The A2 motorway will connect with Via Carpatia. There is a tender for a key episode

highway A2 Siedlce – Bia³a Podlaska getting closer

The tender concerns an 18-kilometer section of the A2 between the area of ​​Malinowiec (km 580 + 190) and the Łukowisko junction. This is the fourth and last section of the A2 construction site on the Siedlce – Bia³a Podlaska route. The contractor’s task will be to prepare a construction design, obtain the necessary decisions, and then build about 18 km of the A2 motorway with a dual carriageway cross-section with two traffic lanes and a reserve for the construction of the third lane in the future. The Łukowisko road junction will also be built.

Warsaw bypass. POW’s almost ready. And the whole ring? Even … seven years

– We are consistently moving forward. Today we are starting with the fourth and thus the last one tender? on the A2 between Siedlce and Biała Podlaska. As part of this task, a very important junction – Łukisko – will be created, which will connect the A2 motorway with the S19, ie Via Carpati. This will enable travelers to connect directly with the Capital, as well as enter international communication routes along the north-south and east-west axis, says Tomasz ¯uchowski, Acting General Director of National Roads and Motorways .

The A2 motorway is located on Via CarpatiaThe A2 motorway is located on Via Carpatia photo: GDDKiA

Tenders for the remaining sections of the A2 motorway Siedlce – Bia³a Podlaska had already been announced earlier. At the beginning of November, a tender was announced for the design and construction of the section of the Siedlce West (Swoboda) junction – Malinowiec (km 580 + 190) with a length of approx. 18.8 km, on November 10 for a 12.5 km junction task £ ukowisko – the town of Swory (km 610 + 722). The next, third, 14-kilometer section from the town of Swory (610 + 722) to the Bia³a Podlaska junction was announced by GDDKiA on November 18.

GDDKiA has not yet announced when exactly the drivers will take the A2 between Siedlce and Biała Podlaska. The indicative date is 2024. Preparations are also underway for the implementation of the last stage of the A2 motorway – from Biała Podlaska to the border with Belarus. For the 32-kilometer section, the program concept is being accepted, and after obtaining the financing, the design work will begin.

Highway A2.  The course and schedule of construction east of WarsawHighway A2. The course and schedule of construction east of Warsaw Studio Gazeta

A2 £ ód¼ – Warsaw will gain an additional lane

The A2 motorway is one of the most important transport routes in Poland, connecting the east of the country with the west. The section between Warsaw and Łódź is particularly troublesome for drivers, as the traffic volume on this nearly 90-kilometer section has exceeded all expectations. Therefore, the program concept for extending this part of the A2 motorway with additional traffic lanes is being developed. Ultimately, the motorway will have four lanes in each direction from the Konotopa junction to the Pruszków junction, and the further section to the £ ód¼ North junction – three lanes each. After the financing is secured, the next stage will be an announcement tender. GDDKiA assumes that the construction will take about two years and will be carried out under traffic, ie without excluding the use-up section. The works are expected to be completed in the second half of 2025.

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