Netrebko in a tunic dress and barefoot appeared on the terrace of her house in Vienna

The opera diva has already said that her heart belongs to this Austrian city.

Anna Netrebko (Photo:

In his regular column for one of the publications of the socialite chronicle, the presenter of the program “Fashionable Sentence” on Channel One, Alexander Vasilyev, specified that the opera diva herself was from Krasnodar. The fashion historian has no doubt that Cossack blood flows in the lover of the Azerbaijani tenor Yusif Eyvazov. So, co-host Evelina Khromtchenko noticed that 48-year-old Anna Netrebko can boast not only a deep beautiful timbre, but also very attractive external data. Speaking about the figure of the singer, the art historian assured that she absolutely does not need to lose weight. By the way, Anna herself also said that for many years she has been in the same weight. The celebrity is not going to follow the fashion line and exhaust himself with strict diets for the sake of far-fetched beauty ideals.

Opera diva Anna Netrebko
Anna Netrebko in an oriental-style tunic dress posed on the terrace of her house in Vienna (Photo:

As already wrote, Anna Netrebko did not waste time on home isolation. Beloved Azerbaijani tenor made repairs on the terrace, painting the walls and updating the decor. Now the opera diva can rest on the renovated site, where garden chairs and fresh bush flowers appeared.

In Stories, the opera singer shared the reporting photo, posing on the terrace of her house in Vienna. In front of the camera lens, Anna appeared in a tunic dress and barefoot, preferring oriental styling. Netrebko made it clear that she was satisfied with the repair. Beloved Yusif Eyvazova personally painted the walls and selected suitable shades, acting as a designer.


Lionel Messi was left without his “signature” beard

Lionel Messi inexplicably surprised the army of fans, having posted a series of new pictures on his page on the social network. Over the past few years, fans have become accustomed to seeing their idol with a beard, which has long been his “calling card.”

Now, the fans will have to get used to the fact that their idol was left without the “signature” facial hair. In new photos, he appeared with a clean-shaven face. Such dramatic changes in appearance caused a stir among the fans.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

One of the fans wrote that now it will be difficult for him to recognize a football player on the field, as he is not used to his appearance. “Leo does not recognize!” The other agreed with him.

Another beard supporter noticed that she gave the player brutality. “Why did Volodka Leo shave off his mustache?” – joked one of the Russian fans.

However, there were also those who liked this change. In this case, “likes” for the development of the razor machine Messi received mainly from the ladies. Fans noted that the football star began to look younger and such a transformation is very suitable for him.

By the way, facial hair carries a lot of threats. So, earlier doctors told her why it is dangerous in the winter, and psychologists explained how a beard can ruin a career. So it turns out that Messi’s decision is not so bad.


Asmus in trousers-pipes and stilettos came to Ostankino

On a personal Instagram page, 32-year-old Kristina Asmus shared reporting shots from the set of the Evening Urgant program on Channel One. In Ostankino, the wife of Comedy Club resident Garik Kharlamov appeared in a trouser suit, preferring a rich green tint. In addition, the celebrity supported fashion in monochrome. Next to Alexander Molochnikov and Ivan Urgant, the actress from the film Klim Shipenko “Text” posed in an elongated jacket and trousers-pipes with ironed arrows. The image of the artist was supplemented by actual metallic stilettos. Thanks to the straight silhouette of trousers, Christina visually lengthened her legs.

“Distance from the refrigerator”: Asmus appeared in the kitchen in jeans mini-shortsThe actress from the film Klim Shipenko “Text” is going to limit her appetites for self-isolation.

According to the actress, she already six times came to the shooting of Ivan Urgant. At the same time, Christina still does not leave excitement.

“The editor said that absolutely everyone except Vladimir Pozner, Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky are worried !! Well, then everything is ok, ”Asmus noted with some humor.

By the way, for the sake of filming in the talk show “Evening Urgant” on Channel One, showman’s lover Garik Kharlamov violated self-isolation. It is noteworthy that while at home, Christina Asmus managed to experiment with the image. The actress cut her long hair, making herself an elongated caret. The celebrity admitted that she was delighted with her hairstyle. The actress assured that in the near future it would hardly come to her mind to start growing curls.


