Russian Su-27 intercepted two American aircraft over the Black Sea :: Society :: RBC

Russian fighter Su-27

(Photo: Marina Lysceva / TASS)

The Russian Su-27 air defense fighter of the Southern Military District intercepted two American aircraft over the neutral waters of the Black Sea. This was reported to RBC at the National Center for Defense Management.

On June 29, a Poseidon patrol aircraft and an RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft were discovered over the Black Sea. To escort two American aircraft, the Su-27 flew into the air. Russian fighters escorted the American Poseidon and reconnaissance aircraft throughout the flight. American planes did not violate the Russian border.

“Flights of Russian aircraft were carried out in strict accordance with the International Rules for the Use of Airspace over Neutral Waters, without violating the borders of other states,” the statement said.

USA and Norway raise fighter jets to escort Russian Tu-142

TU-142 airplane and F-22 fighter

The last time the Poseidon and RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, as well as the KS-135 refueling aircraft flew near Russian borders on June 26. Then they were escorted by Su-30 fighters of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet. The Department of Defense later posted a video of the interception on YouTube.


12 flights to Moscow canceled in Pulkovo on June 29

On Monday, June 29, 2020, flights between St.Petersburg and Moscow It turned out to be practically impossible. In the airport Pulkovo almost all flights between the Russian and Northern capitals were canceled. Moreover, completely different airlines. This is stated in the data of the board of the air harbor.

“On Monday, 12 flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow were canceled at Pulkovo Airport,” the airport’s message board says.

Also canceled 12 flights from the capital to the city on Neve. In addition, today planes will not fly from St. Petersburg to Yerevan, and also there will be no flight in the opposite direction. The flight from the Northern capital to Baku.

So, of the canceled flights to Moscow, one is Aeroflot Airlines, one is Pegas Fly and 10 planned flights of the company “Russia“. In the opposite direction, the exact same story.

For tomorrow, June 30, there are practically no canceled flights. However, two flights from St. Petersburg to Moscow and in the opposite direction were also canceled. The Pegas Fly airline will not carry out the planned flight. Therefore, before traveling to the airport, passengers should check the schedule of the scoreboard and also contact the airline to clarify the information.


Forty years ago the Ustica massacre: 81 dead, the mysteries

At 20.08 on 27 June 1980, the DC9 of the Itavia IH870 took off from the Bologna airport to Palermo, with 77 passengers and 4 crew members on board. The weather and visibility were perfect. The flight continued normally, and was tracked by the various competent radars. Suddenly, at 20.59, while it was on the sky of Ustica, the plane disappeared from the screens. The search began immediately, without much hope of finding survivors. The next day some bodies, baggage and small pieces of the wreckage surfaced. It soon became clear that the DC9 had sunk.

Massacre of Ustica, prosecutors listen to the journalist Fabrizio Colarieti of the site-investigation

The first hypothesis was of a structural failure: the company, it was said, did not shine out of diligence in maintenance. In reality nobody believed it. That aircraft was not old at all, and could not fall apart like this, without reason. So something else was thought of: and as had happened with other catastrophes, dietrology began to flourish.
Those were difficult years. Terrorism raged in Italy. The Mediterranean was a comings and goings of fedayn financed and protected by Gaddafi, Arafat and the Soviets, often in conflict with each other. The USSR had deployed its SS20 nuclear missiles not far from us, and the US was responding by placing Pershing and Cruise ships. The pacifists protested, of course always and only against the Americans.

(drawing by Emilio Laguardia)

The Polish Pope was undermining the overseas monolith, and the Warsaw Pact was preparing yet another repression. Our country, already battered by the attacks of reds and blacks, would have suffered, shortly thereafter, the massacre of the Bologna station. There was therefore enough to attribute the disaster of DC9 to someone’s act of war. Who?

Massacre of Ustica, ministries of Defense and Transport condemned: compensation of 330 million to the airline Itavia

Here the reflection of the putant quod cupiunt was triggered, that is, to marry the thesis that best suits one’s own prejudices and conveniences. And so the hypotheses were unleashed. Once the structural failure was dismissed, a bomb was thought of: a technically more likely thesis given the suddenness of the event and the sudden interruption of any communication. And of course it was said that the bomb was fascist. After the massacre in Piazza Fontana in 1969, every bomb was ontologically fascist, as the secret services were diverted, and their misdeeds destined to lead to sensational developments despite the utmost reserve: our journalists did not shine with lexical fantasy. But evidently the black terrorists, some of whom have already been identified, tried and convicted, were not enough. We had to look higher: the CIA, the SISMI, and of course the Mossad. Then the hypothesis of the missile emerged. But a missile is not fired like this, like a slingshot: it was necessary to identify its type, the builder, the owner and of course the chosen shooter. Here the assumptions crossed: it was an American missile, launched from an aircraft of the aircraft carrier Saratoga, or French, of the aircraft carrier Foch, (or Clemenceau); no, it belonged to our F104; indeed, a Libyan rocket, sent to counter an attack on Gaddafi that was in those parts. In fact, in July a Libyan Mig had crashed on Sila: if the dates did not coincide, it was enough to backdate the fall. These hypotheses generated subspecies: a plane had joined the DC9, taking advantage of its wake and escaping radar; the Israelis had bombed a uranium trade; for some, the DC9 had even found itself in the midst of a giant air battle. In total 29 versions, one different from the other: to paraphrase Gibbon, all true for the populace, all questionable for the technician and all useful for conspiracy theorists.

