Is God testing us? Yes, but to a “positive test”

Does God put us to the test? In faith, I resolutely answer “No”! Or else, he would be a perverse God. If we are going through a trial, it is not one to which God subjects us but one which questions our faith. What reflection does the trial spark in me then? First of all, God is never an accomplice of evil: Christ, the perfect image of the Father’s being (Letter to the Hebrews) never ceases to perform these acts which signify his rejection of evil and what hurts. Furthermore, in its very name, Iechua (God save), Christ means that love has the last word over evil. So, when man has succumbed to the test, the criterion of his redemption is only the love of which he is still capable: “Pierre, do you love me? “ (John 21) Finally, how can we understand the new translation of the Our Father if it is not that it just wants to insist on this distance from God with the trial that affects us (we have thus passed from “Do not subject us to temptation” at “Don’t let us enter into temptation”). The only ordeal that I have to go through in these particular times that we live in and which I believe God can be at the origin of is a positive ordeal. God calls my generosity, he stimulates my imagination so that nothing in the life of others is indifferent to me. Thank you God for what you experience the best of what you have sown in me for all eternity.

Vincent Perrin


Is God testing us? It would still be necessary to know what the words mean.

The article “Does God Test Us?” “, About the Covid-19 (The cross April 24), poses the difficult question of retribution. Does God punish? Certainly, the reality of punishment is clearly expressed in the Scriptures. It would still be necessary to know what the words mean. The question is that of the relationship between God and events. “God made”, “God wills”, “God allows” … We feel that we are touching here on the very mystery of God.

The difficulty increases when we try to understand the link between the cross of Jesus and the punishment of sin. I once heard children explain that “Jesus was punished for us”… In some Christian circles, we easily use the concept of “payment”: someone has to “pay” … and, logically, “Jesus paid for us”. This recalls formulas like: “You will pay for everyone else. “ We are a hundred leagues from our faith in a God of love.

In fact, a careful reading of the Bible brings out a very simple thought, even if it does not solve the whole problem: man punishes himself! (…)

In fact, are not the plagues which strike men often the consequences of his sin? If by sin man departs from God, this distance from the beneficent action of the Creator inevitably makes him vulnerable and weakened, and the innocent himself suffers from the thing. Sin obeys its own logic and the sinner punishes himself: thus, on the road, a misconduct can cause a serious accident … and the hatreds which accumulate in hearts explain many wars. Likewise, a permissive society puts itself in danger. When Jesus announces in Jerusalem that she will suffer the misfortunes of war because of her closure to her message, he does not tell her that God will punish her thus, but he weeps over her!

P. Bernard Schnabel


Interfaith dialogue put to the test of confinement

Although long overdue, it didn’t take long before the symbolic Auschwitz trip to March 4 was canceled due to the Covid-19 epidemic. “The decision was made quickly, and well before the confinement”, we say behind the scenes, not without a touch of pride. Proposed by the World Islamic League and the Foundation of Islam of France, this trip was to bring together French representatives of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi camps.

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Many interreligious events have been canceled or postponed during the spring, due to confinement: meetings together with Mary for the feast of the Annunciation, but also cross-invitations as part of the Passover, Easter and of Ramadan, which followed one another in April and May.

“I fear that with the interruption of these interreligious events, which are a privileged opportunity to strengthen the bonds between believers, habits are lost and it will be more difficult, then, to restart them”, fears Father Christian Delorme, engaged in Islamic-Christian dialogue in Lyon. All the more so than those concerned believe, digital tools, although they have been in great demand to keep links within the same community, have hardly taken over in the context of interfaith meetings.

In some places, confinement has, however, favored a boom in these meetings, such as in Beauvais (Oise), where a “Solidarity House” has been set up to distribute food parcels to the most disadvantaged for six weeks. In a gymnasium loaned by the city intervened various associations, secular and religious, in an agreement qualified as ’“Exceptional”.

Trust feeling

The circumstances also being exceptional, the national representatives of the various cults will have exchanged a lot during the confinement, in particular on the sidelines of the two videoconferences to which the Élysée invited them, on March 23 and April 21. “We have called each other several times between these two meetings, more than usual”, reports François Clavairoly, president of the Protestant Federation of France (FPF) and of the Council of religious leaders in France (CRCF). “There is between us a climate of trust and sharing, linked to the nature of the CRCF (1), which is not a place for decisions but for exchanges and common questioning. “

When should the places of worship be closed? How to organize a religious funeral while respecting health measures? How to stay in touch with the sick, bereaved or lonely faithful? So many questions for which the interreligious exchanges will have been, according to the interested parties, precious. “Rooted in our particular traditions, we carry the same concern, which is to be at the service of those who are entrusted to us”, continues François Clavairoly. “We all find ourselves naked in front of a pandemic which is sweeping away ours: it brings us closer”, adds Father Vincent Feroldi, in charge of relations with Muslims within the Conference of Bishops of France (CEF).

