Is humility on the right?



We walked towards the two months of confinement “without masks, without tests, without decent rulers.” The protest, turned into a mantra, in the opinion media and in Spanish social networks, against an apparently autistic government, contrasts sharply with the atmosphere that is beginning to ignite in neighboring countries. Largely due to the contrite and compassionate attitude shown by some European leaders – at the helm of a crisis less acute than ours -, which makes it legitimate to ask: Is humility a right-wing policy?

Given that the leaders who have taken this path are conservative, it seems so. Yesterday, before dealing with the budgets of the Covid-19 crisis at the European Council, Chancellor Merkel made a deeply human diagnosis of the drama that exists in so many homes, hospitals and nursing homes, and asked for forgiveness for the restrictions on liberties, for which he asked for criticism and consensus. The elderly who die alone, said the chancellor in a broken voice, “are the ones who made the prosperous Germany we enjoy today a reality.”

In his last speech to the nation, Emmanuel Macron also surprised by his modest, repentant tone, and by his effort to instill hope. More or less, the attributes that stand out in Pedro Sánchez’s interventions. The French president apologized for the failures of his Administration in providing the population with tests, masks and adequate logistics, and promised to draw, in due course, the consequences of those errors.

As the Spanish Minister of the Interior, Grande Marlaska, insists that in Spain “the Government does not have to regret anything”, the appointment of Winston Churchill is inevitable, who in an early speech defined in 1908 the docile society that the socialists seek: that “A group of unsavory individuals who obtained a majority for their clique in some recent elections, and whose officers are now looking at humanity through innumerable bars and polls and on innumerable counters and saying ‘tickets please’.”

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Jacinda Ardern: New Zealand Prime Minister’s popularity turns against her in the kitchen | Global World Blog

The New Zealand Prime Minister grew in popularity for her magnanimity and integrity in the attacks on two Christchurch mosques by an ultra that killed 51 people on March 15, 2019. Ardern put on a hijab and embraced the families of the murdered Muslims as a clear sign of empathy with them. “They are us,” he declared at a press conference.

So much popularity also has not so positive consequences, although luckily for her they remain in the field of fun. A television presenter from the oceanic country wanted to pay tribute to the president by cooking a cake with her face. On the 14th, Laura Daniel shared with her more than 16,000 followers on Instagram a photo of the result. Next to the cake, a book with a photo of Ardern on the cover.

The presence in the image of the book, the biography An Extraordinary Leader, it is revealed more than necessary. In her pastry portrait the Prime Minister is unrecognizable. Ardern’s hair, a handful of black licorice, lies on a bed of some kind of white cream, similar to another substance used by the presenter and confectioner. amateur for the face, which seems to have melted. Black eyebrows drip over dislocated blue eyes, and his mouth, painted as if he wanted to portray the man instead of the president. Joker of Batman, it is finished off with teeth that are too real that, with the naked eye, illuminate suspicions that the author has resorted to false teeth.

“They say don’t cook your heroes, but I wanted to try it anyway. I’m so sorry, Jacinta Ardern. I really tried to do my best with what I had on hand ”, the presenter has apologized. The Prime Minister has seen the result and has responded to Laura Daniel from her official Instagram account with two stunned emoticons.

The humorous comments have followed the publication. “At least we already know what our prime minister would look like if she were addicted to crack ”, write one down. “Have you seen the movie Saw and the hideous puppet? Yes, it is identical ”, mocks another. “Who have you stolen your teeth from?” Asks a third. “Thank you. I did not want to sleep tonight and this will help me ”, ironized a user. The publication already exceeds 5,500 I like.

The Prime Minister is forgiven even for diplomatic lapses. Last March, on a visit to Japan, he confused the country with its historical rival, China, and excused himself saying naturally that the error was due to jet lag. It has also shown signs of empathy with the population in the face of the economic crisis derived from the covid-19 pandemic. This Wednesday announced that all members of the New Zealand Government, including herself, will lower their salary by 20% in recognition of the sacrifices of citizens for the decreed containment measures.

