Univision Announces Release Date for “Vencer El Desamor”


Univision announces premiere date for “Vencer el desamor”, its new melodrama.

Univision announced that the melodrama “Overcome Heartbreak” is scheduled to premiere on Monday, November 9 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. The project has a cast led by the actors Claudia Álvarez, David Zepeda, Daniela Romo, Juan Diego Covarrubias, Emmanuel Palomares, Julia Urbini and Valentina Buzzurro.

Following the success of “Overcome fear” in Mexico, producer Rosy Ocampo returns with another story that focuses on strong female characters as part of a trilogy with relevant current issues.

The story of “Overcoming the Heartbreak” focuses on Barbara, Ariadna, Dafne and Gemma, who, although they are not from the same family or social class, have two common denominators: They share a house, lack the support of a partner and have a life of heartbreak. By facing various problems, such as widowhood, raising a child with special needs, an unplanned pregnancy and work difficulties, they come to understand that the support of their colleagues is what will be able to move them forward.

Overcome Heartbreak | Promo | UnivisionVencer El Desamor Grand Premiere Monday, November 9 8 PM/7C On Univision.2020-10-15T05:58:06Z

“Overcome the heartbreak” will replace the series “Doctors, life line” that is in the final weeks of transmission through the screens of Univision.

What character does David Zepeda play in the new Univision melodrama?

“Overcome Heartbreak” marks the great return of Mexican actor David Zepeda to the screens of Univision. In 2020, Zepeda was part of the series “The Doña” in its second season for the Hispanic network Telemundo.

In Univision’s new drama project, David Zepeda plays the character of Álvaro Falcón Albarrán, who is the “first-born of the Falcón, therefore he has done everything to meet the expectations of his older brother: To be a successful architect and achieve a better social and economic position, not only for his work, but also for having married a woman successful and from a good family. “

What other personalities are part of Overcoming Heartbreak?

Altair Jarabo, Alfredo Gatica, Isabella Camil, Lourdes Reyes, Christian de la Campa, Leonardo Daniel, Alejandra García, Joshua Gutiérrez, José Elías Moreno, Beatriz Moreno and Carlos Bonavides are some of the personalities that are part of the cast of “Overcoming the Heartbreak ”, The new production of Rosy Ocampo for Univision and Televisa.

Ocampo’s career is supported by major productions such as “For her I am Eva”, “The force of destiny”, “The double life of Estela Carrillo”, “The fools do not go to heaven”, “Complices to the rescue” and “Las fools don’t go to heaven ”.

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