International

This Tuesday the winning numbers of a special draw of the Mexican lottery were announced and that has as its emblem a luxurious official plane, which President Andrés Manuel López Obrador seeks to sell.

(Context: Mexico plans to raffle off the official aircraft that it could not sell in the United States.)

“Number 5,349,161!” they yelled when the first of the 100 winning numbers comes out of the prize of 20 million Mexican pesos (950,000 dollars) for a total bag equivalent to 95 million dollars.

The draw was done manually by the so-called “screaming kids”; messengers of luck since the founding of the Lottery in 1770. They wore typical Mexican clothes and were equipped with a face shield due to the covid-19 pandemic.

(Keep reading: What is really known about the draw for the Mexican presidential plane?).

This special draw was promoted by López Obrador whose initial intention was to raffle off the presidential plane, a luxurious Boeing Dreamliner 787 purchased for $ 280 million and now valued at $ 130 million.

But a law prohibits raffling or donating the nation’s assets. The ship was acquired by previous governments but López Obrador warned from his campaign that he would not travel in the ship and that he would sell it because he considered it “pharaonic” and an “insult” to the poverty in Mexico.

The plane ended up as a symbol and adorned the 6 million lottery tickets, along with the legend that the resources of the raffle will be to equip hospitals that serve “poor people.” In Mexico, lottery winners remain anonymous, but after the draw it was officially reported that three hospitals, in the states of Michoacán, Zacatecas and Nayarit, were winners with tickets that were awarded to them by the federal government. Each ticket cost 500 pesos (23 dollars) and their total sale amounts to 3,000 million Mexican pesos (about 142 million dollars).

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Two thirds of the proceeds will be for the awards and the rest for public hospitals in the midst of a covid-19 pandemic. On Monday morning, the National Lottery reported that 70% of the tickets had been sold. The sale was suspended two hours before the draw.

Local media showed people lining up on Tuesday at places where tickets were sold. The prizes that fall on unsold tickets will be delivered to public hospitals. Lottery winners in Mexico remain anonymous. After spending 19 months in a California hangar, where an attempt was made to sell, the aircraft was returned to Mexico last July. The government says it is analyzing offers from two potential buyers.



A plane carrying drugs registered in the USA was shot down in Venezuela :: Society :: RBC

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

The Venezuelan military shot down a plane with an American registration number used to transport drugs. About it reported Interior Minister Nestor Reverol on his Twitter page.

The plane flew through the state of Zulia. It transported drugs from Colombia – “the largest producer of cocaine in the world.” The military found the aircraft using radar.

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

Фото: @NestorLReverol / Twitter

In early July in Venezuela, the military shot down an American plane that entered the country’s airspace illegally. According to the military, it was used to transport drugs. According to Flightradar, this is a Hawker 800 private jet.

In 2013, President Nicolas Maduro allowed shoot down drug traffickers’ planes in Venezuelan airspace. The initiator of the bill was his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.


PSBB Has Not Affected Aviation Sector Policy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Irfaniaputra responded to the plan for reinstatement PSBB DKI Jakarta. He considered that the implementation of the PSBB had not yet influenced policies in the sector flight.

Irfan also claimed to have coordinated with the Ministry of Transportation and local governments.

“We have coordinated with the Ministry of Transportation and friends in all regions, it seems that up to five minutes before we talk, the confirmation has not changed. In the past, there was SIKM, now there is E-HAC, it continues to test, there is no change,” he said via Instagram Live Smile Customers with Garuda Indonesia, Friday (11/9).

However, he could not confirm whether there would be a change in policy going forward. If you adhere to the plan of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, the second PSBB volume will be held on September 14.

“If asked as of now there has been no change and I have discussed with several authorities they said there was no change either, but who knows (who knows),” he added.

On the other hand, Irfan ensured that passengers flying outside Jakarta could still re-enter the capital during the PSBB period. Therefore, he appealed to prospective passengers not to worry. He also stressed that the airlines will still follow strict health protocols.

“There are those who are worried what if I leave Jakarta, then when I return home I cannot enter Jakarta. It should be possible and I apologize to remember that Soekarno Hatta Airport in Tangerang is not in Jakarta,” he said.

Previously, PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero) also said that the operations of the two airports still refer to regulations such as the first PSBB.

Namely, according to the Circular of the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 Number 9 of 2020, Regulation of the Minister of Transportation No. PM 41/2020, Circular of the Minister of Transportation Number SE 13/2020

Prospective passengers for domestic routes are required to show their identity, flight ticket, rapid test / PCR test result letter that is valid for 14 days upon departure, and fill out a health alert card (HAC) online or in paper form.

Meanwhile, passengers arriving from abroad are required to show a PCR Test result letter from the country of departure. If not, a PCR test will be carried out upon arrival and the person concerned will be quarantined while waiting for the test results to come out.

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Pura I Space Entrepreneur Adds Two Cargo Plane

JAKARTA, – PT Angkasa Pura Logistics, launched two plane cargo type ATR 72-500F PK-PAT. The move was taken to strengthen the logistics business of PT Angkasa’s subsidiary Pure I (Persero).

Managing Director of Angkasa Pura Logistik Danny Thaharsyah, said that there were two launches cargo plane it can increase the reach of the company, especially to eastern Indonesia

“So that there will be a distribution of cargo that is fast, precise and certainly at a relatively affordable price,” he said, in a written statement, quoted on Tuesday (9/8/2020).

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Meanwhile, President Director of Angkasa Pura I Faik Fahmi said that in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, his party continues to seek and strengthen alternative sources of income through the expansion of subsidiary businesses.

“One of them is Angkasa Pura Logistik’s air freight business, which this time has an additional cargo aircraft fleet,” he said.

According to him, this is in accordance with the company’s strategy in facing the adaptation phase of new habits, namely rebound strategy. The strengthening of the new business portfolio is included in one of five other initiatives.

“Like preparation the new normal, business process improvement, organizational restructuring, enterprise architecture, and strategic procurement, “he said.

Currently, Angkasa Pura Logistik’s air freight service has been supported by 2 ATR 72-500 aircraft leased from Pelita Air and in the next few months, 1 Boeing 737-300 cargo aircraft will be added to improve service efficiency.

The three air fleets will serve various types of general and special cargo shipments such as marine products, dangerous products (dangerous good), and products with excess sizes (oversized cargo) with routes to 10 cities consisting of 9 domestic and 1 international.

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The 10 cities are Jakarta, Denpasar, Makassar, Kendari, Ambon, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Manado, Batam and Singapore.

Two ATR 72-500 aircraft that have a cargo capacity of 8,000 kg each serve three routes and one route, namely Jakarta-Batam-Jakarta, Jakarta-Banjarmasin-Jakarta, Jakarta-Makassar-Jakarta for the first aircraft and Surabaya-Makassar-Surabaya for the second plane.

Meanwhile, the Boeing 737-300 aircraft which has a cargo capacity of 15,000 kg will serve the Makassar-Singapore-Denpasar-Jakarta-Makassar route.

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doing Charleroi-Brussels by train is more expensive than taking the plane through … Barcelona

Our colleagues from Nieuwsblad point out that making a train trip between Charleroi and Zaventem costs 17.10, via the SNCB, while taking the plane from Charleroi to Barcelona then from Barcelona to Zaventem costs … 10 euros.

For 48 hours, Ryanair has indeed slashed prices and offered trips across Europe for ridiculous amounts. In all, a million seats were available for 5 euros.

And with a little luck, you were able to buy a flight to Catalonia for 5 euros, then come back to Brussels for the same price. Not necessarily interesting, but more economical …