Ustica, after 39 years the truth is still being sought

A recent book by Franco Bonazzi and Francesco Farinelli demolishes the various conspiracy theses that flourished in the tribunal and inquisitorial climate of the time. Bonazzi was an F104 test driver for the Italian Air Force and defense consultant during the trials. But this does not detract from the technical rigor and professional impartiality with which it examines every aspect of the tragedy. The result is a discouraging panorama of the times, efficiency and contradictions of our ramshackle justice. But it is even more discouraging to witness the obstinacy of those who, to defend preconceived theories, have entrusted themselves and still rely on the most diverse sources. Unfortunately, as happens in these cases, credulity has spawned monsters, and has claimed other victims.
Criminal trials have in fact essentially involved the Air Force, whose leaders have been accused of having misrepresented, falsified and suppressed evidence to endorse the theory of the bomb at the expense of that of the missile. No one has ever explained the motive for such a callid misdirection, which, however, if it had been foreordained to safeguard the image of our state, it would have had a political inspiration, which was never indicated. In reality the whole construction was paradoxical: dozens of generals, colonels and non-commissioned officers would have been led to silence to protect it is not clear who: the Americans, the French, the Libyans or the Israelis.

Massacre of Ustica, the Cassation: «The ministries must compensate Itavia»

However, investigations began, also because some radar tracks had anomalies, and continued for several years through consultancy, expert reports, testimonies, letters rogatory and affidavits. Presidents Clinton and Chirac were solicited to cooperate: they replied that they had provided all possible material, and would continue to do so. But since nothing emerged from that material, they began to suspect them too: a conspiracy of silence that should have been involve several hundred politicians and military personnel. In a democracy where no secret remains that secret for more than a few days, we should assume that on that occasion all the American press was bought or enslaved.
At the end, after one million and 750 thousand pages of preliminary investigation, 4000 witnesses and 277 hearings, with a cost of several billion, all the defendants were acquitted because the fact does not exist. As for the causes of the catastrophe, the criminal courts do not pronounce with certainty. But the expert report, signed by eleven Italian, German, English and Swedish luminaries had concluded by rejecting the hypotheses of missile abatement, collision and structural damage, considering instead that of the bomb as technically sustainable.
Recently, Giuliana Cavazza De Faveri, who lost her mother in the explosion, asked President Conte for access to some documents, already classified as top secret which would involve Palestinian terrorists. We hope that it will be answered, even if we imagine the resistance, because the prejudices on the State Plot are hard to die. And also because, as Carlo Ginzburg wrote, “conspiracies exist, but false conspiracies often hide conspiracies of the opposite sign”.

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The Ministry of Defense published a video of the interception of US aircraft over the Black Sea :: Politics :: RBC

The Russian Ministry of Defense has published a video of a Russian fighter intercepting US Air Force aircraft over the neutral waters of the Black Sea.

US Air Force planes near the Russian air border were discovered on June 26. They were identified as the R-8A Poseidon patrol aircraft, the RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft, and the KS-135 refueling aircraft. To intercept the targets, the military lifted a Su-30 fighter of the Black Sea Fleet naval aviation from the air defense duty forces of the Southern Military District.

The previous incident with the interception of American aircraft near the borders of Russia occurred on June 19, when the Ministry of Defense published a video of the interception of American B-52H bombers over the neutral waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.


USA and Norway raise fighter jets to escort Russian Tu-142 :: Politics :: RBC

Seven Russian aircraft flew over the Barents and Norwegian Seas, as well as over the Pacific Ocean. At certain stages of the route, they were escorted by fighters of the US Air Force and Norway

TU-142 airplane and F-22 fighter

(Photo: NORAD / AP)

Russian long-range anti-submarine Tu-142 aircraft performed flights over the waters of the Barents and Norwegian Seas, as well as over the neutral waters of the North Pacific. This was reported to journalists in the press service of the Ministry of Defense, reports RIA Novosti

The flight took place on June 27, three Tu-142 flew over the Barents and Norwegian seas, and four over the Pacific Ocean. The department emphasized that the flight took place in accordance with international rules for the use of airspace. The borders of other states were not violated.