Popularity has also carried over into the entertainment world. An actress, Melanie Bracewell, whose followers reminded her of her resemblance to the Prime Minister, has begun to imitate her in videos she records in her confinement. “If you told me six months ago that I was going to spend hours making videos on TikTok, I would have laughed in your face, but now I’m going to be showing cheekbones forever,” the comedian joked. as collected The Guardian, referring to the face of the prime minister, which she mimics.

Ardern, born in 1980, was the youngest member of parliament at 28, and in 2017, when she was elected prime minister, she also became in the youngest head of government in the world. So much is their charisma, that New Zealanders have coined a term, jacindamania, to refer to the popularity of the chief executive, a vein for the Labor ranks. After becoming the leader of the Labor Party in August 2017, her training was flooded with donations. In a single day, the party recognized have received NZ $ 100,000 (about 55,300 euros, at the current exchange rate). In November 2018, many of his followers they queued in front of Dunedin Town Hall (south of the country) to see it, and the majority remained with the desire when the capacity of the 1,200-person building was completed.


Malaysia Apologizes For Controversial Official Advice To Women During Pandemic | Global World Blog

The Malaysian government has issued an apology after the reaction against a series of recommendations directed at women during the period of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a disease that in the Asian country has so far infected 2,766 people and has killed three.

The councils, published Monday on Facebook by the Malaysian ministry for women and family development, were aimed at maintaining a positive relationship in the family and work environment, according to their authors.

Under the motto “Kebahagiaan Rumahtangga” (“Harmony in the home”), women were suggested behaviors to avoid arguments with their husbands such as laughing shyly or speaking in a sweet tone, similar to those of the popular cartoon character. Doráemon, a robot cat.

In one of the released illustrations, now deleted, a couple is seen hanging the freshly laundered clothes. “If your husband performs a (household) chore in a way you don’t like, avoid bothering him” or “count from 1 to 20 before arguing,” the post noted, deleted Tuesday, a day after it was posted.

In another of the highly criticized messages, women were recommended to make up and dress carefully, even to stay at home. “And why would dressing well and putting makeup away from the covid-19?” Asks one surfer. “We are in 2020. Go ahead and dedicate yourself to important topics regarding women,” asks another user.

The contrary reactions expressed by many Malaysians on social networks, where they accused several of the government councils of sexists, caused the ministry to issue an apology last night.

“We apologize if there were certain councils that were inappropriate and offended the sensibilities of certain groups. We will be more careful in the future,” said the statement released Tuesday night on social media under the label # wanitacegahcovid19 (“women to prevent Covid-19) The authorities, however, insisted that the objective was “to maintain positive relationships between family members during this period when they are working at home.”

Experts fear an increase in violence against women in many countries, due to confinement. In Malaysia, a hotline dedicated to helping women experiencing domestic violence has received 50% more calls since mid-March, when confinement began, according to local media.


David Doblas lives “sad” the current situation of the coronavirus from Japan

“I live a normal life within prudence,” says David Doblas (Pedreña, Santander, 1981), the player who has worn the Gipuzkoa Basket shirt the most times. The mythical ’13’ of the GB is in Japan, where he plays in the city of Fukuoka, a league that has been the last to stop due to the coronavirus crisis. «Japan has a difference c


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Coronavirus crisis: Yolanda Daz apologizes, but denies improvisation

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy,Yolanda Diaz, has denied this Monday “improvisation“by the Government in the decision to suspend non-essential activities, although it doeshas apologized for the delaywith which the measure was published this Sunday in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

I do not accept improvisation criticism because we have not stopped working. Of course, there is no improvisation, butthey are very complex measuresand the measure adopted yesterday has taken us a long time to polish it in legal terms and to do filigree work to determine the minimum essential activities (…) I am aware that many business sectors were concerned with knowing how far and how affected the measure and I apologize from here, “he said.

Díaz, in statements to Antena 3 collected by Europa Press, has advanced thatthis mrates new measures will be approvedin the Council of Ministers in the face of the Covid-19 crisis, but has not given details. Last week, the Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, announced that this week measures related to the payment of therental. Nor is it ruled out that the Government approves aid fordomestic servants, since they do not have the right to unemployment.

The minister has recognized thatthe measures of confinement that the Executive is adopting are “very hard”, but has insisted that the only objective pursued is to reduce the spread ofcoronavirus.

