February 14, 2020

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Ten tips to succeed on YouTube and live on the platform





February 14 is known throughout the world for being the day of Valentine's Day. However, what many do not know is that, in addition to Valentine's Day, it is a key date for YouTube. And, as today, fifteen years ago, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawad Karim registered the domain of one of the most famous audiovisual platforms on the Internet. Website that, today, receives 300 hours of video per minute.

The three founders knew each other from working together in PayPal and, after becoming frustrated when trying to share several videos of their own, they decided to dedicate themselves to a common project that would allow them to upload audiovisual content to the network without too many obstacles. They started working on the project in January 2005 and on February 14 of the same year they registered the portal, although they did not upload the first video to the platform until April 2005.

2btube, a media group specialized in connecting with the young public, wanted to share with the users the keys for a content creator to succeed on the popular platform. "It is the same for us to succeed as youtuber, than to be successful as a brand or to know how to make the content profitable as the rights owner of the videos that are shared," they say from 2btube. Here we share some of the most important tricks.

Own essence

On YouTube the person is the differentiating element of each channel and it is important that you find your own way of communicating with your followers. You should also make each video a reflection of your personal style.

Consume content

It is very important to consume a lot of YouTube. Knowing what content is being more successful or what topics are being talked about helps to capture the trend, which must be approached from the personal style of your channel.


Having a periodicity of upload is essential for the YouTube algorithm to position the videos of the channel. If you spend a lot of time without uploading a new video, your reach will be less and less.

Creativity and strategy

It is important to produce content that may interest the public, whether it is to inform, entertain, have fun or excite them. All this requires creativity and a very worked content strategy.

do what you like

A YouTube channel means spending a lot of time thinking about content, recording the video, editing it … It is important that the channel does things that you really like, because, if not, you can quickly lose motivation. Success takes a long time to achieve and requires a lot of effort.

Have advice

Having a channel is much more than uploading videos. If you want to take economic advantage, you must understand that there are legal and fiscal requirements that must be met. In addition, in order to obtain and negotiate brand sponsorships, it is important to have a representative agency.

Think about the public

In addition to producing interesting videos, you have to do it using YouTube codes. Understanding the most successful formats and adapting them to the channel. Of course, the style of speaking on YouTube should be close and intended for the audience of the channel.


YouTube is a search engine and you have to work the SEO of the channel at the same level as that of a web page. That your videos are found is the main challenge facing a brand channel, due to the amount of videos that are uploaded to YouTube every day by well-known creators.

Study the data

Analyze in detail where the audience comes from, the followers, which videos have worked better and which ones worse … Most importantly: try to find the reason for the success or failure of a content. You always have to think about improvements and new tactics to keep growing.


As the owner of the rights to a video, you can receive revenue for the ads shown on them, both from your own videos, and from those who use them without permission. This way you can make your content profitable.