Meyher-Granovskaya wished Brezhnev’s husband mutual love

May 11th music producer Konstantin Meladze celebrated his 57th birthday. One of the first lovers was congratulated on his birthday by his wife, ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Vera Brezhneva. The Ukrainian singer called her husband a genius, making it clear that she is proud of her soulmate. It’s no secret to many that Meladze is nineteen years older than the singer.

High cheekbones and a thin waist: Meikher-Granovskaya showed what she looked like at 16The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” shared a picture of 22 years ago.

At the same time, the spouses managed to build harmonious relationships. Nadezhda Meyher-Granovskaya, who also sang in the “golden line-up” of the group, also joined the artist’s congratulations. It is noteworthy that the pop singer wished the birthday man mutual love and inspiration.

Recall that in 2015, Konstantin Meladze played a secret wedding with Vera Brezhneva. Spouses spend every free minute together. The beloved music producer has repeatedly said that she consults with her husband in everything, trusting his judgments. It is noteworthy that Vera’s husband managed to find a common language with her heirs: 19-year-old Sonya and ten-year-old Sarah.

Singer Vera Brezhneva and her husband Konstantin Meladze
Vera Brezhneva believes that her relationship with her husband should not be made public. Photo: frame from video,

“Kostya! Happy Birthday! Fortitude! Good health, mutual love! Inspiration, ”said Nadezhda.

In an interview with Vyacheslav Manucharov for his YouTube channel, Vera Brezhneva explained why she did not talk about her personal life. The singer noticed that she did not want to attract increased attention of fans and the press to her family. The ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” clarified that she can say all the tender words to her husband personally, without exposing her feelings for show on the microblog.


Alena Krasnova on vacation emphasized the figure with a crop top

On Instagram, the 23-year-old lover of the soloist of the band Multiverse shared fresh shots. Even before the introduction of the self-isolation regime, Nikita Presnyakov took his wife to the former dacha of Primadonna. In an interview, Alla Borisovna clarified that her senior grandson was watching her house in Istra. The singer herself has long settled in the village of Mud near Moscow with her husband showman Maxim Galkin and six-year-old twins Harry and Lisa.

The daughter-in-law Orbakaite after a party at the bar celebrated her 23rd anniversary with her familyOn the night of March 8, Alena Krasnova arranged a celebration for friends, after which she spent the weekend in the company of her family.

On vacation, Alena Krasnova arranged an impromptu photo shoot in a marble arbor with columns. In front of the camera, daughter-in-law Orbakaite posed in artificially aged denim shorts. The girl emphasized the figure with a crop top, focusing on the waist.

Alena Krasnova dressed in crop top and shorts made of artificially aged denim. Photo: frame from video,

The favorite of the family, a white dog, also got into the frame. In a conversation with fans, Nikita Presnyakova’s lover made it clear that she was used to working on herself. In her youth, Alena even wore braces in order to achieve a beautiful smile. According to the model, it took her almost two years to do this.

The musician’s beloved clarified that she does not see anything reprehensible in saving. So, in the makeup bag of the model, it is quite possible to find affordable and inexpensive cosmetics from the mass market. The girl assured that she would not overpay for the brand, if you can find similar care products of exactly the same quality.

Model Alena Krasnova
The model, along with her husband, settled in the former cottage Pugacheva in Istra. Photo: frame from video,

According to Alena, she and her husband are in no hurry to have children. At the same time, the mother of Nikita Presnyakova, 48-year-old Kristina Orbakaite, admitted that she had long been ready for the appearance of grandchildren. But the elder children of the singer are in no hurry to acquire offspring.


71-year-old Pugacheva wears a cream and milk midi dress

As the site already wrote, May 9, Alla Pugacheva starred in a new video with six-year-old twins Harry and Lisa. The kids congratulated the veterans and staged an impromptu march along the corridor of a spacious mansion in the village of Gryaz, near Moscow. The company of the daughter and son as a “commander” was the prima donna of domestic show business. In front of the camera lens, the wife of the showman Maxim Galkin appeared in a light midi dress, emphasizing the waist with a wide belt. The image of the 71-year-old singer was supplemented by youth sneakers.

