Apple closes stores outside of China and asks employees to work from home

Apple Inc. closed all of its global stores outside of mainland China until March 27 due to fears of coronavirus contagion as the company attempts to respond probably to the largest global health crisis in a century. Apple, which announced the move on Friday, said in a statement that it is also moving towards flexible […]

Hackers use fake coronavirus maps to infect visitors with malware

Hackers are once again taking advantage of COVID-19’s concerns by using fake coronavirus maps to infect visitors with malware. Detailed Monday by cybersecurity researcher Shai Alfasi of Reason Cybersecurity Ltd., fake maps were founded to attempt to infect unsuspecting visitors with AZORult malware. The malware, first discovered in 2016, steals information with browsing history, cookies, […]

AWS debuts Bottlerocket, an open source operating system for container apps

Amazon Web Services Inc. today announced the debut of a new open source operating system for software containers that runs on bare metal servers or virtual machines. AWS Bottlerocket is currently available in preview and is a reduced operating system comprising only the components that are absolutely essential for putting the containers into operation. It […]

Other conferences canceled, technology companies impose travel bans on coronavirus problems

Other technology conferences have been canceled and major technology companies have limited employee travel as Wuhan’s coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread worldwide. The last major conference that has been canceled is the Game Developers Conference which is expected to begin in San Francisco on March 16th. Questions about whether the event would go on were […]

Samsung suffers a data breach as the coronavirus spreads across South Korea

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. suffered a data breach, but although the extent of the breach and exactly what was involved is susceptible to speculation, it may be the least of the company’s problems as Wuhan’s coronavirus is out. control in South Korea. Initial reports suggested that the data breach may have been related to a […]

The Microsoft Azure Sphere service for IoT devices starts in general availability

Microsoft Corp.’s long-awaited Azure Sphere security service, aimed at protecting “internet of things” devices, has now reached general availability, almost two years after its preview launch. The company introduced Azure Sphere, which is based on a Linux operating system built by Microsoft, in March 2018. At the time, it claimed that the technology came from […]