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The benefits of lying on the stomach of seriously ill patients

by drbyos

A study carried out in theWuhan Jinyintan Hospital(China) in 12 patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) related to infection with the new coronavirus, and assisted by mechanical ventilation, has shown the benefits of lying on their stomachs for their lungs.

The work, published in the ‘American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine‘was carried out during the week of February 18 by healthcare professionals from the hospital center who attended to the patients under study.

This workit is the first evidence of lung behavior in patients with severe Covid-19 who require mechanical ventilation and receive positive pressure, and demonstrates that some do not respond well to this pressure and do respond when positioned looking down, “the researchers have detailed. .

And it is that, during work he placedupside downto patients for 24 hours and at times when they had low blood oxygen levels, which was measured, along with lung volume and airway pressure, using devices placed on the patients’ respirators. Airway ventilation was also measured.

Seven patients received at least one upside-down positioning session, three others also positioned like this but received life support to replace pulmonary and cardiac function, and othersthree died.

Patients who did not lie on their stomach had poor lung capacity, while those who alternated on their back and stomach positions improved this parameter. “It’s just a small number of patients“But our study shows that many patients may be exposed to more harm than benefit when trying to increase pressure, since we have seen that the lung can improve when the patient is face down,” the researchers have settled.


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