Test Medicine 2020, the questions: from «The Lord of the Rings» to Freud

There was also a question on Covid, among the 60 of the entrance test to the faculties of Medicine and Surgery and Dentistry, which took place throughout Italy on Thursday. A more difficult test than expected and much more complex than that of Veterinary which took place only two days ago, commented the first students, who left shortly after 14 from the structures that hosted them, in compliance with the indications of the ministry to minimize contacts between students and the risks of contagion.

In the classroom and at the fair

The problem of where to safely place test takers was solved by resorting to trade fair pavilions, such as in Padua and Pordenone. In Florence, 1,471 showed up at the Fortezza da Basso. In Bari, 2,860 were divided into 57 classrooms in five different universities. In Turin, 2,600 candidates entered – starting at 8 am – the large spaces of the Lingotto. In Bergamo, a temporary university building has been set up at the Lazzaretto.

The questions

Start at 12, one hundred minutes of time available, the 66,638 who dream of wearing the white coat have played for the 13,072 places, answering 60 questions (Here all the questions and answers to the test): 18 questions by biology (feasible, for the most part, although the answers were very similar to each other and it was easy to go wrong, the guys commented on the Alpha Test community pages), twelve of chemistry (a balancing reaction, definition of nephron, photosynthesis), eight of physics (including one on the Period T of a spring) and of maths (with a question of trigonometry he asked to calculate the length of the base, given the median of an isosceles triangle and the tangent of an angle at the vertex). Especially difficult questions for logic (ten in all, ed), which had a purely mathematical slant. The most quoted is the one that asks If it’s 7pm on September 5th in London, in which city will it be September 6th? For the general culture – 12 questions -, one on the legislative power; one that asked to put the presidents of the Republic in chronological order from Cossiga to Mattarella; to find the intruder among Freud’s different writings; to indicate where the sun is at Zenith, on June 20; who the author of The Lord of the Rings. Not a difficult test, I would say normal. If you had studied, a student comments, upon leaving the Sapienza University of Rome. On one of the dedicated Facebook groups there is instead argues that the test was more difficult than last year, especially logic and general culture. The comments collected from the first students who came out of the classrooms of La Sapienza University in Rome at 2.30 pm differed in opinion, the questions of logic and topicality were simple, less those of chemistry and biology, apparently the real stumbling block.

The closed number

The test started on time, with the viaticum of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who on Facebook addressed his wishes to boys and girls: You are the future of our most precious asset, the National Health Service, he wrote. Only one in five candidates will make it. A somewhat more favorable calculation of probabilities than in previous years, given that the bar has risen slightly: the available places are about 1,500 more than in 2019. The limited number remains, of course, against which even today the student associations have demonstrated. Union of University students e Medium Student Network, who played a flash mob in front of the Sapienza University of Rome, upon entering the classroom of students, who have always been against the lottery that allows a small percentage of applicants to access their studies. The limited number to the faculty of medicine is a condition for those who will be future doctors to study well, to allow them to have a good preparation, to be able to attend laboratories and classrooms, he said. Eugenio Gaudio, rector of Sapienza. This year the number of places in Medicine increased, from 10 thousand to over 13 thousand. It is a number considered by the Federation of Medical Orders to be an even excessive number, he continued. The limited number in Medicine – he concluded – is not the real problem, the question is the places for specializations. Now the commitment is to increase the number of trainees.

Medicine 2020 and Covid. Countdown to the first “under the house” test
An armchair for five
The evaluation

The score obtained by the candidates will be published on 17 September on the website www.universitaly.it in the area reserved for students, while on 29 September the national merit ranking will be published. The answers will be evaluated as follows: 1.5 points for each correct answer; minus 0.4 points for each wrong answer; 0 points for each answer not given.

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