Moscow entered the top 20 most promising technological cities in Europe

Moscow is one of the twenty European cities most promising for investments in technology, innovation and startups. According to the ranking of Tech Cities of the Future, the capital took 18th place out of 76.

The Tech Cities of the Future 2020/21 ranking was compiled by fDi Intelligence magazine and TNW (The Next Web), a specialized technology and innovation publication this year, for the first time.

“The rating considers 76 European cities, which were evaluated in terms of raising capital, the availability of qualified employees and the development of infrastructure. This year Moscow took 18th place, and in one of the five rating categories, “Startup Ecosystem”, it immediately rose to 10th line, ”said Vladimir Efimov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations.

The five leading cities included London, Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam, Berlin. The overall rating was formed on the basis of the results that the cities scored in each of the five categories – Economic Potential, Innovation and Attractiveness, Foreign Direct Investment Level, Startup Ecosystem and Profitability. Additional points were awarded if the city fell into a separate, sixth, category FDI Strategy, formed on the basis of its own fDi Intelligence surveys.

“Every year Moscow is becoming an increasingly attractive city for investment, including in the field of high technology, and successfully competes in this direction with world centers such as, for example, Helsinki or Milan. The city has created a favorable environment for the development of startups and digital platforms. The work on introducing innovative solutions into the city’s life showed its relevance during the time constraint regime, when the demand for obtaining services and goods through online services sharply increased, ”noted the Minister of the Government of Moscow, Head of the Department of Economic Policy and Development Kirill Purtov.

Experts praised the capabilities of the Moscow startup ecosystem. This confirms the achievements of the city in creating conditions for the development of technological entrepreneurship. So says the head of the metropolitan Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development, Alexei Fursin.

“The opportunities offered by the Moscow Innovation Cluster, the“ Moscow Accelerator ”program for scaling up and developing startups, the project for pilot testing innovations at city sites, and other support measures are available to capital startups. They allow ecosystem participants to cooperate, find partners and investors, receive product feedback from consumers, develop their projects and entrepreneurial competencies, and scale the business, ”the head of the department emphasized.

Minister of the Moscow Government, head of the Department of Information Technology Eduard Lysenko added that the basis for success in the digital world are factors such as favorable regulatory regulation, the creation of ecosystems and the support of talented personnel. The inclusion of Moscow in the top 20 of the Tech Cities of the Future 2020/21 rating, as well as its leading positions in other international innovation development rankings, mean that Moscow’s global competitiveness is growing. As the Minister specified, Moscow is not just ready for a digital future, but is one of the cities that define it.

FDi magazine is part of the Financial Times Group and compiles ratings of cities and regions in terms of their future development in the next two years. In addition to Tech Cities of the Future, the publication publishes a comprehensive European Cities and Regions of the Future ranking every two years. In its latest edition, Moscow in the overall standings among the largest cities in Europe was in the top 10.


“Magnet” is ready to invest 50 million rubles in startups – news retail and retail

June 17, 2020, 09:43


Russian retailer “Magnit” jointly with the Fund “SKOLKOVO” has launched the accelerator in search and introduction of new technologies — MGNTech, write “Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of “Magnet” and the representative of Fund “SKOLKOVO”.

Source: “Magnet”

The retailer plans to Finance the selected projects and start-UPS in 50 million rubles by the end of 2020. Startups that will participate in the accelerator MGNTech, will present to the Board of Directors and employees of the business areas “Magnet” pilot projects in several industries: financial technology, Biomedicine, unmanned management, data analysis, etc.

According to the Director of retailer John Dunning, thus the “Magnet” will be able to find new solutions to improve business processes. The results of the implementation of projects of participants of the accelerator in “Magnet” the company plans to receive in the years 2021-2022 total economic effect of not less than 1 billion rubles.

The accelerator according to the representative of “Magnet”, running under the strategy, digital transformation, which
said in February 2020.

Magnit has launched a system control repairs. Details of the project

“Magnit” shares with the suppliers information about the product and increases sales

“Magnet” is looking for innovative IT solutions

“Magnit” has signed a strategic agreement with “1C” at SPIEF-2019

Earlier it was reported that “Magnet” in may has recorded a surge in sales of beauty products.

In addition, the “Magnet” has started to monitor the queues in supermarkets.

Logo Magnet

“Magnet” is one of the leading retail chains in the food trade in Russia, the leader of the p…

Read more about the company

The article refers to the themes of: Research and ratings, automation in 1C

Source: Vedomosti

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Consultants “M. Video” was released online news retail and retail

On 15 June 2020, 13:23 2907 views

Network “M. Video” in the framework of the model One Retail has launched a website and mobile app personal video consultations. The buyer can see the major appliances for the home, get expert advice and best personalised offer in any convenient location, communicating with the seller through the website or mobile app.

