Tatra returns to Slovakia. It will produce army specials there

The newly established Tatra Defense Slovakia will operate in Trenčín, on the premises of the Ministry of Defense, where the state military-repair plant was historically located.

In recent years, Tatra has focused on various specialties tailored to a specific clientele, which traditionally also includes the armed forces. And it is in this area that it intends to continue to focus, also thanks to its return to Slovakia, where Tatra will produce again after years.

The Kopřivnice company has newly established a subsidiary Tatra Defense Slovakia, which will produce chassis, cabs and some types of superstructures for its vehicles in Trenčín, Slovakia. It will be located in rented premises belonging to the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic, where the state military-repair plant was historically located. In the future, the company intends to invest millions of euros and thus start the local production of Tatra trucks intended for the armed forces.

“We have a lot of work to do, but we plan to invest three million euros in five years. In Slovakia, and especially Trenčín and its surroundings, this will bring not only a number of new jobs, but also the strengthening of the position of a strong and prosperous region in the field of engineering production, “comments Michal Baláž from Tatra Defense Slovakia on the return of the Tatras to Slovakia.

Initially, at least 50 skilled jobs will be created in Trenčín with the potential for further growth, even for local suppliers, including manufacturers of specialized truck bodies. Thanks to the return of the Tatras to Slovakia, they could create up to hundreds of new jobs.

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In addition to production, the company plans to build a partner network of Slovak companies producing specialized superstructures for manufactured vehicles or to establish cooperation with the Faculty of Special Technology of the Alexander Dubček University of Trenčín in the field of dual student education. The goal of the Slovak Tatras is primarily to address the local armed forces and to be the most suitable supplier of trucks for them.

“Supporting the development of the Slovak defense industry together with job creation is one of our priorities. I am convinced that there are skilled people and specialists in Slovakia, whose professional capacities are an important condition for the successful development of the defense industry. I therefore welcome this cooperation, ”adds the Slovak Minister of Defense Jaroslav Naď.

At the same time, production in Slovakia is nothing new for Tatra. Since the 1950s, it has had branch plants in Bánovice nad Bebravou, Bratislava and Čadca. However, she lost them in 1990 as part of the privatization and the planned division of Czechoslovakia.


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