The Covid mortgages the tourist season, populations in disarray

After 8 months of unemployment, hotel employees at the seaside resort of Cap Skirring hoped to return to their jobs in December 2020. But a hammer hit them in the head with the postponement of the start of the Club’s activities. Med until February 14, 2021. The news quickly spread in the municipality of Diembéring located in the southwest of the Ziguinchor region, reports the daily “L’As”.

In this local community of 21 villages, the most common feeling is disarray. “Tourism employs thousands of fathers of families. We were already suffering for months, but with this bad news, I assure you that we will be in misery, ”launches with bitterness Lamine Diop Sané, president of the tourist guides of the region of Ziguinchor.

“All the hotels depend on Club Med, which is the only one to charter flights to Cap Skirring. So without Club Med, no flights and no flights, the other hotels will be in slow motion, or even closed, ”he adds.

Beyond tourism, the whole economy of the department of Oussouye and even the region of Ziguinchor is in danger. Indeed, the tourist resort of Cap Skirring is the place of sale of most of the market garden products and fruits of the area. “If there is no tourism, the hotels are not going to take our products from us, let alone the employees who will not have money to buy from us,” suggested Yama Diatta, a trader in Cape Town. Skirring.

Fishing and farming, which provide hundreds of tonnes of fish and meat, will also be affected by this situation dictated by the coronavirus. In Cap Skirring and surroundings, the populations who are already suffering fear an uncertain tomorrow.


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