Mom’s pride: Pugacheva and Galkin did not forget to congratulate Orbakaite’s son on his 22nd birthdayUnlike his older brother, Denis Baysarov has little interest in vocals.

For expert commentary regarding the style and relevance of the outfit chosen by Alla Borisovna, turned to the host of the Reloaded program at TNT, Lina Dembikova. It is worth noting that the celebrity stylist was pleased with what she saw, calling the dress of the famous singer fashionable. The expert of our portal praised Primadonna for her courage, clarifying that the wife of Maxim Galkin conducts the correct “propaganda”, saying with her appearance that fashion has no age limit.

In addition, the TV presenter made it clear that Pugacheva replenished her wardrobe with trendy things. The actress wears leggings, sneakers, topical dresses. And these things, according to Dembikova, she is certainly young. In addition, Alla Borisovna manages to emphasize the advantages of her figure.

Singer Alla Pugacheva with children
Alla Pugacheva was praised by the stylist, opting for a light midi dress with a creamy milk shade. Photo: frame from video,

“Light and airy spring look! Perfectly accentuated waist. Generally belts are in trend today. And wide belts are super-practical. It is also excellent that Alla Borisovna has similar shades of tone. The white belt is ideally suited to such a cream-and-milk “cold” dress. And the volume pattern was chosen correctly: the pattern is not too large and not very small. What you need. The singer increasingly chooses these youth bows: sneakers, leggings in combination with dresses. It looks young, ”the celebrity stylist assured. Help

Lina Dembikova is a Russian beauty stylist and presenter. Known to a wide range of viewers thanks to the project “Reloaded” on TNT. He is the founder of the School of ImageHelology StyleHunter.


Keti Topuria showed a grown daughter reading a poem

Keti Topuria recently lived with her mother. Now the singer is spending time with her lover Leo Dengov. They met a year ago. As a result, their romance began to develop very rapidly. The artist has a daughter Olivia from her first marriage. The girl is inseparable from her mother and managed to make friends with her new chosen one. At first, the child did not like to sit at home in isolation, but in the end she became a blogger. Now the heiress of the star tells in the social network what you can do with yourself in four walls.

“Such a grace”: Topuria dressed with her daughter in mini-dresses with ruffles in the style of family lookAppreciated the feminine images of mother with daughter and stylist Olga Trofimova.

And on May 9, Topuria paid tribute to the memory of her grandfather Guri Veniaminovich, a lieutenant colonel of the air forces. He survived the war and passed away in 2008. And the four-year-old daughter of the singer read a poem and congratulated the veterans. The girl appeared in a snow-white sweater with a print in the form of hearts. Mom braided the baby’s curly hair into pigtails. Olivia also made a postcard with her own hands, which she decorated with a St. George ribbon.

Fans admired the girl. Many believe that she grows not only beautiful, but also not deprived of talents. “Good girl, Olivia! Happy Victory Day! ”,“ Lovely ”,“ Such a sweetheart ”,“ Well, smart girl ”, the subscribers commented on the post. And Topuria congratulated the Russians on the holiday, and also, along with other artists, sang the song May 9th.

Recall that also the heirs of other stars on a significant day read poems: the son of Sergei Lazarev Nikita, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov Stefania, the daughter of Ksenia Borrdina Theon, the children of Philip Kirkorov and the son of Yana Rudkovskaya Sasha Plushenko.


Irina Shayk dressed her daughter in a stylish khaki coat and beanie hat

Irina Shayk has been living in New York for a year. After the breakup of Bradley Cooper, she left his house in Los Angeles. True, in the end, the actor had to move after the model in order to be closer to his daughter Leia. He continues to maintain communication with the Russian beauty, but they are rarely seen. For more than a month now, the girl has been in self-isolation. She takes advantage of the free time to pay more attention to the child.

“You have her eyes”: Irina Shayk shared a rare photo of her grandmother who survived the warThe model congratulated the Russians on Victory Day.

Recently, Shake resumed walking. Now the mask has become an integral attribute of the model. Recently, the paparazzi managed to capture how the girl changed places with her daughter. A three-year-old girl rolled her mother in her stroller. They also fed pigeons. And on the eve of Irina again hit the lens. This time she appeared in an unusual way. The 34-year-old girl dressed in a trouser suit, which she combined with a snow-white crop top, a knitted hat and massive boots.