LariBat / shutterstock

“M. Video” offers a single contactless buying process and selection of equipment at any point of contact on the website, mobile app and retail stores. Consultants M. Video use smartphones with special software that can identify the buyer and make a personal offer. Online consultations will allow them to communicate with customers on the sales floor but also in any other place where it is convenient for the buyer. Using video call with a specialist retailer, the buyer will receive information about the desired product, will see the model from different angles, discuss all the details of the purchase.

Consultants “M. Video” through a video call can not only show the technique on the trading floor, but in real-time to verify the existence of the desired model in stock, compare the price with other offerings on the market. The buyer will receive the most advantageous offer taking into account the current promotions and available bonus rubles.

M. Video is completely transformed into online business, and in the framework of the model One Retail, combining all the advantages of shopping online and in stores, we offer clients the same level of service at all points of contact. For example, you can choose a smartphone app and pick it up after 15 minutes in the shop, or, conversely, to look into the store, shoot the QR code using our mobile app and then pay for the purchase, on turning to the cashier. Video consultation is another step in this direction, and now our experts can help not only in store but also online. The pilot project showed that every third video consultations end up buying. The important role played by new experience, personalized offers and personal acquaintance with the goods,” says managing Director of “M. Video” Dagmar Ivanova.

At the moment the service is consulting on video available to users from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, Saratov, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Tver and Kaluga. To communicate with the store through a video call you need to go to the page for the product on the website or mobile application, “M. Video” and click on “View live”. The seller will connect to live broadcasts from the trading floor of the shop and will demonstrate a refrigerator, a washing machine, a TV or built-in appliances with your smartphone. Client enable video calling is not necessary. After the consultation, staff will help to arrange pickup from store, home delivery or send product information by email. In the personal Cabinet on the website and the application provides secure payment by credit card or using mobile payment services, to reduce the number of social contacts.

Earlier it was reported that “M. Video-Eldorado”: the smartphone market in may, returned to growth.

Moreover, “M. Video-Eldorado”: the sale of laptops in Russia in April rose by almost 70%.


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“Tape” will e a “Gal” at work in 9 stores news retailers and retail

10 June 2020, 12:39 6868 views

Lenta announces the expansion of the project to expedite customer service. Chat-bot Set Galya will work in ten stores.

Source: Lenta

Lenta will continue to use a chatbot Set Galya to work with privileged operations at the box office and will expand the project to 10 stores. In the first “pilot” hypermarket chat-bot helped cashiers two months: the evaluation of the effectiveness of handling requests with cash accelerated in 6 times, and saving time was 60 hours per month. Set Galya allows the cashiers to perform operations that previously required personal involvement of a chief cashier: removing items from a receipt, the cancellation position and the change in the number of purchases. Senior teller
receive, through the chat-bot generated the query from the cash register system and one click confirms the operation.

The pilot project took place in the hypermarket “Lenta” on the Avenue Obukhovskoy defense in St. Petersburg, where the box office is more than 4000 of preferred operations in the month. Measurements were taken of the speeds for each operation. Using chat bot improves quality of service: the buyer spends the least time on making a purchase and contact with fewer employees, which is especially important in the current situation. Employees cash lines of “Tape” also praised the interface of the solution and speed of implementation of the usual process in electronic form.

Earlier it was reported that “Lenta” has started the service of ordering and pickup of goods from the hypermarkets.

In addition, the “Tape” will accelerate business transformation through innovation and startups.


Logo Tape Tape

Lenta, a Russian hypermarket chain. Operated by the company “Lenta”. Head office n…

Read more about the company

The article refers to the topics: FMCG, food retail, alcohol, sales staff
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McDonald’s opens its first antivirus restaurant – Retail & Retail News

May 5, 2020, 09:19 2630 views

At the entrance to such a restaurant there is a hand disinfector, and the places for waiting for orders are divided among themselves, reports Reuters.
Photo: Reuters

McDonald’s, an American fast-food restaurant chain, has opened a pilot facility in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The main idea of ​​the new format was to ensure maximum safety of visitors and workers from infection with a new type of coronavirus.

Inside the first McDonald’s restaurant of the quarantine era, protective barriers, glass and floor markings are installed. All employees work in respirators and protective suits, and also maintain distance with the help of protective screens. At the entrance to the restaurant and near the cash desks there are hand disinfectors, and the places for waiting for orders are divided among themselves. All food is served to visitors on metal trays that are transported by employees on carts.