“We have verified that when we have the level of economic paralysis of the weekend contagions are paralyzed (…) We need almost absolute confinement, because there is no other tool to lower the contagion curve,” he explained.

Díaz has indicated thatstopping non-essential activity, like works, is a “sensible move”which was also being claimed from the opposition. As for whether this affects domestic workers and janitors, the minister has said that an effort must be made to stay home these two weeks and that she knows that many janitors are no longer going to work.

Asked if it would not be easier for the Executive to “hibernate” the payment of taxes, Díaz has affirmed that the measures of the Government “must havethe logic of a welfare state

In this sense, he has pointed out thatbig companies have to make sacrifices, like the workers, since many have had to reduce their working hours in order to care for their children or the elderly and thus have seen their wages reduced. “They are exceptional situations,” he summarized.

Díaz has also defended the important mobilization of public resources that is being carried out to alleviate the crisis, equivalent to several points of GDP, and would see it as “unfair” to say that the State is not contributing money to combat the disease or its consequences. economic and social.


Wuhan Police apologize to family of doctor who warned of coronavirus

Police in the Chinese city of Wuhan, epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak which is already a pandemic, haveapologized this Thursday with Li Wenliang’s family, thedoctor who alerted to the coronavirus, was retaliated and finally died of the disease.

In a brief statement, the city’s security forces have regretted what happened and assured that they would withdraw the measures imposed against Li if they had the chance, in addition to learning from what happened.

The decision has been made afterinvestigation found evidence that Zhongnan Police Station issued “inadequate instructions”and follow “irregular procedures”, according to a document by the Central Discipline Commission to which the local newspaper ‘The South China Morning Post’ has had access. In this regard, investigators have recommended that the Wuhan authorities ask the police to take action in this regard and make the information about the case available to the public.

Li was one of theeight doctors who were arrested for passing informationon the appearance of the coronavirus in Wuhan in late December. Subsequently, he was diagnosed with Covid-19 on January 31 and died on February 7.


Setin Interview: “We have already apologized for Sarabia”

Quique Setiénhe receives ‘El Periódico’ after the games against Naples and Real Madrid, the most important he has faced in the first 50 days at Barça. The negative results – a draw in Italy, and a defeat at the Bernabéu- have rolled the optimistic mood of the technician, talkative, explanatory and didactic. His face, in a long talk of 54 minutes in which he did not look at the clock, is only overshadowed by the episode of Eder Sarabia on the bench, in which television images reproduce the imprecations and outbursts of anger of his assistant. This is a preview of the full interview with the technician.

What do you think of what happened?

That situation has affected me a lot. The first thing I think about is in the club and in the club’s image. It must be an impolute image, it must be taken care of. It’s a topic worries me a lot. It is something very important to me. They can criticize us because you make the changes wrong, because you raise the parties badly … For whatever reason, but not for the behavior. It is true that you have to understand people and moments. We are not all equal. Eder is a boy who has a great temperament, which for many things is phenomenal. But you have to learn to control yourself. It is in it, try to improve this issue because we have already had situations of these. More and more sporadic, but … But it’s something we don’t like.

These reactions are seen on all the benches.

Yes, but that is no excuse. No, it is not an excuse. It is an issue that Eder is trying to solve. He is a young kid, an impulsive kid, who has a lot of energy, which for many things is tremendously positive. But we are on the bench of a club you represent and the behavior should be faultless. It is true that there is an isolated moment in which anything can happen to you, you go crazy and you go down, but this must be tried to control it.

They have spoken? What did he say?

Of course we talked. He is also worried. We don’t care about this situation. It is a subject that we must improve ourselves. It is trying to put solution. And he is working for it. We have already apologized that we have to ask. And especially me because, in the end, it’s my fault. I have to control these things.

Who has he apologized to? Before the players? The club?

To all, to all … It is a behavior that we should not have. Because there is another way of saying things. It is not a matter of giving explanations to the template. We are not comfortable with these things. It is a mistake we have made and we must try to avoid it. This is not the same. Nor do we extend further and I do not mean that this has come out.

Does it bother you that it came out?

It is a bit embarrassing that it becomes news and has a dimension like the one it has acquired. That is embarrassing. That the media use a camera that is permanently following you on the bench. It is something that should be eradicated. It is something that should end. You can’t be all day with your hand in your mouth. I don’t have to force myself to cover my mouth. It is unfortunate that these things happen.