The military of the United States and Canada announced the interception of Russian IL-38 near Alaska

American fighter F-22

At certain stages of the route over the neutral waters of the Norwegian Sea, Russian planes escorted Norwegian F-16 fighters, and over the Pacific Ocean – US Air Force F-22 fighters.

The Joint Command of the Aerospace Defense of North America (NORAD), in turn, reported on Twitter that F-22 fighters, along with KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft, intercepted four Russian Tu-142s that entered the Air Defense Identification Zone (Air Defense) Alaska


What phrases from the script “Brother-2” became prophetic

20 years ago, the philosophical thriller “Brother-2” about the adventures of Danila Bagrova (Sergey Bodrov) at USA. The humor that permeates the picture captivates with spontaneity and simplicity. And then no one could have thought that many of the phrases of the heroes would not only become winged, but would be realized by history. “KP“Gives some examples.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox”

Well then, were there people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? Paradox.

“Well then, there were people like people, and suddenly all at once became nerds? A paradox.”Photo: frame from the movie

The replica of the nervous taxi driver played by Konstantin Zheldin is universal. Whether it’s the economic and social crisis of the 90s or the epidemiological crisis of our time, the darkest forces within people begin to fuss with tripled energy. So at the height of the coronavirus, there were photos of citizens buying toilet paper and buckwheat, as well as versions about the 5G towers, Bill’s chip plan Gates and the pedophile lobby of Hollywood, which should bring employees FBI covid-19.

“You, bastards, will answer for Sevastopol!”

Unique phrase killer Viktor Bagrov (Victor Sukhorukov) came true 14 years after the release of “Brother-2.” Crimea He returned to his native harbor and the Russian people on the peninsula voted unanimously for this.

“The Russians do not abandon their own in the war”

Events on Donbass, lasting more than five years, also confirm the maxim voiced by Danila.

Russians do not abandon their own in the war.

“- Hey, fellow countryman, where do the Russians live here?”

– Moskal is not my countryman!

– Bandera?

– Why ?!

“Alright guys, bye!”

Perhaps Alexey Balabanov wrote the script as a joke. And the “warm” meeting of the Russian killer with Ukrainian colleagues at the airport is just an episode from the movie. But 14 years have passed, and the slogans “Moskalyak on a dime!”, “Hto not leap, that Muscovite ”and“ Bandera come – put things in order! ” became very popular on Ukraine.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger. ”Photo: frame from the film.

“Strength in them. There is something primitive in them, something animal. What we have long lost. Therefore, they are stronger ”Photo: frame from the movie.

Before a showdown with local black people who did not allow Russian heroes to eat boiled crayfish, the prostitute Dasha suggests that power is not in the truth, according to Danila and not in money, as his brother is sure, but in “them”, in African-Americans. And if you look at the results of most sports competitions, the absolute triumph of tolerance in the United States, Hollywood cinema and Europeabsorbed by African migrants, it is difficult to disagree with the heroine.

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”

“Conference on new computer technologies … and the protection of computer programs!”Photo:

Laughter with a laugh, namely this meme jokingly explains the official representative MFA RF Maria Zakharova some strange accusations of our country by the USA. But how else to react to the fact that Russian hackers are to blame for the results of the American election?

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ” Photo: frame from the film.

“Boy, you don’t understand, bring us some vodka. We are flying home! ”Photo: frame from the movie.

The phrase prostitutes Marilyn (Daria Jurgens) from the final scene of the film on the plane also became a meme. During the epidemic, Russian citizens, stuck on vacation, began to return to their homeland en masse. It didn’t work for everyone. Those who succeeded reacted in much the same way as the heroine of Brother-2.

“You do not understand – this is quarantine!”

Well, there’s no need to explain anything. American customs officers informing Viktor Bagrov about quarantine teleported in 1990 as if from 2020.


“Brother-2”: How did the fate of the prostitute Marilyn, the hacker Network and Bones Big

The cult picture turns 20 years old (details)


Lukashenko responded to opponents of the Victory Day parade amid a pandemic :: Society :: RBC

At the celebrations in Minsk, the President of Belarus said that the country could not refuse to hold a parade in honor of the anniversary of the Victory, as she “had no other choice.” Authorities decide to hold event despite pandemic

Alexander Lukashenko


Belarus could not refuse to hold a parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. This was announced at a celebration in Minsk by the head of the republic, Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA reports.

“We simply could not do otherwise; we had no other choice. And if we did, we would do the same, ”he assured.

