The Brazilian coach reveals the secret of the “difficult” victory over Chile

Brazilian coach Adenor Leonardo Bacchi (Tite) said that Brazil beat Chile 1-0 in the Copa America quarter-finals, and qualified for the semi-finals thanks to its adherence to the offensive option, although it suffered from a numerical shortage for more than half the match time.

The Brazilian coach admitted that he decided to play more defensively after Gabriel Jesus was sent off at the beginning of the second half, when Brazil was leading 1-0, with a defense line consisting of four players and the same in the midfield and one player in front (4-1-1), but without Give up continue attacking.

“The idea was to try to continue to launch attacks, create opportunities, and not be content with defending only and retreating,” Tite said after the dawn meeting.

He revealed that this decision was a tactical decision that his players had already trained in, and allowed opportunities to enhance the result despite the pressure of Chile.

He stressed that «one of the goals of our work is to try to anticipate different playing scenarios, and we have also considered a situation in which we play as an imperfect player. We don’t want that, but the circumstances of the match sometimes lead to an expulsion.”

He continued, “We trained in advance to play with a 4-4-1 plan, and because we were ahead in the result, we preferred to put Lucas Paqueta back a little while Neymar was playing more forward.”

The (samba dancers) are seeking to secure a seat in the Copa America final, which is being held on their soil again, but they will have to overcome the obstacle of Peru next Tuesday.

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