The anonymity of gamete donations


• « I am one of them, the first generation of people conceived by PMA with donation testifies Under the dir. from Vincent Brès, L'Harmattan, 238 p., 20 €

• « The son. The incredible investigation of a man to find the one to whom he owes his life ", By Arthur Kermalvezen, with C. Rotman, The Iconoclast, 208 p., 18 €

Here are some books that both address a hot topic, a few weeks before the publication, planned for June, of the project to revise the laws of bioethics: the anonymity of gamete donations. The first, " I am one of them ", Gathers thirty testimonials, at the initiative of the association PMAnonyme. Some emanate from these children born since the 1970s who today form the first generation born through a gamete donation. Others are parents who have used a donation. Many evoke the " lead screed Which surrounded their birth or the weight of secrecy. All evoke their research, more or less painful or difficult of their origins. The whole thing forms a whole pleading for the possibility for children born of gifts to access their origins.

The extension of the PMA, "not a priority" for the French, according to a survey

The second book traces a particular story, and has been publicized several times in recent months. In The sonArthur Kermalvezen, who has contributed for a number of years to the media coverage of the issue of the anonymity of gamete donations, retraces the way in which he found the man who gave birth to him. a sperm donation. The story of an investigation conducted through a genetic test commissioned in the United States, and that led him one Christmas day outside Gerard's door, somewhere in the vicinity of Paris.

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