Pabriks: Defense budget is not a “dream budget” – in Latvia – News

Presenting the budget priorities of the Ministry of Defense for the next year to the Commission, Pabriks explained that Latvia’s defense budget is quite balanced, part of which is going to the development of the Latvian economy. The Minister expressed satisfaction with the development of cooperation with the defense industry, calling it a “success story”, which allows us to think about more and more purchases from the manufacturers themselves, as well as try to bring them together with larger foreign companies and break into the international market.

90% of Latvia’s defense budget goes to the armed forces, which is a “very good indicator”, which confirms that “we are among NATO’s most vital countries”, although the budget is not large, but the proportion is right, the politician said, adding that the remaining 10% funds go, for example, to a new guard involved in national defense training.

Pabriks explained that the budget of the Defense Department is largely related to the large sector development planning documents. “Geographically, we are in an asymmetric threat situation, which means that the armed forces must be able to create a certain level of deterrence for anyone who wants to threaten our security, as well as the ability to guarantee that we can attract the support of other NATO countries,” he said.

The official emphasized that the development plans of the defense sector and the distribution of the budget for the next year are very similar for all the Baltic States.

“All countries in the Baltic Sea Region have understood the potential threat, and we can work with them if we do not become a gray spot in our development. I am cautiously optimistic about my budget, “concluded Pabriks.

The politician explained that the Covid-19 crisis showed that the industry had problems with, for example, the provision of masks, stressing that any crisis requires security and supply opportunities that were previously ignored because there were no budgetary options. “We lack warehouses, especially ammunition warehouses, so that the public can feel confident that we will not have what happens in Russia or elsewhere, where explosions can destroy even half of the city,” the politician said.

As reported, the main tasks of the Defense Department in 2021 will be to continue the modernization of the army and strengthen the state’s cyber security, according to the draft law on the state budget for 2021.

The Ministry of Defense’s planned expenditure for this year is 648,332,786 euros, but next year’s expenditure is planned for 693,521,903 euros. Next year, it is planned to spend 201,863,149 euros for the centralized remuneration of the personnel of international operations and the National Armed Forces, and 367,098,852 euros for the maintenance of the National Armed Forces.


Painted tiger dog roaming the street sparks outrage on social media – World

The images shared by an association of a dog roaming the streets of a Malaysian city are generating revolt on social networks. The animal in question is painted with orange paint and black stripes, in order to look like a tiger.

The photographs were shared on the social network Facebook by the association Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia, which now wants to find out where the animal is and if it has an owner. The organization even offers a reward in exchange for information.

The publication already has more than three thousand shares and comments from Internet users shocked by the abuse committed against the animal.


Health: How to tell if a 3M N95 mask is fake when you buy

Since the of the in the world, many had their first biosecurity experience to safeguard themselves and their families. Knowing how the virus works and what elements, such as masks, help to avoid an unwanted contagion, have become vitally important information for everyone.

However, in turn false information and poor quality products They came to the public to confuse it, in order to generate profits or some benefit for its creators. This is how it has now been reported that billions of N95 masks that have been found in the world they are false, thanks to a study conducted by 3M, Their creators.

In fact, in U.S has reached such a point that the company has taken legal action against these companies in the federal courts of Florida, Wisconsin e Indiana to try to stop its production. As indicated , about five billion respirators N95 they were found only in one of the cases.

Regardless of how the trial unfolds, citizens are now aware of this problem, and are now looking to identify whether a mask of this denomination is true or false. In this article we will review what you mention to know if the N95 that we buy or are going to buy is original and works against the


There are several ways to know if an N95 mask is fake (Photo: 3M)

First off, counterfeits often have misspelled words, inappropriate labels, and come with earmuffs or a single string, unlike approved N95 masks. Customers should also know what approvals are required for the devices they are going to buy online and make sure the correct ones are in the materials.

He , which offers anti-fraud webinars, issued a warning Tuesday that the frantic search for masks, gloves and other gear to protect against the COVID-19 has produced “the perfect storm for fraudulent activity” that has led to the production of these masks N95 false.

There are several ways to know if an N95 mask is fake (Photo: John Minchillo / AP)
There are several ways to know if an N95 mask is fake (Photo: John Minchillo / AP)

Counterfeit respirators are products that are falsely marketed and sold as NIOSH approved and may not be able to provide adequate respiratory protection to workers.“, As mentioned . The CDC has claimed that any seller not approved by NIOSH on their website, it is fraudulent.

Another way to identify that a mask is false or that its sellers are illegal, is that they are not sold on social networks or have personal web pages for distribution. 3M has identified websites as and profiles of Facebook como 3M Distributor The Mouth cover-3M that they traded counterfeit products.

There are several ways to tell if an N95 mask is fake (Photo: CDC)
There are several ways to tell if an N95 mask is fake (Photo: CDC)

Finally, price inflation can also be a determining factor, since these masks are among the 2 dollars and some counterfeit dealers increase the price up to 10 dollars. In short, these are the main elements to identify a fake N95 mask:

  • No marks NIOSH
  • NIOSH misspelled
  • Presence of decorative fabrics or accessories, such as sequins
  • Facepiece has ear loops instead of a headband
  • States that it is approved for children (NIOSH does not approve any type of respiratory protection for children)

Until now, 3M has received more than 324 thousand complaints in Latin America about masks Fake N95, where are they Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Ecuadoras well as thousands of posts on social media marketing fake respirators.


