Yucatán: SSY confirms suicide of medical intern at Tahdziú clinic

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- The Ministry of Health of Yucatán (SSY) confirmed the death of the KJGK medical intern, of 26 years of age, who, as we already reported, provided his service in the Tahdziú Medical Unit, and committed suicide within it, being discovered this morning by his companions.

In an official statement, the SSY indicated that through the Departments of Mental Health and Teaching, in coordination with the University to which the young woman belonged, they carry out the corresponding actions.

Above all, this fact was regretted “and with the support of Mental Health professionals from the unit, they carry out comprehensive actions to support family members, who will be given the necessary help to carry out the corresponding procedures before the Attorney General State, where the rigorous legal procedure will take place ”, the bulletin explains.

It was also added that the State Government has at the service of the citizens a Special counseling and emotional support line, through which a group of experts offers immediate counseling in the event of a psychological emergency, intervention in times of crisis, orientation of help centers and referral to specialists.

The number is 800-108-80-00, is free and available every day of the week, day and night including holidays.


Health: World Suicide Prevention Day: 391 people have taken off

This Thursday, September 10, the and the figures are not encouraging. 391 Peruvians have taken their lives so far this 2020 and the majority of these victims are from the young population.

These figures were provided by the Guestalt Institute of Lima (IGL). During the six months of confinement that was decreed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, 265 suicides have been registered.

In addition, situations of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, uncertainty and irritability have been generated with respect to their life plans, personal and professional goals.

MIRA: Daisy Coleman, the survivor of sexual abuse and star of the documentary “Audrie & Daisy”, committed suicide at age 23

“There are more and more cases of young people who cannot sleep well, have appetite problems, lack of energy, fatigue, concentration problems and even suicidal ideas due to isolation due to the pandemic”, warned the psychologist and psychotherapist, Manuel Saravia Oliver , director of the IGL.

In this sense, he advised as a preventive measure to talk about our fears and emotions at home daily for 20 minutes with the aim of knowing how our loved ones are doing to seek timely specialized help when there are situations that cannot be handled on their own.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is a physical health crisis, “the impact on mental health is significant and could lead to further difficulties if not addressed correctly. We need to have a strengthened immune system and spirits up to face this crisis, ”added Saravia.

According to the WHO, every 40 seconds someone commits suicide in the world, with which each year 800,000 lives are lost due to this cause, generating an indescribable tragedy among friends, family, colleagues and communities, who most of the time do not receive assistance after this event.



Emotional Health: The Many Faces of Depression


Cheka: Lina Marulanda and the end of her four-month marriage that sank her

was a Colombian top model, presenter and businesswoman who had a promising career on television. After having had a short participation in “Yo soy Betty, la fea” (1999), she was called in 2002 to join the cast of the CM & news program and in 2003 she joined Caracol Noticias, where she spent several years; It was also the advertising image for important clothing, food, accessories and bookstore brands.

LOOK: Who was Lina Marulanda? The sad story of the Colombian model and actress from “Betty, la fea”

Apparently, success was smiling at him; However, her personal life was mired in depression, something that led her to end her existence when she was 29 years old. One of the reasons that some pointed out for her making this fatal decision was because of the end of her marriage at four months. What happened? Next, we will tell you everything that is known about this topic.

Lina Marulanda took her life on April 22, 2010 at the age of 29 (Photo: Caracol TV)


The presenter came from a failed marriage three years with Luis Felipe Chacón. While he was recovering from the breakup, Carlos Oñate, an old love, returned to his life, whom he met at age 13.

After believing in that feeling again, they began an affair almost immediately and they decided to get married soon after. However, the union would not last four monthsbecause her second husband had asked for a divorce. This led to her falling into depression.

Added to this, the financial problems of her Turmalina & Durando jewelry store in Bogotá, of which she was a partner with her husband Carlos, also devastated her, as she had to close it.

Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Canal RCN)
Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Canal RCN)


Because depression prevented her from doing many activities, Lina Marulanda found the strength to move forward, one of those things, according to her mother, was the fact that she wanted to open an institute to help people with this disease, in addition to publishing a book about his life.

But the disease was stronger. His self-esteem was also affected. Her sister said that the young woman was not satisfied with her body and despite being thin it was considered “weight gain”, so she was afraid to go out because she did not want to be made fun of.

A day before she made the fatal decision, her family said that the young woman had told them that she was happy because she had talked with Carlos Oñate and they had agreed to resume their relationship, after having been separated for 15 days. Unfortunately, it is not known what happened.

Lina Marulanda was married twice, the second marriage lasted less than four months (Photo: RCN)
Lina Marulanda was married twice, the second marriage lasted less than four months (Photo: RCN)


Marulanda threw herself from the small stairs of the bathroom window of her apartment in Bogotá. In her grasped hand a statuette of the Virgin Mary was found.