No less stylish looked her heiress. The model dressed Leia from head to toe in the Burberry brand. The girl appeared in knitted shorts with tights, a classic khaki trench coat and bright sandals. Like her mother, the baby was wearing a beanie. She sat in a stroller and ate sweets while walking.

Irina Shayk with her daughter. photo:

Fans noted that Shake is very brave, once decided to strip her stomach. At the same time, many believe that little Leia can soon surpass her parent in beauty. Recall that during quarantine, the model became close to Heidi Klum’s former lover – Vito Schnabel. According to foreign media reports, Irina now lives with her new boyfriend with her mother and daughter, but this information has not yet been confirmed.


Shake in a sand trench coat ride in a stroller with a grown daughter

Irina Shayk has been living without Bradley Cooper for almost a year. Lovers broke up friends. The model supports communication with the actor, but does not allow him too close. It seems that only for the sake of her three-year-old daughter Leia she makes such sacrifices, she admitted that she usually breaks all ties with those with whom she did not have a relationship. Her mother Olga came to help the girl. Nevertheless, in February, the actor looked after the girl while the star of the catwalks was at Fashion Weeks in Europe.

“This is a hit”: Irina Shayk in a leather miniskirt and a leather jacket was noted for a walk with her daughterThe model showed a fashionable spring look. He was appreciated by the stylist Larisa Timiryaeva.

But for more than a month, Shake has been at home. In April, she almost did not appear in public. The model was only seen a couple of times in the company of gallery owner Vito Schnabel. Young people are already credited with the novel. But recently, the girl resumed walking with her daughter. Recently, the paparazzi caught Irina when she was having fun with an heiress on the street. They switched places, so Leia rolled the stroller in which her mother was sitting.

Shake again demonstrated an impeccable sense of style. She appeared in a cream-colored tracksuit, put on a sand trench coat over a short one. Massive boots and sunglasses complement the look. The star had a mask with her, but she decided to get rid of it. Leia appeared in a dress and an emerald jacket. She and her mother happily fed the pigeons. When it began to rain, the model headed home with the baby. At the same time, the girl held a small umbrella in her hands.

Irina Shayk with her daughter. photo:

Fans admired the family idyll. They note that every year the girl more and more looks like a mother. True, the baby has blonde hair.


Nyusha without makeup and in a velvet suit delighted with natural beauty

Fans are used to seeing Nyushu in revealing outfits and full makeup. A year ago, the singer became a mother, but quickly came into shape after childbirth. Now she again pleases fans with piquant images. But for more than a month now, the artist has been quarantining time. She lives with her family in a spacious country house. May 9, the girl not only congratulated fans on Victory Day, but also told how this holiday is celebrated.

“Two beauties”: Nyusha dressed in the same style as her one-year-old daughter, SimbaMany fans admired the touching frames, but noted that the girl is still more like a father.

In the new photo, 29-year-old Nyusha appeared in a velvet black suit in pajama style. She also gathered her hair in a bun and refused makeup. The singer was placed on the floor with an album in which photographs of her ancestors are stored. Fans were not used to seeing a star in their home outfit.

“We, with the family, gathered everyone into a family tree. My great-grandfather, Nikolai, served as the commander of a platoon of machine gunners of the 251th Guards Rifle Regiment in WWII, received the Order of the Red Star … My great-grandfather, Volodya, served as the head of the civil defense of the district in Ashgabat. And my grandmother Masha, being a little girl captured by the Germans, remembered them, telling about her “Kinders” that they did not want to fight and how they treated her with chocolate, ”the artist shared.

Fans joined in the congratulations. Many admired the natural beauty of the girl and her desire to preserve the memory of loved ones and pass them on to their daughter. “What a beautiful one!”, “A girl is straight without makeup”, “And you are so tender at home”, “Nyusha, how cute!”, “How pretty you are,” the subscribers commented on the post. husband of the star Igor Sivov with a daughter in his arms recorded a video message congratulating everyone on the holiday. And his sons from past relationships read poetry.