The Defense Sector will look for opportunities to improve the training process of the National Guard and create additional motivation for the service in the National Guard – Latvia – News

The Ministry of Defense welcomes the co-operation with the State Audit Office, as well as the recommendations provided in its audit report for promoting the development of the National Guard, the implementation of which will be discussed by the State Audit Office management and the Commanders of the National Guard units at a seminar tomorrow.

“I would like to thank the State Audit Office for its careful analysis of the National Guard’s activities, the conclusions of which will be used to improve the National Guard’s combat capabilities. Unscheduled combat readiness tests are an effective way to verify which we started to perform these inspections in all types of the National Armed Forces and the National Guard Brigades, “emphasizes the Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks (AP).

In 2019, the Ministry of Defense began active work on improving the procedure for assessing the readiness of units in order to objectively assess the readiness of units to respond to sudden state threat situations in a short time. One of the elements in assessing the readiness of units is unscheduled combat readiness inspections, activating units without warning to perform the national defense tasks assigned to them.

Last year, six unplanned combat readiness tests were carried out in the units of the National Armed Forces, including the National Guard, throughout Latvia, and this year – four.

Battle readiness tests confirmed that units are able to carry out combat tasks at their assigned response times in situations of sudden national threat. At the same time, the inspections outlined developments to improve combat capabilities, including the need to improve infrastructure and unit support.

Taking into account the recommendations of the audit report of the State Audit Office, the defense sector, for example, will evaluate the possibilities to improve the process of organizing training of national guards, create additional motivation for service in the National Guard and promote growth opportunities by serving in the National Guard.

It has already been reported that funding in the amount of 73 million euros for the implementation of the first stage of the National Guard’s enhanced readiness subunits in the period from 2015 to 2018 has been used for the planned purpose, the audit of the State Audit Office concluded.

Although the activity of the National Guard has increased in general, the trend of almost a third over the four-year period is that one third of the registered National Guard has not participated in any activities. The positive effect of the measures for the implementation of the high-readiness sub-units is that it has managed to increase the involvement of active national guards – in 2018, a quarter of the active national guards have been involved in the National Guard activities for more than 30 days. As it was not possible to take into account the constant activity of the same national guards in the planned four-year training, the training of high-preparedness national guards was not implemented as planned and failed to achieve the expected results in specialist training or collective training, the State Audit Office acknowledged.


Sci-hub effect – Vedomosti

What do you think of Alexandra Elbakyan’s Sci-hub project, which turns nine on September 5?

For those who hear about it for the first time: it is an Internet resource that provides any user with instant and free access to more than 76.46 million scientific articles and works. Nowadays, access to most articles (with the exception of open access materials) can be obtained by paying the publisher several tens of dollars. Institutes, as a rule, subscribe to entire packages of journals for much more serious money – but this does not give access to all the necessary scientific literature. The problem of fast, convenient and unrestricted access to scientific publications is a very acute topic for scientists, it has been brewing for quite a long time, so the emergence of such a project as Sci-hub was expected.


The anger of the gastronomic people reaches the Justice: appeal for protection against restrictions

About fifty gastronomic entrepreneurs from Pichincha, Puerto Norte, Pellegrini and La Florida will present an appeal before the Justice Against the provincial decree that establishes the closing time of all commercial activities and that sector from 7.30pm. Reinaldo Bacigalupo, a benchmark for the sector in the Pichincha neighborhood, said that the resolution signed by Governor Omar Perotti “is not only unconstitutional but irrational,” and promised: “We are going to defend ourselves to the last consequences of this abuse of freedom to exercise commerce in the city ”.

The discomfort of the gastronomic entrepreneurs was expressed a few hours after the announcement made by the governor on Friday night with his Minister of Health, Sonia Martorano. The following day a noisy demonstration was held in Jujuy and Oroño against the decree that further restricts activity, mainly to bares, restaurants and brewery


Now that anger was translated into an action before the Justice. Speaking to the program “Everyone at La Ocho”, Bacigalupo argued: “There is no basis to restrict hours. What is the logic of having lunch in a place and not having dinner. We have seen the municipal and provincial State defend bars and restaurants as places of contention when they see that the kids get together in clandestine previous meetings, there are meetings and parties in private homes ”.

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“All this is happening, and closing the bars and restaurants will only revitalize. This Saturday we get tired of receiving invitations to all kinds of events. After five months of pandemic, to deny this is to deny reality. We want to be a place of containment of these situations as it is throughout the world, where progress was made in a stage of learning to coexist with the virus with premises open until one in the morning and working, “said the businessman.

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“We made a huge sacrifice. We were already working with a time restriction and with capacity reduced to 50 percent without any type of claims, because there was a public health issue in the background. We have upheld the protocols. We had thousands of inspections. Out of a thousand businesses in the area, 20 were closed. The rate of compliance with the protocols is very high.

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In this sense, the businessman from Pichicha assured: “The sacrifice of the sector to accompany this crisis has always existed, and we are willing to sit down and talk. What we cannot believe is such violent measures, from one day to the next, without dialogue, from Friday to Saturday, knowing that Saturday is very important for collecting and paying salaries, for the production of merchandise. We found it crazy. Faced with these actions, we have no choice but to defend ourselves as best we can ”.



China to the USA, strong measures to protect our sovereignty – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, AUGUST 27 – Sino-American relations are in “an extremely serious and complicated phase since the start of diplomatic relations: for a period of time, the US has caused problems, seriously undermining China’s sovereignty and security and damaging relations between the two countries and their armed forces seriously “. Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian, on the latest military tensions in the South China Sea, between US spy planes and missiles launched from Beijing, said that “China will not dance with the US, nor will it allow the US to joke. We have adopted strong measures in defense of our sovereignty, security and development interests “.