It’s not the first time.

No, it is something that has already happened many times in other places. In Seville, in Las Palmas, everywhere passes € Now take the dimension of a club like this. There are many interests in other places, who think that with these things they will harm you and will destabilize you. It will not happen.

It is a lesson for Sarabia.

Of course of course. But we were already warned too. We knew what could happen. We assume responsibility. IM so sorry. I like to look good. I want my behavior here to be faultless. You can criticize me because I think the games wrong, because I lose, because I don’t get performance. In that I accept everything, but my behavior has to be faultless. I am representing a club like Barça and my obligation is to be careful with everything.

Why were they warned?

There are people who live on this, it is unfortunate, but it is so. That’s why you have to be careful. What happens is that I don’t get used to putting my hand in my mouth. Do not leave me.


MCC enters block day 7, unclear when operations will return to normal – NBC New York

What to know

  • The Metropolitan Correctional Center has entered its seventh day of lockout – with no certain date in sight as to when the facility will return to normal operations, according to memos obtained from News 4
  • A detainee bulletin dated Tuesday said that “the SIS department is investigating and once we have collected the necessary information, the decision will be taken to bring the facility back to normal operations.”
  • Investigators are focusing on whether an MCC corrections officer helped smuggle a gun into a detainee, sources said earlier.

The blockade at the Metropolitan Correctional Center has entered its seventh day – with no certain date in sight as to when the facility will return to its normal operations, according to memos obtained from News 4.

A memo addressed to detainees on Tuesday says that “the SIS department is investigating and once we have gathered the necessary information the decision will be taken to bring the facility back to normal operations.”

The memo also states that “as long as the detainees continue to behave respectfully, we will attempt to return to normal as soon as possible without compromising security if the institution”.

“The decision to return the facility to normal operations has not yet been reviewed; however, the visit remains canceled,” says the memo in part. “I understand that this decision has adversely affected your detention period, however, please be aware that this decision was made to maintain the safety of staff and detainees.”

In a reminder dated February 27, also addressed to detainees, the MCC informs that “the institution has been placed in a locked state, as a result, all detainees will remain protected in their assigned cells until further notice”.

The MCC did not immediately respond to News 4 calls looking for comments.

A decision on returning the facility to normal operations has not yet been reviewed; however, the visit remains canceled.

Metropolitan Correctional Center memo for inmates

Investigators are focusing on the possibility that an MCC corrections officer helped smuggle a gun into a detainee, according to sources previously reported in News 4.

Defense attorneys representing MCC detainees who were questioned by the authorities earlier said that attention is focused on that theory and subsequent investigations have left them unable to see their clients.

These detainees – now potential witnesses in the investigation – tell their lawyers that the authorities are trying to confirm the theory and, if true, to find the weapon.

That gun hunt forced extensive research into the facility, both in the common areas and individual cells, and prompted federal officials to bring teams out of town to aid the search. Meanwhile, detainees say they are being denied access to telephones, computers and showers and are bringing cold sandwiches through the food doors.

The facility, the Prison Office and the United States Prosecutor’s Office have declined to comment on the suggestion that an officer may be involved. Calls to the union of officers were not returned.

The chief federal public defender in Manhattan, while not directly commenting on the theory of weapons, described the blockade as “inhuman” and “unconstitutional”.

“It’s totally unacceptable and part of a long history of mismanagement at the MCC,” said David Patton, executive director of the Federal Defenders of New York. “One of the biggest problems is the complete lack of transparency and explanation of what’s going on.”

The MCC has been under investigation since the accused child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in his cell. Two BOP agents were subsequently arrested for alleged falsification of documents they had checked on Epstein when prosecutors said the guards were sleeping and shopping on their computers. They pleaded not guilty to the charges.

“While true, it’s not an excuse to close the whole place. They just need to put their records together,” said Patton on the contraband theory. “If it were a private company, they would be bankrupt by now. It’s as if the Three minions over there.”

