Six packages of synthetic marijuana seized in a baby chair in Las Americas

Santo Domingo, RD.

Members of the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) and the General Customs Directorate seized six packages of a vegetable believed to be synthetic marijuana, camouflaged inside a baby seat, at the Las Américas airport cargo terminal.

According to the authorities’ report, the packages arrived in the country on UPS airline flight 402, from Miami, United States, consigned to a person whose name and address were not offered so as not to hinder the investigation process of the case.

After reviewing them and weighing the packages, the members of Customs and DNCD proceeded to send the drugs to the satellite office of the anti-narcotics agency established in the AILA passenger terminal for the corresponding purposes.

Last Thursday, DNCD agents at the cargo terminal also detected 4 gallons filled with a chemical liquid that is presumed to be liquid marijuana that had also arrived in the country from the US city of Miami, Florida.

In recent months, drug trafficking to the country, from Miami, United States, has increased through the area of ​​the cargo terminal of the International Airport of Las Américas, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Ito Bisonó assures Danilo’s government left the state coffers at minus zero

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor Bisonó (Ito) assured that the administration of former President Danilo Medina left the state coffers at minus zero upon his departure from power on August 16.

He maintained that the president Luis Abinader received the State completely bankrupt, to the point that to pay the payroll for the month of August had to turn a line of credit to the Reserve Bank.

He criticized that Danilo’s collaborators go out and tell the country that they left this government the possibility of continuing to borrow so that the public administration continues to operate.

Interviewed by Héctor Herrera Cabral in the D´AGENDA program, which is broadcast every Sunday by Telesistema Canal 11, the official said that the confidence generated by the Government of the change has begun to invigorate the economy.

He added that the stability of the exchange rate is the best example of the new climate of confidence generated by President AbinaderIt is recalled that prior to the elections the exchange rate was around 60 pesos to one dollar, in addition to the constant injections that the Central Bank had to make to the market.

“But in addition to that, a totally bankrupt State was found, with the coffers at zero, or minus zero, so much so that I see the response that the PLD members give and they say they left the country well because they enabled a line of credit with the Reserve Bank, with bonds to approve it and with almost ready loans, “he lamented.


Doubts about the black hole closest to Earth

A few months ago, scientists announced the indirect detection of the black hole closest to Earth. But another team now suggests a different explanation for this stellar puzzle.

From the earliest spectra of the HR 6819 star system, scientists identified this source as a star Be sparkly early type: a hot star with emission lines, probably due to the accumulation of a disk of circumstellar material. However, as the ability to resolve details in stellar spectra advanced, a more complicated picture emerged.

Studies conducted in the decade of 1980 revealed unexpected narrow absorption lines in the spectra of HR 6819, and a study of 2003 showed that these lines moved over time. This indicated that although we could not resolve them optically, there were two components of HR 6819: a Be star showing no obvious motion, and a B3 III star in a 40-day orbit.

But what was the star B3 III orbiting? In May 2020, scientists announced an answer to the riddle: HR 6819 must actually be a triple system. The star B3 III, they argued, is orbiting a stellar-mass black hole (which is why we see no evidence for it in the spectra), and the star Be is a distant tertiary companion, orbiting too slowly to have detectable motion.

According to the orbit of the star B3 III, the black hole would need to weigh more than 4 solar masses, and only 1,120 light years distant from Earth, this object would be the closest known black hole. But could there be another explanation for the spectra of HR 6819?

In a new study, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Georgia State University scientists Douglas Gies and Luqian Wang argue that HR 6819 is not a triple system after all. Instead, it is a simple binary, consisting of only the two known components: the star Be and the star B3 III.

If HR 6819 is simply a binary, then the star B3 III should show reflex orbital motion with the same 40-day period, but this motion could be small and difficult to detect in the complex spectra of the system, reports the American Astronomical Society in a statement.

To find it, Gies and Wang analyzed the emission of H-alpha – one of the emission lines in the hydrogen spectrum – from the accretion disk surrounding the star Be. Using a careful spectral model, they show that the entire disk can be seen to move back and forth in a 40-day period, exactly as expected for reflex orbital motion. This movement is about an order of magnitude smaller than that of the star B3 III, which is why it was not previously detected.

So why is the orbital motion of the star Be so much smaller than that of its companion B3 III? If the star Be has a typical mass of about 6 solar masses, the companion must be only a fraction of a solar mass in size. You may be in a stage of evolution where you have already donated a significant amount of mass to your partner, and now only the stripped remnant remains.


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Trump renews efforts to reduce the impact of Covid

President Donald Trump is showing renewed determination to downplay the threat of a pandemic that has killed more than 215,000 Americans and has complicated his chances of winning re-election and ruling from the White House for another four years.

Since leaving the hospital, isolated by the coronavirus, Trump has promoted – in words and in deeds – an optimistic attitude at a time when coronavirus infections are increasing in Europe and public health authorities are sounding alarm that the infection rate in the United States is rising to a new peak.


In the past week, the president has released misinformation about the virus, disparaged the nation’s leading infectious disease expert and maintained his practice of avoiding the use of masks.

While accelerating their efforts to downplay the virus, Democrats are trying to frame the race for the White House as a kind of referendum on Trump’s handling of America’s worst public health crisis in more than a century.

On Friday, at an event in Fort Myers, Florida, the president told supporters that the nation is “leaving” the virus behind.

However, the US economy still has a long way to go. Since the pandemic hit the country in early spring, as many as 22 million jobs have been lost, of which about half remain unrecovered.

The nation averaged more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases per day over the past week. Public opinion polls indicate that Trump faces strong headwinds in his bid to clinch a second term.

