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the city of Louviers sets up a prevention and action unit

Prevention is better than cure, it could be the proverb which motivates the setting up by the city of Louviers of a cell of action and prevention vis-a-vis the risk of epidemic of coronavirus. “To avoid panic, nothing like transparency” explains François-Xavier Priollaud, the mayor of Louviers who wants to be reassuring:

No reason to worry about Louviers and our territory, just behavior to adopt “

To date, there is onlya single coronavirus patient in Normandy, in Seine-Maritime.

Information on digital signs and in schools

City digital signs are used to provide information on what to do, including the toll free number 0.800.130.000 to call in case of questioning. On its website, the city of Louviers sets up a dedicated site to inform the population. The inhabitants will thus know in real time the evolution of the virus in Louviers, “it’s clear” indicates the mayor, to also help fight against false information circulating on social networks.

Do not go to the hospital or to your doctor

Several people went to the emergency room at the Elbeuf-Louviers-Val-de-Reuil intercommunal hospital center, “this is not the procedure at all” sorry the director of the CHI Didier Poillerat:

Please call 15 ”

“There is no particular problem to date, the most important thing is to have common sense measures” advances Didier Poillerat, “wash your hands very regularly and limit exchanges”. In city schools, posters are posted to remind people of these basic gestures. The various establishments have also been supplied with soap and an alcoholic gesture is being delivered.

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