Surviving the bombs: life in the last rebel redoubt in Syria – EL PAÍS

Surviving the bombs: life in Syria’s last rebel stronghold EL PAÍS Idlib forgotten city and revenge of the Syrian regime infobae Conflict in Syria: 9 years and more than 384 thousand dead Millennium Syria enters the tenth year of an endless residual war EL PAÍS This is how people live in the displaced camps left […]

Surviving the bombs: life in Syria’s last rebel stronghold

In Idlib province, last in opposition hands after nine years of civil war, 3.5 million people live, most displaced by the regime’s offensive and the bombings of Russian aviation. It is a poor and jobless area, controlled by the jihadist group HTS, which last year forcibly subdued the rest of the rebel factions.

EU fears rushed tightening of border controls

Vigilance has risen a notch in the European Union since February 13, the day when the 27 health ministers met in Brussels to coordinate against the coronavirus. In ten days, the number of infected people was multiplied by four in the common circulation area, due to the worsening situation in Italy. Moving to the great […]