In Poland, the conservative right leads the first round of the presidential elections

► What is the outcome of this first round of the presidential election?

According to the Polish Election Commission (PKW), outgoing President Andrzej Duda leads with 43.7% of the vote, followed by the liberal candidate Rafal Trzaskowski who wins 30.3% of the vote. In third place, Szymon Holownia obtained a score of 13.85%, a significant result for this independent candidate who succeeded in “ build something from scratch “According to Frédéric Zalewski, professor-researcher in political science at the University of Nanterre.

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None of the other candidates exceeded the 10% threshold, some weakened by the postponement of the poll due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the researcher. However, the epidemic has not slowed down the movement of voters. According to the PKW, the voter turnout stands at 64.4%, a higher turnout than in the previous presidential election in 2015 (48.96%).

► How can the carryover of votes be envisaged for the second round?

Andrzej Duda hopes to regain the support of far-right voters for the second round. Their main candidate, the nationalist Krzysztof Bosak won 6.75% of the vote on Sunday June 28. However, the transfer of votes is not ” not automatic “And even if Bosak is very far from the liberals, his electorate could turn to abstention, said Frédéric Zalewski.

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Rafal Trzaskowski must for his part consolidate his campaign and convince new voters to hope to win. Szymon Holownia has already made it clear that he will not be voting for the outgoing president, but to date has not expressed any support for the Liberal candidate. His electorate is far from being acquired for the mayor of Warsaw, underlines the researcher: “ if we take only the ideological criterion, it is closer to the liberals, but it is above all strongly anti-system, it is an unpredictable electorate and that we know little about. »

► What are the main challenges of the election?

« The high turnout shows that there is a very strong stake around these elections, with a cleavage between very traditional values ​​and a more liberal policy. », Underlines Frédéric Zalewski. On the one hand, the conservative Andrzej Duda, supported by the Law and Justice party (PiS), carried out several attacks against the rights of homosexuals during the campaign. Criticized by his European neighbors who believe that his reforms, especially in the justice sector, undermine democracy, the outgoing president is however considered a key ally of his American counterpart, Donald Trump.

In opposition, from the Civic Coalition (KO) party, the mayor of Warsaw has positioned himself as a liberal and europhile candidate, defending the rights of homosexual people and expressing his sympathies for Europe. ” Even if the Polish president has limited powers, if he wins, Trzaskowski would be a pro-European ally “Explains the researcher from the University of Nanterre. His victory would also strike a heavy blow to PiS, creating an institutional blockage, while a re-election of Duda would consolidate the party’s grip on power, at least until the legislative elections scheduled for 2023.


“Is the most talented, not only says “yes” – The Time

Giuseppe Conte explains why he has chosen Rocco Casalino as a spokesman when he became president of the Council in June 2018 (the majority M5s-Alloy). “I have not studied from premier unlike so many career politicians – said Conte in an interview with the Daily Fact.en – When I was appointed I didn’t even have an account with Facebook. At that point I chose my collaborators and I chose the best, the most talented. I chose Casalino, after speaking with him. I believe that a premier should not surround himself with “yes men”, but professionals who know how to give their contribution”. In short, the premier ensures that Casalino, who at the time was director of communications for the M5s in the Senate, was not imposed by the grillini. And that her greatest quality is that he can take decisions and does not hold that office for nod only to any decision of his superior.


PREMIER will show a film based on the play by Ostrovsky with Makarov and Aksenova

On the PREMIER platform, the film will premiere based on the book by Alexander Ostrovsky. Spectators will be able to see the tape of Gregory of Constantinople as early as May 21.

The film adaptation was based on the plot of the famous play “The Storm”: the main character – married Ekaterina Kabanova – will be played by Lyubov Aksenova. Throughout the film, at first glance, the happy girl will have to fight with the nit-picking mother-in-law of Kabanikh, and the weak-willed husband Tikhon (Ivan Makarevich) is in no hurry to intercede for the missus. Later it turns out that a relative of the mayor of the city in which the family lives is in love with the main character.

Shot from the film “Thunderstorm”. Photo: PREMIER

UNION Studio under summer rains: TNT has prepared a new release of a musical projectMen against women: in the program, representatives of two stand-up programs on the channel will clash.

Note that earlier the “Thunderstorm” could only be seen at film festivals in Russia, Italy, Spain and several other countries. Therefore, the broadcast of the film on domestic TV can be called the debut of “Thunderstorms”. In addition to Aksenova and Makarevich, Victoria Tolstoganova, Maria Shalaeva and Alexei Makarov will also appear in the film. In addition to the role, Ivan Makarevich also wrote three soundtracks for the film, some of which the viewer will also hear.


Phase2: Zaia, fruitful meeting with Government – Veneto

(ANSA) – VENICE, MAY 11 – “The requests of the Regions seem to be accepted. It is a sort of anticipation of autonomy.
Governor Luca Zaia told ANSA about the Phase 2 discussion with the government. “If everything is confirmed – he explains – I consider the outcome of the meeting profitable for the Venetians. Prime Minister Conte has given the possibility for the Regions to present a program of openings for the 18th. The Veneto, with extreme consistency, will present this week total restart “.
The Region is therefore preparing to reopen “obviously – Zaia points out – always keeping the health indicators in the foreground.
On the other hand, we asked that the protocol with the guidelines for all economic activities be closed quickly, with the utmost attention to simplification “.


Government works by decree, new meeting in the evening – Politics

Bonus for summer camps, emergency income that can be integrated with the new citizenship income with wider links. Renewal of all shock absorbers including the autonomous bonus, which will rise to 1000 euros in May but only for the categories most affected by the crisis. The package for job protection and income support that the government will propose with the new decree of May with economic anti-Coronavirus interventions is taking shape. Among these also the incentive to buy bikes and scooters to decongest public transport, with the shops ready to reopen shortly as soon as there will be the ordinance of the Mise.

Until Wednesday, when the text should arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers, there will be time to file the measures but the system of aid to families and workers largely responds to the announcements made so far. Redundancy fund and exemption fund will be renewed for another 9 weeks: in all they become 18 weeks of shock absorbers which can be requested in a window of another six months, until the end of October. The times to see the credits on the current account should be faster, because the request will have to be made by the end of the month in which the instrument is activated and the INPS will then have tight times to disburse it. With a click it should then arrive “in 24 hours” as promised by the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri, the bonus for VAT and autonomous matches for the month of April.

The novelty is, however, that the bonus will be paid automatically but for this reason it will remain of € 600, while for the month of May it will go up to € 1000 but only for VAT and self-employed people who have lost a third of their income between March and April o the turnover compared to the same two-month period of 2019, for the cococo expiring within the year or who have already closed their contracts and for the seasonal spa and tourism seasons.