Currently the MCC houses the famous lawyer Michael Avenatti, accused of stealing from client Stormy Daniels and convicted separately for shaking Nike. Lawrence Ray, the one-time informant against former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik, who is now accused of sexually abusing college-age girls, is currently at MCC. Ray denied the accusations.

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was also hosted at the MCC before his conviction.

The BOP claims that around 700 inmates are housed in the MCC.

The director of the MCC has been moved as the investigation continues. In the meantime, the FBI broke into Epstein’s private villa in the Caribbean and President Trump had some curious words about the investigation. Reports Jonathan Dienst of New York NBC 4


Atomic Veterans of America – NBC Connecticut

The enemy Hank Bolden
faced did not come from a distant front line.

It came from the skies.

It’s a battle that’s still going on 65 years later. Bolden, who is now 82 years old, is an atomic veteran – one of hundreds of thousands of American service members used in human testing by the United States government during post-WWII nuclear tests and sworn to a secret life.

“They wanted to see how the living soldiers would resist the exposure
to radiation, ”recalls Bolden. “Before using live soldiers they were using
mannequins. But you don’t get real results using mannequins as you would
live bodies. “


While accompanying a friend to a New Haven recruiting station in 1953, Bolden was invited to join the army. At just 16 years old then and already out of high school, he admits that he “pulled down” his birth certificate to move to the age of 18, joining the approximately 200,000 underage soldiers who would have served during the Second World War and the eras of the Korean War.

After basic training in
Fort Dix was assigned to work as a tank mechanic in Texas before moving to Texas
California and becoming a surface-to-air missile mechanic.

Despite an executive order issued in July
26, 1948, by President Harry S. Truman to desegregate the armed forces, the last one
the all black units of the army were not abolished until 1954. And in 1955, Bolden
he says, racist attitudes persist even after the units have been racially integrated.

“The residual thoughts of people were firm
linger, “he says.” My outfit was 800 people strong. Thirteen of us were
black. Ten were from the South, who were more tolerant of treatment
they got racially. But the three of us from the North couldn’t tolerate it,
so I have had many fights over this. So I was the guy they wanted
get rid of.”

It would not be the only race
discrimination Bolden would witness as a soldier.


In 1955, the seventeen year old
he was suddenly ordered to the Nevada desert without explanation.

“They don’t tell you what you’re going to face,” he said. “Nobody
they knew what they were going to face. ”

What he would eventually face was a classified operation known as Operation Teapot at the Nevada Test Site. In a series of 14 bomb throws, or “hits”, military officials tried to test the effects of nuclear bombs on structures and strategies, animals and people.

All races of military personnel
participated in the Teapot operation. But upon arrival in Nevada, Bolden was
astounded to accomplish all the other soldiers in his new specially selected unit
for a mysterious assignment they were also black.

“There was this myth about black people
be able to resist, tolerate certain things more than any other race “, he
He says. “So it was a test on that too.”


One morning in February, Bolden
the unit was ordered in a desert trench. Unbeknownst to them, it was excavated
the expected route of the fallout, only 2.8 miles away from what it would have become
ground zero for the launch of an atomic bomb.

Even though a countdown sounded on the speakers, Bolden says, the soldiers still had no idea what they were about to face. Without protective gear in addition to the normal fabrics and helmets, they waited and looked.

“They tell you to cover your eyes”
he says.

On February 18, 1955, Shot Wasp, the first nuclear test of Operation Teapot, detonated a Mark 6 nuclear bomb dropped by a B-36 exactly at noon. A monstrous cloud of mushrooms filled the sky, reaching 21,500 feet in height.

“With radiation, when you put your arms over your eyes or hands, you actually see the bones, you see the bones in your body from the exposure. You can see your skeleton. “

After the relapse the warning came.

“You swore not to speak
“said Bolden. The soldiers were threatened with imprisonment and fines for violation
The oath.

For 60 years, Bolden didn’t tell anyone. No this
family, not his wife, not his children. Not even her doctors when she spies on her
tumors have started to show. He developed bladder and posterior subcapsular cancer
cataract and in 1990 multiple myeloma was diagnosed.

“They actually gave me three and a half years
four years to live, ”recalls Bolden.
So in 1995 I should have been a statistic. “

But in 1995, Bolden was in remission. He is a citizen
the secret was coming to light.


