Hungary sends soldiers to Bosch

Dhe corona crisis creates a number of strange things. In Hungary, the special decrees of the national populist government under Viktor Orbán due to the current danger situation have led to important companies in the country being accompanied by military inspectors. This includes Robert Bosch, the largest industrial employer in Hungary with almost 15,000 employees. […]

These are important utensils for the kitchen

One of the central tasks in the kitchen: chopping vegetables and other things with a knife. Image: mauritius images / Wavebreakmedi Restaurants are closed, supermarkets are open, and people are spending their time at home. Those who cannot cook yet should learn it now. Kevin Trapp has big goals for this season. The Eintracht Frankfurt […]

The Netherlands is cracking down on the corona crisis

A policeman sends out tarpaulin spotters who are watching planes at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Picture: EPA The Netherlands is proud to be a liberal country. But in the Corona crisis they have no pardon. “Spit on and shout,” Corona “is no fun – we are pursuing this consistently,” wrote the Mannheim police a few days […]

Bosch boss Denner in an interview on the Corona rapid test

Mr. Denner, “My dream is that we can beat cancer” – that was what you said in 2012, shortly after you became Bosch boss. If you have such a vision, you have to ask yourself what a company like Bosch is doing in times of the corona pandemic. Bosch acted quickly and developed a rapid […]

Huawei regains top position in patent statistics

Munich, Dusseldorf Initially, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei appeared uncertain when he appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. The 75-year-old sat motionless on his chair with his hands folded. But when he spoke about the allegations of the US government that his technology company was helping the Chinese government with cyber espionage, […]

Growing herbs and vegetables without soil: gardening in the apartment

WI don’t need the earth anymore. At least not for the plants. What sounds like the end times is a scientific knowledge that is very old. Researchers understand hydroponics to mean growing vegetables, herbs or salads without soil. The plants are fed with nutrients that are dissolved in the water. This is just as natural […]

German economy is one of the big winners

Football World Cup The biggest winners are the German medium-sized companies. (Photo: dpa) Moscow France and Croatia contest the final of the World Cup in Russia. Germany, one of the big favorites before the tournament, already failed in the preliminary round and so Joachim Löw and his team can only watch the culmination of the […]