According to Lukashenko, “there are those in this distraught, unreleased world” who condemn the country’s authorities for deciding to hold a parade, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to tell them humanly: do not rush to draw conclusions, let alone condemn us, the heirs of the Victory, the Belarusians,” he said. “The eyes of the Soviet soldiers who died for our freedom look at us, the eyes of partisans and underground members tortured in the dungeons of the Gestapo, the eyes of the elderly, women and children of Khatyn.”

Lukashenko decided not to cancel the Victory Day parade against a pandemic

Rehearsal of the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Minsk

This year, the parade in Minsk was the only one in the post-Soviet space, it was held in honor of all the citizens of the USSR who died during the war, Lukashenko added.

According to BelTA, about 3 thousand military personnel took part in the parade, including ceremonies of specialized lyceums and cadet schools, the Military Academy, border guards, rescuers and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. As part of the mechanized column tanks T-34-85 and T-72B3, armored personnel carriers and other equipment. In the airborne part of the parade, 36 aircraft and helicopters were involved.

At 21:30, a gala concert will begin on Victory Square, and fireworks are also planned.

In early May, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that the Belarusian authorities postpone Victory Day celebrations and other public events. The organization indicated the impossibility of ensuring distance between the participants and the high risk of transmission of the virus. Despite this, Lukashenko refused to cancel the parade.

Lukashenko invited heads of other states to the Victory Parade in Minsk

Alexander Lukashenko

On April 25, a clean-up day dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory took place in Belarus; Lukashenko also took part in it. After that, the Russian Channel One released a story about the “next outbreak” of coronavirus infection in Belarus, which led to the authorities’ refusal to cancel mass events. In response to this, the republic’s authorities denied accreditation to the television crew.

According to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, as of May 8, 21 thousand cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the country, 121 people died, more than 5 thousand patients recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

The distribution of coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed infections

Source: JHU

World Data i

In the cities of Russia on May 9 only air parade and holiday fireworks will take place. The ground part of the parade was canceled due to a pandemic, the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” will be held in video format.

Natalia Anisimova


Virgin Atlantic will reduce more than 3 thousand employees :: Business :: RBC

British airline Virgin Atlantic will cut a third of its employees due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is stated in the statement of the carrier.

3,150 people will be reduced. The company’s fleet will be reduced from 43 aircraft to 36.

In addition, the airline will stop operating flights from London Gatwick Airport and focus on flights from Heathrow Airport.

According to Shay Weiss, Virgin Atlantic CEO, over the 36 years of its existence, the airline has never experienced such a negative impact as from the coronavirus pandemic.

The owner of the S7 announced the timing of the resumption of international air traffic

In mid-April, Financial Time announced the readiness of British billionaire Richard Branson, who controls 51% of Virgin Atlantic, to lay his own Necker Island in the Caribbean and a family home to receive bank loans to save the airline in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. Then the businessman said that the conglomerate requested a package of commercial loans and government guarantees in the amount of £ 500 million to pay for fixed costs and create a financial pillow.

Virgin Atlantic was founded in 1984, with a 49% stake in Delta Air Lines

The distribution of coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

Number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

World Data i


In Latvia, the state agency lost control of a drone weighing 26 kg :: Society :: RBC


The Latvian Civil Aviation Agency has lost control of the drone due to a technical malfunction. This is reported by the agency itself.

We are talking about a drone, whose dimensions are 3.5×5.5 m, and weight – 26 kg, the report said. It moves at a speed of about 70 km / h, according to a state agency.

According to the agency, the drone control system was disconnected for technical reasons on the eve of May 2. “The drone’s flight altitude may be higher than 200 m,” the state agency said. Its fuel should last about 90 hours.

All residents of the republic who notice a flying drone were asked to immediately report to the focal point.

CivilasAviacijasAgentura’s facebook post


The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media published the schedule of export flights until May 7 :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS

The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media published a schedule of export flights from May 2 to May 7 for Russians remaining abroad. This was reported in the Telegram channel, which the ministry created to return Russian citizens to their homeland.

On May 2, two flights from Phuket (Thailand) will fly to Russia. Flights from Yerevan (Armenia) and Denpasar (Indonesia) are planned for May 3. On Monday, May 4, Russian planes will pick up tourists from Berlin (Germany), Bangkok (Thailand), Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Los Angeles (USA) and Kamrani (Vietnam).

Senator advised Russians not to count on vacation abroad

Photo: Chris McGrath / Getty Images

On May 5, Russians from Kamran and Antalya (Turkey) should return to their homeland. On Wednesday, May 6, planned evacuation flights from Shanghai (China) and Tel Aviv (Israel). The last announced export flight will take place on May 7 for the Russians in Tokyo (Japan).

On April 30, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced a schedule of export flights that will deliver the Russians to Kazan. On May 4, a flight Berlin – Novosibirsk is expected, which will make a stop at the airport of Kazan. On May 5, a plane from Nur Sultan will also land in Kazan.