The creation of the Medicine career in Bariloche advances


he rector of the National University of Río Negro, Juan Carlos Del Bello, and the governor of the province of Río Negro, Arabela Carreras signed a framework collaboration agreement for the implementation of the Medicine career in San Carlos de Bariloche.

It highlights Article 59 of the Constitution of the Province of Río Negro, which establishes that “for the exercise of the right to health of the population, the Provincial State must guarantee the universality of coverage, with comprehensive promotional actions, prevention, recovery and rehabilitation through an integrating system established by law with the participation of the sectors interested in solving health problems ”.

Under these considerations, the province of Río Negro agrees to collaborate, from the provincial Ministry of Health, in the design of the implementation project of said career based on the guidelines described in the feasibility study that will be developed from this month and the career plan that is formulated for its implementation. At the same time, the province will participate both in the organization of the project and, as far as possible, in its financing, also providing the infrastructure and equipment necessary to start the career through the San Carlos de Bariloche “Dr. Ramón Carrillo ”, primary health care centers and other hospitals in the Andean region and the south west line. The province of Río Negro will also assist in everything related to learning content such as the training of teachers and management teams.

The framework agreement is a fundamental step for the project to be carried out, since interaction with the public health system is a necessary condition sine qua non for the development of the career project. The provision of resources provided by the province makes it possible to implement the problem-based teaching-learning model, which implies practical training from the beginning of the career with interaction with patients.

The Unrn for its part, undertook to design, execute and supervise the implementation project of said career, present it for accreditation before the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (Coneau), and allocate the funds for the realization of this project, those that are expected to be obtained, through a Program Contract that will be managed before the Secretary of University Policies (SPU). Both, basic conditions for its feasibility.

Both parties will make up a Coordination Unit that will be in charge of proposing the specific activities and agreements arising from the application of the agreement.


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