“You passed, mother!” Urgant publicly insulted Sobchak / Showbiz Boulevard

Russian TV presenter Ivan Urgant spoke about the appearance of his colleague Ksenia Sobchak.

Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak on her Instagram page shared a video of communication with colleague Ivan Urgant.

“The case in Ostankino. Mask, I know you!” She wrote.

In the video, Sobchak shows Urgant in a protective mask.

“You’d take yourself off so people can even see how you are without everything,” he says.

“What am I? I passed my tests!” – Sobchak answers.

“No, you just passed already, mother!” – interrupted her TV presenter.

Ksenia Sobchak was born on November 5, 1981 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), became widely known as the host of the reality show “Dom-2” on TNT channel, and later led the project “Blonde in Chocolate”. She created the project “Sobchak alive” on the channel “Rain”. She led the program “Barabaka and the Gray Wolf” along with Sergei Kalvarsky at the Silver Rain radio station. Now he is the author of the project “Caution Sobchak!” on your YouTube channel.


After the scandal with the blockade, Olga Buzova angered with her appearance on May 9

Olga Buzova’s next venture provoked a new flood of popular anger. The leading singer angered the Russians with her appearance. But the public has not forgotten the scandalous tricks of the TV star, when she, sitting in a swimsuit at the table, licked a plate with the words “I’m a blockade.”

Olga Buzova on the occasion of May 9, I decided to talk about the feat of my great-grandfathersthan incredibly inspired her fans. However, then she began to publish photos and videos on which posed in a military uniform with bright makeup with a cap on his head. The artist threw a nurse’s handbag over her shoulder, and held a dandelion in her manicured fingers.

Olga Buzova went to the forest for a bright photo

“May 9th is the main, holy date in the life of each of us. This is a day of immense pride in the feat of true heroes who, without sparing life, defended our Motherland! We will forever keep in our hearts the memory of their courage! Thanks to you, we live 75 years under a peaceful sky! Tears of happiness for the Great Victory pour out of my eyes and tears of grief for those who are gone … “, reads the caption to the photo.

Great holiday

Wherein take off gold and platinum bracelets Buzova did not guess. Or did not consider it necessary. She read the poem Wind of War by Stepan Kadashnikov in memory of those killed at the front, and then presented with her boyfriend David Manukyan a cover for the song “Cranes”.

This finally infuriated users of the social network. They began to leave indignant messages, recalling the actress and the recent scandal with the blockade, and the glamorous Mother of God, and embarrassment at Epiphany.

Cranes.Premiere cover, 2020

“They don’t go to make-up in the war!”, “Show-off!”, “What are you doing again?”, “Have you tried any less makeup?”, “Why are you doing carnival on this day?”, “I made up and came to the forest for a photo “,” Cheap masquerade “,” This is called Spanish shame when she does it, but we are all ashamed “,” Very funny, you need to remove the bracelets, “the fans are indignant.

We are for peace … For love … May the war never return again …

Olga never responds to criticism and indignation of fans. Her favorite hate phrase: “The dog barks, and the caravan goes.”

Olga Buzova: from a cleaning lady to a millionaire.Who doesn’t know Buzova? Everyone knows Olya. Some love her, while others hate her. Sometimes it seems that there is simply no one indifferent to the ex-participant of “House-2” …


Irene Pivetti and the mask scandal: business or volunteering? | VIDEO

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The former president of the Chamber is under investigation for 15 million masks that would not have certification imported from China. Regardless of the outcome of the investigations, we offer you an interview with Luigi Pelazza with the man who worked with you. That leaves at least one question open

Irene Pivetti, former President of the Chamber and TV presenter, is investigated for a few days because he would have imported 15 million from China through his company Only Italy masks that would not be uncertified. She, even speaking to us, he rejects any accusation: “The supplier had told me that there is a certificate, if there are not aggrieved party“.

