How a billion dollar bet by Ray Dalio made profits in the Dax

Ray Dalio The Bridgewater boss speculated on falling prices with comparatively stable Dax values. (Photo: Reuters) Dusseldorf Hedge fund Bridgewater contributed its billion dollar bet on falling stock prices Dax– Companies significantly reduced. That goes from the information of the “Federal Gazette” and the corresponding database of the Handelsblatt forth. As a result, the world’s […]

German and American companies suffer so badly

A flash survey of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham) among 2,300 member companies now provides information for the first time on how much companies have suffered from the crisis in recent weeks. The data are available to the Handelsblatt. Accordingly, only five percent of the companies surveyed felt no effects. Every third […]

How Germany’s corporations suffer in the United States

new York The corona crisis is also affecting German companies in the United States. Volkswagen (VW) and Mercedes announced their plant closings for the next week at the weekend. They follow the three major US manufacturers from Detroit. General Motors (GM), Ford and Fiat Chrysler had previously ceased production in North America by the end […]

Roland Busch becomes the new Siemens boss

SWednesday evening, iemens set the course for handing over the leadership in the technology group, which was supposed to happen in five months. CEO Joe Kaeser has informed the Supervisory Board that he is not seeking to extend his contract and will leave the company at the latest by the end of the next Annual […]

Osram cashes the annual forecast due to the corona crisis

Osram headquarters in Munich Munich The lighting company Osram has cashed in on his forecast for the current fiscal year 2019/20 (September 30) due to the corona crisis. The corporate goals could probably not be achieved, Osram announced on Wednesday evening. The pandemic and countermeasures – particularly the increasing number of shutdowns by Osram’s customers […]

Corona virus crisis: hedge funds sense their opportunity

Frankfurt In the corona crisis, stocks on the stock exchanges got under the wheels within a few days, book values ​​in the trillions vanished into thin air. The price losses hurt the majority of investors, but there are also players on the financial markets who benefit from such crashes. For activist investors who buy minority […]

Huawei regains top position in patent statistics

Munich, Dusseldorf Initially, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei appeared uncertain when he appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. The 75-year-old sat motionless on his chair with his hands folded. But when he spoke about the allegations of the US government that his technology company was helping the Chinese government with cyber espionage, […]

Companies need a new AI approach

Dusseldorf When Darnell Gates came out of prison, he didn’t know that from now on, a computer would make a big difference in his life. Whether it is arranging interviews with the probation officer or approving for a few days of vacation: In the background, a system with artificial intelligence continuously assesses the relapse risk […]

US agency approves Infineon’s billion-dollar acquisition of Cypress Semi

Investors were pleased to hear the news on Tuesday morning. The share price rose 6.5 percent on Tuesday afternoon. This made Munich one of the biggest winners in the Dax. Cypress shares also rose significantly: in pre-exchange trading, the papers turned almost 48 percent up. This means that Ploss has probably overcome the biggest hurdle […]