The cinema world of Antoine Reinartz


Antoine Reinartz, French comedian in selection in Roubaix, a light, at the Quinzaine in Alice and the mayor.

Leaving Cannes, it's a relief, right? For the body yes, and for the mind too. There is too much emotion here, and at the same time it is scary to return to a smaller apartment than the hotel room in which we lived.

How do you handle anxiety? I am very anxious. I need to have worked about as much as the duration of the shoot. I'm overworking. When the shoot comes, I know I will not have time to get ready, but I'm surrounded and everything is going well. When you have such beautiful projects, you have to live up to it. The costume designer Desplechin, for example, reflected on the character at least as much as me.

Who are you harassing? The singer Adam Naas. I love it and we know each other a little. I always listen to his music before playing. I harass him for more exchanges. He wasted a lot of time.

What is your secret? Uh … I have several very crispy, but it would be abused. My secret is that I had a huge discovery and I left my Caesar in the bank for a week to leave me alone. A form of deposit. I have since recovered.

Jouvet said, "Give me a chair." A vodka, rather, no? Candy up to strawberry for me! This is my longest love story, the others are counted in months, this one goes back to tens of years. My parents, veterinarians, came home late and we used to have breakfast once a week instead of dinner.

Cannes disappears. An epitaph? Cannes must not disappear, it's too important. In a world where Kim Kardashian – it's an example – is the only model to follow, in Cannes, all films show other ways, other images. No epitaph.

Guillaume Tion


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