However, these officials refuse to speak of “Front of religions”. “There were informal exchanges but each cult arrived at videoconferences with its perception and experience, and our requests were not necessarily concerted”, observes Carol Saba, communications manager for the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of France.

Proof of this autonomy of the cults vis-à-vis each other: the toll-free number for spiritual accompaniment for people experiencing confinement, set up at the end of March. After considering a single number, religious leaders finally opted for separate lines, for each worship. “A common number would have meant a kind of syncretism”, considers the Chief Rabbi of France Haïm Korsia.

Tensions around the resumption of ceremonies

The videoconferences with President Macron, in which the Masonic lodges also participated, will have been the occasion to see the arrival of a new interlocutor: the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF). Unaccustomed to contact with non-Christian cults, he deplores, through his director general Clément Diedrichs, that this entry into the picture took place in the context of the implication of the evangelicals in the spread of the epidemic , very publicized (2). “The main support we received came from the Catholic press. The FPF also made an article clarifying things, but for the other religions, there was, to my knowledge, no official communications. “

The rector of the Great Mosque of Lyon Kamel Kabtane also says he has been “Very alone” at a time of confinement, when identity networks violently questioned him on the Internet for having organized a call to Muslim prayer on March 25. “I had just taken this initiative to join that of the Catholic Church, in solidarity with the caregivers, and I was called an Islamist! ” he takes offense, stating that if the reactions have “Slow to come”, he still appreciated the support of various religious leaders in Lyon, in a press release dated April 29.

But it was around the date of resumption of religious ceremonies that the tensions were most salient. If the representatives of religions often refuse to speak of it in terms of “Friction”, preferring to see a epiphenomenon », they admit, however, that they have not succeeded in defending a common position on this point.

“Even if I respect the Catholic Church’s request to resume the ceremonies as soon as possible, I admit that I find it difficult to understand it”, says Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM). Part of the Muslims of France, dissatisfied with being “deprived” of the festival of Eid El Fitr unlike the Jews and Christians for Shavuot and Pentecost, consider themselves “discriminated”.

A position all the less understandable, for Mohammed Moussaoui, than “If things go wrong, we, the cults, would be blamed collectively. ” For him, it is clear: “What people learned from the evangelical gathering in Mulhouse was above all that the virus had left a place of worship. “


Seroprevalence test, go-ahead Cdm by decree for investigation of Italians

Ok of the CDM to the dl for the investigation seroprevalence on the Italians linked to the epidemic from coronavirus. Green light from the Council of Ministers to the decree-law which introduces «urgent measures in relation to the implementation of a seroprevalence investigation. Considering the need to urgently have reliable and complete epidemiological and statistical studies on the immune status of the population, the text provides for the authorization to process personal data relating to health and genetic makeup, for statistical and scientific studies purposes “. This is what we read in the note of the Council of Ministers.


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Nadezhda Babkina sang Victory Day, despite voice problems after illness

Hope Babkina only recently discharged from the hospital after a serious illness. The 70-year-old singer was hospitalized with severe pneumonia. And although the tests did not show in her coronavirus, friends of the artist are sure that she became a victim of a pandemic. Nadezhda Georgievna spent several days in a coma, on a ventilator, with a pipe in her throat. After such a procedure, the voice is restored far from immediately – it would seem that there is no time for singing. But Babkina did not break the long tradition and on May 9 sang the song “Victory Day” for fans. She shared the video on Instagram.

– Happy Victory Day, friends! – congratulated the artist subscribers.

The singer’s voice after illness has not yet gained full strength, but her colleagues at the Russian Song Theater came to her aid. Together they sang the famous hit in honor of the Great Victory. In the general sonorous chorus, Nadezhda Georgievna’s voice sounding with a slight hoarse sound is easily guessed.

The artist filmed the video in her house near Moscow, where she wakes up after discharge from the hospital.

“About 80% of the lungs were affected … Everything covered with film and dragged on there: it’s such an infection, it manifests itself very quickly and starts to work,” Babkina told of her illness.

Before discharge, computed tomography showed that Nadezhda Georgievna still affected 40% of the lungs. During rehabilitation, doctors prescribed her a special course of treatment (pills and injections) and breathing exercises. Babkin goes to the nearby Lapino hospital for procedures. By the way, another star patient who underwent coronavirus, Stas, was also treated in it. Mikhailov.

According to doctors, it can take a long time to restore the voice after such a disease: after a coronavirus and mechanical ventilation, it may not be able to listen to the patient for a long time, it sounds dull and hoarse.

– This is due to a change in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and cough. A prolonged cough has always been considered one of the risk factors for the formation of voice disturbance, ”saidKP»Phonator Ekaterina Osipenko. – How big the risk is depends on the severity of the patient’s condition, his presence on the ventilator. Patients who underwent tracheotomy – an operation to install a tracheotomy tube for long-term mechanical ventilation, also have a risk of voice changes in the future.