Minutes before the event, she was with her parents and told them that she wanted to sleep for a moment and asked them to please leave her alone. Apparently, she locked herself in the bathroom of her room and it was at that moment that the events took place.


Series: Who was Lina Marulanda? The sad story of the Colombian model

A decade ago there was a tragedy that mourned the entertainment world in Colombia: on April 22, 2010, she jumped from her apartment window, prey to the severe depression she suffered after a separation and disappointment over failed deals.

LOOK: The diary and the letter that Lina Marulanda left before taking her own life

Remembered as one of the figures with the greatest projection in Colombian lands, She is also known for having participated in the telenovela “”, Where she played one of the models who openly flirted with Don Armando.

However, she mainly developed her talent in the modeling, a job that started from a very young age and even caused problems during her school. With such a promising career, many today wonder what would have happened to her as she continued her career at the television and modeling.

But who was it really Lina marulanda and why it is so fondly remembered by fans of ““? In this article we will do a little review of her life as well as the last circumstances that led her to the depression that would end her life, more than 10 years in Bogota


Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but she made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Caracol TV)

Lina Maria Marulanda Cuartas born in Medellin, a May 15, 1980. From a very young age, she was interested in the world of entertainment, both in acting and modeling, but began to do the latter from the 12 years in the department of Antioch in his hometown.

Unfortunately, this caused him some problems at his school Santa Maria del Rosario, a school of nuns, for which she was transferred to Parra Paris, where he completed his studies and continued his activity in modeling. Then she would move to Bogota to study advertising in the University jorge tadeo lozano.

She appeared in various magazines like Soho, Cromos, G and Don Juan, but his life took a huge turn when he was part of the cast of “Ugly Betty” in 1999. Although she did not have a leading role, she was one of the most remembered models that seduced Don Armando in the company Ecomoda in the soap opera.

Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: RCN)
Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: RCN)

For 2002 she would debut as a host on the news CM& and then in the 2003 would happen to Snail News. Later in the 2005 would host the show business “Another world“And the peak of his career would come when he was offered to host the show”Challenge 2007”, And then return to its origins in CM& and in On the radio.

The last three years of his life were terrible for a number of factors. informs that before making the decision to kill himself, Lina Marulanda suffered a great depression and had various self-esteem issues. Her sister revealed that Lina I wanted to be like her, with a slim build, and despite not being overweight, she was always rated as “gorda”.

In addition to continuing her work on television, she founded a jewelry branch of Tourmaline and Durando with two other partners who, according to , ended badly and they were embroiled in a long and tedious legal process. Your own accessories store startup Mixture it also failed.

Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Canal RCN)
Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Canal RCN)

From a young age she married Luis Felipe Chacon, but after three years they separated and then committed to Carlos Onate, an old love that I had since the 13 years. After four months, they separated and all this contributed to further undermine the stability of Lina marulanda.

On the day of his death, he recorded , she was with her parents. In the morning she asked her mother from waffles and sausages to prepare for the parade he had later. The rest of the morning she decided to go to rest and at that time her accountant and assistant arrived who worked in the room on the side of Lina.

reported that at 11:00 am they heard a noise in their room. Lina he had thrown himself out of his window and fell to his death. In his hand he had a small statuette of a virgin and many passersby came to the place to recognize the actress who had taken his own life.

Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Soho)
Lina Marulanda had a promising career, but made the fatal decision to take her own life (Photo: Soho)


Unicef: Italy 19th out of 38 countries for child welfare – Chronicle

In the new UNICEF report on child well-being in rich countries, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway have the best results, while Italy is in 19th place. “Italy ranks 19th out of 38 countries as regards the general results on child well-being, only 34th out of 41 countries in terms of policies and conditions that generate well-being”, commented the president of Unicef ​​Italy Francesco Samengo. The report shows that in most rich countries, fewer than 4 out of 5 children feel satisfied with their life. Suicide is a leading cause of death among children aged 15-19. In addition, in the countries surveyed, about 1 in 3 children in all countries surveyed are either obese or overweight, and in more than a quarter of rich countries, child mortality is still above 1 in 1,000. On average, 40% of children in all OECD and EU countries – again according to the report – do not have basic reading and math skills by the age of 15. Before the outbreak of the Covid19 health emergency, the relative poverty of children in the 41 countries was on average 20%. “As far as mental health is concerned – explained Samengo – our country is 9th. Children with a high satisfaction with life at 15 in our country are 76%, compared to an average (in other countries ) of 75.7%, and the suicide rate is 2.5 per 100,000, compared to an average of 6.5 per 100,000. Concerning physical health, children’s overweight and obesity rates are of concern: l ‘Italy is 31st, with 36.9% of people between 5 and 19 years old who are overweight or obese “.