During an NBC News-sponsored voter assembly Thursday night, Trump was asked if he should have known better what precautions to take before leading a White House rose garden ceremony and indoor reception for announce your nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. In that event, few guests wore masks and social distancing was not respected.

The president responded by incorrectly citing a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It falsely claimed that wearing face masks does not mitigate the spread of the virus, but the CDC study did not say that.

Trump has also been cautious about releasing information about his health and would not say whether he had tested negative on the day of his first debate with Democrat Joe Biden, two days before his positive diagnosis.


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Four gallons of liquid cocaine seized at Las Americas airport

Agents from the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) seized four gallons of a chemical that is presumed to be cocaine or liquid heroin, which had arrived in the country from Miami, United States, through the cargo terminal of Las Américas airport.

The seized gallons were inside a cardboard box, which was detected when DNCD and Customs agents made routine checks and inspections of goods imported into the country, by the various couriers that operate in the AILA cargo area. .

According to the reports offered, the gallons with the substance were found in warehouse number 16, BM Cargo, located in the Cabo Caucedo cargo terminal of the Las Américas José Francisco Peña Gómez airport.

In recent months amid the Covid-19 pandemic, cases of narcotic drug trafficking have increased to the country through that area of ​​the Las Américas airport.

For the illegal introduction of drugs, the drug traffickers use different sophisticated methods in order to mislead or evade the controls of the members of the National Directorate of Drug Control on duty at X-ray machines and other strategic locations.

The increase occurred despite the fact that commercial passenger flights were suspended for about 7 months due to the virus problem.

However, despite the situation, the planes for the transfer of cargo for the export and import of domestic products and merchandise continued to operate normally.

Meanwhile, the containers containing the liquid were transferred to the satellite office of the National Directorate of Drug Control DNCD in the Las Américas terminal, for the purpose of submitting it to a laboratory analysis test to establish the type of substance.

Drug traffickers have established a new modality of courier shipments of solid and liquid packages of marijuana and cocaine for home delivery to people in the country.

The DNCD initiated an investigation of the case to find the persons responsible for the importation. In order not to hinder the investigation process, the officials of the agency in charge of the investigations refused to provide further details.


REACTION – Chinese Embassy in DR rejects statements issued by US official

The embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Dominican Republic rejected the statements issued yesterday by the executive director of the United States Finance Corporation for International Development (DFC), Adam Boehler, who said that his nation is concerned about the neo-colonialism it uses. the Asian nation when investing in a country, in addition to the use of people’s DNA.

In the document, Chinese diplomacy called Boehler’s statements “baseless slander and malicious attacks against China.”

The US official spoke during a meeting with four media representatives, including Listín Diario, during his visit to the Dominican Republic, where he expressed “our strong discontent” with China.

“The Chinese side reiterates that we are pleased to see that other countries develop relations with the Dominican Republic on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, but we firmly oppose any interference in Chinese-Dominican relations and the use of coercive measures to impose on China unfair and discriminatory treatment ”, indicates the press release, attributed to the spokesman for the embassy of the Asian nation.

He explains that the biggest difference between China and the United States is that they have always adhered to peaceful development, mutual respect, and non-intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

What they accuse the US of

“As we all know, the US has been carrying out for a long time on a large scale and in an organized and non-differential manner cyber theft, surveillance and eavesdropping against foreign governments, companies and individuals, in addition to installing a large number of military bases seizing ports outsiders. Such a country is not qualified to accuse China on security issues. No matter what kind of camouflage they use, they cannot hide their real intentions to obtain economic and commercial benefits by demonizing China, ”they argue.

It says that China did not harm in the past, nor does it do so in the present, but neither will it in the future, to the security of the Dominican Republic, and is instead willing to carry out mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of respect for the will of the Dominicans, local laws, market rules and international practices to achieve shared profit.

China-DR relations

In May 2018, diplomatic relations between China and the Dominican Republic were established on the basis of the one-China principle. This principle has been recognized by the current Dominican Government. Relations between China and the Dominican Republic are normal, state-to-state, which corresponds to the fundamental interests of both countries and their peoples, and they have broad support.

“We are confident that the conspiracy of some people in the US to sow discord is doomed to failure.”

More than Adam Boelher said

During the interview with Dominican journalists, at the residence of Ambassador Robin Bernstein, the US official gave as an example that the United States will promote investments in the port of Manzanillo, on the basis that it will always be from the Dominicans.

He stressed that the United States does not make policies like China, they are not based on what others do, because it is a “very threatening” way, said Boelher, explaining that he always keeps abreast of what China is doing and also other investing countries and therefore that focus on what they want to differentiate themselves.

He stressed that one concern is to see how China is managed, with a colonized form where debts are created, ports are taken and an example of their actions is that there are countries that have lost their ports for 99 years.


Abinader proposes to reduce 50% of the funds allocated to parties to build UASD in SDE

President Luis Abinader said tonight that he will submit a bill to the National Congress to reduce 50% of the budget that is given to political organizations.

In that sense, he explained that next year is not electoral and the parties can wait, but the Dominicans cannot.

“With the money we save with this measure, I will propose to start the UASD project in Santo Domingo Este,” says the president in a brief speech addressed to the nation on the occasion of his first 60 days in office today.

He said that the time has come to implement a policy that is exemplary and with ethical content and that the Government will be the first to set an example and show its commitment and solidarity with the situation the country is going through in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The road is long, but we will manage to reach the goal together, without leaving anyone behind and with the firm conviction of having had an ethical and exemplary behavior,” he emphasized.

He explained that the sacrifices that the Dominican people are making have to be accompanied by those of their public representatives, understanding that this is the best way to serve the country.

This is the second time that Abinader has addressed the nation so far this October.