Happy Victory Day, friends! @rpfolk # Nadezhdababkina #Russian song #HymnWinning


The star of the film “Big Change” barely making ends meet

Valentine Titov viewers fell in love with the cult films Shield and Sword and Big Break. Despite fame, the 78-year-old actress lives very modestly. Not to say poor.

Valentina Titova experienced in her life the betrayal of her colleagues, separation from her daughter, and difficult financial situation. However, the star of the Soviet films does not lose heart on self-isolation: “I live in the old way, I put in order the apartment, myself and I comply with these standards.” Such little things make her happy.

Valentina Antipovna does not hide – her no financial airbag. “My pension is 16 thousand rubles a month due to the lack of ranks … They also added four thousand due to the virus. As a result, 20. I understood: I can live on them poorly and economically,” StarHit quotes her.

Half of the amount from the actress goes to rent. She learned to save.

Was poor several times in her life. But we experienced these moments. There is nothing wrong with that, the body also needs a respite, it is impossible to endlessly exist under the motto “How I want!”. Now I live as I did not want, but I live … Life is a great test. If you pass it, then you are a man. And the rest is schizophrenia and idiocy, “the star admits.

She advises – no need to save, you just need to part with money. At 78, Valentina Antipovna looks gorgeous.

Do not turn into the old woman Isergil. And this is very easy: in the morning, don’t put on a bra and underpants, don’t pull on tights … Here you are cuttlefish … I want to be better. For example, I really do not like to dye eyelashes, but it is necessary. The actor must wear this uniform all his life, he is the face of the nation, “the celebrity is sure.

She does not complain about anything, but misses her daughter and granddaughter very much. They live in Greece and waiting for Titov to visit her.


Virus, “mortality lower than seasonal flu”. Study on blood tests in Japan

The figure, in terms of the fight against coronavirus, is surprisingly encouraging: the actual mortality of Covid-19 would be 00:01%, even lower than that of milder seasonal flu, but the Japanese researchers themselves put their hands forward by calling for caution. Moreover, since the outbreak of the pandemic, experts have been divided on the criteria for assessing the mortality of the virus and on the comparison with the effects of the flu waves that affect the world every year with more or less dangerous consequences. Not to mention the non-homogeneous way of calculating mortality in the world.


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Phase 2, regional ordinances: from masses immediately to maintenance to second homes
Covid 19 in Russia, infected Prime Minister Mishustin. The virus accelerates: over 100 thousand cases
Covid, women less affected than men: responsible for hormones and vitamin D

The research comes from City Medical Center Hospital of Kobe, city of 1.5 million inhabitants west of Osaka on the east coast of Japan. A city that in normal times is a destination for a strong tourist flow, also international, all year round.

The doctors of the hospital, which boasts a university and solid international collaborations, carried out tests on the blood of a thousand people (a significant sample) who entered the hospital for reasons other than the coronavirus epidemic, which in the country, however, triggered measures much less severe containment than in Italy.

Well, as reported by NHK-World Japan, the analyzes revealed that 3.3% of the people (33) who attended the hospital’s surgeries in March and in the first part of April showed traces of Covid-19 antibodies. . If projected on the population of the city – explain the doctors – these data may suggest that at least 50 thousand inhabitants of Kobe have been infected. Many more than those currently known.


The director of the hospital, Kihara Yasuki, said that it is indeed possible that many more people than expected were infected with the virus without suffering the consequences and are now carrying antibodies.

A circumstance that could suggest a mortality of 0.01% (one death per 10 thousand patients) for the coronavirus, thus demoted, in terms of danger, to less than a normal flu. A scenario that in turn could guide governments in choosing the virus containment measures in order not to cause further slowdowns to the economy. Heavy topic everywhere, starting right from Japan, for example, forced to postpone the Olympics.

At this point, however, the doctors of the Japanese hospital invite caution in evaluating the results of their research: they remember that the accuracy of the tests and the fact that their sample is made up only of people who have attended the surgeries of their Hospital. This figure on the alleged low mortality of Covid-19 arriving from Kobe must now be accompanied by the results of other research carried out in Japan.

And Professor Katsuda Yoshiaki of the Kansai University of Social Welfare recommends respecting social distancing and staying at home because infected people could be many more than those officially known.

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Tests in toll booths and stations, 18 positive – Chronicle

(ANSA) – CASERTA, MAY 4 – Eighteen people turned out
positive to the rapid test for Coronavirus performed at six
motorway toll booths and Casertano railway stations
by the staff of the ASL of Caserta, on the first day they are
it was possible to return from other regions.
   For three also came the response of the buffer, which he gave
negative outcome; the others will arrive in the next few hours
   A total of eighty tests were carried out on people
stops at the exit of the Casertano toll booths and stations
railway stations of Caserta and Aversa, and found by the thermo scanner with
a temperature above 37.5 degrees; for eighteen
positive results to the test that ascertains the presence of antibodies
in the blood (10% of the total tested), it was immediately