Goodbye trolley, hand in the air to counter Covid – Economy

Also the hand luggage in a plane, a victim of the coronavirus. From today airlines such as Alitalia, Ryanair, Easyjet and all the other must prohibit the use of overhead space for the trolley, so that should be boarded in the hold, after the decision of the Ministry of Health transmitted by the Enac (national Agency for civil aviation) for the different carriers. On flights to and from Italy and inside our Country, in fact, “you are allowed to bring only the luggage of such a size that they can be placed under the seat in front of the place assigned, in accordance with the limits set by the individual companies,” specifies the Enac, reiterating that “for health reasons” is not allowed in any way to the use of the overhead bins. “It is – stresses the body – health regulations, non-aeronautical, in order to avoid mass gatherings, movements on board and close contact between passengers”. The Enac, however, that “no additional fee may be required by the airlines to the passenger for the boarding of the baggage in the hold”. In the light of the new standard, in the airports today, some of the passengers were surprised by the news and, consequently, there has been some loss of time because it was necessary for them to board the trolley at the check-in counter. The new provision, to a certain extent, cancels the advantages of the online check-in, which enables passengers with hand baggage only to go straight to the gate for boarding. So we have to see now if you could create the gathering at the check-in counter, make note of some observers. As can be seen, Italy is the only Country to have adopted this measure to combat the spread of Covid. Welcomes the decision of Enac on the List that it says “fully favorable”. The decision “appears to be correct, because it will allow to avoid the chaos in the cabin that you post regularly on the aircraft when passengers need to place your luggage in the overhead compartment,” says the president Carlo Rienzi, pointing out that on this front, “the italians are among the most unruly in Europe, often creating delays and file to the edge that today feed on insects the risk of infection”. The president of the consumers association, pointed out that the List “will be monitored” in order “are respected, the rights of consumers”.