“We tried to figure out how to ensure the safety of our customers and employees, while maintaining the atmosphere of the restaurant … These are radical changes, but we hope to make sure that customers do not notice them,” said McDonald’s representative in the Netherlands Eunice Koekkuk.

Earlier it was reported that restaurateurs suggested starting the opening of establishments with summer verandas.

McDonald’s: during self-isolation, Russians began to drink more coffee.

The article relates to: Restaurants, Coronavirus
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DAX outlook: mood barometer cloudy outlook

Frankfurt In the past weeks there have been repeated attempts to recover the course, on some days one could believe that the corona pandemic has already been overcome. But on Friday, disillusionment returned – the collapsed ifo business climate index made the whole dilemma clear.

The course of the mood barometer looks like a “Highway to Hell”, was the analysis of the VP Bank. The index is now significantly below the values ​​of the crisis year 2009. The simple message for the future was: “Massive income losses are imminent. We will all get poorer. This applies not only to Germany, but to all economies. ”Sometimes it is better to hear the unvarnished truth.

Other analysts and experts are also skeptical about the weekly outlook. Cautious savings by consumers and companies create a completely different economic and inflation environment than one knows from the post-war period, the analysts at MFS Investment Management believe.

They expect the earnings recovery to be weaker than the market and point to the possible dilution of earnings through capital increases. They particularly highlight 2008 as a comparison.

“When the extreme risk of the international financial crisis subsided, companies were no longer concerned with distributions, but with recapitalization. To this end, new shares were issued – at the expense of existing shareholders, whose capital was heavily diluted, ”said the investment professionals. The new wave of recapitalization has probably just started. In the past few weeks, leisure companies and service providers in the United States and Europe have already offered new shares.

Warning to bargain hunters

The BLI – Banque de Luxembourg Investments is also cautious. “The financial markets are currently giving the impression that they are underestimating the extent of the economic damage and are counting on a rapid recovery as soon as the containment measures are reversed,” is the BLI’s assessment.

Many investors are conditioned to view any decline as an opportunity to buy. However, the analysts recall that while the fall in share prices in February / March was dramatic, the valuations were also very high. As a result, the markets today are anything but cheap, especially after the recent price recovery.

Quality companies with a very solid balance sheet, one or more sustainable competitive advantages and the ability to self-finance should be preferred. The main factor that will continue to speak for stocks remains the low interest rate level and thus the lack of alternatives. At the same time, gold will become an “indispensable part of a balanced portfolio because of the inflation risks.”

After the significant recovery since mid-March, the European stock market has recently lost some momentum, the Weberbank experts believe. In addition, the balance sheet season that is already underway shows significant impacts on corporate balance sheets due to the global “lockdowns”.

Correspondingly, the analysts have also significantly lowered their profit expectations for industrial companies, but also for the banking and energy sectors. Due to the economic slump, banks faced increased write-downs on their credit books and the massive drop in yields clouded interest income. Most recently, they also negatively impacted the rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

The Deutsche Bank and the Commerzbank were therefore particularly under pressure on Friday “We continue to distance ourselves from these sectors and prefer creditworthy pharmaceuticals or companies from the non-cyclical consumption. In addition, titles from the technology sector are promising in our eyes, ”said the Weberbank experts.

Central banks meet worldwide

If the economic situation continues to be poor, the states and central banks will have to take further support measures. Robert Greil, chief strategist at Merck Finck Privatbankiers, sees an opportunity for this next week because the European Central Bank, the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan are meeting.

“As a result of the unprecedented economic downturn caused by the Covid 19 consequences, all central banks will reaffirm their willingness to support,” says Greil. The economic downturn left neither governments nor central banks a choice but to take further measures to support and recover the economy.

The gross domestic product for the first quarter of 2020 will be published in the euro area on Thursday, and new growth figures will come in the US on Wednesday. Further important economic data in Germany are the preliminary inflation figures and the labor market report for April.

According to DZ Bank, the next quarter should bring an improvement in the economy, but there does not have to be a “V” or “I” recovery. This is not ignored on the stock market, many stocks are up to 80 percent down.

A large number of “mega-caps” hold up against this, mainly in the USA. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Facebook, but also Adobe or Comcast, be stable on the way. Things are also going well for the great values ​​of the “old economy”, including Pepsico, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Home depot and Pfizer. The German Leading index Dax the strategists from DZ Bank see 11,200 points by the end of the year, and the S & P-500 for US equities at 2,800. This would at least stabilize in the medium term.

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