Luigi Pelazza tells us about someone else who feels an injured party in a complex story that concerns her. IS Andrew, his company has been dealing with transport all over the world for 50 years: “Pivetti had acquired a license for a train from Italy to China who had no one, from Milan through Poland and Belarus “. It seemed convenient compared to the 50 days it takes to ship containers by ship. We are in September 2018.

Andrea says he met Irene Pivetti in Milan: they sign a contract, he is suggested to use an Austrian railway operator. 40 containers are shipped with 400 thousand euros of tiles. However, the deal would not have been successful for lack of buyers. Andrea, after more reminders, invoices her about 20 thousand euros. He receives a 50,000 counter bill. Only Italia also has offices in Poland and San Marino, companies visited by the correspondent seem to be without staff to date.

Andrea calls today again, in front of our Luigi Pelazza, to Irene Pivetti. They agree on an appointment in Milan: Andrea requests payment of the expenses incurred. “Everyone keeps his losses” replies the entrepreneur and the contract between the parties is actually very ambiguous. Meanwhile, other business in China, focusing on Made in Italy for Irene Pivetti, on the other hand, would be fine.

The proposal arrives: “If you are interested in the train, I now tell you with a certain cynicism that I wanted to exploit the coronavirus for this too because now that the flights have closed. I have already written: ‘Dear Qingbaijiang District, since the flights are not coming, I will send you trains of masks and medical supplies …’ If she is happy to return to the game, I am happy. “

This meeting takes place on February 28, 2020, when the infection was about to leave for everyone. Pivetti says: “Yes, yes, we are running like crazy because this emergence of the virus it made us change jobs in a way. We all had to throw ourselves on this matter here which for charity, I must say, is also very interesting from an economic point of view“. “For the things you need for an emergency?” Asks Andrea. “Yes exactly. It’s not bad since all the rest of the business is obviously suspended until further notice, “Irene Pivetti replies.

These sentences seem to clash with what he says on TV: “We are doing it voluntarily, with the people around our company, a support for Civil Protection exactly to acquire masks on international markets “. In short: is it a business, albeit legitimate, or a voluntary service?

“This medical part was a bit of a discovery,” says Irene Pivetti to Andrea. “I think I will keep it as a permanent sector so that I can supply Europe … I think it will be ‘a world’ because what I expect after this virus is that there is growth in these sectors …”. “… It must also be nice business in short … “intervenes Andrea. “Exactly, yes,” replies Pivetti.

No condemnation, we repeat, is the job of an entrepreneur. “There Italian civil protection she asked us for things … let’s see a little “, continues the entrepreneur with Andrea,” if they take them I’m very happy … “. “I add … I don’t know … 15 cents per product, just to have a margin”. Multiplying it by the 15 million masks requested to Irene Pivetti from the Civil Protection would make a gain of 2 million and 250 thousand euros. A difficult figure to accompany the word “volunteering”.

How will it end with Andrea’s invoices? “I find it extremely incorrect to have mixed a business affair that has nothing to do with the emergence of the coronavirus,” he says Irene Pivetti, which gives the own version of what happened with the tile train.

And the scandal masks? “We received a very good product on paper. Inside some of these cartons there were non-compliant packages. When they contested me saying that this brand is not regular. I say, but these are not mine … they were mine … Someone there exchanged them. In fact, I contested the game. ” The investigations will clarify whether he is right or not.

We are left with one question: has it gained or not? “I don’t make money on civil protection, I cover the costs”. And when did you say to Andrea? “I add I don’t know 15 cents per product, just to have a margin” or “I now say with a certain cynicism that I wanted to exploit the coronavirus for this too”.


Renzi, we want to know the truth about the Di Matteo – Politics case

On the issue between Bonafede and Di Matteo “we are in the presence of a sensational judicial affair that risks being the most serious judicial scandal in recent years”. The senator of Italy Viva Matteo Renzi said in L’Aria that pulls up La7 where he asked the protagonists of the story to make “clarity”. “Before we talk about motions of no confidence, which the right wing does, we want to see. Before I even get there I want to see if it’s a settling of accounts, I want to know the truth.”