Government figures estimate between 400,000 and 550,000 US military personnel who participated in a series of nuclear tests between 1946 and 1992. According to the Department of Defense’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency, this includes post occupation forces -Second World War of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, prisoners of war in Japan at the end of the Second World War, participants in the atmospheric nuclear tests in Nevada and the Pacific from 1945 to 1962 and participants in the underground nuclear tests in Nevada from 1951 to 1992.

Many of these “atomic veterans” have succumbed before their own
the stories have become public, their bodies are full of tumors. In
1990, the veil of secrecy began to lift.

After setting up the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments to investigate 10-year experiments, President Clinton made a formal apology to American atomic veterans on October 3, 1995. By order of the president, Congress would repeal the nuclear radiation agreement law. and secrecy, allowing atomic veterans to talk about their experiences without fear of fines or treason charges. And financial compensation has been opened to all qualified atomic veterans.

“Those who led the government when these decisions were made are no longer here to take responsibility for what they have done. They are not here to apologize to survivors, family members or their communities whose lives have been overshadowed by shadow of these choices So today, on behalf of another generation of American leaders and another generation of American citizens, the United States of America offers sincere apologies to those of our citizens who have undergone these experiments. the government is wrong, we have a moral responsibility to admit it, “said President Bill Clinton on October 3, 1995

But the television address has been obscured. The same happened
day when OJ Simpson’s verdict was issued in a live classroom feed, taking
on televisions and news cycles across America.

As a result, many skilled veterans had no idea of ​​the ban
the secrecy had been lifted, nor that they could claim benefits. Bolden no
find out until he researched the Internet, he says, in 2015.

“I was once so angry and so aggravating with the government that I thought I would be murdered to keep me from talking,” he says.

When Bolden attempted to apply for subsidies, he found that the burden of proof was placed on his fellow atomic veterans. The government would give compensation from the date a complaint was filed, but not retroactively, and only if the veteran could prove that he had participated in the tests – which proved to be an almost impossible task after millions of military documents were destroyed in a 1973 fire against the National Staff Registration Center. As many as 18 million documents were burned, including 80% of all army personnel discharged between 1912 and 1960.

“They hoped for it
would have died sooner or would have been one of those guys who surrendered ”
says Anthony Bolden, Hank’s son. “No thanks. Hank doesn’t have it.”

After paying her
own pocket for a polygraph lie detector pouch, Hank eventually claimed
approved, setting a precedent for other atomic veterans whose records were

Photo: Hidden story: the atomic veterans of America

Hit a high note

“The love of music has
I’ve always been there. “

After his honorable discharge
from the army, Bolden went to work as an engineer before deciding to pursue a
career as a jazz musician who works while his family grows. Tell the story
while cradling the tenor saxophone that has been at his side since 1967. The “Rolls
Royce “of tools, he says.

The brand is Selmer. IS
in a strange coincidence, the model is a 6 sign. It is the same name as the shot
Wasp atomic bomb design.

But this is where the
the similarities end. The bomb was his nightmare. Music, his dream and his
outlet to work through the trauma of what lived in Nevada

“It’s like the blood inside
my veins. It takes away all my other thoughts, “he says

Bolden is finally
he receives compensation from the government and is now using it to help make his dream come true.
He returned to school, studying jazz performances at Hartt University of Hartford

“They are like the relic
here with all these kids, you know, “he chuckles.

Professor Javon Jackson
says that the 82-year-old is leaving a unique mark on the prestigious program.

“He has a lot of emotion,” says Jackson. “He is a very bluesy, very full of feeling, a natural player. His life, wisdom and the things he has acquired allow him to play the way it sounds.”


The vast majority of
Today, the American atomic veterans of the atmospheric test era are gone. About
400,000 veterans were present during these tests, according to the veterans
Administration. Survivors’ numbers vary, from around 10,000 to 80,000
still alive.

Bolden believes he is one of only two surviving African American atomic veterans who are recognized and receive compensation from the government. He is on a mission to reach as many survivors as possible and help them request the long-awaited recognition and compensation.

And he’s sharing his story, he says, to make sure the plight of American atomic veterans is no longer ignored.

“When people like me pass by, this won’t be part of the story unless someone makes sure it’s kept alive.”